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Behind Every Cloud is a Kindred Spirit (BECKS)I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. How could I still communicate with him? I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I have been researching the paranormal for over 37 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one explainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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So, for years I have heard about the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie, Tx. and how haunted it was!  Finally I was able to check it out.  Deak and I were on our way to an investigation down in Yorktown (you know....that insanely haunted abandon hospital) and had to go right through Waxahachie.  Well....no way could we pass through here one more time and NOT stop at the Catfish Plantation!!!
I am writing about this place in two parts.  Part 1 is just a little background and Part 2 will be my pictures and interview with Shawn Sparks who is the owner and runs all the day to day operations.  And let me tell you...she has stories to tell about the paranormal activity that goes on at this restaurant!!!  I also just want to say........talking with her is one of the "funner" interviews I have done.  What I thought was going to be a 15-30 min interview turned into a 1 1/2 hour interview!!!  
Shawn was very honest as well as making me laugh so hard and yes.......it was about the ghost there!  So, you have to be sure and read next weeks post about my interview with Shawn.

So, first here is a little about the history and what has been reported.  The term “Haunted” as any respectable Ghost Hunter will tell you, is a relative term and often misunderstand by the public; but one thing all paranormal investigators agree with is that the 1895 Victorian at 814 Water Street in Waxahachie is most definitely haunted and home to several spirits.

In 1984, Tom and Melissa Baker found the property, which had been empty for several years and while it was not the perfect location to start a restaurant, they both agreed that the house had a charm that could not be denied. 

Shortly after purchasing the home, Melissa started to realize that something was very different about this house.  One day, she came in to find a large tea urn, with neatly stacked coffee cups inside, which had somehow been transported to the middle of the floor, far away from where they belonged. 

On another morning, she came in to find fresh brewed coffee waiting for her!  Once opened, employees began to tell strange stories; a fry basket levitating in the kitchen, a glowing blue light illuminating a room that was otherwise empty and the ghostly figure of a bride standing by a front window. 

Some of the spirits that have been identified  is a man who likes to "flirt" with female guest by touching their knew or shoulder or playing with their long hair.  Caroline a previous owner who sometimes becomes short tempered because she see herself as still being the head of household.
In 2007 the Bakers sold the restaurant and its ghostly inhabitants to the Landis Family who invited the nationally acclaimed Association for the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon to investigate the location.  They confirmed that there are spirits at the Catfish Plantation but said they were "friendly and positive".
Now, when I was at the Catfish Plantation it was fairly early and we didn't unfortunately encounter any paranormal activity.  But here is what we DID encounter!  Some of the BEST Catfish and green beans with homemade rolls I think I have ever had!!!!  And the staff....from the lady that greeted us at the door, to the sweet waitress that waited on us, to the very nice bartender....and the Victorian d├ęcor......I could not have been more impressed with a restaurant!  You MUST check it out!  It is such a "step back in time" kinda of place and even though I didn't encounter any ghosts I could definitely pick up on the "vibe" that they were there!!! 



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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE!!!   I hope everyone that has children or is a Mom to our four legged friends or has to be both Mom and Dad and to those that are not related at all but step up and give love and guidance in the absence of a biological birth Mother enjoy this very special day just for you.

I want to give a quick shout out to MY MOM for allowing me to be me!  And trust me....I don't think that was always easy! lol  But she has always supported my passion for the paranormal and although she may not want to go with me to sit in dark, old houses (although I never understood that)...she has ALWAYS loved me and made me feel like she is very proud of me know matter what I did.....yep....even GHOST HUNTING!!!!!  I love you MOM.  And even though my grandmother has passed she is YELLING IN MY EAR......"WHAT ABOUT ME?????  NOT GOING TO MENTION ME?????" lol  I love you to Nanny and miss you everyday. :)  There are you happy now....

Ok...so not all Moms like flowers and to be taken out to dinner....SOME MOMS....like.....well......lets just say the "unusual". LOL  So guess what???  This is my suggestion for you!!!!

So is your Mom into scary shows, interested in the paranormal or just ....likes creepy stuff?????  I have picked my top 10 Scary movies for you to plan a Mother's Day your Mom won't soon forget.  READY...here ya go....

First, to get Mom "in the Mood" take her out for a drive and end up in a CREEPY cemetery.  Take pictures, EVP's and just enjoy being together....yes....even in a cemetery.

