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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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This is kinda' a long story but an AMAZING TRUE ONE!!!

Over fifty years ago,  in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, two men wearing football helmets and parachute harnesses, were guided through a borehole to safety on the morning of August 27, 1963.  The two men had a secret between them that they felt the world would never believe!!!  But when their fourteen-day ordeal was revealed to the public, the strange revelations of their experiences where told.

Fellin, who was fifty-eight at the time, recalled Throne, the twenty-four year old worker had been buried alive.  David Fellin thought the world should know who had given them the strength to survive.  Both men, interviewed separately, described with amazing accuracy their visitor,
who had stayed with them during the last eight days of their ordeal when they'd all but given up.  Who was the dedicated spirit that made its presence known?  Who never left them......who never gave up on them......None other than Pope John XXIII, who had died just weeks before.  David recalle da span of time when he left his body, saw a beautiful marble door, and witnessed scores of Egyptian men going about their work.  He was in awe at the sight before him, as he studied the men building pyramids.  He went on to say that the Egyptians did not move the stones as many people over the centuries have thought.  Rather, twenty-five men carrying buckets of sand and water poured the mix into wooden forms and built each million ton block one at a time.

There may be some that think Fellin and Throne were hallucinating.  Fellin swore an oath on the Bible, that everything he experienced while trapped in the mine was true.  He passed at least two polygraph tests about his experience trapped in the mine.  In 2002, a researcher studying the pyramids shared his revelation that, just as David Fellin had seen, each block was created from "cement" being poured into a form.

Here is there story:

On the morning of Aug. 13, a frantic call came in to the newsroom at The Standard-Speaker. There had been a cave-in at a coal mine near Sheppton and three miners were entombed.
The loss of three miners was initially of little interest elsewhere in the world but five days later, on Aug. 18, 1963, contact was made with two of the miners underground, and it became a sensational human-interest story.

Louis Bova, 54, of Pattersonville, near Shenandoah, the third miner entombed that morning, had been separated from the other two and his body was never found.
But for those first six days, Fellin, then 58, of Sheppton, and Throne, then 28, of Hazleton, courageously faced what appeared to be certain death.

Fellin, a miner for more than four decades, knew there was nothing the rescue party of volunteers could do to reach them.
There was only one entrance or exit - known as a slope - at the Oneida No. 2 mine, which was actually located outside the geographical limits of the Village of Sheppton midway between Hazleton and Shenandoah.
However, rescuers couldn't enter the slope because of additional rumblings deep inside, as well as the presence of hazardous gas.  So, for several days, officials of the state Department of Mines and Mineral Industries as well as members of the rescue party could do very little but watch and wait.
Meanwhile, Fellin and Throne were simply trying to stay alive.

Fellin, co-owner of the mine with Gene Gibbons, was semi-retired and no longer a full-time miner. But that morning, he descended underground with Throne and Bova to show them what he wanted them to do and also help load a metal mine car that ran on railroad tracks and hauled the coal to the surface.  When the first buggy was loaded, Bova pulled a cord that signaled the hoisting engineer in a small building topside to activate the mechanical hoist and pull the car out of the mine.

That first buggy made it about halfway to the surface when, suddenly, it stopped and the earth began quaking about 100 feet above the three miners.  Within seconds, Fellin, Throne and Bova heard louder rumbling above them just as a long electrical cord inside the gangway snapped and began dancing wildly, sparking electrical current.  Fellin knew the miners would be electrocuted if they came in contact with the live wire, so he led Bova and Throne to a small chamber off the main gangway. When they entered the small enclosure - only about 2 feet wide and 9 to 10 feet long - the rumbling intensified and it appeared that tons of dirt, rock and coal were about to cascade down on them.  Just then, Bova noticed a different chamber a short distance away and began running toward it. It was a fatal mistake because, almost immediately, the worst of the cave-in occurred, filling the area where they had been working.

