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Behind Every Cloud is a Kindred Spirit (BECKS)I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. How could I still communicate with him? I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I have been researching the paranormal for over 37 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one explainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.


As of April 24th, I have cancelled Bridging the Paranormal.  It is with a heavy heart that I have to let the show go to work on my writing.  But stay turned, I am always getting into something!

Thanks to all my loyal listeners.  I will miss you dearly, but stay in touch!!! :)

Join me on Tuesday nights from 7-8pm CT on Kcorradio.com!!!!

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michele said...

Hey Becky, it's Michele. I want to thank you so much for the Podcast on the death of your pets. As you know I had to put down my beloved dog Cara. I thought the show was so IMPORTANT, in particular, the idea that the grief is REAL and DEVASTATING, but people and society in general, do not understand the depth of that grief, including that we don't have funerals for their pets. I LOVED how true that discourse was and want to say how beautifully you described and honored the entire process of loss to moving on and how to do that.

THANK YOU for your compassion.

Becky said...

Thank you Michele. My pets like everyone's is a part of my family and when we loose one it can "break" us and I others will understand how REAL the loss is for us. Thank you for such a great comment. Hope it helped just a little with the loss of Cara.