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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Stagecoach Inn, Thousand Oaks, California

Have you heard about this one?  The StageCoach Inn in Thousand Oaks, California seems to be quite the place!  Dead man, wondering lady, crying baby and a lost boy......what else could you ask for in one place????? Man just typing that gets me exited!!!!!! LOL  

I have not visited this place but would love to!  If you have, I would love to hear about your experience and what you thought about it.

Anyway, enjoy this weeks post and HALLOWWWWEEEEENNNN is coming!!!!  Be sure to follow all month long in October (my favorite time of year, but you guys already knew that! lol) when I will be posting all month long about the MOST HAUNTED locations.........the most evil and scarcest places I know!  And there will be an opportunity for you to enter a contest for a really "spooky" prize and tell your MOST HORRIFYING MOMENTS in the dark.....or heck.....it might have even been in the day.........and lots of EXTRA'S!!!!!!  LOTS AND LOTS OF EXTRA'S!!!!!!!!  This month is going to be packed with Halloween moments you can share!!!  And don't forget, you will have the chance to call in on ClearSourceRadio.com on Tuesday nights at 7pm CT and chat with me. :)))  That's a really BIG SMILE just in case you didn't know.  I can't wait to talk live with you guys. 

Also, don't forget to follow me on FB where I always post all kinds of things!!! https://www.facebook.com/BecksGhostHunters/

Oh and a couple more updates then I will let you get to the story (sorry I just have a lot to say today!!!)   Be sure to check the "A word from me" section at the top of the page because I am always sticking little things in there.

Image result for haunted bluff city cemeteryHere's the fun part......are you ready.....I am headed to Chicago this weekend to spend a few days with my good friend Michele of Whitedog Paranormal.  We are going to investigate a haunted cemetery and an abandon school!!!!!!!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT??????  The name of the cemetery is Bluff City Cemetery.  And here's the BEST PART......I'm bringing you guys along!!! Ok......I didn't exactly buy you guys a ticket or anything BUT...... I will be "live streaming" on Facebook so you guys can see everything just as we see it!!!!  I think we will be investigating next Monday night Oct. 3rd.  Be sure to check the "A word from me" section and I will be giving you the exact time and date you can join us!!!  

I'll be there............ will you???????????????

Haunting at the Inn?

Grand Union Hotel
Over the years, tales of friendly and mischievous ghosts said to frequent the Inn have stimulated the imagination and interest of visitors. Skeptics tend to ignore the idea as superstitious stories. 

Folklore, legends, stories, all have the same meaning. However here at the Inn many try to prove the existence of ghosts residing at the Inn. There has been suspected of three separate entities that haunt the Inn. Also since the devastating fire, new strange occurrences now exist.
As with any old building or family heirloom, many stories of good and bad times can be associated with them. Hauntings of course are more interesting because they almost always are linked to story of great pain, anguish, or death.


Pierre is the most famous lingering soul thought to be haunting the Inn. His presence on the second floor has been felt by two known specialists in paranormal activity.
His "existence" was discovered in the late 1960s when a famed psychic named Sybil Leek was invited to visit the Inn. Upon touring the building, she claimed she felt the presence of a ghost and said that a burly bearded mountain man of about 35 years of age told her he had been shot while on the second floor of the Inn. He claimed his name was Pierre Devon or Duval.
Pierre Devon's ChapsNoted California Ghost researcher, Richard Senate was the second to confirm the existence of Pierre.
While he knew of the findings of Sybil Leek, his investigations did not occur until years later, after the fire and rebuilding of the Inn.
His accounts were of strong disturbances within the room Pierre was reportedly shot, and cold spots in the stairway.
Mr. Senate was there to investigate a claim of a ghost and he was elated to find out it was true. However, many still wonder how the ghost could remain after the original building had been moved, and then destroyed by fire.
Was Pierre a real person? Did he die in the old Inn? Is he still there? All questions that were never answered with viable documentation. However, the believers still believe Pierre is there, and he is not going anywhere anytime soon.
Within the pictures taken during the fire of 1970, it is said you can see ghostly image of Pierre rising from the flames.

