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Behind Every Cloud is a Kindred Spirit (BECKS)I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. How could I still communicate with him? I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.


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There are so many places that could be on the list for the MOST EVIL PLACES IN THE WORLD but these seem to be, by far, at the top.  Techno Crazel created the list and I completely agree with their choices.  You want scary......you want active.......you want EVIL........well here ya go..........
1. Municipality of Kabayan in the Philippines 
Kabayan is a municipality in the Philippines. There the archaeologists discovered a network of underground caves which contains  thousands of mummified bodies. These mummies are centuries old and some of them are lying in really bizarre postures. These mummies are considered to be one of the best preserved in the world. In order to visit this site you will not only require courage but also a good compass to not to get lost among the thousands of bodies in the underground cellars. Worthy of a true horror movie!
Municipality of Kabayan in the Philippines-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-
Municipality of Kabayan in the Philippines-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-5
Municipality of Kabayan in the Philippines-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-4
Municipality of Kabayan in the Philippines-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-3

2. The creepy dolls on an island in Mexico

The legend says that a little girl drowned in a canal that surrounds a small uninhabited island in Mexico. After few days the body was found but then dolls began to float to the island. Nobody is 100% sure about the origin of these dolls. As of today, they are all tied to trees and the island has earned the nickname “Island of dolls.”
The creepy dolls on an island in Mexico-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-1
The creepy dolls on an island in Mexico-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-2
The creepy dolls on an island in Mexico-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-6

3. The evil hell hole in Turkmenistan

Yes, the hell really exists on earth. This hole is located in Turkmenistan. It was created by Soviet scientists when their drilling rig collapsed into the soft ground and created a hole from which natural gas emanated. They voluntarily set the hole to fire. It has been now 40 years since the hole is constantly burning. More Strange still, hundreds of spiders are attracted every day to this evil hole.
The evil hell hole in Turkmenistan-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-9
The evil hell hole in Turkmenistan-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-7
The evil hell hole in Turkmenistan-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-8

4. Delusional abandoned mental asylum Sussex 

The abandoned psychiatric hospital of Hellingly is located east of Sussex, England. Opened in 1903, it shocked and lobotomized patients with mental illness for 90 years and was completely closed and abandoned in 1994. The atmosphere that prevails reminds us of Asylum Season 2 of  American Horror Story. Hopefully it is not haunted in the same way.
Delusional abandoned mental asylum Sussex -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-12
Delusional abandoned mental asylum Sussex -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-10
Delusional abandoned mental asylum Sussex -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-11

5. Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo

Akodessewa  is a market town in Greater Lomé, the capital of Togo. It is best known as a “fetish market” where you can find all kinds of potions, skulls, mummified animals, pots and other items prescribed by the wizards to work their magic.
Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-14
Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-13
Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-15
Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-16

6. Ghostly mining town of Matsuo in Japan 

Matsuo mines in Japan were once the largest sulfur mines in Asia. They were however closed in 1970. Consequently, they found themselves immersed in a thick fog. Sometimes it becomes so thick that the city of Matsuo is difficult to find.
Ghostly mining town of Matsuo in Japan -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-17
Ghostly mining town of Matsuo in Japan -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-18
Ghostly mining town of Matsuo in Japan -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-19

7. The real Silent Hill in United States

You know the movie Silent Hill? Well, the city of Centralia in United States is its real version. Once it was a thriving mining town but an accidentally started fire is burning the coal lying beneath the city since 1962. Centralia is abandoned since that time, but the smoke continues to escape from cracks on the surface of the soil.
The real Silent Hill in United States-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-20
The real Silent Hill in United States-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-21

8. 11 juxtaposed cemeteries of Prague

The cemeteries are never an easy please to visit. However, this one of Prague’s even scarier than others. In reality, we are not talking about one, but 11 cemeteries built on top of each other. Hence, this cemetery contains 11 times more corpses under the ground.
11 juxtaposed cemeteries of Prague-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-22
11 juxtaposed cemeteries of Prague-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-23
11 juxtaposed cemeteries of Prague-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-24

