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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Underground tunnels buried beneath the streets of Portland, Oregon, are believed to be one of the most haunted locations in America.  Since it's well known that hauntings and history go hand and hand, it's no surprise that these secret passageways and old holding cells would be overflowing with paranormal phenomena.  According to A & E, a world terror lay beneath the streets of Portland from the 1870's to the 1940's.  The term "shanghaied" originated at this time when drunk or unsuspecting men and women fell through trap doors on the street.  A crimmper(someone who abducts for profit) would then seize the victim and haul him or her away.  More often than not, the prisoner was beaten, raped, and sold to the highest bidder.  A special process to break the spirit of strong-willed women was created.  The women were locked in a darkened four-by-four cell.  Their shoes were removed and the floor  of the cell was littered with crushed glass, a deterrent to escape.  Can you imagine what this poor women must have been going through???  Once the women were made ready, they were sold as prostitutes to other countries.  But that's not all!!!  The numerous passageways and rooms in the tunnels were also opium dens, places where clients could escape the scrutinizing eye of the law.
There was NO WAY out for these poor women once they were captured.

It was not only designed to torture women, but big, strong men as well.  The rooms in which the men were held were no different from the women.  The bars on the cells door gave ventilation to the prisoners, but the bars were purposely made very close together and very sharp so that the strong men could not get their hands through the bars and try to escape.  People would become so confused as to  what was happening to their friends or loved ones.  One minute they were standing or walking with them..... then within minutes.....they DISAPPEARED!!!  For the unlucky souls that was entrapped, there was LITTLE if ANY hope they could escape.......a very dark and horrific life (if they lived) lay ahead for them.

But are these tunnels haunted?  Many say yes!!!  Today, these underground dirt channels have become a paranormal enthusiast's place of choice.  Many who have taken the tour have reported feeling of adrenalin coursing through their system, as they have an inexplicable desire to escape something unseen!!!  There have also been reports that a few of the tourist guides have experienced so frightful an ordeal with the otherworldly that they've quit on the spot, refusing to return!  However, if you find yourself intrigues, and plan a visit to this haunted location, do not venue off on your own.  The ghost of the ever vigilant crimmper may claim you as his next victim!
Here is the Ghost Adventures as they investigate the very haunted Shanghai Tunnels.  Please if you have visited the Shanghai Tunnels I would love to hear about it!!!



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Sorry for the re-post but some of my followers out of the USA could not view the video of the apparition so here it is without the music which I believe was the problem.

Enjoy, because it is AWESOME!!!





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Here is the video I promised you guys!!!  This is of a full bodied apparition and a door opening and closing all by itself!!!!  Enjoy.  Please let me know if you have trouble viewing it.


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Ok.  I am a day late but I was up all night working on the video I wanted to share with you guys.  Well, as you know this is part 3 of our Yorktown investigation with White Dog Paranormal out of Chicago.  The hospital is Yorktown Memorial in Yorktown, Texas.  MAN!!!!!!!!  What great evidence you guys are about to see!!!
I am just going to post a few pictures with this article and then I will have the video uploaded in a couple of hours.  And TRUST ME when I tell you.....YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!!!  It has a FULL BODIED APPARITION and footage of a door opening and closing all by ITSELF!!!!!!!  This is some of the best footage I have ever seen!  This place was sooooo fun and the group of people with us were just AWESOME!!!!  I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to all those who attended this investigation......BOOOOOOO to you!!!! LOL
Now, most of the activity I want to tell you about in part 3 was on the second floor, in the nuns living quarters.  We  already had such great communication downstairs in the CREEPY "doll room" and also at the nurses station we COULDN'T wait to go to another floor! We made our way up the dark and cold stairway, which I might add was pretty creepy itself...but just like you would expect the first thing you see when you get up to the second floor is a long, dark hallway. There is no electricity in this place and very, very minimum light from the outside.  Only moonlight coming in through some of the broken windows and it was not a full moon or anything so........ can you say....DARK....because this place was!!!! The second floor is where the nuns used to stay.  The rooms still have some bed frames in them and some old furniture, some with "whatnots" on them (please tell me you know what a "whatnot is" or I feel really OLD if you don't! LOL) But again, let me remind you that so many of the items in this hospital ARE NOT original to the place.  It just looks like miscellaneous things have been put there to ENHANCE your experience.....if you know what I mean. :)
Anyway, we went into the first room on the right on the second floor that had like a wooden slats as part of the wall...you know...the kind you can see through.  Inside was an old couch, a couple of tables and chairs, dusty books, etc..  We set up in here and began an EVP session with MaKesha Bailey reading from a children's book first..... then Belynda.  I was sitting on the couch, right beside Belynda as she began to read.  I was filming with my new Tri-Cam from Paranologies, which I LOVE, but back to the story.....and Michele with White Dog Paranormal Group was doing the video recording with her camera.  We could see on the Tri-Cam and on Michele's video a couple good orbs flying around, and here again let me caution you...there is TONS of dust floating around, so be sure to debunk what is a true orb and what isn't.
Mike, the caretaker, had told us that Stacy one of the young female spirits liked to be read to upstairs in the nuns quarters so that is why we were reading the children's books out loud.

