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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Above are pictures of the Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, Tx  that were taken a several years ago.  This landmark was built in 1924 and often referred to as one of the most haunted buildings in America, was built atop a burial ground for confederate soldiers, slaves and city leaders.  The Jefferson Davis  Hospital sits creepily along the Buffalo Bayou near White Oak Dr.  The building was recently renovated and transformed into the Elder Street Artist Lofts.  The hospital is said to have spirits such as nurses, doctors, and patients that still roam its halls.  Many have gone into this place and have had their own personal experiences such as being watched , seeing shadows, and smelling sterilization solutions in certain areas.

An orb going up to one of the floors.
This is where they burned the bodies of the sick.

             This was a creepy building.

This hospital was built upon a site of about 3,000 graves of civil war and yellow fever victims, from when it was a cemetery in the 1800's.  During some excavation work done in the area, approximately 60 "black earth graves" were uncovered.  The common characteristics of these graves were the orientation of graves East to West(the head), and body was wrapped in a shroud and buried without a coffin.  Because the graves were filled with fresh soil of high organic nature they are called "black earth graves".
I went to the Jefferson Davis Hospital a several  years ago, and I have to tell you...IT IS CREEPY!!!!! A friend of mine took me there, but HE was to afraid to get out of the car and come in with me.  So, I put on my "big girl shoes" and went in alone.  The smell, oh man... the smell of sterilization solution was overwhelming!!!!!  To the point I thought I was going to be physically sick.  That really bothered me, because how could that smell be that STRONG back from the 1800's????  It wasn't in just a couple of places, it smelled that way the whole time I was there.
One of the hallways in the Jefferson.  Notice the floor.  In all the
renovation, the floors still look like the original
floors from when it was a hospital.

See, the hallways aren't the best.
Trying to be brave....and go upstairs.
There are people living here so you have to be respectful of that.  The are signs that say "Residents Only" but.....lets just say....I must not have seen that sign until I had left. lol ssshhhhh  Almost instantly I felt very sad....a couple of times almost to the point of crying.  As I snapped a few pictures in the entry way it was deadly quite.  I walked up and down the hallway taking pictures, and it looks just like you would think it would.....long hallways with doors on both sides just like in a hospital.  You could absolutely feel what it was like a long time ago when it was a hospital...the sadness...the concern.   The residents have the doors decorated in their own styles with bright colors and different decorations, but that didn't matter,  I had the feeling of sadness....GREAT SADNESS!!!  I decided to be really brave and go up stairs.  The were very narrow and creepy.  I have to say that after all my years of going to "haunted places and graveyards" this place really made me uncomfortable. I walked all the way to the top floor on the stairs taking pictures.  I didn't stay long because to be honest I didn't like being alone in there.
This place just has the total "Creep factor" if you ask me.  Even seeing it in the daytime, it looks eerie.  And I can't tell you why....and I have not read anything about this.....BUT I get the feeling that even though this was a hospital where people are suppose to be helping people.....I felt like something was just wrong............like I'm not sure that the patients were treated the way they should have been.  Again.....just me.
So, if your ever in the Houston area, take a drive by this place, it is at the very end of a creepy little road as well.




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As I sit and work on my power point for Ghost Hunting 101 I couldn't help and think about "Ghost Hunting" and the WHOLE story that goes with it!  Is it exciting? You bet!!! Does it heighten your senses? Yes.  Does it keep you wondering and keep you on your toes?  You better know it!!!  Does it keep you WANTING MORE???  Without a doubt!!!  BUT.......as with anything, there are things that usually aren't talked about associated with all the COOL stuff you see on the surface.

There are many hidden dangers that you REALLY need to consider or be aware of if you are going to explore the unknown......the paranormal!!!  You run many risks for yourself, not to mention your FAMILY and FRIENDS. 

Obviously, staying out all night and "burning the candle at both ends" so to speak, can be very stressful, and could cause problems with your relationship....especially if your partner is NOT interested in the paranormal.  It is hard for them to understand sometimes, the fasciation with staying out all night in a haunted graveyard full of dead people or sitting in the dark for HOURS just waiting to see something.  And can you BLAME THEM???  We are a little weird to want to do this. LOL

Some of the dangers we have to be aware of is...possession, someone or something following us home, nightmares, obsession, shadow people, sleeplessness, depression, uneasy feelings and terrifying events suddenly start to happen.   Not to mention listening to stories about past tragedies can sometimes take a toll on one's mind.  Being compelled to dig deeper and deeper into a case while trying to solve a haunting can occupy the mind to a point of obsession.  We have to learn to take breaks....and talk with people from time to time about our cases to clear our minds.

