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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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I have had a couple of teachers and students ask me "How can I tell if my school is haunted"?  So I thought this would be a good week to write about it with school starting.

Have fellow students or even teachers admitted that they have encountered strange activity, such as doors opening and closing on their own, lights going on and off, disembodied footsteps or voices, phantom music, or maybe even an apparition? Perhaps you’ve experienced something unusual yourself. I have had some teachers and students write me on HOW they can tell if there school is haunted so......Here are some ways you can find out:

1. Ask around. Seek school staff and ask them if they have had any experiences with strange activity. Those who work after hours might be the most helpful. Maintenance workers are often at the school in the evening or at night when the place is empty and quiet, and paranormal activity can more easily be noticed. Teachers sometimes stay after hours, too, to grade papers, prepare activities, or oversee a student club. Find out if they've come across anything that could be considered paranormal. Likewise ask fellow students if they've had any weird experiences. Ask them to spread the word that you are seeking this information. (Be cautious, however; some students are likely to make up stories.)
  1. Check online listings. There are some good sources on the Internet for information about haunted schools. This site has a gallery of Haunted Colleges and Universities. Another great source is Shadowlands.net, which has listings of haunted places for every state. Find your state and city and see if your school is listed as a place where ghosts have been reported. The listing often provides a brief description of reported activity.
Do a Google search. Use Google, Bing, or some other online search engine and see if there is any additional information online. For example, enter into the search engine:
  1. "John Smith High School" ghosts haunted haunting
    Perhaps an article will show up in the results that tells you about haunting experiences.
  2. Newspaper articles. An online search might yield newspaper articles, but not all newspapers put their archives online. Go to the newspaper and ask how you might conduct such a search of their archives. The local library might be helpful as well.
  3. School newspaper. Does your school have a newspaper? Checking back issues of the paper might yield some ghostly anecdotes.
  4. Historical Society. The local historical society is often a good source of information about the area, possibly even the school or the grounds upon which it was built. (Perhaps it was once the location of something creepy.) The society might be a source of records, legends, or stories about the location.
  5. Ghost hunting groups. Contact any ghost hunting or paranormal investigation groups in your area. They might have information about haunting activity reported at the school. Perhaps they have been contacted by students or staff about experiences there. They might have even done an investigation.
  6. Your Own Hunt. If you uncover some evidence that there has been some paranormal activity at your school, you could seek permission to conduct your own investigation. If they allow it, the school authorities will most likely want to have a faculty member or other school staff present. The local ghost investigation group could be helpful in providing guidance and equipment.
  1. Be persistent. It might be difficult finding out any information about hauntings or ghost reports at your school. Such research can be hard work.
  2. Be skeptical. If there are stories or anecdotes about haunting activity at your school, do not automatically assume that they are true. Legends that are nothing more than made up stories are sometimes manufactured by imaginative students. Try to get the best sources you can.
  3. Document your experience. If you have had your own paranormal experience at the school, write it down. Be sure to include where and when it happened, who was with you, and every detail of the experience as best as you can remember it, including every sight, sound, smell, and sensation. It might be a good idea to inform a faculty member of your experience also.
  4. Document your research. It's quite possible that no one has ever assembled all of the information about paranormal activity at your school. With all of the research you've done, perhaps you can be the first one to put it all together. You could write an article or even create a small booklet or website about your haunted school. Be careful to label rumors as rumors, legends as legends, etc. You want to be a good journalist. Who knows, your English teacher might even give you extra credit for it. I would also be interested in hearing about what you have discovered.
Hope this helps.....and IF you DO find out your school is HAUNTED.....be sure to let me know....who knows....maybe I can even come and investigate for you. :)



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Well it's time of year that ALL parents have been waiting on.........SCHOOL STARTING!!!! Yes.  The kids are back at school and Mom and Dad are soooooo happy.......because that means early bedtime again!!!!!!!!

