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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  I am still excited about it being October....creepy, spooky, strange things happening.....yep.....right down my alley!!!!!

I am headed to the MOST HAUNTED HOTEL IN THE US this weekend....The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado!  I can not wait!!!!  Wanted to go there for years!!!!  I will be sure and take lots of pics and hopefully have lots of exciting things to share with you all when I get back!!!

So, here is a little about the Stanley:  (And I would love to hear from you if you have had an experience at the Stanley)

The Stanley Hotel was built during the early part of 1900 by Freelan Oscar Stanley, the creator of the Stanley Steam Engine. Stanley and his wife, Flora, came to Colorado in 1903 under instructions from Stanley’s doctor to get some fresh mountain air. He suffered from tuberculosis and had been given six months to live. His doctor made arrangements for them to stay in Estes Park at a friend’s cabin for the summer. Stanley’s health improved dramatically and the couple loved the area.

Stanley Hotel Haunted

Stanley Hotel Haunted
Image of The Shining Hotel
The Stanley Hotel was built on land bought from Earl Lord Dunraven, who visited the area during an 1872 hunting excursion. Dunraven built a cabin, hotel and hunting lodge for guests and then homesteaded illegally up to 6,000 acres to try to develop a private hunting preserve. When it was discovered that Dunraven was trying to swindle people out of their money and land, he was made run away.
Construction on the Stanley Hotel began in 1906. Rock and wood obtained from nearby mountains was used to build it in the Georgian style of architecture. It was completed in 1909 and held its grand opening. The hotel catered to the rich and famous and boasted electricity, running water, and telephones. It didn’t have heat, however, so it was turned into a summer resort.
Below you find everything about the Stanley Hotel haunted:

The Shining Hotel

Many people are aware of The Stanley Hotel because of Stephen King’s book The Shining. While he did not write the book while staying at the hotel, he did experience some things there that influenced his writing. King was working on a story centered around a haunted amusement park that had roller coasters flying off the tracks to eat people. His friends didn’t like the story and told him so. He decided to back away for a bit and think about the story some more so King and Tabitha, his wife, traveled through Estes Park and into the Rocky Mountain National Park. Highway 34, or Trailridge Road, was closed because of bad weather. They turned back and King decided to stay at the Stanley Hotel instead. He experienced some scary things while they were there and he worked a lot of these events into The Shining. This is why the hotel is sometimes referred to as the Shining Hotel.

Stanley Hotel Haunted

There have been a number of ghosts spotted at the Stanley Hotel. One of the most well-known is F.O. Stanley himself. He’s often seen hanging around in the Billiard Room and the lobby as these were his favorite areas of the hotel when he was living. He once appeared to a group of tourists that were in the Billiard Room by materializing behind one of the tourists. Bartenders at the Stanley claim to see F.O. strolling through the bar and vanishing as they attempt to stop him at the kitchen.
In addition, Flora Stanley has been spotted quite often. She used to entertain the guests by playing the piano in the ballroom. She’s said to still do just that. Many times, her music is heard, but only the piano keys are seen moving. However, if anyone walks into the room for further investigation, the music ceases, as does the movement of the piano keys.
Various rooms in the Stanley Hotel are especially active when it comes to paranormal activity. One of these is Room 407. Lord Dunraven is said to occupy this room at times. He supposedly likes to stand in the corner of the room close to the bathroom door. One witness said that a light constantly turned on and off. When the light was off, the witnesses informed the ghost that they knew of his presence.
They also told him that they were just staying two nights and then politely requested that he please turn back on the light. That’s when the light came back on. Later, the lights were off, but noises kept coming from an elevator close by. The problem was that this particular elevator was out of order at the time. There are other reports of a ghostly face peering out of the window of Room 407 even when the room is vacant.

