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Behind Every Cloud is a Kindred Spirit (BECKS)I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. How could I still communicate with him? I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I have been researching the paranormal for over 37 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one explainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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We've all heard the stories of Sarah Winchester.  The wife of the William Winchester, the man who made the Winchester Riffle.  When her husband died, Sarah believed that she was cursed because of the inheritance from the riffle and what I had always heard about Sarah was that she built this amazing house (or had workers doing construction 24/7) because a physic told her to.  This would keep the spirits confused and they could never find her.

Now, in the movie, there is a bit of difference.  SPOILER ALERT- In the movie, they say that Sarah had workers working 24/7.  And Sarah would have every death record of people that was killed with a Winchester Riffle sent to her and she would design and re-build the room they were shot in.  Then she would have the workers build the room then nail it up with 13 nails to keep the spirits in.  And all the crazy things about the house, windows that open to nowhere, stairs leading to nowhere and all kinds of other crazy things, Sarah would have visions of them first.  In the movie they also made it out to be Sarah was having violent episodes with these spirits attaching her and her family.   

No doubt, if you are interested in the paranormal, the Winchester House should be on your bucket list!!!!  For sure.....it was on mine!!!!  A couple years ago, for my birthday my boyfriend and I went up to see this "unbelievable" place!  Ok...I am going to keep it real with you guys....you expect.... or I did anyway.... to drive out away from the city to see the house.  Well....it is surrounded with concert parking lots and businesses.  So, for me.....I was just a little disappointed about that.

It is VERY COMMERCIALIZED!!!  There is a huge gift shop right when you pull in the parking lot and you have to go through it to get to the house.  Now, I TOTALLY understand that....but if they want to build on the "mystery" of the house.... I think they should have put the gift shop at the back not to take away from this amazing place.

Ok...with that said......the house is beyond BEAUTIFUL on the outside and the landscaping is gorgeous!!!  There are all these little single building that held the carriages, food, water and all kinds of other things.  In some ways, the Winchester House it's own little town.

Now, for whatever reason.....I would have to really LOVED to have met Sarah Winchester.  I think she was a woman that believed what she believed....and didn't really care what other people thought.  You know....kinda like me.  I'm a ghost hunter and that's that! :)

Now, let's talk about the house.  I REALLY don't want to be negative about this place because if you get a chance to go YOU SHOULD.  This is my opinion and my opinion only :)  I was disappointed to learn that even though the house has some finishing none of them are original.  The original pieces were auctioned off after Sarah's death and they were never "tagged" so even knowing where they might be today is impossible.

In the video's I have attached, it shows people taking pictures and video.  Now, a couple years ago when I was there, we weren't allowed to do that.  Which again, disappointing.  I hate it when you go to an amazing location and they won't let you take pictures...right???   That might have changed with the movie coming out.  Anyway, the one thing I will say is......being INSIDE and seeing for yourself all the crazy halls, stairs, windows and just knowing that someone actually lived there like Sarah is very surreal!!!  So getting to have a true paranormal experience...well I will have to say I had none.

There may not be any of her belongings left, but her PRESENCE is still very much alive.  They do have a lot of old pictures on the walls and I thought that was really neat.  So, please don't take this post as a negative thing, I LOVED THIS PLACE...just telling you my experience.  Now, if I could go back and be able to do a quick EVP session and take pictures and video I would definitely do it.

By the way.........I spent a TON OF MONEY IN THE GIFT SHOP!!!!!!!!  LOL  Totally got caught up in just BEING at the world famous Winchester Mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Lockwood Winchester (née Pardee; c. 1840 – September 5, 1922) was an American heiress who amassed great wealth after the death of her husband, William Wirt Winchester. Her inheritance from his estate included USD$20 million (equivalent to $507,172,414 in 2017) as well as a 50% holding in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, which made her one of the wealthiest women in the world at the time. She is best known for using her vast fortune to continue construction on the Winchester mansion in San Jose, California, for 38 consecutive years. Popular legends, which began during her lifetime, held that she was convinced she was cursed, and the only way to alleviate it was to add on to her California home. Since her death, the sprawling Winchester Mystery House has become a popular tourist attraction, known for its staircases that lead to nowhere and its many winding corridors.

Click on the link below and see the actors talk about the filming at the Winchester Mansion.

Here are some of the pictures I took at the Winchester House.  All the pictures above are mine except the picture of Sarah.