I thought I would write a quick ghost story about a haunted school here in Dallas in honor of the school season.  I have not personally gotten to investigate a school but I would love to!!!!

First, North Dallas, in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, was one of the city's first high schools.  And part of its history involves ghosts.  More than one spirit reportedly roams its hallways after dark-a little girl in a blue dress who drowned in the old school pool over thirty years ago, a solider who died in
one of the wars, and an assortment of other presences who remain unidentified.

Ok...here is an account by Jason Thomas, an assistant baseball coach several years ago....

The head coach and I were in the team's locker room late in the afternoon, preparing for the upcoming season.  It was about three days shy of Christmas, and we were the only two people in the building.
   The lights were off in the rest of the building, and if we ventured into the main building from the locker room, the alarm would be set off, bringing the Dallas police to the school within minutes.  In addition to the alarm system, the locker-room door was secured with a padlock.  Nobody but us was going to get into that room that day.
   We were moving equipment around and discussing plans for the baseball season when the "secure" locker-room door creaked open.  And it was a way-over-the-top creak, the kind you hear in a scary movie.  But no one was there.  For the life of me, I don't know how a padlocked door could have been opened!
   A few minutes after that, the head coach decided we should go out to the parking lot.  His wife was driving up to meet us for dinner, and we figured it would be nice if we were waiting out back when she got there.
   As we passed the shower room, we heard a very faint yet rapid tapping on something metal-a peculiar sound we'd never there before.  Because the sort of stuff fascinates me, I walked into the shower room to investigate.  When I got to the center of the room, I was hit with the worst smell I've ever smelled in my life!  I turned around to discuss it with the head coach, but he was already hastily making his exit.
   Driven out by the terrible stench, I followed the coach outside.  Before long, his wife came and we headed off to dinner.  As we left the school grounds, we saw a blue light shining through the window of the second floor classroom.  We immediately dismissed it as a computer monitor left on by someone before Christmas break rolled around.  At the restaurant, we spent a while laughing off the whole experience and explaining it away before our conversation turned to baseball.
  On our return to the school, we saw something that left us shocked and confused.  The blue light we'd seen earlier at the back of the school had moved!!!  It was now floating in the third-floor stairwell on the buildings west side.  To our knowledge, there was no light bulb, computer, or even an electrical outlet in the third-floor stairwell.  I went back and confirmed this to be the case the next day.  We had a logical explanation for the blue light we'd seen earlier, but there was no way that a computer or anything else could have been plugged in on that third-floor landing.
  Did the blue light have anything to do with the little girl in the blue dress??? I still wonder, even though we'll never know.

So before you send the kids off to school......don't forget to send the sage!!!!!!!! LOL




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Exhausted to the point you can barely stand....chained in a dark attic for days with no food or water, wrists dripping in blood because the medal shackles are cutting into your skin, your hands covered in blisters and cuts, burning like they are on fire from weeks and months of hard labor mining for salt..........and your NOT ALONE!!!!

John H Crenshaw made his fortune in the 1830s by mining and refining salt, but because salt mining is horrible work, he had difficulty finding employees for his mines and refinery.  Although Illinois law prohibited slavery, Crenshaw discovered a loophole that allowed for leasing slaves from Southern owners.  He hated having to pay for their use, however, so he hired thugs to kidnap free blackmen and women who were then forced to work in the mines and refinery.  Sequestering his captives in the attic of his Hickory Hill house, he kept them chained and shackled every minute of every day they were not working.  An added bonus came in the form of nearly three hundred infants who were born to his captive women and who Crenshaw raised until they were old enough to be smuggled to the South and sold.  In 1842, Crenshaw was arrested on charges of slaves trading.  His money and power guaranteed that he was never sent to prison, and the full extent of Crenshaw's crimes did not come to light until after he sold the house in the mid-1860s.  By then, it was massively haunted by the spirits of those he had held in captivity.