As Belynda was reading...she just suddenly STOPPED!!!  We all wondered what was wrong.  Michele ask "Belynda, what's wrong, why did you stop reading?"  Belynda laid the book down in her lap and said "I don't know...but something is VERY.......VERY.....WRONG!!!"  She said she was cold as ICE and her teeth started to chatter.  I was sitting right beside her and had  a thermo on her and the temper started dropping down very quickly... like 15 degrees in about 3 minutes but yet, I couldn't feel any difference in the room.  All of the sudden Belynda said "it's gone!" and sure enough the temperature started to go back up.
Now,  Michele WAS inside the room with us and then she decided she would go stand in the doorway looking out toward the hall.  We asked Belynda if she wanted to continue and she said "yes".  As she started reading again......Michele all of the sudden started having problems with her video camera.  Now, she had been using the same video camera all night and not once did she have any problems.  But for some reason, her auto focus COULDN'T FOCUS! It was like it was TRYING to focus on something........but what........there was nothing nor anyone in the hallway. Two things happen next.  ONE........... is she steps out into the hallway to try and adjust her camera and as she is trying to figure out what is wrong.....she catches a FULL BODIED APPARITION!!!!    The location of this apparition would have been right behind Belynda walking right though the wall with the wooden slats.  You will see in the video that IT almost seems to "step out in the hall" and then "retreats back" as if to see Michele in the hallway.  Then it steps forward and walks across the hall and almost right up to Michele before disappearing but NOT before it appears to LEAN back as if to look at Michele one more time before disappearing for good!!!  CRAZY???? I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY...but just wait till you see the video!!!!!
The room where the door opens and closes
on its own.  You can barely see the corner
of the window that is in the room.
And that's not even the BEST PART!!!!!  As soon as the apparition disappears, all of the sudden Michele's camera begins to focus!!! Not even 5 minutes passes, when out of the blue, or should I say dark...lol a door opens at the end of the hall!!! Yep...just opens and closes a couple times all by itself!!!!  The GREAT part....Michele SEES this happen AS WELL as captures it on video!!!!!!!!!!!    It was amazing!!!!!!!!!  One thing that we notice is.....that it is illuminating the hallway with light????  How can that be possible?????  There are no lights, and no one in the hallway but yet it is bright enough to SHINE light across the floor of the hallway!!!  I CANNOT explain this!!!!!  We go into the room where the door opens and closes.....and all that is in the room is an old sewing machine.  And as for a window, there IS a window but it is far from the door and only a half window at that.  There is NO WAY a light as bright as it was, could be coming from this window or room!!!!!!!!!!!
PEOPLE...PEOPLE.....PEOPLE..... Is this place haunted???????  You betcha  bottom dollar it is!!!!!  We are already planning our trip back in the fall.  So, if you want to join us, just let me know. :)
I just wanted to post some additional photos of the place, just so you guys could get a feel for what it is like inside.  Again, I used the flash so that you could see what is there, but this place is VERY DARK.....VERY COLD......AND VERY OCCUPIED!!!   

Still shot in night vision mode of the
apparition.  Original photo.
This is not original to the hospital.
The caretaker told us, it is the old
county jail and the property bought
it from the city and now it resides
permanently down in the basement.
Old bathroom on bottom floor of the
priest room.

In the priest room on the bottom floor.
Old doctors bag.

It this an orb or just dust???
Nuns shower quarters.
Going into the priest bedroom downstairs.
Wait....Is that an orb on Brian's back??
Misc. old stuff sitting around.

Ok.  Here is a short clip off my computer I recorder with my phone
to give you an idea what the video is going to show.  This is the
door opening and closing on the right side of the screen.  Notice how
much LIGHT is coming out of this room!!!!  And again, please the video is much
clearer and sharper. 



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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!  Just wanted to send each of you a little love today and tell you how much I appreciate each of you and thanks for reading my blog.  YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to remind you that today is a day about LOVE.  It doesn't just have to be the love in a relationship between two people....it can be about the love your of kids, the love of loving parents, the love of a great friend, the love of a devoted pet and the love of those who have gone before us.