That was the last Fellin or Throne saw Bova, whose body was never recovered and who is remembered today by a tombstone at the site of the rescue.  While the initial rescue team was totally frustrated above ground, Fellin and Throne were doing what they could to survive below.
For almost an hour they sat side by side in the enclosure, which was hardly wide enough for one of them to squeeze past the other.

All the time - while waiting for the aftershocks of the first cave-in to subside - each pulled up his shirt and placed it over his nose and mouth because there was little letup in dust.  Finally, when the tremors had ended and the dust finally settled, they realized they had to find water.  Fellin was familiar with the mine and knew there was a reservoir of stagnant, sewer-smelling water beneath their feet. So he used a broken tool to dig a small hole and, after it seemed to have hit a void, he grabbed an empty oil can, tied a rope to it and lowered it deep below him.  Soon, he was hauling up a can of putrid water.  Sipping it the first time, both Fellin and Throne spit it out. But after a few more sips, they began swallowing.

Next, the two miners had to combat the cold.  The temperature inside the mine hovered around 55 degrees but their clothes were wet and Fellin and Throne were shivering.  That's when Throne, sitting next Fellin with their backs to a wall, told his companion that he knew how he could make them warm. He told Fellin to sit between his legs and start rocking, which he did.  Each time they rocked, Throne had Fellin's shirt lifted and was blowing air down his back. Soon, both men were warm.
Fellin was amazed but Throne told him it was something he had been taught in the armed forces while stationed at a base in the far north.

They didn't have to face the other necessity - food - until the next day. That's when Fellin and Throne, who hadn't eaten for more than 24 hours, experienced serious hunger pain.  They were so hungry, in fact, that they attempted to eat the bark off timber that was holding up the roof of their chamber. But they spit it out when they realized they couldn't swallow it.  Then, suddenly, Fellin told Throne that he believed he had a way to "feed" them. He then got the can of water, held a finger to his Adam's apple and took a sip. Fellin then told Throne to do likewise.

After doing it a few times, both realized they were no longer hungry.  Fellin explained that, for some reason, he remembered seeing movie newsreels in which Mahatma Gandhi would be shown in the midst of his many long hunger strikes, subsisting only on water. Fellin said he remembered that anytime Gandhi was shown taking a drink, he was pressing onto his Adam's apple.  Years later, Fellin said he had learned that the maneuver triggers a mechanism in the body that allows a person to live off body fats. He did that until food was sent down through a borehole after the rescue crew made contact.  'They're alive'!

On the surface, rescuers began to fear there was nothing they could do to save the miners, if they were even still alive.  When virtually all hope was lost, a million-in-one gamble was taken.
It was decided, as a last-ditch effort to satisfy the families of the miners, to drill a 6-inch-wide borehole in an attempt to reach the men buried more than 300 feet underground.

Drilling the hole took much of Aug. 17 and all of Aug. 18, but about 11 p.m. Aug. 18, a Sunday, a hole had been drilled to the proper depth. Just before midnight, a light and a microphone were lowered in an effort to establish contact with the miners.  A member of the rescue crew cupped his mouth over the borehole, got as close as he could to the ground and yelled: "Look for the light!"
He thought he had heard something, so he stood up and waved both arms, demanding total silence.
Once again he got on all fours and hollered, "Look for the light!" then cupped an ear to the borehole and excitedly jumped to his feet and screamed: "They're alive! I hear them! They're alive!"
Within minutes, the astounding news spread like wildfire around the world.

"MINE MIRACLE" was the giant headline across the top of the Los Angeles Times the next morning.  What followed was the patient drilling of larger boreholes, then the drilling of a 17 1/2-inch borehole with a drill loaned by one of eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes' companies.
People worldwide waited for a happy ending - and it finally came in the wee hours of Aug. 27, 1963.
First Throne, then Fellin were pulled to the surface wearing parachute harnesses and football helmets.
It was a scene that would be almost duplicated at the Quecreek bituminous mine in Somerset County in 2002.