The Haunting Lady of the Inn

The apparition of a woman of days past, dressed in elegant gowns, can be seen from the corner of your eye before dissolving into thin air. The only trace of her brief appearance is the soft scent of her perfume wafting through the halls.
Stagecoach Inn Staircase

These occurrences were very common during the renovation of the Inn from 1953 thru 1965 when the building accommodated an exclusive gift shop known as Tantony. It is claimed that lingering spirits are known to be more active during major changes to the place they reside.
Psychics have felt cold spots in the stairway of the Inn...Is it her?
Whether the Lady of the Inn survived the Fire of 1970 is still not known. 

The Lost Little Boy

During the 1890's there is said to be the tale of a young visitor of the Inn whom wandered into the wilderness and was never seen again.
At the Inn the sound of a young boys voice is said to be heard calling for his family as he continues to try to be reunited with them. 

The Baby Cradle

Haunted Baby CradleOn exhibit in the Museum is a cradle with an interesting story.
After the Inn was reconstructed, due to the devastating fire of 1970, curators requested donations from the public to help replenish the furnishings. A woman called to donate a family heirloom which she felt would fit into the decor of the Inn perfectly.
The cradle had been in her family for many generations, and since she was expecting a child, she had received it as a gift.

One day her baby, sleeping in the cradle, starting crying. As she returned to the room to attend the infant she noticed an apparition next to the cradle rocking it gently back and forth. Not knowing whether her child was in danger, obviously frightened for her child's welfare, she donated the cradle to the Stagecoach Inn.



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I have EXCITING NEWS!!!!!  I am going to be hosting a weekly program on Ron Reeders new network ClearSourceRadio.com !!!!

Ron is an amazing Medium and has started this awesome network for all different types of conversations.  Mine is called "Paranormal Insights" with Becky Vickers and it will be airing on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm Central Time.  HOW COOL IS THAT?????  So join me sometime in Oct. (the exact date to begin has not been set yet) and LETS TALK GHOSTS!!!

I am super excited about this opportunity(as you can tell, I guess) and I want to thank Ron for inviting me to his network of amazing hosts! :)


You guys have to call in and talk with me.  Don't leave me out there all by myself!!!

I want this program to be "light hearted and fun".  This is going to be a show for ALL OF US not just for me to answer questions you may have but for you guys to call in and share your stories in a non-judgemental form.  Listen I know how it feels to need to talk to someone about something and be afraid someone will judge you.  NOT ME and NOT ON MY SHOW!!!  Tell me a funny story that happened to you ghost hunting....something scary or maybe something that changed your life!!!  I want to hear from you.

I will be having special guest host on to talk about equipment, paranormal experiences lots of different things.  Lets DO THIS!!!!

Be sure to follow me on FaceBook under Becky Vickers or Becks Ghost Hunters for upcoming details.  Sorry if you are sending friend request on FB to Becky Vickers FB says I have reached my limit of 5000 friends.  :( Boo FB.  So you can follow me under the Becks Ghost Hunters site.  I post the exact things on both sites. :)

You and me.  



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You can't wait!!!!  It's FINALLY HERE!!!!  The night you are going on a ghost hunt at the creepiest, darkest most evil place you can imagine......wonder what kind of evidence you will get???? What will you see and what will you hear!!!

The equipment is all packed and your heart is beating so fast you can hardly stand it as you open the old wooden door.......as the door slowly swings open making that creepy sound we all here in the movies but IT'S REALLY happening to you......you take that first step in.......do you REALLY KNOW what you are UP AGAINST???? Have you really done all the leg work involved in this location???  Well....YOU BETTER HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's that time of year, where everyone starts to wonder just a little more about the paranormal....ghosts....and haunted houses. They think how FUN it would be to go ghost hunting and just take a camera and a recorder to an old abandon house out in the woods that everyone SAYS is haunted.  They THINK they don't really have to know ANYTHING about the place other than it's haunted......."let's just go and see WHAT happens"!!!

I wanted to send out a warning to you guys, especially the younger people who are thinking around this time of year..... to go out and "conjure up some ghosts".  Listen, is ghost hunting exciting....YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!!  Can it give you a RUSH like you never experienced before.......YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!!  Can it be DANGEROUS.............YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the deal....when you go to a haunted location ONE of the first mistakes you can make is asking....."is ANYONE HERE who wants to communicate"?  It's kinda like.....going into a room full of people.   In this room there are regular people, convicts, murders, rapist, druggies but they all look alike and you don't know who is who but you ask "does anyone want a $1,000"????  How many people do you think will raise their hands?????  Here's the catch....they have to take a ride with you to your home to pick it up. Feel safe???? Sound crazy?  It is!!!!