Don't forget to take just a few moments today and remember those who have passed away.  That's all they need......just to be remembered.....just a little love.

Enjoy today and to those followers and friends dealing with soooo much snow.....hang in there....and think of something fun to do inside that will keep you warm....hot chocolate......warm bath.... or hey...you could come on down to Texas where the sun is shining and it's 70 degrees.  LOL  Sorry.



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Ok....here are some more pics from our investigation at Yorktown.  I did not get to finish the video because it has to many great things in it, so I am still working on that.

Ok....So after the creepy Doll Room(last weeks post) I want to tell you about a couple other things we experienced and then what happened in the Chapel.

As we walked around the hospital, there were many rooms just full of clutter kind of stuff.  Some of it having nothing to do with the hospital at all.  Maybe used a storage at one time, I'm not really sure.
But anyway, one of the stories I wanted to share with you is the one of T.J., even though more than 2,000 died here before they closed the doors in 1998.  T.J was a drug addict that made some bad decisions one night with a group of friends and the story goes that the friends took T.J. back to the hospital to drop him off but the building was locked, so they rang the bell and left.  Well, the next morning T.J. was found dead as no one ever came to the door.

The team. 
Where T.J.'s body was found on the steps
outside the hospital.

Do you see the orbs...one on the drivers side
and one in the tree?

Another story is there was a double homicide in the basement when a female counselor and patient were bludgeoned by another man who spattered their blood on the walls. People say you can still hear the sounds of the attack down in the basement.  The basement has been reportedly one of the most haunted rooms in the hospital, but I can tell you we had two investigators down in the basement for about an hour and half and NEVER heard a strange sound or had any other personal experiences.

Now is the "splatter" on the wall really blood?  I can't say for sure, but I believe Zak from ghost adventures had it tested and it came back as "human blood".  Now, if you go down to the basement looking for it, it isn't bright red it is pretty faded and not that easy to see unless you are looking for it.

Blood splatter on the wall.

Wonder if this is the spirit of one of the
people that lost their life here.

One of the personal experiences that I had along with one of our investigators, Brian Bailey, was that there was a room that had a shower in it.  Of course, it didn't work and the knobs were gone from the shower.  Brian said "hey Becky come here for a minute" as I walked over toward the shower, it was like walking right into a room that someone had just stepped out of the shower.  The smell of clean soap was VERY STRONG!  Brian and I BOTH could smell it as if someone just had taken a shower.  But.....there was nothing here but a dirty old shower that obviously had not been used in years!!!!
And then we went to the Chapel.  The Chapel is definitely creepy!  Someone has placed a lot of manikins around.  It looks like maybe they might have had some kind Halloween haunted house here or something.  We did get lots of orbs, but again, if you go here, be VERY careful on declaring a picture with an orb in it because the windows are broken out and there are lots of bugs and lots of dust flying around.  In several pictures I had to go back and review because it was bugs when I thought it was an orb.
Check out the first two pictures.  These are the original photos I took in the church.  Take a good look at the second one and then look at the picture of THAT ORB blown up!!!!  How CREEPY IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is that a face watching us?????

 I watched this ORB and yes it
was an orb....come ALL THE WAY
DOWN the hallway straight toward me!!!
It was very bright and it was almost as if it
was just going to run right into me!!!  I was
barely able to snap a shot of it!!!
The Alter Boys room.
A Bible that was ripped to pieces and thrown
all over the ground in the Chapel.

We were told this a "satanic offering" box.

Deak(my sweetie) did an AMAZING
job on reading from the Bible and getting
spirit to communicate with us!
 Deak got up and started reading from pages of the torn Bible and as he did ALL our equipment started going CRAZY!!!! That's what I hope to show you guys in the next couple of days, the video of Deak preaching.  He was able to get direct communication on soooo many different levels.  He would ask for signs using different equipment and whatever he had asked for, the spirit would respond as he had asked!!!

Craig Deacon, Michele Pellegrino, Anthony Pellegrino
Michele and Anthony are of White Dog Paranormal
out of Chicago.  So glad to have them along.


There  is still SOOOOO much more to tell you guys, so hang in there, for part 3 and possibility 4 because I just have sooooo much I want to share with you.
And before I forget.....you guys have a wonderful Valentines Day.  I will be posting on Valentines Day so don't miss that.  I want to say an early Happy Valentines Day to Deak....I love you and thank you for putting up with me and all my GHOST STUFF!!! LOL   Don't forget to remember those you have lost on Valentines Day as well.  All they need is a thought!