I know this from experience.  I have been so intent on solving a case that I couldn't hardly think about anything else!  I wanted more evidence....more photo's.....more EVP's!!!!  Anything else I could get my hands on to help me prove what I thought was going on at a haunted location.  Sometimes this would get in the way with my relationships, family and friends.  I had to step back and realize HOW much time I was spending with my head in the computer, reading, writing and  having my headsets on listening for that ONE thing I might have over looked.

I have also experienced things following me home.  It is just my daughter and myself, so when physical things started happening in my own home after I had visited a haunted location I really had to take a hard look at things.  Things were happening such as the water coming on full blast by itself downstairs when my daughter was the only one home and she was upstairs.....scaring her to death!  The TV coming on EVERY NIGHT with the volume full blast around 2:30am every night for almost three weeks straight. I would make sure the volume was completely on mute before I went to bed, but STILL the TV would come on full blast and nothing but static on the screen, motion detectors going off without any batteries in them....footsteps when know one was home but me and several other events.  Suddenly it becomes VERY REAL!!! Now, fortunately for me...I took control and took my house back and have not had any other problems in a long time.
This is the actual motion detector.  This is how it
was laying the night it went off.  You can see the sensor
is in the middle of the device facing the ceiling and don't
forget the only way to activate it or turn it on was with the remote,
which was in my bag in my closet.
It was laying face up and just started going off by itself.  And
just seconds before, both my dogs sat up in bed and started
straight up at the celling!!!  They had NEVER done that before.  

I know a friend of mine that quit ghost hunting because after he investigated a haunted house, suddenly really bad things started happening to him.....he lost his girlfriend, he started drinking and doing drugs, lost his job and started to see shadow figures over his bed at night.  He decided he just couldn't do it anymore so he quit and had his house and himself cleansed.  After that, things started turning around for him.

So, here's the bottom line....this is a fascinating field and can be VERY REWARDING but at the same time.....you must protect yourself and your family from the unknown.  Always do your protection prayer before and after an investigation.  Please just remember.....it's not all glamorous and full of amazing evidence like TV would have you believe. :)  I'm not saying it isn't worth it, all I saying is don't forget what you are really dealing with......THE UNKNOWN!!!



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north dallas high school built 1922 located north dallas formally

Well it's time of year that ALL parents have been waiting on.........SCHOOL STARTS!!!! Yes.  The kids get back in school and Mom and Dad are soooooo happy.......early bedtime again!!!!!!!!

I thought I would write a quick ghost story about a haunted school here in Dallas in honor of the school season.  I have not personally gotten to investigate a school but I would love to!!!!

First, North Dallas, in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, was one of the city's first high schools.  And part of its history involves ghosts.  More than one spirit reportedly roams its hallways after dark-a little girl in a blue dress who drowned in the old school pool over thirty years ago, a solider who died in
one of the wars, and an assortment of other presences who remain unidentified.

Ok...here is an account by Jason Thomas, an assistant baseball coach several years ago....

The head coach and I were in the team's locker room late in the afternoon, preparing for the upcoming season.  It was about three days shy of Christmas, and we were the only two people in the building.
   The lights were off in the rest of the building, and if we ventured into the main building from the locker room, the alarm would be set off, bringing the Dallas police to the school within minutes.  In addition to the alarm system, the locker-room door was secured with a padlock.  Nobody but us was going to get into that room that day.
   We were moving equipment around and discussing plans for the baseball season when the "secure" locker-room door creaked open.  And it was a way-over-the-top creak, the kind you hear in a scary movie.  But no one was there.  For the life of me, I don't know how a padlocked door could've been opened!
   A few minutes after that, the head coach decided we should go out to the parking lot.  His wife was driving up to meet us for dinner, and we figured it would be nice if we were waiting out back when she got there.
   As we passed the shower room, we heard a very faint yet rapid tapping on something metal-a peculiar sound we'd never there before.  Because the sort of stuff fascinates me, I walked into the shower room to investigate.  When I got to the center of the room, I was hit with the worst smell I've ever smelled in my life!  I turned around to discuss it with the head coach, but he was already hastily making his exit.
   Driven out by the terrible stench, I followed the coach outside.  Before long, his wife came and we headed off to dinner.  As we left the school grounds, we saw a blue light shining through the window of the second floor classroom.  We immediately dismissed it as a computer monitor left on by someone before Christmas break rolled around.  At the restaurant, we spent a while laughing off the whole experience and explaining it away before our conversation turned to baseball.
  On our return to the school, we saw something that left us shocked and confused.  The blue light we'd seen earlier at the back of the school had moved!!!  It was now floating in the third-floor stairwell on the buildings west side.  To our knowledge, there was no light bulb, computer, or even an electrical outlet in the third-floor stairwell.  I went back and confirmed this to be the case the next day.  We had a logical explanation for the blue light we'd seen earlier, but there was no way that a computer or anything else could've been plugged in on that third-floor landing.
  Did the blue light have anything to do with the little girl in the blue dress??? I still wonder, even though we'll never know.