Next, get ready for the FUN STUFF.  The gift.  You can't forget the gift.  So pick out a really scary or ghost book, buy a nice candle, maybe even buy one of the small Meglite flashlights so she can try some flashlight communication sometime at a haunted location and put it in a cute little bag. You can even through in a throw (or a cute little blanket) because with the scary movies planned for the night she is going to need something to "hide her eyes" in.  lol  Plan on spending the night with your Mom because after the scary movies she isn't going to want you to go home!

Now, at some point during the day or that morning make one of those cute little graveyard desserts and have it ready for MOVIE NIGHT.  If you want to get really creative you can get bones, skeletons etc. candies at Michelle's, Hobby Lobby or a place like that and come up with your own creation.  Here are just a couple suggestions and YES even a healthy one for THOSE Moms. lol
Image result for graveyard dessert    Image result for Graveyard Salad Image result for scary desserts

Get all comfy and cozy with Mom, turn down the lights or even turn them out...have your dessert ready and a bottle of RED wine...(ok...white is fine to but RED for blood...lol).  Now, put in your movie and get your SPOOKY ON!!!

Enjoy your CREEPY MOTHER'S DAY NIGHT with your Mom and most of all...have FUN...tell your Mom how much you appreciate and love her.  That's what she really wants to the most anyway. :)


10.  MOTHER-


8. IT

3.  MAMA

1.  And of course, there is only one MOTHER we could never forget.....PSYCO!



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I wanted to re-post our investigation we did about 3 years ago at the very haunted Hill House Manor in Gainesville, Tx.  I get asked all the time about it, so here you go for those of you that were wondering if it WAS REALLY HAUNTED or not. 

I have been here several times since then and each time have had an awesome time and collected great evidence.  And Linda Hill, she is so nice and gracious and has done a great job with putting together a great place for you to setup your equipment as well a period themed living area to take a quick break in between running up stairs because your REMPOD is going off and down to the back of the house to the murder room!!!  If your looking for something haunted to do this summer, then I suggest you grab your gear...and head out for a night of certain paranormal events.  http://hhmgville.com/

So....here ya go.  Let me know what you think about the video. :)

So, if you haven't heard of the haunted Hill House Manor in Gainesville, Tx let me tell you a little about it....The house is located in Gainesville, Tx just off one of the main streets on the square.  It has been there since 1883.  Gainesville has a dark past. I guess it is best known for The Great hangings of 1862.  In the Hill House, it has been reported that a spirit of a little boy and girl are there, along with a man and woman who know ones knows who they are.  It has also been reported that there is a "ghostly cat"....YES I said CAT....that roams the house.  Paranormal groups have reported to have been touched, orbs and shadows are seen, along with a mist or fog.  I have heard some GREAT EVP's from here, but now I have a few of my own to share with you guys.

Linda Hill acquired this house along with several others in May of 2004.  They have named it Hill House Manor because they have no idea who built it or owned it over the years so they chose to use the last name of  the current owners.   The house was a triplex when they bought it.  Two of the units were livable; one was and continues to be used for storage.  For over 3 years they rented out the units on a 12 month lease basis.  Not one tenant stayed for the full 12 months.  The downstairs unit has not had a tenant stay for 6 months.  The upstairs unit has not had a tenant stay 2 months.
It was a loooonnnnggg night for us investigating!  We got there at 7:00pm and left at 6:00am in the morning.  The house itself, for me, did not give off like a super creepy feeling.  I do think spirits were there, but nothing evil or bad that I picked up on.  Now through the course of the night we had several personal experiences.  Right off the bat....we sat up in what Linda refers to the "window" room where supposedly a young boy and girl play.  You know me, I LOVE animals...so I brought a cute, little furry mouse to use as a trigger object for the "ghost cat".  It is very sensitive, so at any sign of touch it would squeak.  As we were sitting in the floor about to start an EVP session....all of the sudden the mouse starts going off!  It was squeaking all by itself.  We all saw it.  That happened several times through the night. 

Then we had set up our motion detector or shadow detector with a "grid"(a little light that shines dots all over the room so that you can easily see someone pass through)in the hallway upstairs.  As we were in one room conducting our investigation, the "shadow detector" starts going off.  So I went to the hallway and started asking if someone was there, could they walk back and forth in front of me so that the shadow detector would go off....and guess what????? IT DID!!!  Then, in another room, the murder room(so it's called)one of our investigators starts crying.  She had no explanation for this, just that tears started rolling down her face.  She said she had a overwhelming feeling of sadness.  One of the EVP's we caught has a young female voice responding to our investigator by saying "don't cry".

