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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Ok.  So here is the final part to our Yorktown investigation.  Ok...maybe not THE FINAL because I am hoping to post the EVP's from here.  We caught some AWESOME one's but I had problems uploading them so I will try again tomorrow. 
So, I will try to make this short.  Here are some of things we experienced during our investigation.
First, Jeromy with Paranologies set up several devices in the hallway just outside the doll room.  I'm just guessing but he probably set out 5 or 6 devices that light up when a spirit gets near them (A 360 and Parascopes).  He lined them up one right after another about a foot apart.  Everyone was sitting along the sides of the hallway and Jeromy started asking "if anyone was here, could they give us a sign?"  Can you believe that one right after another started to light up as if someone was walking down the hall!!!  Everyone was shocked as they light up just like someone walking right in front of them.  Now, you want to hear the funny part........... I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANG!!!!  I was back at command center getting something and when I walked back up everyone was talking about it.  Jeromy was able to catch it on film so hopefully he will be posting it soon. Jeromy was also able to catch a ball rolling off a chair when know one was around in the creepy doll room.  I love the DOLL ROOM!!!
Now, Mike,Chris, Jeromy, Pam, Rebeka and Jeromy's friend (sorry again, I forgot his name) were all down in the basement doing a flashlight session in front of the blood spatter on the wall from a double murder that took place in the basement. 
Chris began the session.  He started asking yes or no questions so that the flashlight might turn on for yes and off for no.  He was able to get the flashlight to go off and on  ON COMMAND!!!  He was also able to get the spirit, TJ whom they believed they were communicating with (the young man left on the steps of the hospital to die) to turn on the other devices as Chris asked.  Such as "turn on the flashlight for yes".  Then he would say, "now make the parascope go off, and it would!!!
While they were down in the basement, Deak, Terry, Tammy, Calisa and myself were up on the second floor trying to communicate with a little girl that likes you to read stories.  After a while, the others came up to where we were on the second floor in the Nuns quarters where last year we caught the BEST APPARITION EVER on video.  I was standing in the doorway and we had a camera recording down the hallway.  All of the sudden, I could hear VERY LOUD footsteps coming down the hallway.  I was telling everyone to be quiet so I could listen.....I swear it was soooo loud and sounded like someone was walking right up to me I called "who's there" thinking it was one of the team members that wasn't in the room with us.  I TOTALLY expected to hear them say, oh it's just me.  Again, it was pitch black so you couldn't see anything and all we really had to rely on was our hearing.   All of the sudden, Mike (inside the Nuns room) starts saying...wait I hear someone walking around OUTSIDE!!!  Ok...we are on the second floor and he is sitting by the window so if HE is hearing something they would have to be on the roof.  Now, being on the roof is not so far fetched.  There was a doorway leading to the rooftop so that the patients and doctors could get some fresh air. 
He jumped up and started looking out the window.  Now....don't forget at the same time I am STILL hearing footsteps coming down the hall.  Mike puts his hand on the ledge of the window to brace himself to look outside.  Now, part of the window was broke out so we would be able to hear if there were someone on the roof.  Mike just kept saying.....I CAN HEAR THEM!!!! SOMEONE  IS WALKING UP HERE!!!!  He just kept looking around but could not see anything!!!  After about 5 minutes of total activity..... it just stopped.  The footsteps in the hallway and the footsteps in on the roof.
At the end of the night, there were only three of us still standing.  And I might say....not standing to well....we were cold and tired as it was 5:00 in the morning.  It was just Deak, Chris and myself left.  Finally we decided to call it a night or day I guess you would say....Deak and Chris were outside loading the car.  I was way in the back of the hospital ALL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks guys!!!!  Anyway, I was packing up some equipment and I could hear voices and footsteps coming down the hallway.  AGAIN...pitch black.  I just assumed it was Chris and Deak.  But after a bit...I started wondering what was taking them so long to get to the room I was in.  Oh, and did I forget to add....which was the creepy operating room that has been said to be one of the most haunted rooms in the hospital????  I stepped out into the hall and yelled...."Chris......Deak" but no answer. So I just went about packing things up again and AGAIN............I can hear people talking and what sounded like walking up and down the hallway.  Ok......at this point.......I have had enough!!!  I'm tired, sleepy and cold and my BRAVE has left the building!!!  I'm all ALONE in this VERY dark....VERY CREEPY abandon hospital!  I grab my flashlight and some how mustard up enough courage to walk down the lonnnnngggg hallway by myself.  The whole time saying.......Ok...Beck.....put on your big girl shoes.....and get the heck out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that's just what I did!!!! LOL
Ok....below are a couple of videos.  The first one is me taking some video before night fall.  I am all alone........AGAIN(LOL) just walking around the outside of the hospital.  Be sure and pay close attention to the end.....not the BIG.....BLACK.....SCARY BUZZARD that was watching my every move...but notice in one of the windows that it seems to have a face or figure appear and then disappear.  hhhhuuummm

