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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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The ONE question that we all want to know is......."Is it real?"  Was the shadowy figure I saw walking through the hall real?  Was the man I saw standing over my bed....Is he real?  Are the footsteps that I hear during the night coming up the stairs....Are they real?  Did I just see a book fly off the bookcase...was that real? Well, if you ask 10 different people you will probably get 10 different answers to those questions.

Is the paranormal things we read and hear about or maybe even experience REAL??? The one thing about the paranormal is that it can NEVER be scientifically proven because to earn that title "scientifically proven" you have to be able to do the same thing over and over at the same time of day in the same clement controlled space and  achieve the same EXACT result every time. And for anyone that DOES believe in spirits and ghosts you know it just can't be done.  You can ask a spirit to show up at midnight on Tuesday night and only if it's raining and but my guess is......if you had your recorder going you would hear an EVP saying "yea.....right Becky haha!" LOL

There are always going to be skeptics when it come to providing evidence that spirits or ghosts really exist. It doesn't matter whether the information is collected physically or by using electronic equipment you will always have people that believe and those who don't.  You just have to let each person make up his or her own mind and conclusion to what is REAL or NOT REAL.  Until more sophisticated ghost tracking equipment is developed, chances are there will always be a question connected to any evidence gathered.  And I will say that we are getting really close to having some really good equipment to help at least VALIDATE that what we "THINK" we are seeing and hearing..... we really ARE seeing and hearing!  The equipment is getting more and more advanced.  BUT again, let me say you DON'T have to spend a lot of money or have "fancy" equipment to give you some answers to what paranormal activity you may be experiencing.

Do I think ghosts and spirits are real??? Well, for over 30 years SOMETHING has kept me interested enough to continue looking for SOME KIND of evidence that spirits and ghosts DO exist!!! So, the short answer for me to that question is .....YES.  I have experienced to much in my life in this field of work that leaves me....... little..... if NO DOUBT at all........ that we can communicate with the OTHER SIDE and they can communicate with us!

Now, I'm NOT saying that EVERYTHING that "goes bump in the night" is paranormal, but that is where you have to use your OWN knowledge.....your own sixth sense.....to determine if what you experienced was paranormal or not, and hey....if your not sure....give me a call and I'll check it out for you. LOL

My goal is NEVER to make someone believe in ghosts......that is for each person to decide for themselves.....but usually when I'm asked "so, do you believe in ghosts?" I respond "what do YOU believe?"  So, up to this point, I guess the ONE thing that we ALL CAN AGREE ON is.....that as long as people claim to have paranormal activity or encounters with ghosts......we will have a need for more paranormal research and for me......I couldn't be happier about that!!!!!!!!!!  



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I'm so excited!!!!!!!!  I have been invited to be a guest speaker at this year's two day Granbury Paranormal Expo!!!!  So come on out for two days of nothing but the paranormal and unexplained!!!  I will have a booth set up so be sure to stop by and say "hi" or join me for my session on Ghost Hunting for beginners!  You don't want to miss this fun filled weekend of April 25th and 26th, 2015.

For more information go to http://www.granburyparanormalexpo.com/Pages/default.aspx or look them up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GranburyParanormalExpo



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The Pfister Hotel,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
It's that time of year where we are all on the road more than we probably want to be, but with Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New Year more than likely you are making a trip to somewhere you will HAVE to stay in a hotel. Well......... I say...........Pick one that is HAUNTED!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now that's a TRIP!!! LOL

Have you ever walked into a place and thought, "If only these walls could talk?"  Hotel rooms have been witness to passion, hate, misery, joy, sickness, and death so it's know wonder that they would have spirits haunting them. And the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee is just such a hotel.

The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is just one of those places that from the minute the front door opens your eyes widen and your heart beats just a little faster at the beauty and luxury of this amazing place!!!  I was lucky enough to stay at the Pfister Hotel some time ago on a business trip.  SSSSHHHH....now MY business might not have been the same as my BOSS had planned for me! I'm pretty sure he didn't say "now Becky, pick out the most HAUNTED HOTEL to stay in and spend YOUR nights wondering the halls going up and down the stairs and hallways looking for ghosts".  But for the life of me..........it just seems to turn out that way every time. LOL

The Pfister Hotel
Now, back to the Pfister.  The story on the Pfister is Guido Pfister was born in Germany in 1818 and a Tanner by trade.  He moved to Milwaukee in 1847 and partnered with Charles Vogel to eventually become one of the most successful leather manufacturers in the Midwest.  He believed that Milwaukee needed a first-class, world-class hotel.  He wanted a magnificent building where people would feel privileged to stay but at the same time, he also hoped that folks from every social class would feel free to mix and mingle. Unfortunately, Mr. Pfister died in 1889 before a single stone was laid.  His son Charles, and daughter, Laura Vogel, immediately set about to fulfill their father's dream.