In the 1920s, Hickory Hills was opened as a private museum, and from the start, visitors reported frightening experiences in the attic.  As they climbed the stairs, guest were overcome with feelings of anxiety and dread and reported screams, moans, whimpers, and the sound of dozens of unintelligible, mumbling voices emanating from the attic walls.  At least 150 people have attempted to spend the night in the attic.  The first was an exorcist named Hickman Wittington, who died only hours later of going into the attic.  Every investigator since then has run terrified from the house within a matter of minutes.  By 1996, the house had deteriorated to the point that it had to be closed, but in 2000 it was purchased by the state of Illinois, which plans to restore it and reopen it as a museum.  Now, called the Old Slave House Museum.  It is heavily protected as it is not officially opened.  Do you dare....go to THE ATTIC?????

If you would like to check on the progress of the Old Slave House Museum go to www.illinoishistory.gov or calling them at (217)758-1511.




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My Holly!!

It is with a VERY HEAVY HEART that I write this weeks post.  I loss my sweet little Holly due to an unfortunate  accident two days ago on August 9th so now she is playing in Heaven.  As humans, we grow incredibly attached to our animal friends when they are alive.  When they die, we are often so consumed in grief that we feel like we might never recover.  Still we do, and life goes on.  And ya'll know me....I will try and communicate with my little Holly in everyway I can!!!  I know she is still with me in my heart.  So today's post is a re-post on losing our pets and I want to dedicate it  to my Holly.....may you always sleep with the covers over your head and have "treats" galore!!!  I love you Sis. Rest in Peace.

We have this GREAT power called "Love".  Love gives us the ability to open our hearts and love unconditionally and TO BE loved unconditionally.  The great thing about love is, we can love many different things.  We LOVE ice cream, we LOVE sports, and maybe one of our GREATEST loves, beside the love we have for family and friends.... is our pets!!!  We cherish them and consider them a member of the family in every aspect of the word "family". 

Sometimes, though, there is an occasional visit from our departed friends.  The nudge of a cold noise, the click-click of their nails on a hardwood floor, the jingle of their tags in the night, the squeak of their favorite toy.  The deep bond between animals and humans, make no mistake is REAL and TRUE.  I am just waiting on Holly to curl up next to me in the bed and make her cute little "snoring sounds" she would make.

Now, according to your belief, animals may or may not have a soul.  For me, I believe anything that can feel love, pain and sadness must have a soul.  Just like us, pets have a soul and when the physical body wears out our souls go to heaven. Now, I know you are asking yourself, how can SHE (meaning me.lol) believe you go to heaven and still believe in ghosts?  Well, I do!  I just think sometimes it takes some of us a little longer to get there. :)  And who says God doesn't allow Angels to visit.  He does.

Again, just like a spirit, our pets may not want to leave their loved ones, and we all know how loyal pets can be.  I believe pets have a GREAT six sense....so when you are sad they know it, when you are happy they know it and when you need a hug and a kiss....no problem......up in the lap they go with a big lick on the face!!!

Our pets are still loyal even in the afterlife.  If everyday you feed your pet at 8:00am and 5:00pm then that is what your pet knows.  So, when they die they may continue to come back at 8:00 and 5:00 for breakfast and dinner.  And when they know you are grieving or sad they do what they do best....try and make you feel better by grabbing a toy, jumping in your lap or on the couch to snuggle.  Let's just say "they have unfinished business" the phrase that is soooo often used when describing a departed soul.

I could talk for hours on the subject of pets, but let me offer you these words of encouragement.....if you have lost a beloved pet, and you feel that you hear them or feel them or even see them....know that the LOVE and Loyalty that they had for you always remains with them.  Take ANY signs to heart and know they are still with you making you smile and feel LOVED.  Holly made me feel loved everyday and I will continue to love HER back everyday.