This is the flashlight session that was conducted down in the basement.  Sorry the video is not to good because it was soooo dark and it was also taken with a cell phone.  But thank you Rebeka Black for sharing your video with us.

I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to the BEST TEAM EVER!!!!  And to all our guests that took time out of the busy weekends to come along with us and play with the ghosts. :)



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So, below are just a few of the pictures inside Yorktown Memorial Hospital.  Let me say....this place is very dark, dusty and dirty.  We wanted to get in before dark to take a look around just to check out lay of the rooms but again this year, was told we could not get in until 8:00pm.  So be very careful....if it ya'll  are going in for the first time after dark.  There are lots of thing you can trip on and holes in the floor. There is also no electricity in the building.  There is only one light pole out back that we were able to plug into and run some heaters in the room we were set up in. 
So we set up basecamp in the far back corner near the door that the young man was dropped off by his friends on the steps and left out in the cold to die because they forgot to ring the bell so that the nuns would could to the door and find the young man.  Many refer to this lingering spirit as TJ.

So below are just pictures throughout the hospital.  There are countless dark and creepy hallways that after a while start to look the same.


In the Chapel

Nurses Station

Now, I am posting one of the MOST AMAZING videos of an apparition that one of my friends, Michele of Whitedog Paranormal out of Chicago captured last year during our investigation.  Below are pictures of the room that you will see in the video of the door opening and closing on its own and a light bright casting a "light shadow" out into the hallway.  AGAIN, there is NO electricity and no possible WAY a light this bright could cast a shadow of ANYKIND!!!!  The room was pitch black and know one was in the room.

Below are this the room where the apparition
came out of and into the hall.

We heard footsteps up and down the halls all night when know one was walking down them.

And below are pictures of the Creepy Doll Room and the basement where actual blood on the walls have been tested and proven to be authentic!  I will be telling you about the experiences we had in the doll room and  the basement hopefully tomorrow!!!  But here is the video that we shot last year of a scary little doll that seemed to be responding to our questions.

Wait to you hear the EVP's we captured in this room this year!
Tune in tomorrow where it really gets good!!!



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Yorktown Memorial Hospital,
 Yorktown, Tx
After a long drive down...... everyone just wanted to unload their cars and rest for a while before the investigation later that night.  But I couldn't wait!!!  Deak and I unloaded the car and I told him I was going to drive down to the hospital and take a few pictures during the evening before it got dark.  He said, ok...he would get things ready for the investigation later that night so.... off I went. 

Now, Yorktown is not the kind of town that you have busy highways and traffic jams.  It's the kinda place where you find a bit older, a bit worn-down, framed houses....lots of trucks passing on the two-lane highway that is the main street through town.   The place where everyone knows everyone and the BEST place to eat is at the local Valero gas station.  And one of the MOST POPULAR places in town.............Yorktown Memorial Hospital.  Not because of it's famous doctors or well known facility.........but for its GHOSTS!!!  Just ask any local and they are sure to have many stories about the hospital that they are all to happy to share with you.

