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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Keeping in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I would write about the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago.  


Street Address of the site of the 1929 Massacre:
2212 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois
On February 14th, 1929 the S-M-C Cartage Company, a red brick building and garage stood at this North Clark Street address, on the North side of Chicago. The garage was also used as a warehouse for illegal, black market liquor for the North side Bugs Moran gang, a mob of thugs who were in direct competition with Al Capone's gang in selling illicit bootleg booze to a very thirsty Chicago population during the Prohibition years.


After the bloody killing of 7 of the Moran gang, the garage became an unofficial memorial, and the brick wall where the 7 were executed was riddled with machine gun bullets. It became a popular tourist attraction for a time.
Twenty years later, In 1949, the front half of the garage was converted into an antique furniture storage business by people new to Chicago and didn't know what had happened there. Unfortunately more tourists than customers came and they eventually gave up and moved on. In 1967, the old building was torn down, but the infamous wall of bricks was saved and used in another night club, built into a wall of the men's rest room. Other bricks were smuggled out by workmen tearing down the building.
A fenced off lawn, which belongs to a nearby nursing home, was put in where the garage once stood, with 5 trees planted on site. The tree in the middle of the lawn marks the place where the infamous brick wall once stood.


Al Capone, Chicago's most powerful, ruthless gangster in the 1920s era, was really a Brooklyn transplant who migrated to Chicago with his best buddy and future cohort in Chicago crime, Johnny Torrio who was originally hired by his Chicago mobster uncle, Big Jim Collisimo. Johnny Torrio and Al Capone made ambitious plans to take over the black market booze market, but not by fair market competition. (They missed taking economics in school because they dropped out at the 6th grade).
After knocking off Uncle Big Jim Collisimo, Al and Johnny waged a bloody war against other mobs in Chicago, resulting in 500 deaths by the time Capone was through in 1930. When Johnny was nearly killed in 1925, he retired, leaving a 30 million dollar empire in the capable hands of Al Capone at the age of 26! Al Capone had 1000 gunmen, half the police department on his payroll, as well as local politicians, state attorneys, and law makers. So whenever he had to conduct business, many just looked the other way; that is until he crossed the line on February, 14th, 1929 with the St. Valentines Day Massacre.
While Capone was far away enjoying life in Florida, he put this job in the capable, murderous hands of "Machine Gun" McGurn, who was given complete control of the hit. He planned it but stayed away from the event himself, with an air-tight alibi. "Talented out of towners" were recruited for this hit; Fred "Killer" Burke, James Ray, John Scalise and Albert Anselmi, Joseph Lolordo and Harry and Phil Keywell from Detroit's Purple Gang.


On the morning of February 14, 1929, a group of Bugs Moran's gangsters were waiting in this garage, for a truck full of stolen liquor from Detroit to arrive. Johnny May, Frank and Pete Gusenburg, Bugs Moran's brother-in-law, James Clark, Adam Heyer, Al Weinshank and a gangster wanna-be, optometrist Reinhardt Schwimmer, who learned too late that it was dangerous hanging with men on the wrong side of the law.
As they waited, a police car pulled up outside. (Uh oh, this wasn't good!) Five men, three dressed as policemen exited and walked into the garage with machine guns ready. All seven men were lined up against the brick wall and shot many times from the machine guns. While Capon's gunmen wiped out the Northern Chicago gang, they missed Bugs Moran, who was late to the party. Bugs Moran later accused Al Capone of this vicious hit. Though there wasn't any evidence to directly link Al Capone to this event, people believed Bugs.