This may be a little off the subject but I want to say it anyway...I lost a beloved pet named Shasta years ago.  At the time, I cried until my eyes ached and there wasn't another tear left in me.  I grieved like I didn't know was possible.  An with the pain that deep, all I could think about was "I will never love another dog LIKE I loved Shasta."  And I couldn't even imagine replacing her.  As any animal lover knows, you can't replace a beloved lost pet.  But let me tell you what you CAN do.....you can ease the pain, by taking the love you had for your beloved pet and share it with another little soul that needs love and wants to give love.  I know it is one of the HARDEST things to cope with, but when you DON'T replace your pet with another....what you notice is the SILENCE and LONELINESS.  You sit in the house and notice that their NOT in your lap, you notice that your house is NOT full of dog toys all over the floor, and you notice no one is there to great you when you open your eyes in the mornings or when you get home from work.  That feeds the pain you feel.  That's when I welcomed this sweet, little, black dog named Holly into my world.

 I know this is just MY OPINION and MY OPINION ALONE....but I feel, from experience that the sooner your replace the LONELINESS with a distraction of another little furry friend jumping in your lap, playing with toys, making a mess and chewing up your favorite shoes and most of all is being LOVED and giving LOVE the sooner your heart will start to heal.  PLEASE don't mistake what I am saying....I am NOT saying you will ever love another pet the way you did when you lost your previous one but I AM saying....you CAN LOVE another in another unique and special way.
Presley, my daughter and Holly.
Sorry, obviously I got a little "preachy" on the subject but it is because I am very passionate about animals and our bond with them.

I am fortunate, I have two other dogs that I love dearly, so through our house will never be the same without Holly, we will go on and enjoy the time we have with Tanner and Presley(my other two dogs) and still think about Holly everyday.

My sleeping buddy.