As I pull up.....and step out of the car.....the sun is starting to set behind the hospital and in the distance I can hear someone mowing the lawn and silence on the highway as this time of day, even the truck traffic has slowed to almost none.  Standing in front of the hospital, I simple say out loud, "hello my friends" as I had visited this place last year and was counting the days until I returned.
I walked around the outside of the hospital taking pictures and with a chill....... not knowing if it was the wind....... or maybe it was because I felt like SOMEONE was watching me and I WASN'T ALONE.....I suddenly felt the need to peek inside the windows.  And just between you and me....as I walked up the broken steps of hospital.......I can't lie....with a little bit of hesitation and just as much ANTICIPATION ...... I looked inside.  It did look spooky???? hhuuummm Not really.  But it did have the FEEL of a place that held many stories......and stories I couldn't wait to hear!!!!

I stop and think to myself about all the tragic events that took place here.   A double murder, 2000 patients dying, numerous suicides, unbelievable accidents, and countless souls who remain looking for answers.   Can I help?  Can I provide them with the answers they seek?  I'm not sure, but the one THING I can offer them.....is sympathy.  That my heart aches for them. But lets also be clear.....I am a little scared of them....LOL  Especially those with a BAD TEMPER!!! LOL
Well, time to get back in the car and head back to the hotel to get ready for the investigation.  By now, it is starting to get dark and everyone is going to be getting excited about going on our ghost hunt tonight!!!
You know that FEELING that I had that I WASN'T alone......seems I wasn't!!!!  Sitting way up on the top of the hospital watching my every move was a great, big BUZZARD!!!!  NOW THAT'S SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Birds that eat dead things......yyyuuuccckkk!!!!!!!!! Is this just some weird sign of things to come....

  We have a good group headed in for the night.  Several of us from last year returned this year hoping for the same amazing experience with the paranormal.  Mike and Terri Fairfield, Tammy Hightower, Calisa Anderson, and MY favorite person and boyfriend Craig Deacon (Deak).  We did have some new people with us this trip.....Jeromy and Pam Jones of Paranologies and one of their friends(sorry can't remember his name).  But our other new visitors who had never been here before was Chris Anderson (Calisa's husband whom we were soooo excited to have him along) and Rebekah Black who is a radio personality on KLUV 98.7 in Dallas.  We were also glad she could come along.

Picture taken by me. :)

  It's a full moon and we are all packed and ready to go in.  I am looking at the stairs in a different way this time................I am just hoping I can make it up them with my three coats, longjohns under my jeans, three pair of socks, gloves, furry cap, boots and not to mention...the two sweat shirts and an undershirt under them.......oh and did I mention I am carrying two very heavy equipment bags!!!
I kinda looked like the Puft Marshmellow monster in the Ghost Busters moive but this time in black!!!
Let's just hope if I start to fall backward SOMEONE will stop me or I'm liable to roll and roll...... right out into the street and become the first "road kill" that that buzzard says....:
"oh man.....I'll pass on that"!!!!!!! lol

Anyway......you guys ready to go inside and see and experience all that we did?
Well......get ready...........and TOMORROW you will go inside with us and see our videos, our pictures and our amazing personal experiences we had.

This is just going to have to broken down into a couple of different parts because of all the evidence I have to share with you.  See you tomorrow....:)

Hey and don't forget if your interested in following me  and my CRAZY life in the paranormal...sign up by putting in your email address over to the right side of the page and get notices right away when I have posted.:)



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Many times people don't know if they are dealing with something that is truly Demonic or maybe just a "cranky" spirit. When you are dealing with something TRULY EVIL OR DEMONIC things like possession can happen or things suddenly start to be dark, negative and there rarely seems to be a "good day" when your home is haunted by something bad!  The BEST thing you can do is be positive!!!  Check out the article below about staying positive.