The location of this brutal mass killing has been haunted for years, the bricks are said to bring bad luck, and Al Capone himself saw his reign come to an end and was haunted by an entity until he died in Florida.
1) The location of this brutal mass killing has been haunted for years
a) Unusual light and mists have been reported.
b) Male voices are heard when no one else is around.
c) Sounds of screaming men and machine-gun fire are still heard by the living passing by this place
d) Sensitive people who stand in front of the fenced lawn, or walk by it, develop a sense of real fear and so do animals.
2) The bricks are said to bring bad luck.
a) The theory is that the bricks soaked in all this powerful negative energy from the killings. Legend has it that after the nightclub outlived its purpose, the bricks were taken out and sold individually for 1000 dollars each. But many of the bricks that were sold were given back because the new owners suffered a rash of bad luck, so the story goes.
b) Others say that the bricks were never sold individually but were kept together in a packed box, numbered, with a diagram as to how to put the wall back together, with the hopes that a single buyer would buy the whole wall of bricks. It never sold; not yet anyway.
3) Capone himself got his just desserts. Unfortunately for Al Capone, consequences resulted as a result of this planned massacre, carried out by hired gunmen.
a) People were repulsed with this bloody mass killing, and a lot of political pressure resulted in nailing Capone for tax evasion, landing him in prison, sentenced to 11 years of hard time, winding up on the rock, Alcatraz. Though he only stayed in until 1939, he didn't always have both oars in the water, which forced him into retirement.
b) The entity of Moran's brother-in-law, James Clark immediately started to haunt Capone who was living in his Florida house at the time of the massacres. He tried to send the entity to the other side via a medium in 1931, but it didn't work. After Capone, broken in spirit and mind, returned to Florida after being released from prison, the entity reappeared and haunted Al until he died.
c) Al Capone was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery. It is said that he sometimes appears to the disrespectful visitors who come to visit his family's plot.

The video below is one we took in the creepest stairway of the Congress Hotel in Chicago where Al Capone is said to have lived part time and stayed.  You really have to look hard to this stairway we were in below!   The bricks inside were burned and it was obviously a place where not many people go!  Very old and very dark!  



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I don't know about you....but for me......sometimes all the FANCY LIGHTS  and all the ON AND OFF SWITCHES make ghost hunting a nightmare!!!(How did you like that play on words.HAHA)  If you can figure out all the buttons they are awesome to have but sometimes you just want something simple. Turn it on and leave it...Right?  Well, guess what??? I am going to tell you about two tools you can use that DO NOT have switches on them and the BEST PART.....NO BATTERIES!!!   YEP!!! You read that right!!!! And are they reliable?  They have been used for centuries and today are still considered to be very accurate and a MUST in most ghost hunters equipment bags.

What are they you ask??? Welllllll.................. A pair of Dowsing Rods and a Pendulum.  I work as a HR Manager in my day job for a utility company and our guys use a set of Dowsing Rods to locate water.  No.....silly they are not looking for ghosts!  Dowsing Rods have been used for YEARS to locate water sources.  Even with all the modern day equipment the BEST way to find water for us is to use dowsing rods.  They are natural and accurate in locating water.  No one really knows HOW they work....just that they do!!!!  The same may be true for ghost, although they are primarily used for communication.  Instead of pointing to where a ghost may be, dowsing rods are used to get simple "yes" or "no" answers from a spirit.  Dowsing rods are "L" shaped and usually made of copper.  The idea is to hold the rods loosely in your hand allowing them to move freely.  Holding the shorter end with your fingers wrapped around start asking your questions and using directives like cross for "yes" or uncross for "no".  Now, dowsing rods have even been used in police investigations to locate bodies or even a weapon of some sort.  You can ask them to "point in the direction" to find a location or even a BODY!!!!!!!!!

The same is true for pendulums.  I know people that never go ANYWHERE without their pendulum.  I being one of those people  SSSHHHH don't tell anyone.......but I carry one in my purse.  Spirits can use anything to talk with us and there just might be something scientific about the movement they cause in the pendulum.  Most are made from some rock or crystal that may have a special conductivity, which spirits can manipulate.  The pendulums or stones are placed on the end of a small chain.  Try concentrating on a need to talk or clearing of the mind.  Begin by asking questions and telling the spirit to show you what the "yes" and "no" responses will look like.  Maybe for "yes" it will go in a circle and for "no" it will glide back and forth more in a straight line. 

I myself LOVE BOTH OF THESE TOOLS and have had GREAT success with them.  It may take you a little while to get the feel of it....but just concentrate and relax and your answers will come. 
Now, here's the best part!  You can get a small set of dowsing rods for around $10 and more decorative ones up to $50.  And pendulums, you can get this little jewel starting at under $5!!!!  You can pick these up just about anywhere but Amazon and Ebay along with your ghost hunter stores make owning these simple but VERY USEFUL tools a breeze!  

