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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.

May all you wish for come true!




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OMG!!! I found the coolest place!!!  I had to go to Austin for business but you know me....I HAD to find something ghostly! lol  So, as I sat in my room one night I found this place that was talking about an Indian massacre and the more I read the more I became fascinated with the location.  Where is the location you may ask?????  Shoal Creek in Austin, Tx.  I have never heard about this place before and I have lived in Texas all my life!  What the heck???  WHY haven't I heard about paranormal groups going here???  Well for whatever the reason.....you can BEAT I'm going to check it out!!!!

And guess what???  It was only a like 15 mins from my hotel.  Oh man!!! Could it get any better!!!!  

This was the site of an Indian massacre where the victims were buried. No one is certain how many of the victims were buried at the site. (White’s grave at nearby Oakwood Cemetery is also haunted and yes....I totally went there) There are many other unmarked graves at Shoal Creek. Many victims of cholera and yellow fever were hastily buried at the Creek. These include soldiers who camped at the creek during the Civil War, and those who served with General Custer during his Reconstruction occupation of Austin. Most of those bodies were later removed and reburied at Arlington National Cemetery, but about 35 graves were never found. Then, in April 1915, a flash flood took even more lives along the banks of Shoal Creek. They report that bones were exposed from unmarked graves. Easy place to investigate because it’s a public park and open to everybody.  They also have markers at the haunted sites! However, curfew is 10PM.

Now, Mr. Gideon White decided to build his log cabin close to the springs near Shoal Creek in 1839.  After a few years of peace, Native Americans attacked and killed White in 1842. He and many other spirits are said to linger around the creek bed.  So go at your own risk.  Risk...... what is that???? lol

Now, this place is beautiful!  The trees were starting to change colors and the night was very quiet and peaceful.  Long winding paths through the trees and squirrels just sitting along the side of the pathway just watching as you pass.  Not the kind of night or place you could picture all the horrible things that happened here.  It was already late when I arrived so I didn't have a lot of time.  So I put as many small pieces of equipment as my pockets would hold.......including a camera (of course) and a recorder. (I never leave home with them. lol)

Below is a quick video I put together of some of the EVP's that I captured.  Some good, some not so good.  But let me tell you.....I will go back and NEXT TIME I will stay after dark and have lots more equipment!
No comments on what I look like!!!  I stayed up late and had to get up early.  Had to read about this location you know.....

I really didn't get anything in my pictures but here are a few just so you can see what it looks like.

Have a great rest of the week everyone and get ready for the cold weather!!!!  buuuurrrrrr



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Hi everybody!  Welcome to my first post on a Wednesday.  Hope you are all recovering from all the great food of Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas!  Man....I am meeting myself coming and going....and going and coming!  No one can ever say I don't live life to the fullest.  But you know every now and then I would take "half of fullest" LOL

Ok.....lets get to it.  Let's face it...we are ALL curious about what is on the other side.  We are always searching for proof and answers.  I've been doing this long enough to KNOW there IS something beyond this physical life. But sometimes the desire to prove may override our "little voice of reason".

Phenomena can come in many forms....voices, visions, sensations.  We have to be able to validate these messages and what they mean.  Spirit connection is NOT random.  This not a party that everyone comes to and just walks around asking for signs.  You have to KNOW the dangers.  The spirits who come through have SOME connection to you or someone with you.  It's no accident that they communicate with certain people.

Here's the deal...you can't let your curiosity suppress your normal good judgment.  Spirits who show themselves to you or communicate with you have something to say or a REASON for doing so.  Whether your weak, frightened or sometimes "open" to receive.....this could be why a spirit or demons connect to you.

Today, I was talking to a friend on the phone and she was telling me about an investigation that someone was wanting her to do. She was telling me about all the things happening in this clients home.  And let me TELL YOU......it was some CRAZY STUFF!!!!  STUFF like you see on TV and in the movies.  And not the GOOD kind.  Like demonic.