There was a great difference in the two rescues, however.  At Somerset, high-tech scientific equipment was used to determine where the men might be underground.  In the cave-in and rescue near Sheppton, it was sheer guesswork - and a good deal of luck.  The original drill had traveled many miles to arrive at the site where the cave-in occurred. It was destined to drill the borehole near a wooden stake that indicated where the miners might be found, at the recommendation of state Bureau of Mining and United Mine Workers officials and veteran miners who had worked inside that mine years before.

But it didn't quite work out that way.  The truck carrying the drill broke down quite a distance from the stake. With little recourse and less time to waste, rescuers decided to sink the borehole there, and the rest is history.

And here is a News report on the disaster.





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In the midst of Oxbow Lake on the University of Texas/Texas Southmost College is an island that was once a National Cemetery.  However, in 1909, some 3,800 bodies were unearthed and moved to Alexandria, Louisiana.  After the cemetery was moved, the island became a mecca for hotels and retail stores.  However, it was later taken over by the college campuses and now houses a number of dormitories and is known as the "Village at Fort Brown."
The old fort morgue, was joined with a storage building in 1940, and now serves as Texas Southmost College office space.  During the forts heyday's, the morgue was used extensively by Dr. William Gorgas, who dissected bodies in order to study the Yellow Fever disease in a futile attempt to find a cure.  In any event, small objects leaping into the air, staff who have regularly felt a presence within their midst, and one who even had her hair pulled by an unseen entity.  Others report anomalies in their photographs including a solid dark image.
At the former Post Hospital, now called Gorgas Hall, and serving as the Administration Building for the campus, more strange events occur regularly.  Here, numerous patients with Yellow Fever were treated in the 1880's, as many of whom, unfortunately, died.  A ward on the second floor of the building was used for violent patients.  The most often anomalies are the face of former patients peering from the windows and captured on film, though that are apparently not seen with the human eye.  Witnesses have also claimed to see a "face" appear on the surface of the brick wall.
Others have reported seeing spirits roaming throughout the building including a doctor, a couple of nurses, and mourning woman dressed all in black.  The sounds of faint voices, footsteps, and other unexplainable noises are consistently heard in the building.  Other unearthly happenings include door knobs that seemingly move of their own accord, as well as objects transporting themselves.
In 1904, Commissary/Guardhouse building, now used as an art building, also has a record of hauntings.  Its basement continues to display the metal grated cell gates where prisoner's were once held.  Unfortunately, for the art students, their projects are often found to be missing or damaged.  Others report feeling cold drafts, hearing distant voices, having been touched  by unseen entities, and the sounds of scraping metal on the outside of the building.
The Little Chapel, which dates to 1868, also has its share of tales.  Though it was moved from its original location, the move evidently brought its spectral phenomena with it.  Here have been heard unearthly footsteps and inexplicable shadows and movements have been reported.
Tales of the Arnulfo L. Oliveira Memorial Library date back for decades.  One of the oldest storiest is of a night janitor who was startled when he stepped outside of the library to witness what appeared to be the full fort still in action.....cavalry soldiers on horseback and infantry soldiers marching on the former parade grounds.  Can you imagine seeing that!!!  That would be soooooo cool.  Oh back to the story....Other claims include the spirit of a young girl, appearing in 19th century attire, who appears on the second floor.
More reports tell of a malevolent phantom of an adult male who also appears on the second floor as well as a dark shadowy figure.  Staff also report items being mysteriously rearranged, mysterious chills, fans that turn on and off of their own accord, the sounds of creaks and rattling on the second floor, and more.
And I can't help but to tell you about the "ghostly puppy".  A little stray puppy is said to follow groups of people as they walk from class to class but when they sit down to pet the puppy it literally disappears!!!!!  aaaawwww....  And this story has been told by many of the students over the years.

This is defiantly one on my "top 5" list to visit this year...so stay tuned...... Have a great week everyone.....and if I haven't said it lately.....thanks for taking the time to sit down and read by "not so politically correct" blog on the crazy world of the paranormal.   :)


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                                          HELP ME WIN THE BOOBUDDY CONTEST!!!!