We also used the dowsing rods and was getting a lot of communication that way along with flashlight communication.  At one point, I had even recorded some music resembling that in which would have been played in the early and late 1800's and well......just wait and listen to the EVP's to see what that produced!!!

What can I say about the Hill House Manor?  Well, I really enjoyed it and hope to make another trip back soon, but did we get over whelming evidence.......not so much this trip.  BUT.....the things that we did capture on video and audio along with our own personal experiences.......I think are pretty amazing .  You guys check out some of our evidence and let me know what you think.   Below is a clip with a few good EVP's.  PLEASE NOTE*** One of the EVP's is a BAD word in it, so please be aware of this before viewing the video.


Also, if you haven't already, check out the other video on the Haunted Hill House Manor on YouTube.

Below are just a few of the pics we took where we were getting activity.

Upstairs where the children are heard.
Notice our little mouse over in the corner
right by the step that kept going off.

Room where mirror pic was taken.

Aren't they CUTE!!!!!
The Murder Room

In the murder room and the EVP that
told us to "get the F*** out!"

The arrows are pointing to his Eye, Cheek bone, nose, and mouth.
Kinda' has a "smirky" smile on his face if you ask me.... 

Original mirror photo unedited.

Until next week.....Happy Hunting.... :)


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Click below to find out all the details.

This going to be sooooo fun!!!  You have to join us as we go deeper into the unknown that surround this insanely haunted bridge!!!!

Sign up today!!!! Space is limited!

Have you ever wanted to spend the night at a REAL HAUNTED LOCATION? With REAL INVESTIGATORS? And use REAL EQUIPMENT? Well,then this is for you!!! This is a very special overnight event with two amazing paranormal teams...BECKS Ghost Hunters and Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (RIP). And as an added bonus renowned author, Tui Snider of such books as Understanding Cemetery Symbols, Unexpected Texas, Paranormal Texas and other great books will be along to explore this insanely haunted location!
Goatman's Bridge in Aubry, Tx just outside of Denton, has a past full of murder, suicide, violence and death!!! This location is considered to be one of the MOST HAUNTED LOCATIONS in Texas!!! Even drawing the attention of the number one paranormal show on TV Ghost Adventures. Find out all the "behind the scenes" scoop during filming and find out why one of the long term Ghost Adventures crew quit immediately after!
You will get to expenience two different investigation styles by two of the most respected paranormal teams in North Texas. You will use real ghost hunting equipment as well as experience the paranormal first hand. Walk through the dark woods, visit a haunted cemetery, and cross this historical bridge that brings all this together as one of MOST HAUNTED LOCATIONS in Texas!
Reserve your spot now!! There is limited spots avaiable.
Price: $40 per person
Where: Goatman's Bridge (Old Alton Bridge) in Aubrey, Tx
When: May 19th, 2018
Time: 8:00pm-3:00am(May 20th, 2018)(7 hours)
What does your overnight include:
  • Hear the history of this historical bridge and the once thriving town of Old Alton that has completely vanishedfrom time
  • Hear true accounts of paranormal activity
  • Visit a haunted cemetery
  • A Meet and Greet session with the paranormal investigation teams BECKS Ghost Hunters and RIP and renowned author Tui Snider
  • Quick Ghost Hunting 101 Tips
  • Investigate with two different paranormal teams to experience two different paranormal styles.
  • Use real ghost hunting equipment
  • A command center for you to follow what is being experienced from both teams
  • Midnight snacks and drinks
  • Q & A Session
  • Review of evidence
  • And a few surprises.... we can't give it all away :)



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So it's vacation time and everyone is trying to think of fun and cool places to go.  And if you live in "my world" you are looking for something HAUNTED!!!!!!!
About 3 or 4 years ago, my boyfriend, Deak and I went to Jamaica.  First, it was extremely HOT and I live in Texas so I am used to hot but here.....I almost died!!!!!!!! lol  I loved Jamaica! The people are very friendly but be prepared to be asked every hour on the hour if you would like to buy some "weed" or "pot".  This made me a little uncomfortable but I guess for some this might be a "good thing".  lol 

I wanted to share our investigation at Rose Hall in Jamaica with you.  Rose Hall is a very haunted mansion that is hidden in the beautiful hills of Jamaica. A VERY EVIL spirit lingers here.  I wanted to share several photo's with you guys because unfortunately, we were told they are no longer are allowing photos inside or outside of the house.  You can't even take pictures of the grounds.  I don't understand that and hope that isn't true.  But that is what the tour guide told us.