Now, I'm not trying to get a plug here.....but here if it helps so be it......I make custom dowsing rods and sell them on Amazon only.  They sell for $19.99 and come with communication letters.  Here is a link if you would like to check them out.  There are several styles and colors to chose from.

Also, here is an old video of my daughter for the first time using dowsing rods.  What makes this video so impressive(besides you had to be there) was the wind was blowing sooooo HARD.....and the rods were turning INTO  the direction of the wind to answer questions for us!!!  I just don't know how they did it!!!!  You will also notice my daughter's face of disbelief as they begin to move.  This was her FIRST TIME and she didn't believe me that we could use them to communicate with spirits.  GUESS I SHOWED HER!!!!!!!!  haha



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Well, as I sat down to write this weeks post I wanted to write about Love.  You know....that's because it's February and just about everything this month is about LOVE.  So I wanted to pick a story about two people madly in love and were they still in love on the "other side"....... hhhuuummm Well, in the process......I realized....Wait.......There is so much more to LOVE....not just two people but many things.

Love can be:
  • Two people in love
  • Love between a pet and his owner
  • Love for a location...your favorite fishing spot, hotel, theater, restaurant
  • Love for an object....a child's favorite doll, your favorite pair of shoes
  • Love for a best friend
And the list goes on and on.  Does love go with us when we die?  I think it does.  More on that in a minute.  So, I want to tell you about an experience I had today with strangers where I saw nothing but LOVE!!!

I needed break at lunch today....one of those days that you don't want fast food for lunch, you've had enough Wendy's, McDonald and Chick-fil-a.  Ok.....let's be REAL.....you can NEVER have to much Chick-fil-a!!!!!!   Ok......back to my story.  Anyway, I just wanted to go somewhere and sit down, relax, have a big glass of sweet tea and just have a little down time alone.  Have you had that kind of a day????  Well I decided on Cracker Barrel (they have GREAT SWEET TEA).  As I walked in the hostess sat me down facing two ladies.  Well, you know how awkward that is....your trying not to look at them and they are trying not to look at you. :)  I ordered and my food and it can out literally in 5 minutes!!!!  I didn't even have time to check FB or anything!!!!!!!!!  As I began to eat I couldn't help but keep glancing up at the two ladies that sat in the table in front me.  One lady was in a wheel chair and guessing in her late 70's maybe early 80's and the other which I am guessing was her daughter in her mid 40's or 50's.

Well, this wasn't the BEST week for me, I dropped my IPhone and lost all my contacts and passwords that I kept in My Notes on my phone.  Called Apple and they basically "so sad...to bad".  LOL  There's nothing you can do!  It's just gone....:(   So, if your reading this and you are one of the people texting me about strange things happening or just in general PLEASE TEXT ME AGAIN and give me your name so I can resave your number. Or anyone else for that matter.  People are always texting me and now I can't get back in touch with them.  Sorry off subject again.....

As I sat there, these ladies were having so much fun, laughing and giggling.  Both had smiles on their faces the size of TEXAS!!!!!!!😀 They were taking "selfies" and I wanted to get up and ask them if I could take a picture for them, but before I could the waitress came over and said "would you like me to take your picture together"?  And the daughter said "WE WOULD LOVE YOU FOR TO TAKE A PICTURE OF US"!!!  So the waitress gave them back the phone with the picture on it and for the next five minutes they laughed and talked about the picture of themselves.  Now, I just COULDN'T HELP IT....... I just smiled and kept my head down but all I could think about was how much fun these two ladies were having!!!!  They weren't thinking about all the BAD things going on in the world today.  It really did make me feel WARM inside and I could NOT have enjoyed my lunch any more than sitting across from these two ladies!!!!

The older lady in the wheel chair asked for a to-go box and the other lady(I assume the daughter) got up to go pay leaving the older lady alone packing up the left overs.  I called the waitress over and whispered "could you please pack up two pieces of delicious chocolate cake for those two ladies and make sure it gets in their to-go bag and put it on my bill.  Don't tell them who it's from...just tell them....."FUN is always FUNNER(I know that's not really a word but it worked) with Chocolate."  I was just thinking when they get home and later are eating their left-overs how nice it will be for them to have a GREAT BIG SLICE of chocolate cake for dessert as they laugh and cut-up.