Hey everyone....I am trying to win a contest.  It is on the GhostStop.com.  PLEASE click on the link below and vote for my picture of BooBear in the haunted "Children's room" in the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.  THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!




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Hello everyone!!!  And Happy Early Mothers Day to all the great Moms out there.  I thought I would tell you guys about a ghostly Mother that is said to have saved her son.

And I am sorry, thinking about Mothers Day....I can't get this story out of my head so I am doing a re-post on it.  Enjoy....


And don't forget to give your Mom a big hug and kiss and even if your Mom has passed....STILL hold out your arms and give her a BIG kiss.  You may just be surprised by what happens...... BTW....I LOVE YOU MOM!!!  Thank you for being my best friend, my love guru, my advisor, my voice of reason (yes, I know...I should have listen more to MY VOICE OF REASON. lol) and many more things I can't think of them all....I love you tons and tons.

Truth or Legend? A Mother’s Ghost Saves Her Son

haunted highway
In the wee hours of June 10, 1994, Deborah Hoyt awoke with a start. She was staying with her husband at a relative’s home in Sacramento, CA, but felt she must leave immediately. The winding mountain road between Sacramento and the Hoyts’ own home in Lake Tahoe made Deborah uneasy, especially at night, but the urge to leave was overwhelming.
“I just felt like there was something pulling me up the mountain,” Hoyt said in an appearance on Paranormal Witness.
At a section of Highway 50 known as Bullion Bend, near Placerville, Deborah spotted a nude woman lying near the shoulder of the road. The woman was positioned on her side, bent legs together with an arm over her head. She was ghastly pale and looked dead.
Horrified, Deborah and her husband drove to the nearest phone and called the police. Sheriff’s deputy Rich Strasser arrived at the scene, but found no trace of a woman, nude or otherwise.

A Disappearance

Four days earlier Christene Skubish, 24, and her son Nick, 3, left her parents’ home near Sacramento to embark on a new life. Bound for Southern California, Christene was excited to begin a new job and provide a better life for her son. However, the pair never made it to a friend’s house as planned. The concerned friend eventually phoned Christene’s father who alerted authorities. The police brushed off the report at first, saying Christene and Nick would eventually show up.

Odd Dreams

Meanwhile, Christene’s aunt began having strange dreams. In one, she was riding in the backseat of a car and saw the silhouette of a woman and a young boy riding up front. It was night, and the car was traveling in a heavily wooded area. In another dream, Christene and Nick stood in a yard as hurricane-force winds whipped leaves from the trees. Christene tried and tried to reach her son, but the howling wind repeatedly pushed her back. The aunt asked Christene if she was okay, but a haunted-looking Christene said no.
The aunt’s dreams had come true in the past, and she was sure something terrible had befallen Christene and Nick. Frightened, she called Christene’s father and then left to look for the missing pair.

A Terrible Discovery

Back in Placerville, Deputy Rich Strasser couldn’t forget the report of a nude woman near the road. Deborah Hoyt seemed like a credible witness, and Strasser was certain she’d seen something. After learning about Christene and Nick’s disappearance, Strasser wondered if the two incidents were related. On a hunch, he returned to Bullion Bend to scour the area.
The deputy found nothing out of the ordinary at first, but he soon came across a child’s shoe. After peering into the brush, Strasser spotted a demolished car at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment. He raced to the vehicle and found Christene and Nick inside. Christene was dead, her body fully clothed in the driver’s seat. Nick was curled up nude in the passenger seat, alive, but in critical condition.
Nick ultimately survived his injuries, though he’d gone five days without food or water. Authorities believe Christene fell asleep at the wheel, leading her car to plunge off the highway and roll down the steep embankment. The coroner determined that she’d died upon impact or shortly thereafter.