So before you send the kids off to school......don't forget to send the sage!!!!!!!! LOL

Anna & Elena Balbusso Illustration for NY Times Book Review 



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For most of us, driving down a highway is nothing unusual.  And when we get to where we are going....it is pretty much but forgotten about the road we just traveled.  But when darkness comes, the haunted highways brings stories of ghosts, hauntings, and the supernatural.

Whether it is vanishing hitchhikers, street walkers, phantom travelers, or lost souls, you are bound to hear story after story of haunted highways.

I think one of the most common tales is that of the Phantom Hitchhiker.  Phantom travelers are ghosts of  humans, animals, or even a vehicle that appears along a roadway, trail, or at a rest stop.  The haunting is usually associated with a tragedy, an anniversary, a wrongdoing, emotional turmoil, or some other connection with the specific location.

The tale of the phantom hitchhiker-a ghostly figure that enters your vehicle, only to suddenly disappear without warning-is an archetype and the most common of all ghost travelers.

BEWARE:  These could be signs that you may have just encounter a PHANTOM HITCHHIKER!

1.The hitchhiker gives you an address.  Upon arrival, you notice your PASSENGER has disappeared!
2.  Rather than hitchhiking, the ghost meets you at an event....say...dance or maybe an amusement park and ask for a ride.  And before you reach the destination, they are GONE!!!

So, I'm sure you all have heard of the most famous story of all.............. Resurrection Mary.
The story goes that around 1939 the ghost of a young girl with long blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in white, started appearing along Archer Avenue between Willow Springs and Justice, Illinois. She would suddenly materialize in the middle of the road.  Some motorist claim their cars passed right through the girl.  If you were brave enough to stop, she would softly ask to be taken to OH HENRY PARK, where she could be seen dancing throughout the night.   When the dance hall would close she would ask someone at the dance hall for a ride.  Sometimes she would ask to be let out Resurrection Cemetery.  Then she would open the gates and disappear.
Haunted Highways!

Now, NOT all highways are haunted by apparitions of people.......motorist have reported seeing ghostly headlights.....spooky animals....even phantom cars and trucks.  For whatever haunts these dark and lonely highways....we may never be able to prove exactly why they are there.  My guess is, they are staying around for the very same reasons anything else becomes haunted.  Unfinished business...... don't know they are dead....and that to me ....I think is probably the best explanation more than anything else.....they don't know they are dead.  Death happens so suddenly sometimes, that a spirit doesn't know what has happened and stays in the place it knows best or was last at....obviously there are more tragic wrecks with other cars and trucks, people and animals on highways than other locations. This could explain why there are such a "variety"of apparitions seen on one highway.  Just a thought....

Haunted Highway 666
And lets not forget Highway 666 has been hailed as one of the most haunted places in America. It is located in the region that is identified as the “Four Corners”. Many know the “Four Corners” as the States of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico – not the entire states, only certain geographical locations of each state. In the year of 2003, the United State renamed the ominous highway to U.S Route 491. Christians believe that the number that is reflected in three sixes represents what they refer to as the “Number of the Beast”. When this highway was under its assumed evil number identifier, many referred to it as the “Devil’s Highway”. Based on statistics, there were an unusually high number of accidents and fatalities on this road when it was named 666, so many gained the belief that anyone that traveled on this road would immediately be cursed.