The video below is Holly trying to get me to cover her up! LOL




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Well we are right in the mist of summer and that means kids are out of school and parents are trying to find ways to entertain them and that more than likely will include movies, and going to shows so I thought I would do a re-post on the very haunted Lincoln Theater in Decatur, Illinois.   By far, this is one of my FAVORITE places to ghost hunt.  I hate to say it, but I do believe that it was closed last year to the public and yes, even for groups to do ghost hunts. :(
This is the blog post I wrote back in 2013 after attending the American Ghost Society Conference in Decatur, Illinois.  I had one of the MOST IMPRESSIVE flashlight communication sessions I have ever experienced down in the basement of the theater.  And yes...I know...many investigators don't put much "stock" in the flashlight communication (having the spirits turn the light on and off in response to your questions) but I do.  Anyway, below is my post and be sure to check out the pictures closely.  And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!  I exceeded my goal last month of having over 10, 000 viewers read my blog!!!!  I ended up with 10,597!!!!!  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!  I appreciate the support and I LOVE my viewers.  It's because of you that I keep writing all the crazy tails that I experience with the paranormal.  Have a great week. :)
Below are photo's that I took during this year's American Ghost Society Conference in Decatur, Illinois and again this year IT did NOT disappoint!!!   The photo's below are inside the Haunted Lincoln Theater around 12:00am.  The photo's are of a staircase that reportedly is haunted by a spirit named Red.  He was a stagehand that fell asleep at the top of the stairs, and fell to his death!  You can read about the tragic history of this Theater at http://haunteddecatur.com/lincoln.html
 At the top of the stairs, many people have reported feeling scared....and heard loud voices.  Possibly actors who had preformed at the theater....... maybe talking with Red???  Who knows.  But I can tell you that I watched a couple go up the stairs very calmly and come RUNNING back down just freaking out that they heard voices right by them!!!!!!!!!  And believe me when I tell you they were serious! LOL  The guy was shaking and the girl was ready to leave....and I mean leave the theater.....SHE WAS DONE!!!
Below are the photo's I took of them RUNNING back down the stairs screaming!  The girl was in front coming down as fast as she could and she was physically shaking!  She just kept screaming "SOMEONE IS UP THERE.......SOMEONE IS UP THERE............"!!!!!! And the guy was RIGHT behind her carrying a flashlight.  So I just turned around and snapped a few pictures of them not really sure of what was going on but if something was by them, I was hoping to catch it on one of the pictures.  BOY....was I in for a surprise!!!!  The pictures came out pretty blurry because of how fast they were coming back down the stairs.  So, for that sorry...it was the best I could do.
None of that is really that out of the ordinary.....right?  When someone is scared...... they run.....they scream....they shake.   But that ISN'T what I found strange!!!!!  Check out the pictures at the bottom.  Photos 1-5 are just pictures of the staircase but there is an Orb in pic 4 that is in the exact spot that something VERY STRANGE was caught on camera.  Also, the other photos 1-5 have a bright Orb at the top of the stairs where Red was to have fallen asleep and fell off.
OK.....now I want you to take a GOOD look at photo 6.  This is the original photo of the couple running back down the stairs in fear.  As I was going over the photo's, and I came to this one, and INSTANTLY thought..........WAIT!!!!!!...........What the heck???????????  I was standing there watching these TWO people come down the stairs.......but yet.....there are THREE people in this photo????  Who WAS the third person?????  I can assure you there were only TWO people on those stairs at the time.  Can you see what I see in pic 7?  I was sooooo excited about capturing this figure on camera I couldn't wait to show it to Luke and Adam, two guys who have been in this field for many years and have been involved with Troy Taylor from the very beginning of the AGS conference and I would consider them most definitely  PROFESSIONALS in this field.  They where VERY impressed and wanted me to send them the photo to analysis it further. 
Now, as if the photo isn't enough, when you add HEAT IMAGING you can clearly see....there are three area's detected.  Or two people and an unknown.......spirit?????
Luke said that the photo was really interesting because it was as if someone was standing BEHIND the stairs because you can see the stairs visibly in front of the figure.   To me......it looks like a sailor uniform.......and one of the main performers at the Lincoln was Bob Hope who did a skit in a sailor suit.  Luke seems to see a man in a shirt with a tie, and in slacks.  What do you see???  Whether a sailor or a man in a shirt and tie, you can't deny that something or someone was on those stairs.
This was an awesome time and I can't wait to go back next year!!!  I'll be posting more from the conference......just as exciting as this!!!!!  Stay tuned.....
Photo 1-The staircase where
Red died.
Photo 2 - Orb in location
of figure.
Photo 3-Staircase

Photo-4-Orb in the EXACT spot
the figure was.

Photo 5-Orb at the top of the staircase.
Photo 6-The original photo of the couple
running down the stairs.

Photo 8-Original photo with Heat Imaging

Photo 7- First the guy at the top of the
stairs with a flashlight in white, the girl
is coming down in a pink shirt and green
shorts, and the figure in white at the very
bottom of the stairs.

Photo 9-After Heat Imaging is applied.
Cropped and blown up.

Bob Hope preforming at
the Lincoln Theater.



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Even in 1965 Poltergeist activity was being filmed.

In 1965 there were strange happenings occurring inside the small house of Marcia Howells in Swansea, Wales. The mother and her family had been tormented by an unseen force that pushed and tossed their furniture around. Not knowing what to do, the Howells called in the local police to assist in the matter. However the police quickly found themselves rendered helpless against the unexplained phenomena that was trashing the Howells’ home.

Like most true poltergeist cases, the happenings inside the Rhondda street house abruptly stopped and no logical explanation was ever found.
Poltergeist activity is said to not be induced by “ghosts”, rather many parapsychologists believe that psychokinetic energy is to blame. A force of energy that has not been yet proven real but has been observed in the wild by trained professionals. Anyone else remember Nina Kulagina?