It's the same thing with the spirit world.  IF you don't go in asking to SPEAK or COMMUNICATE with certain spirits more dominating spirits can take over and come through.  And don't be fooled....they can also disguise themselves to be SOMEONE they think you will respond to.  YES.....make no mistake......they CAN SOMETIMES BE DEMONIC!!!!

So, be sure that you UNDERSTAND the location and the spirits that are tied there.  Yes, I understand that you may not ALWAYS be able to find out ALL the names of spirits at a location but you be very careful and trust that little "enter voice" that says....I'm JUST NOT 100% comfortable with this communication. STOP.  Say your protection prayer and move on to another place, room or even location!

Listen you guys, ghost hunting can be fun but you REALLY need to know what you are doing!  If you want to experience the "spooky things" out there go with a professional or an experienced paranormal investigator.  Other than that.....have a fun a SAFE pre-Halloween season! :)




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Jefferson Texas-More haunted pics!!!!!!!!!

The original photo-See the ghostly children
to the left of the pic???

I tried to draw an outline for you of
what I see...So what do you think...
Two children, and one adult or
three children, maybe one boy in white
and two girls in black.

I enlarged this pic and added shading to it so
you could see the figures better.

So, pretty COOL pics, right?  This was taken during the walking tour by one of our team members, Kevin Stapleton.  I do not know much about this house, still doing research, because the tour guide did not tell us about it.  Looks like to me....she might want to check on it now! LOL  I see three figures...to me it looks like children possibly .....in the old timey uniforms they used to wear to school.  What do you think?  I would love to know if you see the same figures as I do.

The above pics I previously posted on Trigger Objects.  This is a small ball that we placed on one of the end tables in my room, Room 1.  Before I left, I said out loud, "Ok, if someone is really staying here in this room with us, move the ball OUTSIDE the dully.  And I said it that way for a reason.....if by chance there was a draft or the air somehow came on (because I made sure and turned it off before leaving) then the ball would probably ROLL OFF the end of the table.  But here's another thing, there was a tiny little circular notch in the table so I put the ball in that spot on purpose so THAT it would be difficult for it to roll.  Well......as you can see......... WE WEREN'T alone!!!

Just a narrow little street in Jefferson.....oh yeah,
and a really nice orb. LOL
Another building we visited on our 
walking tour, supposing having several
owners because of the spirits haunting it.
The dining area in The Grove.  Photo by
Kevin Stapleton-team member
A very cool orb in Room 14

Just me in front of the Jefferson Hotel.
The Grove, Jefferson, Texas

Ok, more pics to come.  There is just to many for me to edit
and post in one night.  Hope you enjoy these and the video's.
Just a cute little street in Jefferson, Tx.
Do you see the shadowy little girl in this pic???
Good, because theres NOT one....just playing with you. LOL

This was taken a while back so I was still learning how to film in
the dark and post to YouTube. lol  But it is still REALLY GOOD!!!

This is one of my FAVORITE PLACES and I just about ready to make another trip back!!!  Check out YouTube for more video's of the Jefferson Hotel.

Be sure to check the "A note from me" at the top of the page for little updates or notes just because I want to say "hi" to you guys.


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Ok.  If you are following along with my Lunch with a Ghost video's here is Part 2.  I am LOVING the results.  They are so beyond my expectations!

For those of you who don't know, I have been going to a very haunted location on my lunch about every couple days and taking different equipment with me to see if I get the same results or different ones.  I am only staying 15 minutes to see if the spirits will start to understand they only have a very short window of time to communicate with me.

Anyway, it has been a fun experiment and documenting the results have been very interesting to say the least.


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OMG!!! I have missed you guys!!!  We have been on vacation for about 10 days and have not had internet connection.  Can you believe I survived???  So, if you emailed me or IM'ed me I am just now responding to all your emails and notices.

I hope you all had a GREAT Labor Day.  I wanted to talk about haunted prisons.  Who doesn't love a  good ol' haunted prison right???  Anyway, check out these for the CREEP FACTOR!!!!

