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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Reverend Shawn Whittington is a devout Catholic and a trained, registered Ordained Spiritual Warfare Minister. His wife Sharon is a near death experience survivor, a certified Stephen Minister through her Lutheran faith, and a sensitive/ intuitive. (Both have suffered and survived severe demonic attacks.) They are a husband and wife ghost busting team based in Las Vegas, Nevada with over 40 years combined experience. The team is fully equipped to perform a thorough paranormal investigation if needed.  But, Ghost-B-Gone strives to go one step further than just ghost hunting. They specialize in getting rid of that extra unwanted guest in your home.
Ghost-B-Gone has helped many Las Vegas families over the years get their lives and their homes back.  Trouble of a paranormal or demonic nature can be quite disturbing, and unless you have gone through it yourself, you can't quite know what it is like. 

He is the host of Vegas Supernatural on www.KCORradio.com.


He has invited me to be on his show this Monday night from 7-9 CT and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!  If you are looking for a DIFFERENT KIND of talk show you have GOT to listen to his!!!  He has the MOST interesting guests and he has such GREAT insight to the paranormal that you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Join us for a little Halloween fun.  Let's talk about some SCARY STUFF and well.....stuff we just CAN'T Explain!!! Mark your calendars!!!



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The Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Tx is one that is known for spirits checking in but NOT checking out!!!

Featured on “Texas Most Endangered Places” 2012 list by Texas Preservation and destine for demolition, the Magnolia Hotel has now been rescued. Built in 1840 by Texas Rangers, the Magnolia Hotel became Seguin's first stagecoach station and frontier hotel. The Indian Raid Shelter located under the building was once the town's original jail. In 1850 the two story, 10 room addition was added becoming the finest hotel in the area. It was a resting stop for thousands of travelers. After surviving the threat of attacks from the Mexican soldiers, Comanche Indians and the Civil War it then endured the sorrows of the Reconstruction Era. Union Officers took over the hotel while soldiers made camp across the street. By the late 1870's with arrival of the railroad, the hotel once again became the main social gathering point for the town of Seguin. In 1930 the hotel had fallen into disrepair and was transformed into apartments. From the late 1990's until 2013 the building was abandoned and empty. It fell victim to drug users, vandals and prostitutes. In 2013, Jim and Erin Ghedi purchased the building and are now restoring it back to its original 1880 glory! The Magnolia Hotel is truly a Texas Landmark. Over the 170 plus years, thousands of guests have checked into the hotel but for some they never checked out. The hotel is known to be haunted by at least 13 ghosts. Some of the most notable haunts include a pharmacist who mistakenly killed a young girl while attempting to murder his wife. The traveling salesman who committed suicide by cutting his throat has been seen walking the halls at night. Others are the weeping woman who died of a broken heart, the suicide cowboy and the starved prisoner in the basement. The most famous is the fortune teller who held many under her mystic control. Come visit the spirits who linger within the walls of the Magnolia Hotel, if you dare!

Below are just a few pics we took BEFORE our interview with Jim and Erin and before the night time tour.  I will be posting those as soon as I go over them all.  I took A LOT!!!!!!! My team as well as myself had personal experiences here.  

I can't say enough about how nice Jim and Erin where to us and how MUCH we enjoyed this place!!!  It is FULL of spirits and Erin knows each one personally because not only is she a great historian she is a medium.

The video below show our walk-through before our investigation and you will notice Erin's surprise as we walk into one of the rooms and the cabinets are completely WIDE OPEN!!!!  She said they made sure and shut them that morning.

Stay tuned for more pics and more stories.  Listen in LIVE tonight on CLEARSOURCERADIO.COM and be sure to give us a call if you have had an experience in the haunted hotel. 



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So excited to have to my good friend Michele Pellegrino of Whitedog Paranormal on tonight's LIVE BROADCAST on Clearsourceradio.com at 7pm CT.  Can't wait for you to hear all the things we experienced at the VERY HAUNTED Yorktown Memorial Hospital!  This is TRULY a scary ghost story!!!!!!  Be sure to download the app Clearsourceradio.com and take me with you if you are going to be away from your laptop tonight!  Call in and ask questions or just tell us YOUR scary story at 940-312-1974.  This is my first LIVE SHOW so tune in.....I need the support!!! :)