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So, in honor of all of US that watched the Bachelorette this week and watched Kaitlyn give the Final Rose to Shawn, I thought I would post about ghosts and roses.  I am not only a ghost hunter but a reality show junkie!  I know....I'm not proud of it but it is....what it is. LOL
Now, the video below is not mine and I have no affiliate with the people who recorded the video other than I thought it was interesting and you guys might enjoy it.

I am going to confess that before I started researching something to do with Roses and Ghosts I had not ever heard that Demons DO NOT like ROSES!!!  Have you????  Well, from what I have found out is that Demons will burn roses because they represent "purity" and "goodness".  Also, once a demon is gone, people begin to smell roses.
Below is what livescifi13 posted about their video:
This is video excerpt is from Day 2 of the Sallie House LIVE Investigation.  A lot of people asked why we had numerous roses on set, well back when the previous tenants lived in the house they reported that a rose that was placed on one of the counters’, and curiously was found burnt from the inside out.   We speculated that due to the possible demonic entity that we which seems to make its self known every time were in the house, we held a rose during the session to see if it would prompt any negative responses.  Upon further we research we also discovered that roses are often smelled after a demonic entity is exorcised from its host. Could this be why there were such negative responses during the session?

Anyway, love to hear your feedback about this subject.  So, send me an email and let me know what you think.  Hope everyone is having a great week!  Until next time....



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                                                          BUCKNER CEMETERY
                                                             McKinney, Texas

Who knew?  Deak and I were out driving around this past Sunday and we stopped at Garden Center just off Hwy 380 just before you get into McKinney, Texas.  Now, the Garden Center was closed so we just parked the car and was walking around looking at their trees and plants they had for sale.  There is nothing but concrete around and behind the Garden Center because McKinney has a big Trade Days open to the public every 3rd Monday and this Garden Center is located right in front of the Trades Day lots.

So, we walk toward the back of the lot and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE what do you think I see......right in the middle of this parking lot there is a cemetery!!!!   HOLY COW!!!!  Who would ever guess there would be a cemetery right in the middle of this big parking lot!!!!  It is the strangest thing to see a cemetery with just a few graves in it, a couple of trees and a small fence around it.  Now is it haunted???  I don't know.... but you can bet I will find out!  It just sits there minding its own business with a few trees around it, like ...this is my place and I am NOT moving know matter what is around me, I was here first!!! LOL   And I have to tell you...it was a little sad to me to think that soooo many people visit this area every month and know one takes care of the cemetery.  The stones are all broken.  Some have been laid against trees but most are just laying on the ground.  You can tell, it needs a lot of TLC.

Now, this looks like an old map to me but
I tried to circle where the cemetery is.  But now,
when we were there, it seems that the Trades Day
has expanded the area and is all back behind the cemetery now.
You can clearly see concrete surrounding the cemetery.

So, what do you think the FIRST thing I did was when I got home???? You guessed it!!! I was on the internet looking up any and everything to do with Buckner Cemetery.

Now, I will say I couldn't find a lot on it, but the things I did find out, were VERY interesting.  Now, here's what I do know in summary...

Buckner was the first town in Collin County. It was named by John McGarrah for his home town of Buckner, Arkansas. When Collin County was formed in 1846 by the state of Texas, the residents were told to pick a county seat within 3 miles of the geographic center of the county and name it "Buckner." The residents picked the existing town of Buckner because it was the only town in the county. However, it was 7 miles from the center of the county. The exact center of the county is on the East Fork flood plain. Two sites were picked for the county seat. Eleven residents voted on the location of the county seat with 10 picking the present-day McKinney square location. They tried to name the county seat Buckner as instructed, but the post office said the name "Buckner" was already in use. The residents named the county seat "McKinney" after the man who was in the state legislature from this area, Collin McKinney. The stores in Buckner were literally dragged to the square in McKinney and the town of Buckner disappeared. There was a Kiowa Indian tribe that lived near Buckner. It was led by a chief named Spotted Tail. As long as the Kiowas lived there, no other Indians attacked the area.