When you are doing what we do.....investigating the paranormal and dealing with spirits.....you have to KNOW that you DO NOT have to say YES to investigate a location.  For ME, and my team.....we make a choice........the choice is we do not investigate locations with EXTREME DEMONIC ACTIVITY.  The reason is.......I believe that you have to be of STRONG, STRONG faith.....now, don't get me wrong....I BELIEVE in GOD and feel I am a spiritual person BUT......I DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT DEMONS to protect myself nor am I comfortable taking someone with me to a location that has demonic activity and protecting them.  I am just NOT WILLING TO RISK IT!!! What if I thought I was able to protect them.......and I was WRONG??????

Now, I'll deal with your "everyday ghost" and even the "not so nice" bad ghost but DEMONS......I'm OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel you have to be someone like a priest, or someone that is declared HOLY to understand and know how to handle things like this.

When someone calls me to do an investigation or I am researching a location on my own...I know this sounds strange but I LISTEN to that little voice in my head as well as an immediate feeling about the location.  If I have an immediate reaction that says.....Nooooooo this doesn't feel right I heed the warning!!!!!

When you go into a location, spirits or demons can cause REAL harm if you do not know what you are doing or how to protect yourself.  It's like this.......I wouldn't ask you to pick up a snake unless you were a snake handler or a professional.  You could get hurt or even die if the snake was poisonous.....and here's the deal....you don't know enough about snakes to tell if it IS poisonous or not.  Anyway, you get the point.

So.....long story short........Say NO to a location if you have any doubts about WHAT you are up against!!!!  So many people see the TV shows and think how fun.....and trilling it would to see a ghost!  The problem is what does the GHOST think when it sees you.......friend or victim????  


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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Hope everyone is having a GREAT Thanksgiving Day!!!! Today is the day we are thankful for all we have.....and for me.....I am thankful for all my family and friends and for all my extended family that tune in weekly to see what I am up to!  Your support after all these years is over whelming!!!!  

Don't forget to say your prayers tonight and don't forget those who fight for us everyday and for those that watch over us......everyday!  Now, I'm off to finish off the pie!!!



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St. Augustine, Florida, has backed up quite an inventory of spooky sights since it was founded in 1565(man that is a longggggg time ago); and those who dare to enter in the lighthouse on Anastasia Island rarely return.  Having been featured in several paranormal TV documentaries, it might even "outshine" all the other ghostly places in the ancient city.  Built in 1874 directly across Matanzas Bay from the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, this lighthouse is the last in a line of light towers dating back to the 1500's and it's also the domain of a portal to the afterlife.  No wonder St. Augustine is crawling with ghosts!

The 165-foot-tall lighthouse is believed to harbor numerous souls-mostly of lives that ended within the tower or somewhere on the grounds.  There are many contrived ghost stories concerning the lighthouse, among them a tale about thirteen pirates who were executed and buried on the grounds, as well as the story of a former lighthouse "owner" who remains earthbound to revenge himself on the government, which confiscated his property under eminent domain (that means they can take his land if they want to).  Albeit intriguing, none of these yarns have any historical basis, so lets stick with the haunting facts.

The most frequently seen phantom-usually observed on the tower's catwalk is of a little girl who wears a blue dress and a bow in her hair.  People have also been unnerved by the laughter of children late at night.  Investigating mediums attribute these phenomena to three young girls.  Records indicate that when the lighthouse was being built, construction supervisor Hezekiah Pittee resided on the site with his wife and five children.  On July 10th, 1873 while playing with a handcart on a track used for hauling building supplies, two of the Pittee children and a playmate were drowned when the cart ran off the rails and into the bay.

The lighthouse is also known for its cigar smoking ghost, which some believe is an earthbound soul named  Peter Pasmussen, a former keeper remembered for being very fussy when it came to managing the lighthouse.  Although Rasmussen has never been seen, visitors often report smelling cigar smoke in the old fuel house and basement.