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Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!!!

To me, Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers....it's a day for LOVE.  Love of friends, family, pets, and it can be hard for some people that are alone that has lost loved ones.  Listen, you are NOT ALONE!  Your loved ones are all around you, wither you see them or not.  Here's what YOU on a day like today....do something that was your deceased loved ones FAVORITE thing to do.  Make a favorite dish, watch their favorite movie, maybe even have a quiet cup of coffee and "reflect" about all the times that person made you smile.  Guess what????  That is what your loved ones want you to do today.  Being happy sometimes is hard on Valentines if you have lost someone dear to your heart....but "smiling" in their HONOR isn't hard at all!!!!!!!

So here is a ghostly story about lost loves.  It is from the book Haunted Love by Chris Gonsalves. It's not your "typical" love story and that's why I wanted to share it with you. It has a BIG twist in this love story!!! And yes, you can actually visit this haunted place in real life.

Rose  was at the top of her sophomore class at Mercyhurst College, a Catholic girls' boarding school in Erie, Pennsylvania.  There Rose was right at home.  To her is was a little bit of heaven on earth.  Those feelings lately had her considering entering the school's convent, where she could chart a life on course to becoming a Sister of Mercy.  Sister Rose.  A nun.  The life of quiet, contemplative solitude and service was increasingly appealing to her.

One night at a local barn dance, Rose was standing alone when a boy in a hand-me-down suit walked up and asked Rose to dance.  Nervously, she accepted thinking he looked so gentle....and smart.

He said "My name is Tom".
"I'm Rose" she said as Tom put his arm around her waist to guide her to the dance floor.

Rose was a bit sad when the evening was over, as she really liked Tom and wanted to see him again.

A few days later, one of the dorm supervisors came to her room and told her she had a visitor.

"Is it Tom?" Rose asked the messenger.
"I didn't ask", the woman replied.  "It's a frightfully skinny boy with messy brown hair".
Rose's smile widened.  "It's Tom".

Rose found Tom waiting for her downstairs, flower in hand.   He'd brought them, he said, because his brothers told him that's what a boy should do if he felt a girl was particularly special.
"Is that how you feel?" Rose asked.
"Oh, yes! Yes I do!" Tom replied.

From that moment on, the two were inseparable.  Wasn't long before Tom presented Rose with a simple gold ring, a symbol of their engagement.  It was early winter 1941.  Their families began to plan a wedding for the spring of 1942, a wedding that would never take place.

In December 1941, the global war reached a thunderous crescendo in the skies of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  Suddenly the United States was pulled into World War II and across the nation young men were drafted to fight the war on several fronts.  Tom knew he had to go and serve his nation.  His brothers were all going, as were nearly all of his friends.
"Let's marry before you leave," Rose said.
"Rose, we have no money, and beside there's no time," Tom replied.
"We don't need much," she said.  "We'll have a simple wedding, just you and me.  Please Tom".

He held her close, her face cupped gently in his hands.
"Rose, I love you.  Nothing in the world is going to keep us from being married and living the rest of our lives together.  But I want to do it right.  You deserve the best there is.  And I want our children someday to know their dad did the right thing for his country when duty called.  Let's wait, my love.  When I return we'll have a wedding like you've only dreamed of."

Rose uneasily conceded.  Tom was assigned to the army infantry.  Within weeks he was shipped out to fight the Nazis in Europe.  He wrote home regularly, telling Rose about the horrors of war and professing his ever deepening love for her.  Rose found the letters heartbreaking.  The thought of the kind, gentle boy she knew being hardened into manhood by war and violence both sickened and saddened her.  But with her abundant faith she resolved to keep the love he relied on burning strong.  She prayed for him almost constantly.

One week before the spring day they had originally set for their wedding, Rose got the news that Tom had been killed in action, along with his entire squad.  Their bodies were never recovered.

As if she had been physically kicked, Rose doubled over and fell to the floor in the kitchen of the simple farmhouse where Tom's family had already begun mourning his loss.  The life she knew, and the life she had dreamed of were over.

In the months that followed, Rose found comfort in the Queens chapel at Mercyhurst.  She spent long hours there in the shadowy, deep-blue room, lighting candles to Tom's memory and praying for guidance.  Finally, she decided that she knew what she was to do with her life.  Without a second thought, Rose stopped mourning her fiancé and joined the Sisters of Mercy.  She would never love another man, she decided.  She would become a nun after all.