The waitress did just what I asked her and the ladies where very surprised and thankful.  I just kept my head down.....grinning, :)  You know I thought what I was watching was two ladies having a really fun and nice lunch together BUT NOW I KNOW what I saw was.......LOVE!!!!!!!  Love between a mother and daughter.  And I was suppose to write about it today.  Thank you ladies, for making my day.

Now, what does that have to do with tonight's topic.....well, I absolutely DO believe that what human love you feel here on earth goes with us to the "other side".  Ok.....I know you want a "little" paranormal stuff added in all this LOVE BUSINESS......So, here ya go.....a tragic LOVE story between two people and have been seen many times TOGETHER in a home in Jamaica.  June and Johnny Cash where married in 1986 after meeting 12 years earlier. June and Johnny had a tremendous love for one another but that didn't mean their life together was going to be a bed of roses.....it was anything BUT!!!!!   Despite Johnny's spiraling, drug fueled, sometimes out of control behavior, they remained married until June's death-due to complications from a heart procedure in May 2003.  The Man in Black followed his beloved June less than four moths later, with many saying he died of a broken heart. They are now seen holding hands in a home that they owned together in Jamaica. Do I think when June died she lost the love she had for Johnny?  Of course not!!!  Even though there are no human emotions in Heaven only pure love, I believe that our loved ones that was once here on earth STILL love us in Heaven.  What do you think???  This is a subject I could talk about all night but I won't... :)

Ok...very quick...if you listened to Bridging the Paranormal last night on KCORRADIO.com with the world renowned author and speaker on ghosts, and all things haunted....I said I would post pictures from an experience I had at one of his conferences.  Just scroll down about three topics and you will see a RE-POST on McPike Mansion.  Let me know what you think about the pictures. :) 



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Just wanted to share because this is right in my OWN backyard!!!  Been here many times and it never gets old. :)



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So, I had heard about this before but after reading about it I thought I would share it with you.  In short, it is about a plane that crashes and the Pilot and flight engineer seem to appear on planes that have been been restored with random parts from the Flight 401 plane that crashed.   

You know, it is pretty creepy to think that the person sitting next to you on a plane......MAY BE A GHOST!!!!  I guess for me anyway, I just always think about ghosts being on the ground.....you know.....in haunted houses and cemeteries......but this story DOES make you wonder.....hhhhuuummm  What about that man in uniform setting in the set in front of you.........

Ghosts of Flight 401

Pilot 1Pilot 2Perhaps the most extraordinary and credible research into the ghost phenomenon ever documented is the so-called "Ghosts of Flight 401." On December of 1972, an Eastern Airlines Tri-Star jetliner, Flight 401, crashed into a Florida swamp. The pilot, Bob Loft (on the left), and flight engineer Don Repo (on the right), were two of the 101 people who perished in the air crash. Not long after the crash, the ghosts of Loft and Repo were seen on more than twenty occasions by crew members on other Eastern Tri-Stars, especially those planes which had been fitted with parts salvaged from the Flight 401 wreckage. The apparitions of Loft and Repo were invariably described as being extremely lifelike. They were not only reported by people who had known Loft and Repo, but their ghosts were also subsequently identified from photographs by people who had not known Loft and Repo.
The strange tales of the ghostly airmen of Flight of 401 circulated in the airline community. An account of the paranormal happenings even appeared in a 1974 US Flight Safety Foundation's newsletter. John G. Fuller, the best-selling author of The Ghost of Flight 401, carried out an exhaustive investigation into the hauntings with the aid of several cautious airline personnel. A mass of compelling testimony was produced as a result. The website Flight 401 – The Black Box Storyprovides an account of the crash as told using material from the Black Box. It highlights how poor cockpit resource management caused a tiny light bulb to distract the pilots and bring down a Tristar jetliner.

The cause of the crash was found to be a couple of minor design faults in the controls, and Lockheed rapidly corrected them. However, it was after some of the undamaged parts of the aircraft were subsequently recycled onto other planes that the mysterious incidents began to be reported.