Historical records indicate that several people died at or near the lighthouse, including lighthouse keeper William Harn in 1889, and the wife of another location of the present structure-one in 1853, when keeper John Carrera fell from the tower, and the other in 1859, when Joseph Andreu fell while painting the lighthouse.

Perhaps one of these departed souls is the shadowy figure seen roaming the grounds or on the tower's spiral staircase, where TAPS filmed an indisputable moving human figure that mysteriously vanished as they hastily pursued him to the top.  In lighthouses, the stairs are the only way up and down.  Did he jump to his death, or vanish through a portal into the ethereal world?  The St, Augustine Lighthouse and Museum offers you a chance to reflect on this conundrum on its Dark of the Moon after-hours paranormal tour.

Looks like I see a Lighthouse investigation in my future.... :)



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This picture was taken at Newsham Park Hospital over the weekend. There is an extra guest on here that all who attended did not see during the event. Very strange but can you spot her?
Just to point out that this photo was taken by a team member and forwarded straight to us at HH. We have the exact same photos with no time to affect them in any way. Not that we would anyway. We don't know what it is any more than you or any photographic or image expert. If you know exactly what it is then show us how you know but please don't just accuse us of doctoring the photo as we have no interest whatsoever in doing so.


Ghost Adventures S13E06 Halloween Special: Route 666

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In case you missed it, here is Ghost Adventures Halloween Special 666. The Goatman's Bridge is a BIG part of the special. Goatman's Bridge is a bridge I have been giving tours at for years. Be sure to join me for one of the tours.

And no comments please about what I look like in the video.... I am melting!!!!! It was 110 degrees during 3 days of filming!!!

Hope you enjoy!



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Before I start this will be my last week to post on Tuesday.  No...NO....NO.....you silly.....I am STILL going to be posting just now I'm going to be doing it on Wednesday.  I have my own radio show on Tuesday nights on Clearsourceradio.com at 7PM CT called Paranormal Insights with Becky Vickers.  It is really hard to do the show and the blog on the same night.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is an EXCITING post for me because I went to Chicago last month and hung out with my good friend Michele Pellegrino.  Her good friend, Tony Szabelski and our private tour guide for one of the nights of ghost hunting.  We went to the VERY creepy Channing Elementary School and Park and then to the OH SOOOOOO COOL Bluff City Cemetery to investigate.  Man was it a GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did we get anything GOOD????  Check out the video below and you tell me???????

Channing Elementary School has the unfortunate distinction of having been built over what remained of Elgin's  first cemetery in the 1940's, most of the graves were moved to accommodate a new sports field, but in the 1960's, when construction crew broke ground on the new elementary school, their equipment began to uncover human remains.  Since then, faculty and staff at Channing Elementary has reported an elevator that seems to move on its own, footsteps on the roof, dark figures, and even scratching on the walls.  Today, a stone monument to the dead buried at the original cemetery sits at a nearby park.  The school is said to have used stones that were from the cemetery during construction.  The Park and the school are right beside one another.

As we walked back to the corner of the park along the tree line, we kept thinking we could hear children.  It was on a Monday night and late therefore, we didn't believe it to be "real" children talking and laughing because we could not see anyone around.  My equipment started malfunctioning when we were over by one of the last remaining tombstones of the cemetery.  Our Boo Bear, a piece of equipment designed to interact with spirits and particular child spirits was going CRAZY!!!!!!  We were having all kinds of flashlight communication along with a parascope going off.  They were all VERY active.  What a great little place.

As we were walking back from the park toward the Bluff City Cemetery, you can hear in the clip above a very CLEAR VOICE which we consider to be a Class A EVP of a little girl saying "I want to go".  Did she want to go with us???  To the cemetery.....or HOME with us????? Who knows.  Michele kept thinking she could hear footsteps as we walked back on the sidewalk which is suppose to be laid over some of the remaining bodies that could not be moved.  Michele could have had more than just me on her couch!!!


First, have you ever seen Nightmare on Elm Street?  And especially Part 5???  Then you might recognize this place.  Yes.  It is where parts of Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 were filmed.  That even adds to the whole "CREEP" factor of this place!!!!!