9. The suicide forest in Japan  

The forest of Aokigahara in Japan is renowned as one of the favorite places for people who want to commit suicide. If you are looking to make a Sunday hike through the woods, then get ready to potentially come face to face with a corpse. There are so many people who have committed suicide in the forest that the rangers have placed signs saying “life is precious” or “think about your family”. Regularly, they continue to find dead bodies.
The suicide forest in Japan -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-27
The suicide forest in Japan -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-25
The suicide forest in Japan -The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-26

10. The Catacombs of Paris

When we think of Paris, one imagines at first of the Eiffel Tower, thousands of twinkling lights and couples in love. Yet, in this beautiful capital lies an absolutely incredible tunnel network called “Catacombs”. They are filled with millions of human bones. When cemeteries began to be filled, the administration of Paris simply dumped the bones in the cemeteries in these caves underground. Thus, according to the latest estimates, there are the bones of more than a million human bodies that rest under the feet of Parisians.
The Catacombs of Paris-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-29
The Catacombs of Paris-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-28
The Catacombs of Paris-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-30
The Catacombs of Paris-The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-31



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I love it when I can share a story of someone else who has had a paranormal experience.  Greg Stephens is the Founder of RIP and an EXCELLENT paranormal investigator!!!  I have investigated with Greg and his team and they are a wonderful group of investigators.  We are headed to the VERY HAUNTED Myrtles Plantation in January with them in January.
Candice Leslie, James Leslie, Greg Stephens

Here is Greg's story about an experience he had at the Myrtles.

It was last March and myself and a few team members arrived at the myrtles plantation in St. Francisville Louisiana. Upon arrival we can tell we were going to have a good investigation that night the air seemed to be electric already from the spirits that still roam the ground of this beautiful plantation. I was in a cottage room with one of my team members, Carina and her son, doing a EVP session with a recorder and flashlight. We were getting great responses from a spirit that was using the flashlight turning it on and off on command. Even heard a faint disembodied voice of a little girl, so at this point I decided to go to my truck and get some equipment for them to play with.  I left the room to get my two EMF meters from my truck across the gravel parking lot I shut my door of my truck to go back to the cottage a big gust of wind come out of nowhere right in front of me and blew dirt and gravel everywhere.  It was such a big blast that I saw Carina look out the window from the chair she was sitting in.  As fast as it came up it was gone and I walked to the door of the cottage turn the handle but it was locked,I was a little bit confused because I know I didn't lock the door and I thought maybe Carina locked it so I tried again but it was locked. I knocked on the door and I hear Carina tried to open the door and then I heard her unlock the door and I laughed and said didn't want me to come back in? She looked at me and said why did you lock the door?  I said I didn't lock the door. so I checked it out and it's a pushbutton lock on the door knob that you have to push it in and turn, I tried to re-create as if my hand accidentally locked it but it was not possible unless I stop and physically turn pushed and turn it in.  I laughed and said well I guess that the wind was a spirit and didn't want me to come back in. 

We actually didn't get much else after I got locked out so we stopped and waited until it was time to do our investigation that night. We started our investigation around the grounds of the myrtles plantation and I have a full spectrum camera that takes multiple shots in a split second to catch movement and shadows.  I was really hoping I could catch Chloe since she is a slave girl who took care of the children and was accused of baking a cake with poison in it that killed the owners her children. She has been seen many times by people who stay there and  by the people that work there and there's a couple pictures granny black-and-white photos that captured Chloe or what appears to be Chloe and I wanted to get a good shot of her that night. About halfway through our investigation I went out of the courtyard away from the house and then shot my pictures back toward the courtyard. I was about 20 yards away as I took many many pictures in that area when I actually caught the image of Chloe on camera I did not see her with my eyes but I did captured her on film.  I tried to re-create the shot that night many times over and I can never get it again.  So back in July I was in the area for work so I went back one evening and tried again in the exact same spot exact same angle exact same time and night different type of weather because of the year but I wasn't able to get another picture of Chloe but it also confirm to me that it was Chloe manifesting as she made her walk from the main house to what is now the General store and check in.  I have compared my picture to others and to me and others who have seen it agree it looks just like Chloe from another angle.  I can't wait to go back and try another full investigation again and see what we capture this time.       