Stanley Hotel Hauntings

Another room that gets a lot of attention is Room 418. The spirits here are mostly from children. Cleaning staff have heard many odd sounds coming from the room along with seeing impressions on the bed when no one has been in the room. When Room 418 is occupied, the guests talk about hearing children playing at night in the hallway. There was even a couple that checked out really early in the morning because of all the noise the children had made in the hallway all night. Oddly enough, no children were staying at the hotel then.
When Stephen and Tabitha King stayed at the hotel, it was at the end of the season and they were the only two guests. They stayed in Room 217. There was a tragic accident in this room during 1911. Housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson was almost killed during a gas leak explosion in that room. She survived the explosion but died in the 1950s. Since that time there has been odd and unexplained activity in Room 217. This activity includes lights turning on and off and doors opening and closing on their own. There are also reports of guests having their suitcases unpacked and items put away.
There’s a story that the tour guides tell about a small child that’s been spotted by a lot of the staff members all over the hotel. Even Stephen King saw this child calling for his nanny on the second floor. If you want the best chance to experience some ghostly activity, the best place to stay is on the fourth floor of the hotel. This is where children are heard at all hours of the night playing and chasing each other.

Stanley Hotel Ghost

I have been looking around for some stories about The Stanley Hotel and here is one that sticks out. A person was on a ghost tour of the hotel and happened to take this picture just outside the hotel. As you can see the window has a child at it, but the figure is very hazy when it shouldn’t be because that window is actually opened. The person that took the photo investigated into this photo and called the hotel.
The Stanley Hotel - Ghost Child at the window

The Stanley Hotel – A ghost at the window
See you when I get back......if I MAKE IT BACK!!!! :)



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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!  Halloween is on its way!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will be posting a Halloween Contest tomorrow on my blog, so get ready and WIN!!!!  Thank goodness October doesn't last any longer than 31 days because I have NO SELF CONTROL during this month!  Every time I go to the store I buy something or should I say.................LOTS of things with GHOST on it. LOL  My office is decorated in ghosts so this is the time of year I load up on ghosts!  I can get ghosts that don't have pumpkins and witches on them, that can be displayed all year round.  I have real problems.....don't I???????? LOL

Ok......back to this weeks blog. Check out the Sorrel Weed House.  I have not been here personally, but again....on my "to do" list.

This home has been deemed as the single largest home in all of Savannah. This particular house has been shown and profiled on a number of television programs and channels due to the fact that it is claimed that it is haunted. These include Ghost Hunters, the ever popular Today Show, and others. Here, you will learn about this haunted house in Savannah, Georgia.

The Hauntings
There are a number of hauntings that are said to occur at the Sorrel Weed House. The following represents some of the haunted tales of individuals who have been subjected to the spirits:

• There is a room that is in the basement of the structure. Originally, this served as an office for the individual who lives in the structure by the name of “Steve”. He spent approximately three months in the office. Unfortunately, he was not at ease when he was in the room. It was later discovered that the same area once housed slaves who worked in it. At that time, it was actually a kitchen for the slaves. Eventually, it was deemed appropriate to turn it into a type of “Voodoo Room” for the sake of the tourists who came to the home. Many of the visitors have claimed that they feel almost sick when they enter the room, and have had to leave. There are a number of people who claim that they feel a strong physical presence in the room as well.

Pretty cool photo.
On many different nights, this same individual, Steve, who lives upstairs, has heard the sound of a party or some type of social gathering occurring downstairs. He has heard people talking, laughing, and music. When he eases down the stairs in an effort to see what is going on, everything suddenly stops. This is a very haunting and chilling experience
Do you see anything?
• Noises that sound like a war, with a marching band and all are heard. There was once a war in the Savannah area and it is believed that this is a residual haunting and replays itself over and over again.  (Please note that the photos are not mine)


The above link is really cool if you want to know more. 



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I wanted to share some very sad news with you that I just found out about....please send prayers for their families.  Thank you.

Click on the link below to read more on this sad news...