The ancient McGarrah-O’Brien Cemetery is slightly Northeast of the site of Old Ft. Buckner, the first County Seat of Collin County, and is a part of John McGarrah’s headright. According to the Peters Colony book, “John McGarrah, a family man, came to Peters Colony in 1842 and claimed his headright of 640 acres. His patent was number 981.” He built a little store or trading post, primarily to trade with the Indians who brought in furs to trade for goods he sold in the little store. He is listed in the 1850 census of Collin County as a family man, age 45 and came to the area from Fayetteville, Arkansas, where the family migrated in 1821.

Only a few headstones remain in the old cemetery, but according to J. B. Wilmeth who was an elected official at the first election in 1846, it once had a large number of graves marked with Bois d’Arc slabs. (I know, I didn't know what Bois d' Arc slabs were either.  It is a type of wood that was very resilient to weather conditions.  It was often used as a marker for a grave and sometimes could even be carved into different shapes).
Those listed as buried there include:
Edna Fallis, wife of B. J. O’Brien, 1816 - 1897
Jane, wife of George W. O’Brien, Jan. 27, 1905 - Dec. 17, 1871
David O’Brien, March 4, 1808 - Nov. 1, 1885
Parmelia, wife of David O’Brien, June 27, 1823 - July 12, 1870
Franklin, son of David and Parmelia, July 23, 1853 - July 12, 1870
George W. O’Brien, Dec. 8, 1799 - June 30, 1876
Lorenzo J. Graves, 1818 - 1886
Reily, son of T. F. and A. F. Darnell, 1829 - 1880
Laurence, son of A. G. and N. J. Donaldson, 1879 - 1899
Mary Jane Donaldson, 1854 - 1886
Polly T. Graves, Sept. 22, 1822 - July 31, 1898
Then, too, the old Indian who lived with his small tribe near Buckner and is credited with saving the settlement from invasion of Comanche tribes is buried in an unmarked Christian grave at his own request (Kiowa chief, Spotted Tail). Chief Spotted Tail  has been called a hero because he helped bury people in the middle of the night so others would not have to who died in a smallpox epidemic in 1873. He died from smallpox himself  shortly after and was buried at the Buckner cemetery. He was given a white man's burial.
You can bet there will be a PART 2 to this story.  I will let you know what I find out about if it is haunted or not after I do an investigation.  CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

If you would like to read more about this cemetery here is a link:

A small fence around several small graves
inside the main fence.
An infant grave inside the fence.

I think this may be the Bois d' Arc Slabs.

You can clearly see the parking lot
around the cemetery.




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Nice moving animation of a very haunted house with lots of ghosts and goblins but just one skeleton playing with it's own skull

So, now you have realized that you are NOT ALONE in your house!  What next?  How do you remove an "unwanted guest"? Just ask them to leave.....  Ok.  Maybe it's not THAT easy but sometimes it can be done without a lot of involvement from others or a lot of "hoop la"....so to speak.

By far, the simplest method of removing a spirit from a home involves talking to it.  YES...you have to TALK to it.  When you are dealing with a human ghost or ghosts, this is the first route you should take.  It's surprising how many people will endure a haunting without ever attempting to reach out and communicate with the spirit that is haunting them.  Think about it.....if you walk into a room, do want people to acknowledge you or completely ignore you???  So many times....that all it is...human spirits just are simply trying to get your attention.  And if they can't get it from you....they will try and get it from others.  What I mean by that is, if you aren't going to talk with them, then they will attempt to get the attention of someone that will....other family members, friends anyone staying in the location.