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Ok.  I am a day late but I was up all night working on the video I wanted to share with you guys.  Well, as you know this is part 3 of our Yorktown investigation with White Dog Paranormal out of Chicago.  The hospital is Yorktown Memorial in Yorktown, Texas.  MAN!!!!!!!!  What great evidence you guys are about to see!!!
I am just going to post a few pictures with this article and then I will have the video uploaded in a couple of hours.  And TRUST ME when I tell you.....YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!!!  It has a FULL BODIED APPARITION and footage of a door opening and closing all by ITSELF!!!!!!!  This is some of the best footage I have ever seen!  This place was sooooo fun and the group of people with us were just AWESOME!!!!  I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to all those who attended this investigation......BOOOOOOO to you!!!! LOL
Now, most of the activity I want to tell you about in part 3 was on the second floor, in the nuns living quarters.  We  already had such great communication downstairs in the CREEPY "doll room" and also at the nurses station we COULDN'T wait to go to another floor! We made our way up the dark and cold stairway, which I might add was pretty creepy itself...but just like you would expect the first thing you see when you get up to the second floor is a long, dark hallway. There is no electricity in this place and very, very minimum light from the outside.  Only moonlight coming in through some of the broken windows and it was not a full moon or anything so........ can you say....DARK....because this place was!!!! The second floor is where the nuns used to stay.  The rooms still have some bed frames in them and some old furniture, some with "whatnots" on them (please tell me you know what a "whatnot is" or I feel really OLD if you don't! LOL) But again, let me remind you that so many of the items in this hospital ARE NOT original to the place.  It just looks like miscellaneous things have been put there to ENHANCE your experience.....if you know what I mean. :)
Anyway, we went into the first room on the right on the second floor that had like a wooden slats as part of the wall...you know...the kind you can see through.  Inside was an old couch, a couple of tables and chairs, dusty books, etc..  We set up in here and began an EVP session with MaKesha Bailey reading from a children's book first..... then Belynda.  I was sitting on the couch, right beside Belynda as she began to read.  I was filming with my new Tri-Cam from Paranologies, which I LOVE, but back to the story.....and Michele with White Dog Paranormal Group was doing the video recording with her camera.  We could see on the Tri-Cam and on Michele's video a couple good orbs flying around, and here again let me caution you...there is TONS of dust floating around, so be sure to debunk what is a true orb and what isn't.
Mike, the caretaker, had told us that Stacy one of the young female spirits liked to be read to upstairs in the nuns quarters so that is why we were reading the children's books out loud.

As Belynda was reading...she just suddenly STOPPED!!!  We all wondered what was wrong.  Michele ask "Belynda, what's wrong, why did you stop reading?"  Belynda laid the book down in her lap and said "I don't know...but something is VERY.......VERY.....WRONG!!!"  She said she was cold as ICE and her teeth started to chatter.  I was sitting right beside her and had  a thermo on her and the temper started dropping down very quickly... like 15 degrees in about 3 minutes but yet, I couldn't feel any difference in the room.  All of the sudden Belynda said "it's gone!" and sure enough the temperature started to go back up.
Now,  Michele WAS inside the room with us and then she decided she would go stand in the doorway looking out toward the hall.  We asked Belynda if she wanted to continue and she said "yes".  As she started reading again......Michele all of the sudden started having problems with her video camera.  Now, she had been using the same video camera all night and not once did she have any problems.  But for some reason, her auto focus COULDN'T FOCUS! It was like it was TRYING to focus on something........but what........there was nothing nor anyone in the hallway. Two things happen next.  ONE........... is she steps out into the hallway to try and adjust her camera and as she is trying to figure out what is wrong.....she catches a FULL BODIED APPARITION!!!!    The location of this apparition would have been right behind Belynda walking right though the wall with the wooden slats.  You will see in the video that IT almost seems to "step out in the hall" and then "retreats back" as if to see Michele in the hallway.  Then it steps forward and walks across the hall and almost right up to Michele before disappearing but NOT before it appears to LEAN back as if to look at Michele one more time before disappearing for good!!!  CRAZY???? I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY...but just wait till you see the video!!!!!
The room where the door opens and closes
on its own.  You can barely see the corner
of the window that is in the room.
And that's not even the BEST PART!!!!!  As soon as the apparition disappears, all of the sudden Michele's camera begins to focus!!! Not even 5 minutes passes, when out of the blue, or should I say dark...lol a door opens at the end of the hall!!! Yep...just opens and closes a couple times all by itself!!!!  The GREAT part....Michele SEES this happen AS WELL as captures it on video!!!!!!!!!!!    It was amazing!!!!!!!!!  One thing that we notice is.....that it is illuminating the hallway with light????  How can that be possible?????  There are no lights, and no one in the hallway but yet it is bright enough to SHINE light across the floor of the hallway!!!  I CANNOT explain this!!!!!  We go into the room where the door opens and closes.....and all that is in the room is an old sewing machine.  And as for a window, there IS a window but it is far from the door and only a half window at that.  There is NO WAY a light as bright as it was, could be coming from this window or room!!!!!!!!!!!
PEOPLE...PEOPLE.....PEOPLE..... Is this place haunted???????  You betcha  bottom dollar it is!!!!!  We are already planning our trip back in the fall.  So, if you want to join us, just let me know. :)
I just wanted to post some additional photos of the place, just so you guys could get a feel for what it is like inside.  Again, I used the flash so that you could see what is there, but this place is VERY DARK.....VERY COLD......AND VERY OCCUPIED!!!