If you have EVER experienced a HAUNTED HIGHWAY I would love to hear about it!!!!!!!!!




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So, I wasn't going to talk about this because I don't know how much "stock" I put in it.  But in today's world of technology I guess just about anything is possible.  So lets talk Ghost Apps for Iphones and Ipads.

The other day I was just goofing off and found this app for your Iphone.  There are several apps for ghost hunting but I read and read reviews to try and find out which one was the best.  So, the one I found with the most reviews and the best reviews was the Ghost Hunter M2.  It is a little "dorky" because when you first turn it on, it plays cheesy thunder and lightening sounds...but oh well.

I think it cost $ .99  but to me it is way worth the  $.99 in entrainment.  Ok.  Here is my brief encounter with the M2 so far...

The very first day I downloaded it at work. I didn't really know how to use it.  But it looked fun and interesting.  I went home and was just sitting in the living room and decided to turn it on..  So, I turned it on and just put it on the chair and continued just to relax and watch tv.  Nothing was happening...the radar was going around and around but no "blimp" on it at all and no words where showing.  After about 30 mins all the sudden... the radar starts going off and there was a little blue light on the radar.  I thought...huummmm interesting....and then....(because it has sound) it said "Rebecca" and the word "Rebecca" shows up on the screen!!!  NO WAY!!!  Now...... I wish I could say that being a Ghost Hunter that I thought this was way cool....but the truth is...... I thought "What the ???????"  It scared the crap out of me! lol  I know, I know, I am suppose to lie and say it didn't but it DID!!!!

Now, I don't know if everyone knows this but Becky(my name) is short for Rebecca!!! Oh, NOW I have your attention....lol  I didn't really know what to do...so I did the bravest thing I could think of...........I TURNED IT OFF!!!!! How could it know my name??? It couldn't be retrieving names from your phones account because my cell phone is in Becky.  huuummm

But that's not all of it......it gets better...  So, I didn't think anything else about the app and later just went on to bed.  I'm not sure what time it was....but if I were guessing it was about 2 or 3am that morning and I was awaken by my phone going off with that "blimping" sound.  I, of course just waking up from a dead sleep was like.....what is that?????? I picked up my phone and INSTANTLY could see the M2 radar with a red dot on the radar(meaning STRONG presence). Well, I just thought...."oh that darn little app" and turned it off and went back to sleep.  Again, I was already asleep or I would have thought more of it.  Not even realizing that I had turned it off earlier that day.

For those of you who have Iphones, you know that if you have a password on your phone you can not get into your phone or your apps until you physically punch in your password and THEN you have to touch the app you want to open.....

So, the next morning I got to thinking about it, and there just is know way possible I could have picked up my phone and INSTANTLY saw that RADAR.  I would have had to enter my password and THEN go into the app itself!  And when I picked up my phone the radar was already up!!!   I don't really know what to think about this little app but when I went to Galveston to met Britt from Ghost Hunters International almost 

everyone there had this app.  But there where a lot of people that had never been on an investigation before so they could just be downloading anything.

I have included a link below that talks about the app and explains how to use it.  I thought it was good so I wanted to share it with you, so that it would give you a better understanding of what I was looking at and hearing.

I would love to know if anyone else has used or heard of this app.  If you have please tell me about your experience so I won't feel so crazy.

I have used this app in an real investigation and.....well.....some of the "words" were pretty impressive as far as being related to the questions we asked.

Sorry this is sooooo long, but it is hard to write about experiences and try to give you all the details.  I will say that since then, I have just turned it on a time or two and it does through out random words.  But I guess, to me anyway, Rebecca is a pretty WEIRD word to through out there!  What do you think?

Below are a few FUN apps to check out(2014).  These are on my Ipad and I am still playing around with them.  Right now the Ghost Radar apps SEEM to have peaked my interest along with the one that says"
Paranormal".  Not to sure about the Boo Alert....it seems a little cheesy so far.   And the Thermal Camera is pretty cool to.

You guys let me know what you think and if you have found some I need to check out let me know. :)




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Just wanted to share this story with you guys about a haunted house in Hanover Pennsylvania.