Help from Beyond

Though he was only three at the time, Nick says he remembers the accident and the long nights after. He remembers climbing up and down the embankment. He remembers a glowing white light hovering near the mangled vehicle and a shadowy figure standing nearby. He remembers telling his family about the angel that had watched over him.
Christene was fully clothed when Strasser found her, and authorities believe she died soon after the crash. So who was the dead woman on the roadside? Hoyt believes it was a spirit sent by God to save Nick before it was too late. Christene’s friends and family believe she watched over her son, even after death, appearing as a nude apparition to get the attention of passing motorists.
“I absolutely think something special happened here,” Deputy Strasser said on Paranormal Witness. “I think it is a miracle. It’s a whole series of events that I can’t explain. I’ve often thought about it. I just don’t have the answers.”

Truth or Legend?

Unlike many paranormal tales, the facts of this case have been well documented. Christene Skubish indeed ran off the road near Bullion Bend, and Deborah Hoyt indeed reported a naked woman near the accident site BEFORE anyone knew about the accident. So who, or what, did she see?
The most intriguing theory is that Christene’s ghost remained near the wreckage and appeared nude to draw attention to Nick. Some versions of the tale claim “numerous motorists” called authorities about seeing a naked woman near Bullion Bend. However, mainstream coverage of the event only mentions Deborah Hoyt’s report.
Another theory is that Deborah saw Nick on the road, not Christene. After all, police did find Nick naked in the vehicle and he does remember climbing up and down the embankment. It was also dark and Deborah may not have seen the figure clearly. Could she have confused the three-year-old boy with a grown woman?
The other paranormal elements of this story – Deborah Hoyt’s sudden urge to leave, the aunt’s dreams, the white light, and the figure watching over Nick in the car – are interesting, but of course impossible to prove.
What do you think of this story? Do you believe something supernatural occurred or is there a more logical explanation?

Check out the video they did on Haunted Highways on this story.



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I just had to share this with you guys.  Warning... If you are an animal lover this will break your heart!!!  The loss this dog feels....is VERY REAL!!!



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Soooo.... One of my FAVORITE things to do is to talk to the spirits of children.  I love talking and communicating with the kids. :)
Check out these Nursery Rhymes. You may think twice before ever teaching these to your children again.




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First, let me say I am sorry for posting a day late.  I have been at a conference for my "day job" as an HR Manager and just flat couldn't get the time to post.

Being out on the road and having to eat out a lot, I thought I would write about a VERY haunted restaurant. So here is a short post about the Lyceum Restaurant in Salem Massachusetts.  PLEASE if you have visited this restaurant I would love to hear from you!!!

This haunted Salem restaurant was built upon the former site of Bridget Bishop's apple orchard.  It's believed that Bridget's restless spirit haunts the building to this day!  In 1692, that's right.....1692.....she was accused of witchcraft.  Found guilty, Bridget spent the next year in prison, until the fateful day that she was led to the gallows and hanged.

Sadly for Bridget, she would come to be memorialized for being the first witch to have been executed in the Salem witch trials.

Years later, a historic lecture hall was built on the site of the apple orchard; it would host such notables as Hawthorne, Thoreau, Emerson, and the prominent inventor, Alexander Bell.  In fact, in 1877, history was made from this location, as Bell demonstrated his invention here and made the first public phone call.

In 1989 George Harrington purchased the building, and the Lyceum Bar & Grill soon opened.  Ever since, employees and patrons alike have witnessed scores of unexplained phenomena.  Above the hectic activities of a bustling restaurant, many people have heard a female voice whisper in their ears.  Shocked patrons have given George countless photos depicting unexplainable light anomalies.  Some employees have seen the ghostly image of a woman starting out a second-floor window, only to have her vanish upon their approach.  And there are those that have caught the sweet, succulent scent of apple blossoms in the air.  When the staff are questioned about the origin of the floral aroma, they state that it's a gift from Bridget.

No comments please!!  This was
a long...long...time ago!!! LOL
Now, I have been to Salem and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I went before the Lyceum Restaurant was opened.  If you get the chance to go to Salem DON"T PASS IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For ANYONE interested in the paranormal....this is a gold mine!!!!  And hey....stop in and say "hi" to Bridget for me. :)



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I am doing a re-post on the very haunted Miss Molly's in Forth Worth, Texas.  Some of my followers on Facebook are going and wanted to know about my experience at this awesome little place....so here ya go.....