After Rose's final vows she went alone into the chapel to pray.  Symbolic of her transition from Tom's fiancée to bride of Christ, she took off her engagement ring for the first time since it had been given to her years before.  She placed it on the tiny fingers of the Christ child statue and left it there.  She had no more use for it.

One afternoon in 1945, Rose was on her way back from lunch when the mother superior stopped Rose and told her she had a visitor.  This must be very important, perhaps the bishop is here, but what would he want with her.  It was very unusual for the mother superior to announce an arrival of a visitor.

Rose sat in the pew and waited.  Almost immediately she recognized the figure.  It was Tom!  In his uniform and still painfully thin.  He ran to her and tried to embrace her.  Her years of chastity in the habit forced her to keep him at arm's length.
"Rose, it's me Tom!" Tom said.
"I know.  I'm so happy to see you. But what.....why....?  They said you were dead."
"Dead. Yes, I know.  I'm so sorry, Rose.  I'm so sorry so many people were hurt, but most of all you."

Tom tried to explain the unexscplainable.  He escaped an ambush and hide behind enemy lines for more than a month.
"Why didn't they tell us then, Tom?"  Rose whispered.
The days and pain of hose day and months came rushing back at her.
"Why couldn't they just say they made a mistake and you were alive?" Rose asked as she started to cry.
"It's because of what we did in that month we were missing, if the army had ever let on that any of us had lived, a great many men might have died." Tom said.
Tom spent the rest of the afternoon telling Rose how they'd lived as fugitives behind German lines.

Rose took Tom's hand and said "you took an Oath for your county but I took an Oath of my own."  She pointed to the little statue where on the child hand hung her little gold band.

Tom started to cry.  He knew that the love he had dreamed of and longed for would never be.

A few days after Tom returned, his family and Rose's family joined forces to ty and convince the young nun to leave the convent and return to a normal life as a wife to the man who loved her so deeply.

She told them she would pray about the matter but in the end, it would be His decision.

There would be no easy answer.  The more Rose sequestered herself in the dark chapel, the more conflicted she became.  She prayed and wept before the statue of the Christ child, but all she felt in return was that she was being pulled apart by two great forces bent on destroying her.  What had she done wrong?  Why was she being tortured for following a pure heart from tragic love los to a life of godly service?

With what seemed like nothing but a life of conflict and sadness ahead of her, Rose fell into a deep depression.  A short time later she did the only thing she could think of to ease the pain.  In her tiny, sparsely appointed room directly above the Queen chapel in Mercyhurst, Sister Rose tied a blanket to a ceiling light fixture and hanged herself.

Intense right!!!!!!  Now here is were it gets even more interesting and the "haunting" part comes in.  Becky said(LOL just had to through that in)

News of her suicide rocked the Sisters of Mercy and the college at large.  It didn't take long before reports began of apparitions of the young nun all around the campus, especially around the college tower and in the Queens chapel and nearby Christ the King cathedral.  Witnesses saw her wandering students' rooms, often reflected in mirrors or passing like a misty vapor through the dormitory halls.  Sister Rose's ghost remains mostly benign until a female student crossed path with it in a violent way.

Lori was a senior in 1954.  She was in love with a boy at the nearby college of Erie.  The two had been dating for nearly four years.  Lori thought this had been long enough and her boyfriend needed to "step up".  She decided a little practical joke was in order.

She called her boyfriend and asked he met her on a Wednesday evening at the Mercyhurst campus.

She told him she "had a very urgent matter that needed to be discussed."

Lori snuck down to the dark chapel and grabbed Rose's engagement ring off the statue's tiny figure.  As soon as she had it in her hand a blast of cold wind shot through the chapel, extinguishing the candles and leaving her in pitch blackness.  She gasped and the sound echoed around the cavernous room.  Lori immediately found her way to the door and ran out!

Lori's plan was simple.  She was going to wear the ring and pretend she'd been asked by another boy to be his bride.  As she sat there looking a the little gold band she was overcome with sadness. She knew the story of Rose and Tom and thought that maybe Rose would like being a part of bringing to loves together.  She couldn't have been MORE WRONG!

One of Lori's friends spots Lori and hysterically tells Lori that the police is looking for her!
"Oh my gosh" did they think she stole the ring?  Did someone tell them she took it.  Surely she could explain why she had the ring.