The Pfister opened its doors on May 1, 1893.  And just as Guido Pfister had hoped...... it was one, if not the most luxurious hotel in the country.  Running completely on electricity made it the most modern of its time as well.

Charles Pfister died in 1927 and his spirit is said to have been seen in the rooms of guest, the hotel's original marble staircase, the musicians' gallery in the ballroom, and in a storage area on the ninth floor.  Is Charles still watching over his father's dream hotel? 

Do you see an orb???
Many guest have reported hearing knocking, TV's and air conditioner's turning themselves on and off, even a phantom dog that has been heard yapping in the corridors.  BUT one of the more famous reports of a paranormal activity came from Carlos Gomez,  a outfielder for the Minnesota Twins.  He says that back in July 2009 he was coming out of the shower and heard voices in the other room.  But when he went to check there was know one there.  He also said that his Ipod would come on by itself and start to vibrate.  Every time Gomez turned it off, it would start up again.  He now request a roommate when staying in the hotel.  In addition, over the last few years more than 4 or 5 professional baseball players have reported seeing  or experiencing some sort of paranormal activity in the hotel. To this day, many of the Brewers baseball team will not stay at this hotel.
Now, did I experience anything paranormal?  DARN!!!  I did not.  But I can tell you that while I was walking the halls late at night taking pictures....I NEVER felt alone......it was just THAT FEELING you get like someone is watching you. 
Now, if you plan on visiting the Pfister, which I HIGHER recommend you do......be sure to ask if you can stay in the ORIGINAL towers because they have since added an additional tower or two.  So far, no activity has been reported in the new additions.
My room.
My room.

My room.
My room.
Add caption

The upper stairs lobby area.

How many orbs do you see?

Can you find the orb?

How many orbs can you see?




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Ok....some of you didn't like the new look of the blog.  You guys said it was difficult to read so I am changing it back to the way it was.  Thanks for your comments and want to make it easy for you guys to follow me... so here we go....back to original look.



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Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's me.......Becky!!!  You have researched the correct blog for Becks Everyday Ghost Hunters I decided a NEW YEAR.....NEEDED A NEW LOOK!!!  Hope you guys like it and if NOT DON'T PLEASE let me know!!!


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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!!!!  Hope you had a safe and Happy New Year!   Let's make this year even BIGGER and MORE EXCITING with more ghost stories and investigations!  I'll do my part of writing if you do your part and keep on reading!  LOL
So, right before Christmas, we were doing some Christmas shopping in a small town just about 30 minutes from me called Grapevine, Texas.  Now, Grapevine has  one of those charming "old town" streets where everything stays the same as it did in years past.  I LOVED IT!!!!  Even though this little town is really close for me, I have just never taken the time to check it out. 
Now there have been many reports of hauntings on Grapevine Main Street, so you know me....I took my trusted camera along.....JUST IN CASE!  In October 1843, General Sam Houston and fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners camped at Tah-Wah-Karro Creek, also known as Grape Vine Springs, to meet with leaders of 10 Indian nations.This meeting culminated in the signing of a treaty of "peace, friendship, and commerce," which opened the area for homesteaders. The settlement that emerged was named Grape Vine due to its location on the appropriately-named Grape Vine Prairie near Grape Vine Springs, both names an homage to the wild grapes that grew in the area. 
The first recorded white settlement in what would become the modern city occurred in the late 1840s and early 1850s. General Richard Montgomery Gano owned property near Grape Vine and helped organize the early settlement against Comanche raiding parties before leading his band of volunteers to battle in the American Civil War.
One of the documented stories that I found interesting is that on Christmas morning of 2011, AOL News (Huffington Post Crime) and the Associated Press reported that, after the receipt of an open-ended 911 call, all seven individuals (four women and three men, aged 15 to 60) in an apartment in a complex in suburban Grapevine (said to be most likely family members with related visitors) were found murdered, with the shooter, a man dressed as Santa Claus, believed to be one of the deceased extended family members. It was the worst incident of its kind ever in the Grapevine area and the first homicide since June 2010, according to police spokesman Sgt. Robert Eberling.
Anyway, this little town has tons of very historical connections to the past and some famous people in it that "weren't so nice" but I don't have time to list them all.
As you stroll down Main Street you come upon this small "house like" concert structure.  It looks very out of place but...oh well.  It turns out it is the first Grapevine Jail built in 1909.
One of the MOST unusual sites in Grapevine is the presence of a hearse right smack in the middle of town!  Now it is enclosed in a glass case but STILL.......A HEARSE?  Can you say.... C R E E P Y!!!!   The Historical Commission has a sign in front of it that reads "John E. Foust(1861-1926) moved to Grapevine in 1880 and started a general merchandise store which stocked coffins.  He gradually added other services and with the help of his wife Daisy(Huitt)(1876-1963) established a funeral company.  A civic leader, Foust also assisted in the development of other area businesses.  His son John E. Foust, II(1898-1978), joined the firm in 1923.  Following his father's death he managed the funeral home and mercantile store until the 1960's.  For over 100 years Foust family members have served in the business and civic activities of Grapevine.