Alcatraz — San Francisco, California
Arguably the most infamous state penitentiary in US history (its inmates included notorious mobsters Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly), this historic structure was once the site of many real-life horrors — over decades in operation, its name eventually became synonymous with violence and cruel, brutal prison conditions… but both before and after its shutdown in 1963, it has also developed an ominous paranormal reputation. Indigenous peoples of the area once believed it to be occupied by dangerous sprits; early explorers reported feeling uneasy upon reaching the island; and it’s now reputed to house the vengeful ghosts of abused and wrongly-convicted inmates, of those murdered at the hands of their fellow convicts and/or sadistic guards, and even soldiers who died during the Civil War, when Alcatraz was the site of a massive military fortress (the foundation of which is still beneath the prison itself).
The paranormal accounts are too many to list here, but some of the earliest rumors began among inmates and guards, who claimed to hear strange cries, screams and whispers from empty cells, experienced cold spots, observed ghostly lights and saw faint human forms walking the corridors. One infamous story involved an inmate who was terrified by red eyes in the darkness, and was found dead in his cell the next morning, apparently strangled. Since the prison’s closing and conversion to a historic monument, tourists have reported many of the same frightening phenomena once encountered by the inmates and guards, as well as some disturbing new ones — including the sound of harmonica and banjo music (Capone was known to have played the banjo while imprisoned there). The most intense and frightening of the unexplained occurences seem to take place around “The Hole,” a notorious solitary confinement cell.
The National Park Service has disavowed all claims of paranormal phenomena in and around Alcatraz, so there are no officially sanctioned ghost tours of the grounds… but paranormal tourism is a major draw, so they do allow groups to conduct their own ghost tours and investigations, many of which have been featured on episodes of Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted, and the Travel Channel documentary HAUNTED ALCATRAZ, to name just a few.

Eastern State Pen
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Eastern State Penitentiary — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Just one look at this immense gothic structure (which includes gargoyles guarding the entry gate) will put you in a haunted frame of mind. Considered by many to be the world’s most haunted prison, Eastern State has been the subject and location of numerous ghost hunts and investigations, as documented in several books (Philadelphia Haunts, Ghostly Tales from America’s Jailsand many more) and TV shows (Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, American Paranormal, etc.). In the 142 years before the prison’s closure in 1971, over 1,200 inmates died within its walls; most succumbed to the diseases of the time (particularly tuberculosis), but several died at the hands of other inmates. Horrific punishments handed out to prisoners included frostbite and constriction of limbs (which often led to amputation), and just like Alcatraz, the most feared penalty was “The Hole.”
Accounts of strange and unexplained phenomena began long before the prison closed, and hundreds of paranormal claims continue today: guards, inmates and tourists over the past century have reported seeing terrifying disembodied faces, and hearing mad laughter and screams. One of the most repeated and unsettling accounts originated around 20 years ago, from a maintenance employee who claimed an unseen force in one of the ancient cells grabbed him so tightly that he was unable to move.
Like Alcatraz, there is no official stance on any hauntings of Eastern State, but their tourist materials (which include an audio walk-through narrated by actor Steve Buscemi) do mention many stories of mysterious phenomenon reported by guards and inmates, as those rumors and legends are considered an integral part of the prison’s dark and ominous history. The prison also hosts an annual Halloween haunt entitled “Terror Behind the Walls,” which obviously makes good use of these terrifying legends to spook patrons.

Missouri State Pen
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Missouri State Penitentiary — Jefferson City, Missouri
First established in 1836, Missouri State was once the largest prison in the US, and the brutality and deaths that took place within its walls earned it the title of “Bloodiest 47 Acres in America” according to TIME magazine. 40 gas-chamber executions, inmate violence, suicides, and a massive, bloody riot/fire in 1954 definitely carved this prison’s name in infamy, and it’s no surprise that claims of horrific paranormal activity have come in the wake of the prison’s closing in 2004.
Many of these claims involve “A Hall,” the oldest still-standing structure on the grounds, which once housed Civil War prisoners; Housing Unit 1, which once held female inmates; and Housing Unit 3, the site where the 1954 riots began. Among the most repeated tales is the story of “Fast Jack,” the nickname given to an alleged resident spirit with a tendency to pop through walls and open locker doors in the blink of an eye. Jack has been sighted many times by prison staffers working in Housing Unit 1, who describe him as wearing a lab coat and carrying a clipboard; some say he is the ghost of a former infirmary employee. Other accounts include visitors suddenly feeling anger and anxiety in Housing Unit 3, and a few tourists reported physical contact with an unseen entity, including shoving and hair-pulling.
The penitentiary has now totally embraced its haunted legacy: not only do they conduct both historic and ghost-themed tours, but since 2011 they’ve offered ghost-hunting seminars and classes for aspiring paranormal investigators.