A home in Hanover, York County will be featured on a national TV show on Saturday. The homeowners say their house is severely haunted, with multiple ghosts and other entities.
Homeowner DeAnna Simpson says they’ve lived in the home for seven years, and put everything they had into buying it. She says she and her husband didn’t find out it was haunted until soon after they moved in.
“We put everything into this house,” says Simpson. “And we do want to move, but we would have to list it at such a price where we could recoup what we put in.”
Simpson has ghostly photos, as well as photos from something that scratches people who come inside. She also has audio recordings of voices, children laughing, and dogs barking that were not in the house.
“Five plus,” she says of the number of ghosts in the house. “I have some here that are protecting me, some women here that are protecting me, but the majority are bad, dark forces, inhuman.”
Simpson says one of the entities in the house is a demon. It appears in a photo as a 7-foot-tall shadow figure. While the TV crew were there, Simpson recorded orbs on her cell phone camera and it caught a clip of a shadowy hand reaching out.




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Your hearting is beating sooooo fast you can hardly breath.....but you keep putting one foot in front of the other and go deeper and deeper into the darkness of the woods.  As you walk slowly through the woods it seems almost as if the trees have arms and are reaching for you......the sounds around you get LOUDER and LOUDER....the air becomes "different" and you notice there is not even a slight breeze.....something DARTS in front of you.....you turn....point your flashlight and there is ..........is  NOTHING!!!!  Now fear sets in......what if I get lost.............what if something attacks me out here............what if I get hurt and no one can find in time.........WHAT IF..........WHAT IF..........WHAT IF............. you can DRIVE yourself CRAZY with WHAT IF'S!!!!

Photo taken by John Martin
Why do the WOODS seem soooo much scarier than an old abandon house or cemetery?  Is it the possibilities are much GREATER of the UNKNOWN? The truth is....the woods hold no more danger than any other location.  There is always things for you to be aware of at ANY location.  Just like any other location, a spirit can be attached for many different reasons.  ANYWHERE there is GREAT EMOTION more than likely, you find some kind of a haunting. 

I recently investigated a private residence that I believe had someone watching over the land because back in the day......when THIS PERSON was alive and living on the beautiful piece of property (horse ranch) every night they would have to stand watch because the threat of an Indian attack.  Farmers and ranchers could not leave their ranches even to go help their neighbors that might need help because IF they left their post, Indians would attack.   So, part of this haunting, I believe was because the previous land owner loved his land and wanted to protect it.........EVEN IN THE AFTER LIFE.

I want to share with you all about the WOODS that we go through every end of the month when I do my tours.  Now granted, the woods surrounding the Old Alton Bridge are not super thick.....but they DO hold many spirits!

The woods surrounding the Bridge are said to be haunted by the KKK and several other spirits that where associated with the surrounds at one time or another.  The picture below was taken by one of our team members, John Martin, out at the bridge.  We believe it could be the lady we call LaLorna that wanders the woods looking for her young child that drown in the creek.
Photo taken by John Martin.
Is the lady that wanders the woods along the
creek bed looking for her daughter that drown in the creek?

Another report of paranormal activity surrounding the woods are that MANY TIMES you can see "glowing lights" dancing around in the woods.  These lights are reported to be the lanterns of the KKK as they make their way through the woods waiting on unsuspecting victims as they walk through the dark woods.  I can tell you, that this is a COMMON occurrence on our tours.

Who is THIS in the woods???
Photo by John Martin
A little easier to see.

Are these woods full of the lanterns
carried by the KKK? 
The Old Alton Woods

Ok......here is my shameless plug....for more information on my tours, see to the left of the blog.( Sorry, but hey....as long as I was talking about WOODS..... LOL)




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For those of you who live close to me in Lake Dallas or the surrounding area I am soooooo excited to announce I have signed a contract with the City of Denton to give Ghost Hunting classes in Sept and Oct.  I can't wait!!!!  I will be teaching every Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Sept. and Oct.  If you are able PLEASE join me!!!  We are going to have soooo much fun. This class is really for beginners or people that just want to get the basics down in Ghost Hunting.

I have posted more information over to the left of my blog if you would like more details.  We will be talking about Where to find ghosts, what to do with them when you find them, how to review your evidence, EVPS, equipment, ect.  You name it, we are going to cover it.

So come on, come hang out with me and lets talk GHOSTS!!!!



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Black Glass Gothic Mirror

From Rose Hall, Jamicia
Mirror...Mirror on the wall....who's the scariest ghost of them all????  What is it that makes us soooo often see apparitions in a mirror?  Beats me??? LOL  See ya next week....   Just kidding....