A hearse from the funeral home of the Faust family. I never noticed this was prominently displayed in the middle of the old Main Street.
Here are some of the photos I took of the enclosed hearse.  Be sure and pay attention to the last three or four.  I'm not saying they are PARANORMAL but they are interesting.  I would love to know your opinion on them.


 Now, these are the ones I want you to look at....

This is the FIRST in a series of 4 shots
back to back.  Nothing there...right?

Still nothing...

But wait!!!  What could these be??  Do you
see the "orbs" at the top of the picture and one in the middle?

Same picture not but one second later!
If the above picture was a reflection, then WHY
didn't it do it on this one?  Just saying...
And not only that...but take a GOOD LOOK at
the picture with the orbs in it, do you see the dark "shadow"
that looks like a reflection in the drivers seat?  No one was
behind me because no one else FOUND the hearse in the
middle of town NEARLY as interesting as I did!!!  LOL

Who really knows about these photos?  It is hard to say because it is does reflect off the windows.  But either way, I wanted to share them with you guys.



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So, I am headed to Wahington DC tomorrow and can't wait to see all the history this great state has to offer!  You can bet I will be checking out some of the haunted places here.

I thought I would tell ya'll about one of the MOST famous hauntings in Washington.  It's not that this place is SCARY or full of lots of different spirits....BUT it IS one that has been reported with regular paranormal activity.

John Wilkes Booth, the man responsible for Lincoln's assassination, was known to freguqent a tavern operated by John Lloyd, but owned Mary Surratt.  In April of 1865, Mary Surrantt along with Lewis Powell(who had attempted to kill Secretary of State William Seward) and Louis Weichmann, who dropped off a package at the Inn that was later picked up by Booth, were all arrested as conspirators in Lincoln's assassination.  Lloyd was pressured into testifying against Mary.  But what other proof did the police have on Surrant?  The incriminating evidence against Mary was that her boardinghouse, located a few blocks from Ford Theatre, was a convenient haven for Booth while in town.  And, to matters worse, both of Mary's sons were involved in the Confederacy.

Weichmann also testified against Surratt.  Later he claimed that he was pressured by government officials to do so.

Many believed that President Andrew Johnson would pardon Mary.  After all, up until that point in history, no female prisoner had ever been hanged!  Unfortunately for Mary, the pardon never came.  On July 7, 1865, Mary, along with three others, was hanged at Fort McNair.  One of the men who died along with Mary, Lewis Powell, proclaimed her innocence with his dying breath.  But his words fell on deaf ears.  That day marked the first woman to ever be hanged in the United States.

Ever since, people have witnessed the ghostly apparition of a woman with her hands and feet bound roaming about the site of her execution, her face barely visible beneath a black hood.  And many a soldier's child, when asked who their invisible friend is, happily report, "it's the Lady in Black".
One thing I would like to point out is... more than likely Mary's feet and hands were bound that way once she hung she couldn't kick or grab for the noose.  BUT some customs believe that if you tied their feet and hands together this would prevent the spirit from returning.

So, we will see.....hope to have a LOT to tell you about next week!  And hopefully I will have the "upcoming" topics for the year ready.  And let me tell you.......this next year has LOTS of exciting events coming up starting with Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Tx.  This place is going to be one SCARY PLACE!!!  I hope to start posting on Instagram and Twitter so you guys can be right there with us as we explore this abandon hospital full of spirits!!!

Everyone have a Happy New Year and PLEASE PLEASE be safe as you partake in some "adult beverages".  I wish each and everyone of you the BEST YEAR EVER to come.....hopefully the spirits will be excited about a new year and want to "Party with US"!!!




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I wanted to wish everyone of you a Merry Merry Christmas!!!  My Christmas has officially just wrapped up and I'm pooped!  Looking forward to a little down time after the first of the first of the year and get back to business of writing and sharing with you guys.  It looks like this next year is going to be VERY exciting as I have LOTS of investigations coming up I can't wait to share with you.
I wanted to make sure that I let each and everyone of you know HOW SPECIAL you are to me.  The stories you share, the pictures, the advice you seek....You guys will never know how much I enjoy sharing with you guys.
Ok.....go to bed and get some rest and I hope Santa was VERY good to you.  Don't forget to say Merry Christmas to all the loved ones we have lost.  You know they are always around you.....even they still like Christmas.  :)

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