And listen....you guys stay turned!!!  We re-visited the very haunted YORKTOWN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL and it did not disappoint!!!!  Can't wait to share the evidence with you...:)

Are Demons Actually Real?
In our culture, as children we have been taught that demons, ghosts, and imaginary friends, are just that - imaginary. They are like Santa and the Easter Bunny... fake. And any kid who sees them frequently is told they need to be realistic, to stop playing games, and that they are being weird or mentally ill.
But are all these children really perceiving "imaginary" beings? Or are they real?
Children are, by and large, far more naturally psychically sensitive than are adults. This is because social programming has not yet crushed their psychic abilities.
In a way, to avoid being weird and by attempting to fit in, children 'wish away' their psychic abilities. This demonstrates the power of intention and affirmations, and how they can affect the development, or suppression, of psychic abilities.
While materialistic adults generally appreciate self-defense and the ability to protect one's own family and property, they usually have absolutely no concept of subtle dimensions.
They do not know anything about the dangers of negative spirit entities.
In today's modern world, it's just as bad. Evil spirits are never discussed in public and are rarely even written about.
If there are real spiritual problems, then someone has to deal with them eventually. Like termites, they won't just go away if you ignore them. Or even if you yell at them.
Here are some do's and don'ts about negative entities:
You won't get far as a spiritual person if you don't accept the reality of the astral planes, and subtle energies.

Acknowledge The Existence Of Astral Beings

You won't get very far as a psychic or spiritual practitioner if you don't accept the reality of the "other side" and the existence of other dimensions. In order to make progress you need to open up to the existence of energies of all polarities.
Just as there are angels, there are demons. Just as there are good spirits, there are bad spirits. Everything has its opposite number.
And just like Earth, which is a planet on the physical plane, other dimensions have creatures and beings. Some are beautiful and helpful, and some are ugly and dangerous.
By knowing this, you can TAKE PRECAUTIONS against them, and give yourself some peace of mind.

Protect Yourself From These Harmful Beings

All the worlds and dimensions of existence are not necessarily full of "love and light" as the NewAge fluffs will tell you. It's simply not true.
There are some legitimate threats to your safety and wellbeing present on subtle dimensional levels close to the Earth plane.
Most people do not have many recognizable problems with the other side, but when they do...what can they do about it? As said, most people disbelieve in such things. And there is very little realistic 'help' available in this arena today.
But you must know that as you live your life here in the physical, there are also negative forces and beings that prey off fear, anxiety, and other negative types of energy.

Don't Give Permission For Possession

A little-known fact is that for actual possession to occur, the victim needs to give permission on some level to the demon to enter and influence their body and mind.
A possession is the action of a negative entity taking some degree of control over a person's mind and physical body from the inside.

Do Keep Your Mind, Body, And Space Clean

The interior of your house, bedroom, and personal space could be a major attraction to a negative entity, or it could be a major turnoff. For example, if you keep a happy, clean, uplifting environment, with fresh flowers, fresh clothes and sunshine, then your space will be filled with positive spirits and energies. There is no chance that a toxic negative entity will be attracted to your space.
On the other hand, if your space is dark, dank, dirty, and depressing, then negative entities will LOVE it.

Being a positive and happy upbeat person - even though it may not always be easy - is the most powerful NATURAL way to defend yourself and ward off negative entities.
If you focus on negative energies in a fearful way, you will feed them. This will make matters worse, because here you are actually empowering negative entities that might be around you. This will allow them to become more active and troublesome.
The reverse applies. Ignore them, refuse to fear, and keep your energy integrity, and you will not feed them. You will starve them. And then things will get better.

A popular saying today is 'What you resist, persists' (Carl Jung). This maxim has been taken way out of context today...when applied to negative entities and energies. This is used today as a 'big' excuse not to do anything, or to even talk about it, when something goes spiritually wrong.
Blindly following this maxim is like ignoring termites in your house because you are afraid they'll get angry with you. But if you ignore termites, you house will fall down around your ears. Resisting termites and taking sensible actions...like calling in pest control and doing repairs, are just common sense!



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Listen live tomorrow morning at 8:00a.m. Central Time to KLUV 98.7 Dallas's Jody Dean and THE Morning Show!  Here about our very HAUNTED WEEKEND in an abandon hospitial in Yorktown, TX.
See ya in the morning.....