Greg Stephens

Thank you Greg for sharing your story!!! Can't wait to capture "my own" picture of Chloe. :)



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You lay down and take a deep breath....aaawwww your day is done!  Time for a good nights sleep.  Once you FINALLY get your brain to shut down from your thoughts of. ..."got to pick the kids up tomorrow at 10, be at the meeting by noon, pay the bills, pick something up for dinner"...and so on and so on....you dose off to sleep into LALA Land...........................or maybe........... HELL!!!!!!!

CREEPY clowns, unknown echo's down the hall, ghosts, dolls, death, blood and guts, being alone, insane asylums, scary haunted houses....if you FEAR it more than likely Hollywood has made a movie about it, so it's no wonder that THESE visions are stored in our heads just the same way the things we LIKE are.  You can ALWAYS find something disturbing to read about, see a movie about or heck even watching the evening news  is pretty darn disturbing! LOL

So sometimes, during the day we may see something that is frightening to us and once we go to sleep it is a FREE FOR ALL in our mind....random thoughts are thrown all around and sometimes the BAD ONES WINS!!!

Lets talk CLOWNS!!!! Growing up as a young girl I can remember...... to be the "cool kid"....... you had to have a clown at your birthday party!  NOT THESE DAYS!!!!  John Wayne Gacy was a dedicated community volunteer whose persona of "Pogo the Clown" masked a dark secret.  In his career as a serial killer, he murdered at least 33 teenage boys.  Most were sexually assaulted.  Not long afterward, Stephen King's IT and its adaptation starring a chilling Tim Curry kept us even more scared of clowns.   Wait till you see what is coming......Will I be seeing this movie???? HELL NO.....DOUBLE HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

A clown phobia may be the most irrational of the bunch, but the real-life connections to the serial killer culture lend credibility to this fear. 

How about a cute little DOLL?????  Again, growing up as a young girl what did you ask for your birthday???  A doll of course.  The BIGGER THE BETTER!!!  Never for one moment thinking that this DOLL is going to come alive and kill me!!!  Again.....NOT THESE DAYS!!!!

Maybe it's their dead, dark, unblinking eyes that watch us, or their stiff hands that just seem to be wanting to GRAB something or someone.  Whatever it is, dolls just CREEP US OUT!!!!!  Their physical appearance often dwells in what psychologists call the "uncanny valley."  This is an anomaly of human perception where some figures look human enough to be relatable, but inhuman enough to freak us out!!!  This may be a reaction to dead bodies, which both are and aren't human.  And in many cases, there really isn't much of a physical difference between the corpse of a child and a doll.  And with that sensibility in mind, the idea of them getting up and toddling around toward us is horrifying!

And that's not enough for us to have NIGHTMARES about....how about the fear of "loneliness"  like...oh I don't know.....like being abandon in an ASYLUM or HOSPITAL?????

No one likes feeling helpless or feeling abandoned, and nowhere are we more helpless than in the hospital.  The Exorcist even features a scene where the possessed child is subjected to needles and giant machines and ends up bleeding in a hospital exam room.  In a movie where a child's head literally spins, this hospital scene resonates.  Why???  You tell me.  The asylum compounds all of these feelings because the label of mental illness means that no one will ever believe what the person says and they must be going insane.  It is an incomprehensible vulnerability!  And if the asylum is abandoned, then the ghosts of all those that have pasted between its walls are sure to seek revenge. 

Speaking of CHILDREN.....aren't children suppose to love everyone and be fun loving and carefree???  Obviously NOT ALL CHILDREN!!!!  The emotional stakes of a story increase when children are involved.  It's natural to worry about and want to protect children who are in danger.  But if the children themselves are the source of the DANGER, audiences are caught off guard in the movies and we as adults tend to have trouble believing such "innocence can turn DEADLY."

In the movie The Omen, an innocent-looking child looks on as his family goes down in flames around him.  Twins more than double this feeling.  Developmental psychologists have noted that twins share an exceptionally close relationship, sometimes to the point where their intuitive mutual understanding mimics telepathy.  Imagine...what they could DO if they put their MINDS to it!!!!!  And no more are a famous pair of twins than in THE SHINING!!!!