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 Vampires?  They bite you on the neck...... they suck all the blood out of you .........and then  they turn into bats and fly off into the night.  Nothing to major.  Right?  Do they even exist??? Listen….I believe that spirits can fly all around us and through walls and move things…..so who am I to judge. J 
The cases of Vampires all over the world before, during and after “Dracula” both seduces and frightened u but the case of Mercy Brown, the Rhode Island Vampire now here's a FRIGHTENING story!!!!

Mercy Brown has the distinction of being the last of the North American vampires-at least in the traditional sense.  Mercy Lena Brown was a farmer’s daughter and an upstanding member of rural Exeter, Rhode Island.  On March 17, 1892, Mercy’s body was exhumed from the cemetery because members of the community suspected the vampire Mercy Brown was attacking her dying brother, Edwin.
The Brown family had tragic loss after loss.  Consumption (known to us today as pulmonary tuberculosis) took its first victim from the Brown family in Dec. 1883 when it took Mercy’s mother, Mary Brown.  Seven months later, the Brown’s eldest daughter, Mary Olive, also died of consumption.  The Brown’s only son, Edwin contracted the disease and was sent away for treatment.  But the treatment could not help Edwin as he continued to get worse, so he returned home to die.  Mercy by this time had contracted the disease as well and shortly died after Edwin returned.   Her grave is located in Exeter, Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Number 22 behind the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church.

George Brown began to panic!  He had lost his wife, two daughters and now his only son. The doctors back then had no explanation for what had taken the lives of his family.  Rumors of vampires in this area were commonly talked about back in the 1800’s.  George felt his family was cursed.  He was willing to do ANYTHING to stop the evil that was plaguing his family.  He WAS EVEN willing to dig up the body of his deceased daughter, remove her heart, burn it, and feed the ashes to his son because he felt he had no other choice. YUCK!!! YUCK!!! YUCK!!!! (Sorry, but that is YUCKY)

Folklore says that after that….Mercy turned over in her grave!!!  There’s a newspaper report that says she wasn’t actually interred in the ground.   She was actually buried in an above-ground crypt, because bodies were stored in the wintertime when the ground was frozen and they couldn’t really dig a hole.  When the spring came, they would bury them then.
Because of the questions concerning Mercy’s body, they had her body examined.  The report stated that “her heart and liver had blood in it.  And it was LIQUID blood which meant to them that is was FRESH”!
Even though Mr. Brown believed that “cutting out the heart of a vampire, burning it and feeding it to a victim, would kill the vampire and the victim would have the curse of the vampire broken and would heal, Mr. Brown’s son still died a couple months later.
Today some claim to see Mercy Brown’s spirit near her headstone.  Others have also spotted a glowing ball of light above her grave.  Is Mercy looking for her HEART or her next “taste of BLOOD”?????
I would LOVE to know if anyone else have heard about Mercy or has visited her grave.  :)



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Hi everyone!!!  I am back from vacation and I missed you guys!!!  I am working on a really cool video to share with you guys of a residential investigation.  But in the mean time, someone ask me to repost about dowsing rods.  Hope you guys had a great holiday last week and now it's back to business. :)