Why are they trying to get your attention???  I don't know...you will have to ask them. LOL Awww I'm just kidding with you.  One of the most common reasons is....they are trying to get a message out....maybe to you....maybe to someone else.  Others are simply lonely, and want nothing more than to be recognized by the people living in the house. Ghosts that are lonely and want acknowledgment tend to act out, especially if they feel someone in the house should be able to hear them, but who nevertheless ignores them.  Lets go back to our "walking into a room" scenario for a minute.  You walk into a room and you see someone you want to talk to.  So, you jump up and down and wave your hands over your head trying to get there attention...but yet....they don't respond to you in any way.  So what now?  So....you get LOUDER....cause more commotion, jump higher and scream "hey I'm over here!"  "Look at me, would ya"?  Ok...maybe you wouldn't do that but I would. LOL
Anyway, I think you get the point.

Sometimes spirits will try to communicate with one person in the home whom they feel will be able to hear them.  So they are not tied to the home, they are attracted to a particular person.  And yes, if that person moves...guess what...your ghost may just follow you because they feel that you in someway can communicate with them.  Spirits who feel that you have the ability(and you may not even realize you have it)to communicate with them often will act out just like little children until they DO get your attention even if you are yelling at them to stop!

If you are not psychic, how do you talk to a ghost?  You don't have to be a psychic to talk with spirits.  You just have to be willing...The simplest way to communicate with a ghost is to speak to them just like they were any living person.  If there is a place in your home where the ghost regularly makes its presence known, go to that place and address the spirit.  You may feel a little silly at first, since you are essentially talking to thin air.  Get over that and talk to them in a genuine and forthright manner.  You got this!

Try to set up lines of communication.  When you ask a spirit to produce itself physically understand you are asking lot.  This takes a great deal of energy.  Ask for knocking sounds or other signs but sure you understand whatever you are asking them to do may take more effort than you think.

Finally, you should explain to the spirit that it has been scaring people and you have to "draw some lines in the sand".  Many spirits are simply seeking to connect with the living and have no intention of frightening or harming the resident of the home.  Laying down a few ground rules about where it can and cannot go in the house and how it should or should not behave can solve most problems.  It's kinda like...if you don't tell me, I don't know I'm doing anything wrong.  The ghost may think "oh heck....she didn't like that when I slammed the closet door.  Guess I won't do that again!" LOL

You should always approach the spirit peacefully and politely at first.  Give it the option to comply and if the spirit continues to act out and the unwanted activities do not stop, then you may have to go to the next step.

Following these steps may help in your FIRST contact with the ghost.

1.  Acknowledge the presence of the spirit and let it know you are open to communication.
2.  Don't yell and don't threaten the spirit-at least not yet.
3.  Reassure the spirit it is not being ignored but you are having trouble understanding its attempts at  
4.  Let the spirit know that you need clearer communication such as knocking, rapping or turning the lights on and off.
5.  Clearly and gently explain the family's response to its activities.
6.  State boundaries and ask that the spirit respect them.
7.  Extend the desire to help, but explain that the spirit must clearly communicate its needs.
8.  Set ground rules for interaction and explain the consequences of breaking these rules.
9.  Do not make idle threats.  Be willing to enforce the consequences if the spirit breaks the rules.

The most important part about the first contact is acknowledging the spirit is a real and present being and you are not trying to ignore it, you are just trying to understand what it is the spirit wants.

I can tell you from a personal experience, this can and does work!!!  Again, this is not all the time, but it is a good place to start.  Good luck.



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I'm not going to write a lot about the McPike Mansion because last week I wrote a book!!!LOL  Below are some of the EVP's we collected in the cellar of the mansion.  These are not the BEST EVP's I have ever gotten but they are good.  One of my recorders messed up so I could not get all my EVP's downloaded.  The ones in the video are a little hard to hear so you may want to use external speakers or a headset to listen to them.

Like I said last week, McPike Mansion did not disappoint me in any way!!!  Voices, cold spots, touching, footsteps and tons more.  If you are ever up in Alton, Illinois be sure and check it out. Alton is a wonderful haunted town!  There are soooo many things to do here related to the paranormal I can't wait to go back and get into something else. lol

Enjoy the video....

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