Miss Molly's Fort Worth, Tx
December 13, 2013(Friday the 13th)

So, after living so close to this haunted Bed and Breakfast, I finally got to go investigate it! I have wanted to do this forever! Miss Molly's has been featured on many paranormal shows and has reported lots of activity there.  And I can say, I wasn't disappointed!!! 
The place itself is awesome and no doubt you step back into time here.... it is very dark and dim inside with only one set of narrow stairs to get in and out of the hotel.  You must have a key to even get in the hotel at all.  There are only 8 rooms to rent(really 9 but Tina lives in #9).  The beds are the original rod iron beds from the 1800's (ok.....ok......don't freak out.....just the bed frames... not the mattresses LOL).  It has one "common sitting room" with one TV and one kitchen, and three separate bathrooms(not updated I might add. LOL) that all guest must share.  I'm not going to lie....this was a first for me....and I wasn't to sure I liked it at all, but  hey....you definitely got to know the other people staying at the hotel. The rooms are furnished with either a full size or two double beds and one very small closet.  So, if you bring a lot of equipment...you are going to be cramped for room.  
And just so you know, the beds are very small.  The cowboys must not have been very tall back then.  Just ask Deak, his feet hung over the bed about the middle of his calves.  Very funny to see.  One more thing I want to point out....even though this place is GREAT and the "FEELING" of the place definitely gives you the impression you are going to get a lot of activity......the noise on the weekends is awful!!!  The walls are paper thin as I guess installation wasn't a priority back in the 1800's so all the bars and outside noise can be very distracting and really makes it very difficult when reviewing your evidence for EVP's.( Not "dogging" the place...just being honest)  But Tina,  the innkeeper and has lived there in the hotel for over a year and she was GREAT!!!!  She sat down with us and gave us the background of all the paranormal activity and who they believe are still here.  This is an old brothel where "lady's of the night" would entertain cowboys and other visitor's to Fort Worth.  Most of the customers were cowboys that brought in the longhorn cattle to be sold but of course there were the railroad guys and gunslingers to. 
This time, I didn't take the whole team just Deak (boyfriend) and I went to check it out.  Right off the bat...Deak was talking with the innkeeper, Tina as I was walking around in the back taking pics and they heard something walk across the roof of the building, but Tina said there is nothing on top and no way anyone would be walking around up there. Now, keep in mind, this was just after a major ICE STORM here in Texas, so maybe it was ice shifting.  But when I suggested this as an explanation, Deak and Tina both said "no" they would know what that sounded like and this was "footsteps".
First, there are all kinds of reports of paranormal activity here from, lights going on and off by themselves, strange sounds, footsteps, a little girl's voice, believed to be named Emma which was the daughter of an unmarried "working girl".   Also, the Madame, Miss Josey seems to be very interested WHO visits her establishment.  And..... TOUCHING..... lots of TOUCHING have been reported especially by men. 
Ok....back to my experiences.  You know me.....I get off track sometimes......just sometimes....LOL  One of MY experiences that I had personally was about 2:00am in the morning and I was sitting in the dark by myself with nothing but the glow of a small Christmas tree light beside the couch, the TV wasn't on and everyone was already in bed.  I had the K-2 meter going and also my M2 app on my phone when all the sudden I could hear VERY LOUDLY AND PLAINLY boots coming up the stairs.  I thought, well a guest must be coming back from the rodeo(as that was why all the other guest were there) so I just sat up straighter on the couch(you know....when know one is looking you kick your feet up and slouch)well............I just kept waiting..............and waiting...............and waiting........... to see someone come up the stairs because I knew the ONLY way you could get in the hotel was with a key......but know one ever came up.  But STEP......... BY.......... STEP I could hear them coming.....  so, I began thinking to myself "really.....how long does it take to walk up those stairs???"   So, I started taking pictures(1-4) and walked over to the top of the stairs and looked down and there wasn't anyone there!!!!!!  But here is the creepy part......the footsteps I heard just kept coming......STEP.........by STEP..............by STEP!!!!  I was in such disbelief....I was hearing the steps of heavy boots walking right up toward me but yet there was know one there!!!!!!!!!! I wished I could say my heart wasn't about to jump right out of my skin but it was, I thought SOMETHING or SOMEONE was going to walk right through me!!! After a few minutes they stopped.  JUST STOPPED!!!  After a huge sigh of relief(don't tell anyone about that part  hahaha  WE ghost hunters aren't suppose to get scared you know)....I went back and sat down trying to make since of what just happened!!!  And just for fun....I took one more picture. 
As you can see......the first picture is from when I first started hearing the footsteps, the second and third is when I was looking down the stairs trying to figure out what was happening....and the fourth............see for yourself..................WAS I CRAZY or did an old cowboy come up for company??????
Heard very loud footsteps coming up stairs
#1(Got up off the couch to go see WHO
was coming up the stairs.
Couldn't BELIEVE I could HEAR the
footsteps so clearly, but no SEE anyone!!!#2
Walked over to where I heard footsteps...
Started snapping pictures because no one
was coming up the stairs but the footsteps
kept coming!!!#3
Or.......Was there SOMEONE coming
up after all???  These photos(1-4 were
taken back to back)#4
Orb over the "Madam's "room.  Miss Josey.
Room #3-Emma and her mother very
active here along with Miss Josey.
Another experience was in our room, room #8.  After we were done investigating, I was laying in the bed, just reflecting on the evening when a VERY BRIGHT....VERY BIG orb came down right in front of the closet and made a big swoop down to the floor and then disappeared.  It was one of the BEST orbs in motion I have ever seen!
Room #8.  This is NOT the orb I saw.  The one I actually saw was much bigger and Brighter.
But I think it helps validate my experience.