Ohio State Pen
Image Credit: Browsing the Atlas

Ohio State Reformatory — Mansfield, Ohio
While it’s most famous for being featured in the award-winning film THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, based on Stephen King’s acclaimed non-horror novella, Ohio State Reformatory also has a spooky reputation befitting some of King’s more horrific tales.
The Reformatory is allegedly swarming with malicious presences, with the highest concentrations of haunting phenomena centering on the solitary confinement cells (every historic prison has some terrifying version of “The Hole”), where several suicides occurred. The main cell blocks, the former site of multiple murders, are also reportedly haunted by very noisy ghosts, and the chapel — believed to have originally been a place of execution — has been the site of some particularly intense visual and auditory anomalies. Even the attic and administrative offices are said to house some particularly nasty entities: in particular, the wife of former warden Glattke, whose gunshot death was reported as an accident but believed by some to be foul play, is said to haunt the administrative suites, and visitors have smelled her perfume wafting through the empty rooms. Throughout the grounds, stories and legends include detailed accounts of sudden temperature drops, intense feelings of nausea, and luminous floating shapes.
The Reformatory doesn’t officially conduct ghost tours, but their historic guided tours provide all the chills you need. Nevertheless, Halloween scare-seekers can also attend their annual “Haunted Prison Experience,” which adopts a different theme each year.

West Virginia State Pen
Image Credit: Samantha Sunne

West Virginia State Penitentiary — Moundsville, West Virginia
Built during the peak of the Civil War, this prison began with a fairly respectable reputation, but over the years conditions declined to such an extent that it would eventually make the U.S. Justice Department’s list of most violent correctional facilities. Corruption, overcrowding and rampant violence grew out of control, three dozen murders took place within its walls, and allegedly hundreds more deaths occurred over the prison’s 120-year tenure. 94 executions were conducted within the prison, and in 1986 it became the site of one of the most violent prison riots in U.S. history, when a group of 20 inmates took several guards hostage over a period of two days. Charles Manson once requested to be transferred to Moundsville, because members of his notorious “family” lived nearby (the request was denied).
As with any location with a blood-soaked past, tales of hauntings and unexplained phenomena run rampant at Moundsville, some dating back as early as the 1930s, when guards reported alarms being tripped for no apparent reason. The most infamous and consistently reported paranormal phenomenon is that of the “Shadow Man,” a featureless shape which visitors have seen lurking in various cells and corridors, camouflaged in areas of unnaturally deep darkness. Those who claim to have sighted the Shadow Man report feeling a sense of extreme, intense terror.
The penitentiary hosts their own popular Halloween haunt tour, “Dungeon of Horrors,” which draws over 10,000 visitors a year. The site is also the setting for the popular Left 4 Dead video game campaign “Moundsville Slammer.”



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We go to the same places, ask the same questions, to the same spirits......Do we somehow form bonds with them???

Simple answer...yes, I believe we do.  So we all know there are basically two different types of hauntings (yes, I know there are MANY types of haunting's before all you start emailing me telling me there are more than TWO hauntings......but for this conversation we're going with the two basics) An intelligent haunting and a residual haunting.  A residual haunting is when it is the same thing over and over and there are no interactions between the living and the dead.  Meaning...if you ask a residual spirit a question you would not get a response.  

Now, in an intelligent haunting it is just like talking to a real live human being.   They can interact with you.  If you ask them a question like "what is your name?" you may get an intelligent response in an EVP or in real time like "Tom".  They understand what you are asking.  So, if a spirit is able to respond to your questions, can they in some way develop feelings for you?(no...not like in girlfriend/boyfriend....YUCK) Like in FRIENDS or someone they could TRUST.  This is the way I see it....if you are nice to someone and show them sympathy or understand what has happened to them....then more than likely they will want to be around you or respond.  I don't know about you....but when someone is nice to me...I want to be around them, I want to talk to them and I want to form some kind of a relationship with them.

I LOVE to communicate with children.  I always try to do different things for children.  Can you image being dead for 100 years and never having a birthday party?  So, many times..... I'll through a birthday party for them.  Now, do you think they are going to "like" me and want to talk with me??? HECK YEAH!!!!  Cake is CAKE now or....... 100 years ago!!!  Dang, Now I want CAKE!!!!  Wait...getting off track.