Still shot in night vision mode of the
apparition.  Original photo.
This is not original to the hospital.
The caretaker told us, it is the old
county jail and the property bought
it from the city and now it resides
permanently down in the basement.
Old bathroom on bottom floor of the
priest room.

In the priest room on the bottom floor.
Old doctors bag.

It this an orb or just dust???
Nuns shower quarters.
Going into the priest bedroom downstairs.
Wait....Is that an orb on Brian's back??
Misc. old stuff sitting around.



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Ok.  Tonight's post may surprise you that it isn't about ghosts or someplace that would totally CREEP you out...but more of a self help post.  Lets talk Spirit Guides and Angels.  Why???? I wish I had a better answer but this is NOT my area of expertise by know means BUT I do believe in Spirit Guides and Angels. Believe it or not....I get asked about this a lot so.........here goes.

Spirit Guides are an discarnate entity (having no physical body or form) that has been on earth.  It has evolved and become very spiritual, returns to give you guidance and aid in your soul development. They have lived a spiritually enlightened existence on earth and progressed further within the spirit realm.  They are your guides that will take you on your inner journey to witness and learn from the past.  An angel is a celestial being who has never incarnated upon the earth plane and exists to serve God and humanity.  A messenger from the creator.  Angels are of purity.  What this means is the guide has walked the earth and an angel has not.

Now, in saying that......this is me and just me.....a GUARDIAN ANGEL is different.  A GUARDIAN ANGEL CAN BE someone that HAS walked the earth and is always watching over you and giving you guidance and love from up above.  It might or might not be someone you once knew.  This is my view and my view only.

Now, do I have a spirit guide?  That is a personal question don't ya think???

So, how do you meet your Spirit Guide?  And by the way, tonight I am only talking about YOUR Spirit Guide.  It is important to realize that your spirit friend only comes on  vibration of love and compassion; therefore, if your intention matches that, you need not to fear whatsoever of attracting the wrong being.

Suggestion for meeting your Spirit Guide.  Now, this may take a little time to get the hang of it but...if you concentrate it will happen.  Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, and if you want play some soft music in the background.  No rap....No hard rock......just saying. (Much of this information is the writings of Jock Brocas-but I have changed up some of it to make it easier at least for me to understand)  But there are may ways to find a Spirit Guide and meditate.  This is just one that works for me.

Find a comfortable chair to sit in straight up in or on the floor whichever makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed.  As you take deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth visualize white purifying smoke coming into your body.  Some people visualize a very happy beautiful place(mountains, meadows, rivers etc) and they find themselves surrounded by white purifying smoke.  The white purifying smoke is to "soak up all the negative energy in your life so be open to letting go of things that are bothering you.  Things that you feel are "blocking" you from having a peaceful life.  Now, the smoke will start to turn gray and it is time to release it and all the negativity it holds....so as you breath out through your mouth release the gray smoke.  The gray smoke is now leaving your body.  You will start to feel much lighter and cleaner.  You will notice that you suddenly drop your shoulders that you hadn't even realized were up with tension.  aaawwwww......

Not you see a ball of light....a very bright ball of light.....the most amazing white ball of light you have ever seen and you  walk toward it and you start to feel its radiance surround you, and know this bubble of white light is always around you.

Remember do not let doubt inside.  REMEMBER THE STATEMENT OF THE UNIVERSE.....First you perceive, then you must believe, and only then will you conceive.