While we were investigating in Room #3, we communicated a lot with EMMA the little girl who lived there and died when she was around 7 in Room #3 where her mother "worked".  Miss Josey was also very welling to communicate with us.  I will be posting soon our video of that communication and have hopefully some EVP's from that night.  Miss Josey said that she had been in love with a cowboy that brought in longhorn cattle to sell but was shot in a gunfight and died.  I got the feeling she was a friendly spirit even though I heard she would lock up the "working girls" in a small, small closet in her room for being bad.
Now, EMMA is just a delight!!!  We brought her a toy horse to play with and she loved it!!!  Every time we would ask her to go play with the horsey....the K-2 would go crazy!  
Emma loved this horse.
Lots of activity in and around Room #3
of a small girl spirit named Emma.
Is that Emma over Room 2??
Lots of activity.
Just another picture of an orb over
by Room #3.
 And last but not least......Tina told us that spirits like to show themselves in the mirror in Room #3-Miss Amelia's room(Emma's mother).  We DEFINITELY had the most activity in this room.  Below are a couple of pictures I took of the mirror.  Granted....there is a lot of FLASH reflection so....I'll just let you decide.   Could the first picture be the silhouette of Miss Amelia?  The figure of a woman in a long dress with her arm bent upward?  An the second pic.....is this the face of a young girl growing up in a place young girls SHOULDN'T be???  The third and fourth pictures are the original photos BEFORE I enlarged them for you. 

I blew this up and THIS is what I saw???
What do YOU see???

Is the figure of a female spirit in
an 1800 period dress with umbrella?? 
NOW do we SEE the face to go with
the above figure in the mirror???
Original Photo. The pic on top is of the
original photo of the "body" unedited
and the second one is of the unedited pic
of the face.  You tell me........just a REFLECTION???

I can't wait to go back to Miss Molly's and bring the whole team where we can set up everywhere and hopefully do it on a week night this time to avoid some of the outside noise.  Still LOVED THIS PLACE!!

Here is a video we made of a flashlight session.  I know it is a little weird and the questions Deak ask seem a little "edgy" but we didn't know what to ask "ladies of the night". It is a little embarrassing.  I told him to ask questions like he was a "customer". LOL so sorry.