Below is a video I just took last week.  I drove down to an old bridge (Old Alton Bridge, Goatman's Bridge) where I give tours and I often communicate with a spirit named Oscar.  Oscar has this AWESOME spirit about him.  When I communicate with him I always feel kindness, joy, friendship, and it's crazy but also excitement!  Oscar was a black goat farmer that was hanged by the KKK from the bridge.  I don't believe is has any anger over the way he died.  He always gives me SUCH a feeling of kindness.  Almost like happiness.  Weird but true.

Anyway, I thought I would drive down and have lunch with Oscar.  I sat in the car along the side of the road because there were a lot of people at the bridge.  The bridge is over..... evidently..... a very HOT fishing spot!  Now, I killed my car and put up a K-2 meter and an Electroscope to try and communicate with Oscar.  I was all alone, although cars did come by from time to time.  During the first 10 minutes the K-2 was going CRAZY but the last 12 minutes there was absolutely not one hit.    This proves that what was happening the first half of the session was NOT cars passing or something else that was out there from the minute I drove up.  Nothing changed!

Then today, I decided to go back today and take a couple other pieces of equipment just to see if I could get the same kind of activity.  To my surprise... I DID!!!!  The RemPod was going crazy!!! The same spot, I shut my car off and did exactly the same thing I had done last week. 

Now, I had trouble loading that video it here on my site because it was to long so be sure to check out my Facebook page because I posted it there.


Anyway, love to hear your thoughts on the video's.  And lets not forget to be respectful of the ones gone before us!  They MAY have some FEELINGS left!!!!



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In honor of the death of Elvis Presley I wanted to do a re-post that I had done a couple years ago.   There are several Youtube videos on EVP's with Elvis so if you want to go there check them out.  I personally didn't find any that I thought was really that compelling. 

Rest in peace Elvis until we meet again...or we talk on the spirit box! LOL  

ELVIS!!! ELVIS!!! Do you think the female spirits in the afterlife were excited that Elvis Presley was coming?  And do you think the male spirits had their tongues hanging out when they figured out Marilyn Monroe was dead???  The probing question is ARE THEY STILL FAMOUS AFTER THEY DIE???  I hate to burst your bubbles...but when a famous person dies....they are just like everyone else!  Just spirits.  Spirits do not look at each other and say "hey guess who I saw today"? LOL   
Do their spirits linger around the places they loved.....of course!  Just the same that any other spirit may haunt a location.....they do it because of some sort of connection.... because they loved it, they are watching over loved ones, or maybe because they left this earth so suddenly they don't even know they are dead, so they do the same things they always done...sing on stage, act in a theater, whatever it was..... they just do it. 
Now, for us....the living.....sometimes I think because people soooo desperately want to see a celebrity.....even AFTER they died.....for us the living.......we still idealize that person hoping to get a glimpse of them and in some way for them to see us!  That is why I think people still gather at the places celebrities lived, hung out or was sighted STILL having that hope of seeing their superstar!  I do not think that being a celebrity makes them more or less likely to be seen than ANY other spirit. But just like in real life........sometimes it is hard for us to get over someone we loved dying.  
Marilyn  The ghost of this famous Hollywood starlet has also been sighted at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

 as well as her former Brentwood home and near her tomb at Westwood Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

 Liberace Flamboyant keyboardist and entertainer, Liberace, died from complications due to Aids. His act was once very popular in Vegas. Liberace's ghost is said to still haunt a restaurant he designed, Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Sorry Deak....but I couldn't resist for all
the female fans out there!

Elvis Presley The King of Rock n' Roll still haunts his former mansion, Graceland, as well as the Heartbreak Hotelacross the street from it in Memphis, Tennessee. Sightings of the late singer have also been seen by stagehands at the Las Vegas Hilton.
A recording studio in Nashville. Below are pictures I took at Elvis's birth place (little house with swing) and the first picture is the little church that he said played such an instrumental part in his music career. The rest are the inside of the house where Elvis grew up.   Thought you guys might like to see the inside.  I did not see Elvis, nor did I even catch an orb in either of these locations, BUT I can tell you.... being here you could just FEEL his  presence and that alone was enough for me.  If you ever get the chance to go to Tupelo Mississippi.  Don't pass this bye. 
Just thought you might like to listen to Elvis while you read...

The cemetery where Elvis twin brother
is buried and Elvis is said to come here
a lot to talk with his brother.