Imagine that you now walking along a beautiful winding path through an enchanted forest.  You feel the sunshine on your face and witness the beauty of Mother Nature.  You do not fear the animals and they do not fear you. Awwww.. wouldn't that be nice????  You hear the trickling of the stream in the distance.  In the distance you see a place to sit.  You walk toward it and sit down as you notice the birds singing.  You sit and enjoy the energy this place has. You feel totally safe.  As you stand up you see a small fire.  The fire is clearing the forest as you draw closer toward the area you note that you are being more and more relaxed.  The animals are following you.  They know what is going to happen and are exited at what is about to occur. You can see someone is waiting for you.  This is your Spirit Guide and can they may be female or they may be male.  Notice everything about this person....what they are wearing and what they look like.  You feel excited to become friends with this person.  Do not be afraid and feel the love that exudes from them.  They come to you with a pure heart and have always loved you.  The spirit has no judgment of you and is excited you have finally spiritually awoken.  They invite you to sit and talk with them.  Enjoy this time with your friend.

After a while, you start to realize that you have leaned a great deal and that the wise counsel of your spirit friend has allayed any suffering that you may have experienced before.  You have now met your Spirit Guide and he or she will offer you wisdom and guidance, promises you a sign that you will receive soon.  You now must leave but it is not a sad moment.  You notice all the beautiful surroundings and the animals as you start to walk away.  You notice that your new friend is getting faint in the distance.  You think about what a wonderful time you had here.  You are aware that you can come to this place anytime.

You now see another white light, a kind of doorway.  Walk through.  You slowly open your eyes as you realize you are back in your room.  Take one last deep breath and let it out.  You are now recharged and lighter in energy.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel sooooooooooooooo relaxed after that I can hardly stay awake. lol

Anyway, there ya go.  This is how you could  meet your Spirit Guide if you are so inclined.  Let me say that once you DO met your spirit guide you can call on them for guidance and also PROTECTION when investigating haunted locations.

And don't forget to look for your sign that your Spirit Guide told you about.  (Hint...many times it will be a white feather)



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Image result for stagecoach inn thousand oaks

Stagecoach Inn, Thousand Oaks, California

Have you heard about this one?  The StageCoach Inn in Thousand Oaks, California seems to be quite the place!  Dead man, wondering lady, crying baby and a lost boy......what else could you ask for in one place????? Man just typing that gets me exited!!!!!! LOL  

I have not visited this place but would love to!  If you have, I would love to hear about your experience and what you thought about it.

Anyway, enjoy this weeks post and HALLOWWWWEEEEENNNN is coming!!!!  Be sure to follow all month long in October (my favorite time of year, but you guys already knew that! lol) when I will be posting all month long about the MOST HAUNTED locations.........the most evil and scarcest places I know!  And there will be an opportunity for you to enter a contest for a really "spooky" prize and tell your MOST HORRIFYING MOMENTS in the dark.....or heck.....it might have even been in the day.........and lots of EXTRA'S!!!!!!  LOTS AND LOTS OF EXTRA'S!!!!!!!!  This month is going to be packed with Halloween moments you can share!!!  And don't forget, you will have the chance to call in on ClearSourceRadio.com on Tuesday nights at 7pm CT and chat with me. :)))  That's a really BIG SMILE just in case you didn't know.  I can't wait to talk live with you guys. 

Also, don't forget to follow me on FB where I always post all kinds of things!!! https://www.facebook.com/BecksGhostHunters/

Oh and a couple more updates then I will let you get to the story (sorry I just have a lot to say today!!!)   Be sure to check the "A word from me" section at the top of the page because I am always sticking little things in there.

Image result for haunted bluff city cemeteryHere's the fun part......are you ready.....I am headed to Chicago this weekend to spend a few days with my good friend Michele of Whitedog Paranormal.  We are going to investigate a haunted cemetery and an abandon school!!!!!!!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT??????  The name of the cemetery is Bluff City Cemetery.  And here's the BEST PART......I'm bringing you guys along!!! Ok......I didn't exactly buy you guys a ticket or anything BUT...... I will be "live streaming" on Facebook so you guys can see everything just as we see it!!!!  I think we will be investigating next Monday night Oct. 3rd.  Be sure to check the "A word from me" section and I will be giving you the exact time and date you can join us!!!  

I'll be there............ will you???????????????

Haunting at the Inn?

Grand Union Hotel
Over the years, tales of friendly and mischievous ghosts said to frequent the Inn have stimulated the imagination and interest of visitors. Skeptics tend to ignore the idea as superstitious stories. 