Connections between ghosts and mirrors or should I say reflections have been used for centuries.  They have been used for divination, magic and repelling evil.  In most recent years they have been used as tools for psychic development to increase clairvoyant ability and gain insight into past lives.

Do they really hold the key to see INTO another realm that we are all are searching to find?  Are they one of the easiest ways for us to SEE spirits and ghosts?

One of the evil things associated with mirrors is the folklore custom to remove all mirrors from sick rooms in case the mirror draws out the soul, and turning of mirrors when there is a death in the house.  According to lore whoever looks into a mirror after a death will also die.  And then there is the folklore, that if you turn off a light and hold a candle up and look in a mirror you can call up an evil spirit.  We have all heard of the Bloody Mary mirror........

#1-This is a photo we took at the
Haunted Hill Manor in Gainesville, Tx
Can you see him......in the mirror???
Not a nice spirit at the Haunted Hill Manor.  Original
photo #1 
Bloody Mary is a folklore legend consisting of a ghost or spirit conjured to reveal the future. She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called multiple times. The Bloody Mary apparition may be benign or malevolent, depending on historic variations of the legend. The Bloody Mary appearances are mostly "witnessed" in group participation games.  The Bloody Mary apparition allegedly appears as a corpse, a witch or ghost; can be friendly or evil; and is sometimes "seen" covered in blood. The lore surrounding the ritual (if she is summoned properly) states that participants may endure the apparition screaming at them, cursing them, strangling them, stealing their soul, drinking their blood, or scratching their eyes out.  YUCK!!!!!!! What a scary game!!!!! What happened to the good old lets play Old Maid??? LOL

Now, not all uses for mirrors in the paranormal world is used for the bad......some use mirrors to protect against evil, reflecting it away.  For whatever reasons, mirrors can play a big part of the paranormal and an apparition materializing.  Many believe that mirrors are portals....in my words....a particular location where spirits can pass back and forth from the afterlife to the NOW world.  Is it that we can actually see them as they pass back and forth because of the reflection?  Maybe.  But for some reason....not only us....but our ancestors....felt some kind of "connection" with mirrors.

Miss Molly's, Fort Worth, TX
Original photo
I have captured several photos that I feel show the reflection of someone that has passed on.  And I am just going to be honest with you here.....the dark doesn't bother me, creepy sounds don't bother me, even when I look across a dark room and see an apparition.......NOT EVEN that doesn't bother me as much as looking into a mirror on an investigation.  Why?  I can't really explain why but for some reason when I do an investigation and look into mirrors or try to communicate with a spirit using a mirror....I almost always get an uneasy feeling....and have to just tell myself...."Put on your BIG GIRL shoes and do this"!

The Grove, Jefferson, Tx
Is this the spirit longing for his husband to return.


Perhaps the next time you pass a mirror and you get an odd shiver running down your spine, take a good look at the reflection - you never know who or what might be staring back at you!

Miss Molly's, Fort Worth, Tx



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Ok.  If you remember last week I told you I would write about HOW I met some people out at the Green Elm Cemetery....I know...I know...I am a day late but I wanted to get the video done for you before I posted.

Last weekend, just out of the blue...Deak and I decided to go check out a very old cemetery that I had read about and a friend of mine suggested I go check it out..... the Green Elm Cemetery.  The grave yard is located just on the Jack and Wise County lines. The earliest grave in the cemetery is entered in 1870 and the last in 1909. The cemetery is occasionally mowed but mostly un-kept. According to Jack County records, 55 or so graves have been entered into the cemetery with 20 to 30 sadly unmarked.   There have been all kinds of reports of paranormal activity here so I thought....fun.....lets go check it out!!!

So, Saturday afternoon we decide to take off to try and find the cemetery.  Now, let me just say, this is not a POPULAR cemetery where you would EXPECT to see anyone, and it is not a popular place for ghost hunters to go.  It would still fall under the heading of...unknown.

As we made our way through small, dark country roads, it was starting to get dark, which was ok with us as we had planned to stay the night at the cemetery and investigate.  So, like any good ghost hunter would do.....we came prepared with all our equipment, phones, chairs, food....and when I go on an all night hunt...I bring LOTS of food!!! LOL  So, we had thought of everything and had it nice and neatly packed in the trunk of my car.