Does Al Capone still roam the
halls in the Congress Hotel in Chicago.

But is "Bugsy" Siegel still haunting
the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas?

Listen to our EVP session we feel we had with Al Capone.



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When I think about ghost hunting...the first thing that comes to my mind is an old, creepy abandon house or a place where someone lived and died.  Well, there are soooo many things that have hauntings that sometimes I forget about the "not so common" places and things.

What about planes?  You have heard the stories about disappearing planes.  It is commonly theorized that some ghosts of people and animals are nothing more than residual energy, a non-reactive, pre-recorded event from the past that occasionally replays to witnesses much like a short movie scene.  We can therefore speculate that ghost planes, which are definitely not living, might also be a form of residual energy that is observed from time to time when the conditions are just right.

There aren't a lot of photos of ghostly planes.  This makes sense to me because this is just not something you can just look up and see.  Seeing something up in the air over 30,000ft might be a little difficult.  But there ARE plenty of people who have heard aircraft above, like propellers, pilots reporting radio signals of distress when there where no planes in sight or on radar, old planes being restored hearing voices and footsteps around the plane, planes that seem to appear then disappear and another common report is that parts that have been used from an aircraft from a crashed plane where there had been fatalities, all of the sudden on the new plane hear voices or feel like someone is watching them.

So, are there ghostly planes?  I certainly think there could be. Why not?  It seems that we are talking about something that is a little more difficult to investigate though.  Without a specific location you can drive or walk to, it's just a little harder to get evidence of it's existence.

From the air controllers tower
As seen on radar
 Taken out of the window of an airplane

Haunted ships.....what can I say.... but one of my favorite things to investigate.  There is just something about being on a ship that soldiers, passengers and crew lived for long periods at sea or even battled at sea...I love the feeling that they never really left the ship.

The USS Lexington-Since being commissioned in the year of 1943, this massive vessel has been called a number of things. The two most common names for the ship are “The Blue Ghost”,as well as “Lady Lex”. In today’s world, this haunted ship is docked and it serves as a museum for those that enjoy learning about history. In the world of yesterday, though, this mysterious water vessel served in twenty one battles out of twenty four in the Second World War. The Blue Ghost is said to be more than just a name issued based on the color, though. This particular ship is said to be an area that houses a number of spirits. Here, you will learn about one of the most haunted ships in the United States today, the USS Lexington in Corpus, Christi, Texas. 

Several residual hauntings are said to occur on the ship. Residual hauntings are like an energy, or a emotionally heightened time in a certain area. Many individuals claim that they hear voices, screams, and even cries. In some instances, people have indicated that they have heard noises that sound similar to distant weapons being fired while on board the USS Lexington.

I have been on this ship and loved it.  I posted a picture below, sorry it is not very good.  It was taken by my Mom a while ago and was not taken with a digital camera.  It had film that had to be developed in it.

Battleship Texas-  This ship finds its home in Houston, Tx.  I investigated this ship and got tons of orbs and what I believe is an Ecto mist.  For those who believe in the paranormal, the Battleship Texas has been one of their most sought-after sites for investigation. It is one of the state's leading historic attractions, a floating monument to those who fought and died in two World Wars.

The USS Lexington (photo taken by Lynnette Tolbert-my Mom)

Ecto Mist over a small cemetery in
front of the Battleship Texas
You may need to blow this picture up to see the orb in it.
I love this picture because it just is cool to catch an orb in the daytime.

The Battleship Texas

Cool Orb on Battleship Texas

And the last ship I investigated The Queen Mary.  It has been said that The Queen Mary is one of the most haunted ships in the world!!!  In particular, Cabin B340.  Alleged it is haunted by the spirit of a
person who was murdered there,(we found that room 340B was locked and the number was actually removed from the wall....hhhuummm so unless you know about the story of this room there was know way to identify that it was room 340B) and people have reported hearing sounds of children playing in the nursery. Other reported ghosts include a young sailor who was accidentally killed in the ship's engine room, crew members of the Curacoa who were killed when Queen Mary collided with her, and an unidentified "lady in white". And the most famous story is that of a little girl named "Jackie" that drowned in the pool on The Queen Mary.
If you get the chance to go stay on The Queen May, don't pass it up!! It is beautiful!!!!!
The Queen Mary

Inside this beautiful ship

We weren't the only Passengers...
The Swimming Pool where Jackie drown

The Pool area