And with Halloween coming up what do we see on TV.......... but tons and tons of scary shows!!!  And guess what???  Pay close attention and I'll bet you 80% of the Halloween movies soon to be released have something to do with MASKS.  What is it about MASKS????  Some masks have great, big smiling faces on them and some have unimaginable features....like creatures crawling out the cheeks, monsters, and some are as plain as can be...just a plain, white mask.  What is it about THE PLAIN WHITE MASK that sends fear running through our vanes?  Mask HIDE something......something that isn't always pleasant.......something dark....something that we fear......something that we NEVER REALLY want to be revealed. 

And don't forget WHO'S AFRAID OF THE DARK????  To me this is the one fear that tops ALL fears!!!  The dark can hold any of the above fears in it.  The dark is the "unknown".....and the "unknown" can sometimes kill you!!!  Many people are so fearful of the dark that they NEVER turn the lights off, they sleep with them on and they are NEVER EVER alone.....in the dark!!! 

The dark is where the monsters live that are in our closets, where the ghosts come out and lurk above us as we sleep.  The dark is where your DEEPEST FEARS become a REALITY!!!!  I get asked all the time "aren't you scared when you go to a haunted location?" Well, the answer is YES!  Of course!  No one ever said being a ghost hunter you had to be brave (but it helps.LOL) Not all the time but sometimes.  The difference is....I deal with fear in a completely different way than someone just going into a haunted house for the first time.  I TRULY BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF!!!  I have been doing this so long that I don't really FEAR the unknown anymore....I am more interested NOW in finding out what is hiding in the DARK.....but just to make you feel better I wasn't always like this.  Here's the perfect example of being in the DARK and not knowing what is in there with me or what the dark holds.  I was on an investigation in a private home where there were stories of the children being scratched, things moving, voices and all kinds of other activity.  So I was in a room that a child had been scratched several times...so I'm already a little leery about the space.  It was pitch black and we had already been having tons of activity.....when all of the SUDDEN.....something grabbed my hair and pulled it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you....I DID NOT TAKE IT WELL!!!!!!  I screamed "SOMETHING IS GRABBING ME....SOMETHING IS GRABBING MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I was so FREAKED OUT!!!  It was SO REAL TO ME!!!!  Well it was a small room...and my team members were in another room when one came running in and without thinking turned on the light.  My heart was beating soooooo fast........and I could hardly talk.......(and just for the record....I don't act like this all the time. LOL) but I turned around and was pointing to where I was standing and  THERE............THERE THEY WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  MY GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEP! My glasses that I had on the top of my head had slide down the back of my neck making me think SOMEONE or SOMETHING was pulling my hair!!!!!!   OK OK....go ahead and laugh.......I did myself once I realized I wasn't being ATTACKED by a HAIR PULLING GHOST!!!!

The whole point of that story was....... I was already on edge being in the dark so........my imagination was able to run wild and I let FEAR take over!!!  I literally tell myself during investigations now.....when I am starting to feel "THAT FEELING" coming on "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" and I REALLY LISTEN TO THOSE WORDS......it really DOES seem to calm my nerves or uneasiness.  

Here's the deal....whatever we fear....whatever makes up jumpy.....or uneasy can HAUNT us in our dreams.  And in today's world....we are not offered a lot of "conditioning shows, news, articles or just whatever as comfort" so what do we do?????  Well.....you should do what I do....if I've watched a SCARY show (which I rarely do) before bed or even during the day.....simple solution........I watch 2 hours of I LOVE LUCY and off to sleep I go.

Now.....Sleep tight everyone and PLEASANT DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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She has it all!!!  Including ghosts!!!  That's right...Oprah's Winfrey doesn't talk about it much these days but when she had her show, she and her staff experienced MANY paranormal events.