The Bluff City Cemetery is located at 945 Bluff City Blvd., in Elgin.  It was established in 1899 on 107.8 acres of hilly, cliff-like land.  The land could not be used for planting or building so a cemetery was the natural choice.  There are approximately 43,000 "residents", but the cemetery's capacity is 70,000.  To give you an idea of its large size, it takes 1200 man hours to rake all the autumn leaves.

This place is sooooooo large........that it seems for miles and miles of rolling hills, shadowy trees, and small roadways all you can see are tombstones.  SCARY??? YEP!!!!! IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, we were REALLY lucky that Tony Szabelski gives tours here so he knows everything about this place!  As we walked up on the sidewalk in the dark only using our flashlights to see.....as we entered the cemetery you automatically felt that you were NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well.....besides.......being surrounded by huge monuments and tombstones.....you definitely felt that SOME of the spirits were glad you were there.....and some NOT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the FIRST thing Tony does is.......take us down this long, dark road with a canopy of trees over us!  Was it DARK????YES PEOPLE IT WAS DARK!!!!!  Now Tony starts in with saying how much activity he gets here during his tours.  He takes us to this mausoleum type grave and sits up a Raggedy Andy doll.  Below is a little of that session.  It isn't the best I am still trying to figure out the FB Live but you can see how CREEPY this place was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We almost instantly started getting communication.  Below is what appears to me a woman in a long black furry coat with a hood and something red (kinda hard to see) clutched in her hands in front of her.  For some reason, it seems to strike me as............well............a woman that might be at a funeral in the wintertime.  What do you think?  Do you see what I am talking about????

Next we walked down to a place called the Butterfly Garden.  Now, I can tell you that is was VERY DARK at this point (by the mausoleum) to the point you could not see your hand in front of you....but as we made our way down the curvy.....winding road it suddenly became MUCH brighter!  Even the air felt different.....it even seemed as it were easier to breath.  Could have just been me walking up and down all those hills...LOL

So we put down the Boo Bear and started asking questions when in a distance we could clearly hear what I can only describe as two pieces of hollow wooden sticks being banged together.  Like what you would see in the movies of Indians dancing around a fire with wooden sticks above their heads hitting them together again and again.  I am not sure of the entire story (you will have to ask Tony) but he said something about Indians used to be there on the land before it was a cemetery.  Tony and Michele started hearing this explainable noise as well.  Tony said he had been doing the tours for years and had NEVER heard anything like that!!!!!  It was picked up on our audio but I am STILL going through the EVP's from both locations.  You know....when you have TWO recorders at TWO different locations....because....I don't want to miss a thing LOL........suddenly you forget how much time it takes to review those audio tapes.  Man.......it's never ending!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are off back into the woods but this time we go down a hill and around a very long.....curvy road to children's grave.  Again, in this area we got lots of communication.  A little part of that is also recorded down at the bottom of this post.  Talking with children spirits is one of my FAVORITE things to do btw..... :)

Our last stop to me was the BEST!!!! We stopped on top of a hill where there were some cannons and a beautiful angel statue that was a Dr. and his wife's grave.  We immediately started getting words on our Spirit Box like....."nurse, help, sick. medicine".  Now, Michele ask "Is there someone here tonight you want to talk to"?????  And YEP.......you guessed it...........it said BECKY!!!!!!!!  Well I was being noisy and had my back turned to the Spirit Box taking pictures of what was behind us because we kept hearing footsteps.  Now, when I hear my name....I just STOP........slowly turn around and say....."OH NO..........you don't know me........I'm from Texas!" LOL  It still seemed to answer questions that in some way were directed toward me.

It was getting late my now so we packed up and headed out.  But the Spirit Box session was TOTALLY amazing!!!!!  I will be sure and post more EVP's when I finish going through them.

Ok.......rather long tonight but hopefully you enjoyed it and if you haven't already......Don't forget to go VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

See you next WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!

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