Although Eastern Airlines refuses to discuss the matter, researchers have interviewed numerous individuals claiming to have encountered the ill-fated pair on L-1011s. As the reports would have it, Loft and Repo have devoted their after-lives to watching over the passengers and crew of these Lockheed passenger planes.

Many of the testimonies are extremely persuasive. Many come from people in highly responsible positions: pilots, flight officers, even a vice president of Eastern Airlines, who allegedly spoke with a captain he assumed was in charge of the flight, before recognizing him as the late Loft.

Other sightings are convincing because they have multiple witnesses. A flight's captain and two flight attendants claim to have seen and spoken to Loft before take-off and watched him vanish - an experience that left them so shaken they cancelled the flight.

One female passenger made a concerned enquiry to a flight attendant regarding the quiet, unresponsive man in Eastern Airlines uniform sitting in the seat next to her, who subsequently disappeared in full view of both of them and several other passengers, leaving the woman hysterical. When later shown a sheet of photos depicting Eastern flight engineers, she identified Repo as the officer she had seen.

Another incident occurred when one of the L-1011 passenger planes that had been fitted with salvaged parts was due for take-off. The flight engineer was mid-way through carrying out the routine pre-flight inspection when Repo appeared to him and said, "You don't need to worry about the pre-flight, I've already done it."

Repo and Loft are apparently not content merely to be present on these airplanes. Often their style is far more hands on, particularly in Repo's case. Aside from his appearance to a pre-flight engineer who he appeared to have been assisting, there is testimony from a flight attendant who observed a man in a flight engineer's uniform, whom she later recognized as Repo, fixing a galley oven. The insistence of the plane's own flight engineer that he had not fixed the oven, and that there had not been another engineer on board, would seem to lend weight to her claim. Repo was also seen in the compartment below the cockpit by a flight engineer who had accessed it in order to investigate a knocking he heard coming from there.

On another occasion, Faye Merryweather, a flight attendant, saw Repo's face looking out at her from an oven in the galley of Tri-Star 318. Understandably alarmed, she fetched two colleagues, one of whom was the flight engineer who had been a friend of Repo's and recognized him instantly. All three heard Repo warn them to, "Watch out for fire on this airplane." The plane later encountered serious engine trouble and the last leg of its flight was cancelled. It is interesting to note that the galley of Tri-Star 328 had been salvaged from the wreckage of flight 401.

The sightings were all reported to the Flight Safety Foundation (an independent authority) which commented: "The reports were given by experienced and trustworthy pilots and crew. We consider them significant. The appearance of the dead flight engineer (Repo) ... was confirmed by the flight engineer." Later, records of the Federal Aviation Agency recorded the fire which broke out on that same aircraft.

One of the vice-presidents of Eastern Airlines boarded a Miami-bound TriStar at JFK airport and spoke to a uniformed captain sitting in First Class. Suddenly, he recognized the captain was Loft, at which point the apparition vanished.

Another incident occurred when Repo appeared to a captain and told him, "There will never be another crash. We will not let it happen."

A female passenger found herself sitting next to an Eastern Airlines flight officer who looked pale and ill, but would not speak; she called a stewardess but before the eyes of several people, the man disappeared. The woman was later shown photographs of Eastern Airlines engineers and she identified the man as Repo.

Unfortunately, further research into the well-witnessed paranormal incidents was severely hampered by the airline company which steadfastly refused to co-operate with the ghost investigators.



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IT'S HERE!!!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!! My first show on Kcorradio.com called Bridging the Paranormal!!!!!!!!! And look who my first guest is....."The Rev"!!!!!!! Wouldn't you be excited to!!!!!! PLEASE join me tonight...listen live on your phone, on-line, on twitter find a way.....we are going to be talking about the paranormal BUT in a very FUN way!!!!!! Tonight at 7PM CT time and 5PM PST Be there or be square! LOL (Does that tell my age huuummm????)

This is going to be a FUN show about the paranormal not the dark and gloomy show.......I want all my followers to listen in tonight or if you can't be sure and download the archive.  I want to be a great host and if you are there it will be GREAT!!!!!  