Anyway, the one thing I noticed, was HOW FAR out this cemetery was!  It was down a small dirt road in my terms..."no mans land" lol and as you drive up to the cemetery you pass some really old, creepy looking houses.  Man!  Where was this place?  And how did anyone ever find it????

The FIRST THING we noticed once we found the place was...there were PEOPLE there!!!  We both just couldn't believe that ANYONE else would be out this far at this creepy cemetery but us.......but sure enough there was.  Ok...so we get out of the car and I go around to pop the trunk to start unloading.  Well, I laid  the car keys IN THE TRUNK....yeah you know what I'm about to say...and you guessed it ........shut the trunk and locked my keys inside!!!  Not a problem right....just open the car door and pop the trunk button and all is well........WRONG...I was being so good and locked the car doors when I got out.....after all.... there were some strange people here!!!! LOL  So, we can't get in our car.......we can't get out the food or drinks......my phone is in my bag.....in the trunk.....it's getting really dark and Deak can not get any service on his phone.......OMG.....what are we going to do??????

 Well, the ONLY thing we could hope for is.....the other people in the cemetery would be friendly and not MASS MURDERS or something.....and they might could help us in some way.  So as they came out of the cemetery I'm pretty sure it was obvious as we walked around and around the car... peering in the windows, Deak had his head ducked down out of frustration and I am looking pitiful and hopeless......they asked "locked your keys in your car"????? Man....they noticed!!!! LOL

They were VERY NICE and tried their best to help us get in the car...but no luck.  Our only solution was to break out a window....and my heart wasn't in that...but we had no choice.
Just as we are looking around for a big rock to break out the window one of the ladies walks around the back of my car and mashes a button up under the trunk and "POP" the trunk opens!!!!  Are you kidding me?????  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!!!

Now, what are the ODDS that this is the FIRST TIME I have ever locked my keys in the car.....and we are out  in " no mans land" where no one ever goes......in the dark, with nothing but one cell phone that didn't work and this group of people would be there on the same day at the same time we were???  Pretty amazing if you ask me!

So....moving on...... they ask WHY WE were out there and we told them we were paranormal investigators and they got really excited and ask if they could stay.  WELL OF COURSE you can stay.....you all saved the day!!!!  Funny thing is.....they weren't from the area and they all  had just gotten together and decided to take a ride out to the old cemetery that they had heard of.  They were NOT investigators nor were they looking for anything paranormal......just riding around and ended up here. hhhhuuummm 

So, we got out and sat up the equipment and started our investigation.  We were communicating with several spirits and one was a young boy that we were asking him to move a ball for us(the video) that I had sat up on a ledge around a grave.  Well.....all of the sudden....the ball is "pushed" of a ledge and rolls right onto the ground!  We all couldn't believe it because there was no wind !!!  It just rolled off ALL by itself.... or with a little help I should say.  I ran over to my recorder to review the footage and WHAT???? My recorder was turned off!!!!  How did that happen? No one was near it!   Anyway, I just couldn't believe I DID NOT capture that on my video recorder.  So, I put the ball BACK on the ledge and this time I put it in a little groove so it would take a LOT to make this ball roll.  

After I sat the ball back up I went over to where we were all sitting in a circle trying to communicate with the spirits and never went back over to the ball but would ask the spirits to "move the ball" or "roll it again".  We would glance over every now and then and TO US it appeared the ball never moved again.   BUT when I was reviewing the video I found something I COULD NOT BELIEVE!!!!!  I put "dots" on my balls so that it will show movement better on film when we are communicating with spirits.  Well............. the ball didn't roll off again..............BUT it DID DO something BETTER.............IT physically TWISTED!!!!!! Like someone puts their hand on the top of it and TWISTED it to the left!!!!!  There is NO WAY this could happen!!!  Not by the wind...not by a bug..... NOT BY ANYTHING!!!  This is definitely paranormal at its best!  And besides all that....the wind wasn't even blowing!!!!!  I was thrilled when I saw this!!! 

I wished I had gotten time to go through all the EVP's before this post but I didn't.  Sorry.  Can't wait to hear what we caught on those!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.......I want to say THANKS again to my new BEST FRIENDS for saving the night for us and I was so glad they stayed and got to have some personal experiences with the paranormal.

The video is very short and the TWIST is slight...but it doesn't matter.........IT TWISTED!!!!!!

Till next week....