Folklore, legends, stories, all have the same meaning. However here at the Inn many try to prove the existence of ghosts residing at the Inn. There has been suspected of three separate entities that haunt the Inn. Also since the devastating fire, new strange occurrences now exist.
As with any old building or family heirloom, many stories of good and bad times can be associated with them. Hauntings of course are more interesting because they almost always are linked to story of great pain, anguish, or death.


Pierre is the most famous lingering soul thought to be haunting the Inn. His presence on the second floor has been felt by two known specialists in paranormal activity.
His "existence" was discovered in the late 1960s when a famed psychic named Sybil Leek was invited to visit the Inn. Upon touring the building, she claimed she felt the presence of a ghost and said that a burly bearded mountain man of about 35 years of age told her he had been shot while on the second floor of the Inn. He claimed his name was Pierre Devon or Duval.
Pierre Devon's ChapsNoted California Ghost researcher, Richard Senate was the second to confirm the existence of Pierre.
While he knew of the findings of Sybil Leek, his investigations did not occur until years later, after the fire and rebuilding of the Inn.
His accounts were of strong disturbances within the room Pierre was reportedly shot, and cold spots in the stairway.
Mr. Senate was there to investigate a claim of a ghost and he was elated to find out it was true. However, many still wonder how the ghost could remain after the original building had been moved, and then destroyed by fire.
Was Pierre a real person? Did he die in the old Inn? Is he still there? All questions that were never answered with viable documentation. However, the believers still believe Pierre is there, and he is not going anywhere anytime soon.
Within the pictures taken during the fire of 1970, it is said you can see ghostly image of Pierre rising from the flames.

The Haunting Lady of the Inn

The apparition of a woman of days past, dressed in elegant gowns, can be seen from the corner of your eye before dissolving into thin air. The only trace of her brief appearance is the soft scent of her perfume wafting through the halls.
Stagecoach Inn Staircase

These occurrences were very common during the renovation of the Inn from 1953 thru 1965 when the building accommodated an exclusive gift shop known as Tantony. It is claimed that lingering spirits are known to be more active during major changes to the place they reside.
Psychics have felt cold spots in the stairway of the Inn...Is it her?
Whether the Lady of the Inn survived the Fire of 1970 is still not known. 

The Lost Little Boy

During the 1890's there is said to be the tale of a young visitor of the Inn whom wandered into the wilderness and was never seen again.
At the Inn the sound of a young boys voice is said to be heard calling for his family as he continues to try to be reunited with them. 

The Baby Cradle

Haunted Baby CradleOn exhibit in the Museum is a cradle with an interesting story.
After the Inn was reconstructed, due to the devastating fire of 1970, curators requested donations from the public to help replenish the furnishings. A woman called to donate a family heirloom which she felt would fit into the decor of the Inn perfectly.
The cradle had been in her family for many generations, and since she was expecting a child, she had received it as a gift.

One day her baby, sleeping in the cradle, starting crying. As she returned to the room to attend the infant she noticed an apparition next to the cradle rocking it gently back and forth. Not knowing whether her child was in danger, obviously frightened for her child's welfare, she donated the cradle to the Stagecoach Inn.



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I have EXCITING NEWS!!!!!  I am going to be hosting a weekly program on Ron Reeders new network ClearSourceRadio.com !!!!

Ron is an amazing Medium and has started this awesome network for all different types of conversations.  Mine is called "Paranormal Insights" with Becky Vickers and it will be airing on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm Central Time.  HOW COOL IS THAT?????  So join me sometime in Oct. (the exact date to begin has not been set yet) and LETS TALK GHOSTS!!!

I am super excited about this opportunity(as you can tell, I guess) and I want to thank Ron for inviting me to his network of amazing hosts! :)


You guys have to call in and talk with me.  Don't leave me out there all by myself!!!

I want this program to be "light hearted and fun".  This is going to be a show for ALL OF US not just for me to answer questions you may have but for you guys to call in and share your stories in a non-judgemental form.  Listen I know how it feels to need to talk to someone about something and be afraid someone will judge you.  NOT ME and NOT ON MY SHOW!!!  Tell me a funny story that happened to you ghost hunting....something scary or maybe something that changed your life!!!  I want to hear from you.

I will be having special guest host on to talk about equipment, paranormal experiences lots of different things.  Lets DO THIS!!!!

Be sure to follow me on FaceBook under Becky Vickers or Becks Ghost Hunters for upcoming details.  Sorry if you are sending friend request on FB to Becky Vickers FB says I have reached my limit of 5000 friends.  :( Boo FB.  So you can follow me under the Becks Ghost Hunters site.  I post the exact things on both sites. :)

You and me.