Here's the story...
On July 24th, 1915, Chicago-based company, Western Electric Company, chartered four ships to take employees and their families to the annual company picnic in Michigan City, Indiana. The ships, including the rusting steamship The Eastland, were docked along the Chicago River as employees and their families boarded for a day of fun on the company's dime. At the time, Western Electric employed more than 10,000 people. 
The Eastland was docked by the Clark Street bridge and had a history of balance problems. On more than once occasion since its christening in 1903, it nearly capsized on Lake Michigan. And when new rules and regulations were implemented in the wake of the Titanic's sinking in 1912, rows of life boats and preservers on the upper deck made the Eastland even more top-heavy. Unbeknownst to the passengers, the crew had emptied the ballast compartments which are designed to keep the ship stable to help accommodate more than the 2,500 capacity--the reason why is still a mystery.
It is documented that more than 3,200 people boarded that July morning--breaking capacity--and when the Eastland pushed off from the dock, it immediately started to list due to the uneven weight of the passengers on board. Many were on the already top-heavy upper deck so they could view the city as they pulled out of port. When the vessel listed, water quickly rushed in through windows and doors creating mass chaos on board. In seconds, The Eastland was on its side with hundreds trapped with no way out. 
Individuals were pulled to safety through portholes as mothers screamed for their children. By-passers jumped into the river to help pull passengers to the shore. At the time, women wore long dresses, so many were pulled underwater from the sheer weight of their clothes. Others were trapped inside the cabin with no means of escape. Those who had been able to break away from the confines of the ship were met with the challenges of fighting for air as they were forced below the waterline and continually pushed down by the people above them. The horrific site was described as a "moving sea of bodies." 
In less than fifteen minutes, The Eastland came to rest on its port side in no more than 20 feet of water, entombing hundreds of people inside. 
Keep reading after the jump to learn about the rescue efforts and how this tragedy on the river haunts Harpo Studios...
Image result for western electric company distaster
Rescuers immediately began looking for survivors in the water and worked well into the night recovering the deceased. The sheer volume of bodies was more than the city could handle and thieves began rummaging through the pockets of the dead. Local stores loaned their wagons to help cart bodies away from the scene; so rescuers transported the corpses to one of the only places in the city equipped to handle the aftermath of that magnitude--the 2nd Regiment Armory on West Washington Avenue.

There, a makeshift morgue was set up with countless blocks of ice where they laid the fallen until they could be identified by family members. 
In the 1980's, the 2nd Regiment Armory facilities were renovated and reopened as Harpo Studios. Since the production studio opened, Oprah and team have been haunted by the restless spirits of those who perished on that fateful day. Workers claim to have seen an affable shadowy figure, aka "The Grey Lady" presumed to be one of the mothers who lost her life on the Chicago River--and it has been reported that she has even been caught on the security cameras. There have also been confirmations of doors slamming without reason, phantom old-time music, unexplained footsteps and disembodies voices like children laughing, people sobbing and screaming for help.
But that's not all...
Today, a memorial plaque marks the spot of The Eastland tragedy on Chicago River between Clark and LaSalle Streets. And to this day, claims have been made of hearing moans and blood curling screams from the Clark Street bridge. Is it the helpless cries of the spirits still trying to escape the Eastland? That's for you to decide. 
In the end, The Eastland disaster took 844 lives, including more than 20 entire families. What you may not realize, is that the tragedy claimed three times the lives than the historic Chicago Fire, making it one of our country's worst maritime accidents on record...and one of the least talked about.

Here Oprah's encounter with a GHOST of her own.

Heart breaking photos of this tragic event:

Related image  Related image Related image

Related image  Image result for western electric company tradady Image result for western electric company tradady

Image result for western electric company disaster  Image result for western electric company distaster  Image result for western electric company distaster

Image result for western electric company distaster  Image result for western electric company distaster  Image result for western electric company distaster

Image result for western electric company distaster  Related image  Related image

Below is some of the first known video of this heartbreaking day.  I had never heard about this before I saw somewhere that Oprah's building was haunted.  But now, I understand why.


FUN HALLOWEEN NOTE:  Be sure to check out the October schedule for Goatman's Bridge Ghost Tour and a SPECIAL EVENT CALLED FRIDADY BOO BASH at the very haunted Hill House Manor.  More information on BOO BASH under EVENTS!!!