I was lucky enough that Deak was able to arrange a Private tour and we were allowed to take pictures during our investigation, but no video.  Because we were on a cruise, we were unable to investigate at night, but we were able to take our time, and hear lots of horrible tales of the "White Witch" Annie and of the paranormal activity reported.  You are sure to feel a cold chill as you walk through this amazing mansion and as you learn the captivating and chilling stories of love, murder and mystery. You’re sure to feel goose bumps as these eerie tales come to life (even in the daylight)of a very, very EVIL lady.
Rose Hall, Jamaica(Man, it's HOT in Jamaica)

Ok....long story short of Annie Palmer.  Annie Palmer married John Rose Palmer in 1820 and lived in the 1770 Mansion that was built by John Rose Palmers Great Grandfather, John Palmer.  Little did John know that his young wife possessed “black magic” powers that would eventually lead to his demise. During her reign as mistress of the plantation, Annie did away with two more husbands and countless lovers. “The White Witch of Rose Hall” has fascinated generations, and even today, there are those who claim to see Annie passing through the Great House.  The Great House at one time sat on 650 acres of land mostly sugarcane fields and houses about 250 slaves.

Annie is also referred to as the "White Witch of Rose Hall" because she had countless affairs with her slaves and practiced "black magic" she learned from the slaves.  Unfortunately for Annie Palmer she took the promised husband of a slave's daughter to bed and killed him. With his daughter grief stricken, the slave who was also verse in black magic engaged and managed to kill Annie Palmer.

I LOVED THIS PLACE!!!! Annie Palmer was a very EVIL woman and what she did to her husbands and slaves is unbelievable!!!  She got great joy out of watching others suffer. This is one woman that horror shows are made up of!

Ok...the first group of pictures are VERY exciting to me!!!  They are photos that we took ourselves and well........you decide.
Underneath the mansion where slaves where
thrown down a 16 foot hole, no windows and just
a small cutout at the top for air. 
This photo was taken just before the one below. 

These holes have now been filled in and are under the bathrooms.
Is this Annie still making sure her salves are suffering?  Or is it a salve
wanting someone to know they are STILL here???

The Sitting Room in Annie's room.
Many say that Annie shows herself
in her favorite mirror. (original photo )
The one below is blown up 
Did we get to see Annie????

Blown up photo that we caught
in Annie's favorite mirror
 in her bedroom. Is that.... Annie????


Deak caught this AWESOME orb on the ground
floor of the mansion where Annie would sit and play the piano.
 The following pictures are just some I wanted to share with you guys so you could see the inside and outside of the house since you can no longer take pics of the house.

The Great House-Rose Hall
I always find a ghost everywhere I go! LOL

View from the Street of Rose Hall

The upstairs
Murdered husband #3 bedroom.
Closer view of the portrait.

Murdered husband #2 bedroom.
Inside of the downstairs
Murdered husband #1 bedroom.
Annie had this special little balcony made
so that she could watch the slaves in the sugarcane
fields.  She would also have slaves brought out in
front of her so that she could watch them being tortured and killed.  As well
as letting all the other slaves watch.
Annie's room.  Said to be done in Red because
she liked to see blood.  Notice the portrait beside her bed.
It is said to have a ghost painted in the background to represent
her murdered husbands.
In Annie's room where she is said to have sex
with her many slave lovers.
Annie's room.

Annie used to hide and lock the knifes every night
in this beautiful piece.  She was afraid the salves would
try to kill her as she slept.


Annie's grave.  Buried on the property beside
the Great House.

A letter that was submitted with the
photo to the right of the mirror with
Annie in it???

Our escort.  She was very knowledgeable
of the history of Rose Hall and paranormal
Photo we were shown that was summited by
a guest.

Annie's tomb has three crosses on it.  The slaves placed three crosses
on it to contain her evil spirit and voodoo ways.  One was left off, in error, and
now it is said that Annie can roam freely in and out.

Another photo a guest took that shows a high
intensity mist.