The art of dowsing has been around for centuries, perhaps even thousands of years. It is the oldest form of divination known to man and has been used for a variety of different reasons, including searches for underground water, discovering the location of unmarked graves, determining the sex of unborn children and even locating ghosts.
How dowsing actually works remains a mystery, but it has proven to be uncannily accurate over the years. Even the American Society of Dowsers admits that “the reasons the procedures work are entirely unknown.”
The standard practice of dowsing is to search for underground water sources.  No one knows how this works, it simply does.  I work for a water dept. and with all the MODERN DAY equipment to locate water lines, the one my company still RELIES on the most....is you guessed it...dowsing rods.  I am just amazed sometimes when I watch the guys walk over a water source and the rods just cross!!!! 
To use dowsing rods to find ghosts, most dowsers recommend using two L-shaped rods that have been made from brass or some lightweight metal. Hold the short end of the rod so that the longer piece points outward, away from your body. The rods should be held loosely so that they have room to swing easily back and forth.
After that, begin searching the building or location. It has been suggested that it’s possible that by searching, and by concentrating on what you are looking for, you can find ghosts, anomalous energy and some say even dimensional portals, using dowsing rods.
Walk about the location and follow where the rods lead you. They are supposed to point in the direction of any energy they detect. Once you have discovered the energy source, the rods will cross, signaling that the area in question has been found.
I have used and continue to use dowsing rods in my investigations.  You don't need a lot of FANCY EQUIPMENT to find ghosts, just a set of dowsing rods and they are very inexpensive. 
Above is a video of my daughter using a set of dowsing rods for the very first time.  What impresses me about this clip, is that the wind was blowing pretty hard that day, so the rods SHOULD not have been able to move AGAINST the strong wind BUT THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can see the surprise look on my daughters face when they do.  This video was taken at South Padre Island, Tx at a haunted light house.  I just had to stop by on the way home.  One more thing you will notice, it is NOT at night!!!  It was early morning and we were having great communication as you will see.
OK......I know.  It looks like Dowsing Rods could easily be manipulated by the person holding the rods, but until you use them, you won't understand that WE are NOT manipulating them at all!!!!!  They are a favorite tool of mine to use when ghost hunting....so give them a try!
If you would like to order a set, check out Amazon.com for Beck's Custom Dowsing Rods. :)  Each set is made with love and I have tons of different styles.  Just search on Amazon for Custom Dowsing Rod Kits.



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Some hotels can claim to have one or two resident ghosts.  The Ben Lomond Suites Hotel has at least six!  The hotel has been around in one form or another for more than 200 years!  Don't you just love hotels that have been around for hundred's of years?  I always think about the walls.  I know, I know....but I do.  I think about what the walls must have seen over the years and if they could talk what would they tell us.  Would they say..."hey, I remember the day that a man shot his wife and blood splattered all over me!" LOL  Ok....that's a little weird...but anyway..... :)

Mr. Ben Lomond

Trains, trains and more trains that's all Jay ever thought about. (kinda' like us ghost hunters, all we ever think about are ghosts and more ghosts. LOL)  Anyway to say that Jay LOVED trains was an understatement.  His life long dream was to travel to west Utah to stand on Promontory Summit, where back in 1869 a ceremonial golden spike was driven in to link the United Pacific and Central Pacific rail lines, creating the first transcontinental railroad.

After thirty-five years with the same company, Jay retired and the next spring started on his DREAM vacation to travel across the nation by rail.  His last stop would be on May 10, the anniversary of the date on which the fabled spike had been driven, when there would be a reenactment of the ceremony, including two steam engines meeting nose to nose on the same track.

He had been on the train headed to the Summit for quite a long time, when Jay welcomed a much needed break to spend a couple nights in a REAL BED in a luxury hotel in Ogden, the Ben Lomond Suites.

In 1891, E.A. Reed built a four-story hotel, which he named after himself, at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Twenty-fifth Street.  A. Perry, the president and cofounder of the Ogden Bank, felt that with a rapidly growing city like Ogden it needed a first-class hotel, so in 1926 he formed a corporation with three hundred stockholders to purchase the Reed Hotel and completely remodeled it.  Included in the remodel would be an eight-story L-shaped tower with 350 guest rooms attached to the rear of the original hotel. 

The newly remodeled hotel rechristened Bigelow Hotel opened instantly to being ranked as one of the top hotels in the state in 1927.  In 1933, Marriner S. Eccles, another Utah banker, purchased the Bigelow and added a two-story penthouse, and changed the name to the Ben Lomond Hotel.  For more than 40 years it remained a city favorite.  After 40 years, and changing hands many times, the
 Radisson chain in the 1980's purchased the property and it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

Jay was so glad to be in a hotel, he decided to pamper himself and stay in one of the condo's at the hotel located on the upper floors.  Room 1102.  Once inside he showered and feel asleep as soon as his head hit his pillow.