Let's do this....... :)

Let's do this!!!!!



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This is a re-post on the McPike Mansion in Alton, Il.  I love this place and wait to go back this coming June at the American Ghost Conference.  Check out the picture of the lady and what I believe is a child possibly a little girl.  What do you think?

So, this is McPike Mansion in Alton, Il.  I had a great time here.  For a small town, it is covered with haunted history.  So much to do here.  Ok.  I know the above pictures are hard to make out and I am hoping you can enlarge them on your computer to see the faces better. 

The set of pictures are the same photo I just enlarged the one that has the "faces" in it.
Now, here's my story.  I went up to Alton, Il for one of the annual American Ghost Society's Conference.  I registered late, and therefore, missing out on an investigation of the famous "McPikes" mansion.  I was soooooo bummed!!!  So, on my way to the airport, returning from my trip, I was talking to the cab driver.  He asked me if I got to do everything I wanted and I said "no".  I missed out on an investigation on the old McPikes Mansion.  He said, no problem.  I know where it is, if you would like to go there before catching your flight.  ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!! YESSSS I would love to go there.

So, off we went. After a short drive, he pulled up in the driveway of the McPikes Mansion.  No one was there because it is abandoned and most people go at night.  I got out of the cab and walked just a little ways up in the front yard, because there are NO TRESPASSING signs posted everywhere. I just kinda walked around the front yard taking pictures.  I got back in the cab just feeling awesome that I got to at lease see the outside of the mansion.  Of course, that cab driver got a GREAT tip!!!!!

When I got home I downloaded my pics and my last pics were of the mansion.  My first thought was, wow what a beautiful old mansion and what it must have been like to live here.  THEN.... I looked at my pictures and little closer and couldn't believe my eyes!  I believe there are two people, well one man and a young girl in the window on the second floor.  I could see them clearly!!!  I was sooo excited!!!

If you look close, (may have to enlarge) you can see a little girl's face and to me, appears to be screaming... or with her mouth open.  And right behind her, standing up, looks like a man, maybe with a beard, one of those that goes around the sides of a mans face up to his sideburns.  I don't know.  What do you think?  Mr. McPike or another resident ghost?

I have included below some information about the McPikes Mansion.  Please, Please go to their site and listen to the EVP they have.  You will just click on the Photo's, Orbs and EVP tab on the left.  It is one of the best EVP's I have ever heard.  Nick(Ghost Adventures) has got nothing compared to this. Plus I think that Ghost Adventures show is entertaining, but it's crap! lol  Just my option.  Anyway, you can plainly hear the word HENRY after the guy ask "what is your name?".  Don't miss it.

Ok.  Everybody, this is a long post and I am sorry.  There is just lots to talk about on the subject of the McPike Mansion.  Until next time.........

The house was built in 1869 by architect Lucas Pfeiffenberger.  Original owner of the Mansion was Henry Guest McPike.  The McPike family owned 15 acres of land, then known as Mount Lookout Park.  Here McPike, a horticulturist, perfected his McPike Grape.  The family lived in this, their country home, until 1936.

The house has changed hands several times since its original owner Henry McPike.  The building has been home to Browns Business College and was later owned by Paul Laichinger, who rented rooms in the house to other occupants.

The house has not been occupied since the 1950's.  Before weather and vandals brought extensive damage to the structure, it was a regal addition to the Illinois town of Alton.

The mansion featured 11 marble fireplaces and beautifully carved stairway banisters, all of which have been stolen during its abandonment. Intricate carved trim still border the ceiling in one of the front rooms.

McPike Mansion today is owned by Sharyn and George Luedke who have been trying to nurture this great house back to its regal state.  It is readily known today for its hauntings in paranormal circles. The grounds are often visited by ghost hunters and haunted tour groups in the area.

It is not uncommon to find in photos of the mansion, orbs, balls of light, even figures appearing in the windows that were not seen by the human eye when the photo was taken.

This Grand Ole House is thought to still house many of the  spirits that once lived here.  Many Psychics and Mediums have felt the presence of what they believe to be McPike family, servants, as well as some of those who resided in and owned the house since 1936.