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I just got back from a nice trip up to Arkansas to see my brother, Junior and his family.  First let me say, I love the country side...it is sooooo pretty!!!

17_monster.gifI know you guys are going to find this hard to believe...... BUT the rest of my family is not interested in the paranormal at all!!!  Am I the only one with the "WEIRD/CRAZY" jean???

Anyway, my brother has several cemeteries close to him.  We visited 3 of them.  The McBroom Cemetery, the Lower Wharton Creek Cemetery and a very small, secluded cemetery called The Lane Cemetery.  Now, we didn't get a lot of paranormal activity but we did have a few experiences I would like to share.

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First, the McBroom Cemetery in Madison County.  I had been here a couple of times before and for some reason, I am very interested in this place!!! Some of the coffin like caskets....YES....I said coffin... sit on top of the ground making for a very eerie site!  Some are small, like the size of a small child or baby and others are large like adult size.  It almost looks like a "field of coffins".  I have been to MANY cemeteries over the years and this just looks totally creepy to me.  THIS is the ONLY cemetery where the tombstones are in the shape of a coffin and lay on top of the ground that I have ever run across.  hhuuumm

I could not find out ANY history on this cemetery as I found out to be true with most of the cemeteries I tried to research in Arkansas.  I am sure this is a family cemetery with graves as recent as 2006 being buried here.

I DID get a few good EVP's here during the day.  We were unable to visit it at night because of the weather.  I also did not capture anything unusual in the pictures but I still wanted you guys to see this place.

I made a short video, I know, before you ever email me about it, it is not very good.  Well.....maybe I should say...not very CLEAR to hear.  The voices are VERY faint and the wind was blowing so the EVP's are difficult to hear.  But give it a try.  Turn up your volume and hopefully you can spot them.

Below are pictures of the McBroom Cemetery.


 The second cemetery we visited was the Lower Wharton Creek Cemetery.  Now this cemetery is still an active burial site for locals and their families.  This place is HUGE and when you stand at the top of the hill, you look out OVER the cemetery as it rests on a very tall hillside.

What little I could find out about this cemetery is there are many slaves buried here.  At the back of the cemetery or at the bottom, slaves are marked with nothing more than a large rock. Hard for me to believe that they couldn't even put their names on the rocks for them.  And it has been said, some of the lucky ones....if the family considered their slave as "part of the family" they could be buried with the owners name. I saw very few names on the rocks.  I did not have any paranormal activity here THIS trip but last visit about three years ago, we had LOTS of activity with our equipment and lots of EVP's.

And the last one was my favorite!  The Lane Cemetery.  It has about 22 people buried in it right now and is NOT an active cemetery.  This is a small family cemetery that sits up off the road just a little way and you would never see it unless you knew it was there.

The gentleman that owns the property now gave us permission to investigate.  We found out a couple of things about this cemetery.  It was MUCH larger at one time, we believe between 22-40 people are actually buried here. We confirmed this information with the current owner and also from the spirit box.  It is true, that there used to be more graves but the previous owner PLOWED THEM UP to make room for his crops!!!  Is the man CRAZY????? What was he thinking!!!  Did he just think...."Hey think I'll just plow all these dead people and plant corn"!!!!!! Anyway, one of the stories that was verified by the current owner was that a man was killed with a pitchfork.  There was a fight broke out.....one man ran into a barn and hid in the hay.  Another man came in and grabbed a pitchfork and started STABBING the hay where the man was hiding under the hay.  Stabbed him to death!!! 

We believe Mrs. Lane, buried at the top of the hill surrounded by an old iron fence died in an accidental fire by herself.  How sad.  We had a little flashlight communication here but did not get any EVP's.  It was very cold and windy.  So not great conditions.  This made EVP's very difficult to hear IF we had any at all.


Now even though I did not have TONS of activity...don't think I didn't have a great time and think that these three cemeteries are absolutely worth investigating again!!!  THEY ARE!!!!!