Jay awoke the next morning a new man.  Ready to take on the sites of Ogden and particular the things having to do with the railroad...off he went.  After a long day of site seeing, Jay decided he needed a nice, long, hot bath.  Yes, that's what he needed!  As he opened his condo door, he immediately knew something was wrong.  Water was already running in the bathroom!!!!!! He rushed in and sure enough, the water was running in the bathtub.  Thank goodness the drain was open!  With a little confusion....had he leave the water on or had house keeping been in and left the water running.... oh well....no real harm done.  So he pulled the drain pug up so that the water would fill up in the tub.  In just a few minutes, Jay got in and leaned back to immerse himself into relation!  Drifting back on his perfect day.....all the sudden he feels something pushing on his back.  Was he imaging things????  Then not 10 seconds later...he felt invisible hands grab his arms and hands as to pull him out of the tub.  SOMETHING or SOMEONE wanted him OUT of the tub!!!!  He took the hint....he jumped out and dried off and laid on his bed trying to figure out....what just happened??????

Stories like Jay's are frequent at the Ben Lomond Hotel.  Rumor has it that a women on her honeymoon drowned in the tub in room 1102.  No known dates or names have been given to this story, but ever since, people have experienced coming into their rooms and the water is running, feeling hands on them in the tub and sometimes trying to PUSH THEM UNDER!!!!

Another spirit is said the be the drowning victim's son who after coming to the hotel to pick up his Mother's things decided to stay in the room right next to the room where his Mother drown.......room 1101.  Overcome with despair.......he committed suicide. 

Mary Eccles
Reports from the hotel staff include, phantom voices coming from both rooms when know one is staying in them.  The housekeepers report that sometimes after making the beds, they turn around and there are indentions as if someone is laying on the bed.  And there's another room that seems to be giving the hotel staff trouble.......room 1106.  Legend has it that a Mother checked into room 1106 to wait for her son to return from World War II.  Upon learning of his death, she stopped eating and starved to death in that very room.  The desk clerks say that they will get phone calls from that room and when they answer the line goes dead.........not to mention.....know one is checked into that room.

Mary, Eccles's first wife whom he was married to when he bought the hotel, is said to roam the corridors, the fifth floor, the top floor and in the elevators.  They say you will know it's Mary because you will smell her lilac perfume.  Another spirit is said to be that of a sixty-five year male clerk that was stabbed to death late at night while being robbed in 1976 by a fifteen year old boy.  Although he has not been "seen" he is felt by turning on the music in the foyer and fiddling with the phone cords. 

Other sightings and experiences include, a female apparition on the third-floor gymnasium, guests in room 212 have felt hands pushing them, cold spots, footsteps, doors opening and closing by themselves, elevators acting up and stopping randomly at the fifth and tenth floors when know call button has been pushed.

So, if you DARE to stay at the Ben Lomond Hotel, don't take a bath....I suggest a shower!!! LOL



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I have had a couple of teachers and students ask me "How can I tell if my school is haunted"?  So I thought this would be a good week to write about it with school starting.

Have fellow students or even teachers admitted that they have encountered strange activity, such as doors opening and closing on their own, lights going on and off, disembodied footsteps or voices, phantom music, or maybe even an apparition? Perhaps you’ve experienced something unusual yourself. I have had some teachers and students write me on HOW they can tell if there school is haunted so......Here are some ways you can find out:

1. Ask around. Seek school staff and ask them if they have had any experiences with strange activity. Those who work after hours might be the most helpful. Maintenance workers are often at the school in the evening or at night when the place is empty and quiet, and paranormal activity can more easily be noticed. Teachers sometimes stay after hours, too, to grade papers, prepare activities, or oversee a student club. Find out if they've come across anything that could be considered paranormal. Likewise ask fellow students if they've had any weird experiences. Ask them to spread the word that you are seeking this information. (Be cautious, however; some students are likely to make up stories.)
  1. Check online listings. There are some good sources on the Internet for information about haunted schools. This site has a gallery of Haunted Colleges and Universities. Another great source is Shadowlands.net, which has listings of haunted places for every state. Find your state and city and see if your school is listed as a place where ghosts have been reported. The listing often provides a brief description of reported activity.
Do a Google search. Use Google, Bing, or some other online search engine and see if there is any additional information online. For example, enter into the search engine:
  1. "John Smith High School" ghosts haunted haunting
    Perhaps an article will show up in the results that tells you about haunting experiences.
  2. Newspaper articles. An online search might yield newspaper articles, but not all newspapers put their archives online. Go to the newspaper and ask how you might conduct such a search of their archives. The local library might be helpful as well.
  3. School newspaper. Does your school have a newspaper? Checking back issues of the paper might yield some ghostly anecdotes.
  4. Historical Society. The local historical society is often a good source of information about the area, possibly even the school or the grounds upon which it was built. (Perhaps it was once the location of something creepy.) The society might be a source of records, legends, or stories about the location.
  5. Ghost hunting groups. Contact any ghost hunting or paranormal investigation groups in your area. They might have information about haunting activity reported at the school. Perhaps they have been contacted by students or staff about experiences there. They might have even done an investigation.
  6. Your Own Hunt. If you uncover some evidence that there has been some paranormal activity at your school, you could seek permission to conduct your own investigation. If they allow it, the school authorities will most likely want to have a faculty member or other school staff present. The local ghost investigation group could be helpful in providing guidance and equipment.
  1. Be persistent. It might be difficult finding out any information about hauntings or ghost reports at your school. Such research can be hard work.
  2. Be skeptical. If there are stories or anecdotes about haunting activity at your school, do not automatically assume that they are true. Legends that are nothing more than made up stories are sometimes manufactured by imaginative students. Try to get the best sources you can.
  3. Document your experience. If you have had your own paranormal experience at the school, write it down. Be sure to include where and when it happened, who was with you, and every detail of the experience as best as you can remember it, including every sight, sound, smell, and sensation. It might be a good idea to inform a faculty member of your experience also.
  4. Document your research. It's quite possible that no one has ever assembled all of the information about paranormal activity at your school. With all of the research you've done, perhaps you can be the first one to put it all together. You could write an article or even create a small booklet or website about your haunted school. Be careful to label rumors as rumors, legends as legends, etc. You want to be a good journalist. Who knows, your English teacher might even give you extra credit for it. I would also be interested in hearing about what you have discovered.
Hope this helps.....and IF you DO find out your school is HAUNTED.....be sure to let me know....who knows....maybe I can even come and investigate for you. :)



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Well it's time of year that ALL parents have been waiting on.........SCHOOL STARTING!!!! Yes.  The kids are back at school and Mom and Dad are soooooo happy.......because that means early bedtime again!!!!!!!!

I thought I would write a quick ghost story about a haunted school here in Dallas in honor of the school season.  I have not personally gotten to investigate a school but I would love to!!!!

First, North Dallas, in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, was one of the city's first high schools.  And part of its history involves ghosts.  More than one spirit reportedly roams its hallways after dark-a little girl in a blue dress who drowned in the old school pool over thirty years ago, a solider who died in
one of the wars, and an assortment of other presences who remain unidentified.

Ok...here is an account by Jason Thomas, an assistant baseball coach several years ago....

The head coach and I were in the team's locker room late in the afternoon, preparing for the upcoming season.  It was about three days shy of Christmas, and we were the only two people in the building.
   The lights were off in the rest of the building, and if we ventured into the main building from the locker room, the alarm would be set off, bringing the Dallas police to the school within minutes.  In addition to the alarm system, the locker-room door was secured with a padlock.  Nobody but us was going to get into that room that day.
   We were moving equipment around and discussing plans for the baseball season when the "secure" locker-room door creaked open.  And it was a way-over-the-top creak, the kind you hear in a scary movie.  But no one was there.  For the life of me, I don't know how a padlocked door could have been opened!
   A few minutes after that, the head coach decided we should go out to the parking lot.  His wife was driving up to meet us for dinner, and we figured it would be nice if we were waiting out back when she got there.
   As we passed the shower room, we heard a very faint yet rapid tapping on something metal-a peculiar sound we'd never there before.  Because the sort of stuff fascinates me, I walked into the shower room to investigate.  When I got to the center of the room, I was hit with the worst smell I've ever smelled in my life!  I turned around to discuss it with the head coach, but he was already hastily making his exit.
   Driven out by the terrible stench, I followed the coach outside.  Before long, his wife came and we headed off to dinner.  As we left the school grounds, we saw a blue light shining through the window of the second floor classroom.  We immediately dismissed it as a computer monitor left on by someone before Christmas break rolled around.  At the restaurant, we spent a while laughing off the whole experience and explaining it away before our conversation turned to baseball.
  On our return to the school, we saw something that left us shocked and confused.  The blue light we'd seen earlier at the back of the school had moved!!!  It was now floating in the third-floor stairwell on the buildings west side.  To our knowledge, there was no light bulb, computer, or even an electrical outlet in the third-floor stairwell.  I went back and confirmed this to be the case the next day.  We had a logical explanation for the blue light we'd seen earlier, but there was no way that a computer or anything else could have been plugged in on that third-floor landing.
  Did the blue light have anything to do with the little girl in the blue dress??? I still wonder, even though we'll never know.

So before you send the kids off to school......don't forget to send the sage!!!!!!!! LOL




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Exhausted to the point you can barely stand....chained in a dark attic for days with no food or water, wrists dripping in blood because the medal shackles are cutting into your skin, your hands covered in blisters and cuts, burning like they are on fire from weeks and months of hard labor mining for salt..........and your NOT ALONE!!!!

John H Crenshaw made his fortune in the 1830s by mining and refining salt, but because salt mining is horrible work, he had difficulty finding employees for his mines and refinery.  Although Illinois law prohibited slavery, Crenshaw discovered a loophole that allowed for leasing slaves from Southern owners.  He hated having to pay for their use, however, so he hired thugs to kidnap free blackmen and women who were then forced to work in the mines and refinery.  Sequestering his captives in the attic of his Hickory Hill house, he kept them chained and shackled every minute of every day they were not working.  An added bonus came in the form of nearly three hundred infants who were born to his captive women and who Crenshaw raised until they were old enough to be smuggled to the South and sold.  In 1842, Crenshaw was arrested on charges of slaves trading.  His money and power guaranteed that he was never sent to prison, and the full extent of Crenshaw's crimes did not come to light until after he sold the house in the mid-1860s.  By then, it was massively haunted by the spirits of those he had held in captivity.

In the 1920s, Hickory Hills was opened as a private museum, and from the start, visitors reported frightening experiences in the attic.  As they climbed the stairs, guest were overcome with feelings of anxiety and dread and reported screams, moans, whimpers, and the sound of dozens of unintelligible, mumbling voices emanating from the attic walls.  At least 150 people have attempted to spend the night in the attic.  The first was an exorcist named Hickman Wittington, who died only hours later of going into the attic.  Every investigator since then has run terrified from the house within a matter of minutes.  By 1996, the house had deteriorated to the point that it had to be closed, but in 2000 it was purchased by the state of Illinois, which plans to restore it and reopen it as a museum.  Now, called the Old Slave House Museum.  It is heavily protected as it is not officially opened.  Do you dare....go to THE ATTIC?????

If you would like to check on the progress of the Old Slave House Museum go to www.illinoishistory.gov or calling them at (217)758-1511.