Her friend say, "No Lori.  It has nothing to do with the ring!  It's your boyfriend.  He was coming here to meet you when a truck crossed in from of him and hit his car.  They said he's dead, Lori.  I'm so sorry."

Lori immediately ran back in the chapel and placed the ring back on the small finger of the statue.  She cried all through the night and her friends found her the next morning exhausted saying "the ring did it, the ring killed him."

After a half of dozen attempts to keep the ring under lock and key, in which it kept showing up back on the child statue of Christ, administrators decide that burying it might better serve all involved.  Not to mention that every time they would lock up the ring, the paranormal activity would increase.  The location of the ring's final interment has never been made public.

Sister Rose continues to haunt the Catholic school, appearing more frequently to young men and women in love.  Countless paranormal investigations have examined the college and the convent, some saying definitely haunted with evidence of photos and videos.  Because of all the interest, Mercyhurst officials now have started locking the chapel and the Old Main tower at 10PM  perhaps to keep the curious out, or perhaps to keep the lovesick in.



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Well it has been a rough start to the new year.  Thank you to everyone that has emailed me with "well wishes".  I had to have major surgery and have been out for two weeks and on top of that I had the flu....so it can only get better from here...right????? (Please say RIGHT)

You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate all the sweet little cards and different things you have sent.  Have no fear...this ghost hunter may be down but I am NOT OUT.....in the haunted houses and locations just yet BUT I WILL BE SOON!!!!!!!

Anyway, enjoy this weeks post.

30 of the Most Terrifying Haunted Places around the World

30 Most Terrifying Places - 00

It seems that one of the most enduring aspects of cultural similarity found throughout the world involves the supernatural.  No matter where you go across the globe, you’re going to hear various legends and ghost stories…except some of these carry significantly more weight than your average campfire story.  People seem to be somewhat obsessed with what goes on after death, especially in regards to whether or not the spirits of the departed stick around.  It would be easy to say that such attention can be blamed on vivid, Hollywood inspired imaginations, but documented reports of supernatural disturbances go back several centuries in many places, underlining the fact that no matter the time period or society involved, the paranormal remains on people’s minds and those factors are responsible for these places being the most haunted places in the world. Sure, many haunted places around the world that are reputedly haunted seem more far-fetched than realistic, but there are those that have a tendency to make even the most hardened skeptic stop and reconsider.  Listed here are 30 such scary places spread out across the globe.  Many mark the site of horrific and traumatic deaths, either due to murder or the effects of imprisonment within dungeons or mental institutions.  It seems that the more sordid a locale’s history, the more paranormally active it is – and these scary places on Earth are certainly active!  Most of the hauntings described here have been very well documented by paranormal researchers, thus cutting down in the stereotypical “spook ‘em” tendency that many of the supposedly most terrifying places on Earth lean towards.  If you’re easily rattled, you may want to rethink a read through this list, as these stories are every bit as haunting as the world’s most haunted places they describe.

Finding the Most Haunted Places on Earth
The reality is you need a really good story to ensure the most haunted places on Earth are truly as they are advertised. What is the most haunted place in the world? Well, depending on the person, the answers can be wildly different. For many, the creepiest places in the world could be abandoned mental health institutions while others may insist that the scariest places in the world are places with unbelievable tales of woe.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

most haunted places in the world
Considering the amount of tragic and violent deaths that have occurred here, it’s little wonder that this is viewed as Australia’s most haunted locale.  Several people have died sudden, accidental deaths, while others have been murdered, leading to high paranormal activity throughout the estate, making it one of Australia’s truly scary places.

2. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

scary places
Active since the early 20th century, various apparitions reported include a man who walks the ramparts and a dog that jumps on passersby.  The most interesting story involves the ghost of a woman seen running through the complex crying, and finally disappeared when excavations uncovered a woman’s body. What is the most haunted place in the world? Any list must start with this particular edifice.

3. The Tower of London, London, England

most haunted places on earth
Once of the most terrifying places on Earth dating back to 1078, this fortress/royal palace has had plenty of time to garner some paranormal activity.  Famous ghosts seen here include the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn, along with Lady Jane Grey and two princes believed to have been murdered by their uncle, Richard III, in 1483.

4. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

scariest places in the world
What could be more terrifying than the prospect of satanic sacrifices and malevolent entities?  This 12th century inn exhibits all of this and more.  Its owner even testifies that the first evening he spent in the house, he was snatched out of bed and dragged across the room by some invisible entity. It sure looks quaint, but don’t be fooled by one of the scariest places in the world.

5. Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

what is the most haunted place in the world
This major historic hotel is home to several different spirits, some kindly, and others rather more unnerving.  A regularly sighted spirit is that of a former bellman who helps with guests’ luggage.  Other such visitors include a bride seen dancing in the ballroom and the ghosts of a murdered family. DC Comics fans may notice it resembels the fictional Arkham Asylum, and as such, is one of the creepiest places in the world.

6. Chateau de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France

creepiest places in the world
Dating back to the 11th century, this beautiful castle was the site of a horrific double murder, resulting in the haunting of the castle by the Lady in Green.  Wearing a green dress, and her face that of a rotting corpse, wanders through the castle moaning.

7. Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico

scary places on earth
In the ‘50s, a man moved to this island in order to be alone, only to find that it was haunted by the spirit of a little girl who drowned here decades before.  In an attempt to appease her, he bought countless dolls and hung them from the trees.  After a while, he felt that she wasn’t satisfied, and that she wanted him to be a ghost with her.  The same day he confessed this fear to a relative, he was found dead, having drowned in the same spot she did years before.  Their ghosts can now be seen on the island, and the dolls are said to whisper as you walk past and definitely making this island one of the scary places on Earth.

8. The Sallie House, Atchison, Kansas, United States

scary places on earth
Named after the prankish little girl who haunted it, this house also contained a far more malevolent spirit of a woman who escalated so much in violence towards the male owner of the house that he and his family finally moved out of fear for his life – as one would if they lived in the world’s most haunted places.

9. McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon, Portland, Oregon, United States
most terrifying places on earth
When it comes to the physical effects of hauntings, this century-old hotel and bar warrants heavy attention.  Many guests have reported waking up in the night and being unable to leave their beds, as if held down, as well as being shoved down the stairs, making it Oregon’s contribution to the list of haunted places around the world.

10. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

world's most haunted places
Considering that it sits on a site with human activity dating to the Iron Age, it’s little wonder that this castle has accumulated a few supernatural residents.  Commonly reported apparitions include former servants of the castle, a drummer boy – minus his head – and a man who apparently perished within the castle’s tunnels making it among the most haunted places on Earth.

11. Akershus Castle, Oslo, Norway – One of the Nordic’s Scary Places

haunted places around the world
Built as a strategic fortress, used as a prison, and home to the site of Nazi orchestrated executions, this castle is a hotbed for the supernatural.  As Norway’s contribution to the most haunted places in the world, this castle’s most well-known apparitions haunting the castle and its grounds are a robed a woman and Malcanisen, a demonic dog whose sighting results in the traumatic death of the witness a few months later.

What is the Most Haunted Place in the World?

Selecting a top winner among the most haunted places in the world is difficult, because so many are scary for a bunch of different reasons. Whether it is history or something a bit more sinister – or even plainly awful architecture, you can find as many options on this question as there are people in this world. But, if you are a victim of a haunting in any of these places, you can testify to the place’s inclusion on this list.

12. Old Changi Hospital, Changi, Singapore

30 Most Terrifying Places - 12
Operating since the 1930s, this hospital was seized during the Japanese during World War II and turned into a prison and torture facility for the Japanese Secret Police.  Many apparitions have been seen here, such as men and women wandering down halls and through rooms, children, and bloody Japanese soldiers.

13. Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland

30 Most Terrifying Places - 13
Hauntings here have been reported as far back as the 17th century, making this one of the most enduringly haunted places in the world.  The Close is composed of a series of underground streets and tunnels that led to various businesses and homes in the 16th and 17th centuries.  After plague broke out here it was abandoned, but apparently many spirits of plague victims and past residents still remain.  Footsteps that seem to follow close behind are often heard, as well as disembodied voices and various apparitions, including a little girl named Annie.

14. Highgate Cemetery, London, England – The Memorials Are the Scariest Places in the World

30 Most Terrifying Places - 14
Established in 1839, this cemetery is the final resting place for over 170,000 people and has been the site of numerous supernatural reports.  The most famous siting is that of the Highgate Vampire, a tall man in a long dark coat and top hat with a terrifying gaze.  Other apparitions include various dark figures, ominous glowing eyes, and a crazed old woman who runs through the graves and tombs apparently looking for the children she murdered.

15. Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland

30 Most Terrifying Places - 15
The main paranormal occurrences at this cemetery are attributed to what has been dubbed the Mackenzie Poltergeist.  After Sir George Mackenzie’s mausoleum was broken into by a homeless man, extreme supernatural occurrences began to take place.  Visitors would leave with scratches and bruises, sometimes even broken fingers, while it has been documented that, to date, nearly 200 people have blacked out at the cemetery since the mausoleum was broken into.

16. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China Beckons Tourists to Visit One of the Creepiest Places in the World

30 Most Terrifying Places - 16
Home to Chinese royalty for centuries, this impressive imperial complex was also the site of a long string of murders over the years, from calculated assassinations to crimes of passion.  Many apparitions have been sighted by tourists, staff, and guards, ranging from former to concubines to supposed royalty.

17. Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, Hong Kong

30 Most Terrifying Places - 17
Operating first as a nurse’s facility, and then as a mental asylum, this combination 19th and 21st century building has its fair share of haunts.  The most notable apparition appears as a sort of devil in traditional Chinese clothes who bursts into flames.  Other sightings report headless specters that roam the halls at night.
18. Aokigahara, Mount Fuji, Japan – Its History Makes it One of the Scary Places on Earth
30 Most Terrifying Places - 18
For centuries, Aokigahara, or the Sea of Trees, has been a haunted place.  Hundreds of people have committed suicide here, sometimes as many as 100 in one year.  Those venturing out into the forest have reported encountering the spirits of these people, some of which aren’t particularly pleasant.  Even Japanese folklore describes this as a place of demons.

19. The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana, United States

30 Most Terrifying Places - 19
Most plantations have a checkered past, thanks to their association with slavery, but this 18th century plantation stands above the rest.  Several occupants and their children have died here, either from disease or murder.  It is also rumored that a slave was lynched here after poisoning some of the family.  Several distinct apparitions are repeatedly seen here, either walking through the house or across the grounds.

20. Hell Fire Club (Montpelier Hill), County Dublin, Ireland

30 Most Terrifying Places - 20
Used by the Irish Hell Fire Club in the early 18th century, this former hunting lodge was reputedly the site of various satanic rituals, including black masses and animal sacrifices.  Its use by the club diminished after a mysterious fire.  It is said to be haunted by former members of the club as well as being the domain of the devil.

21. The Skirrid Inn, Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales

30 Most Terrifying Places - 21
Apparently the site of numerous hangings over the centuries, this little inn in Wales sports a great deal of paranormal activity.  Objects are suddenly thrown across rooms, apparitions are seen, and extreme drops in temperature are felt, along with the sensation of a noose slipping around the neck.

22. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica – The Caribbean’s Contribution to The Most Terrifying Places on Earth

30 Most Terrifying Places - 22
The legend surrounding this former plantation house is that one of its owners used to practice voodoo, and that she used it to kill several husbands as well as numerous slaves.  The house is now reportedly haunted by their spirits as well as hers.

23. The World’s Most Haunted Places Unexpectedly Includes the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida, United States

30 Most Terrifying Places - 23
Built in 1874, this still functioning lighthouse has become the home of several spirits over the course of its history.  The ghosts of two little girls have been seen throughout the lighthouse, so too that of a woman, who is often seen and heard crying and asking for help, and a former lighthouse keeper who frequents the basement.

24. The Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California, United States

30 Most Terrifying Places - 24
Once a transatlantic ocean liner and now a permanently moored hotel in California, the Queen Mary has been touted as one of the country’s most haunted hotels, and taking into account its bevy of ghosts, it’s not hard to see why.  Two different women drowned in the ship’s first class pool, and now their ghosts are often seen there.  Various apparitions have been seen throughout the bar and lounge areas, most in period dress.  One particular room, B340, displayed a great deal of activity, but is now no longer available.  Coincidence?

25. Beechwood Lunatic Asylum, Victoria, Australia – One of the  Most Haunted Places in the World

30 Most Terrifying Places - 25
Opened in 1867, this asylum was open to literally everyone, from patients admitted by family to those found wandering the streets and the criminally insane.  For well over a century, this institution proved to be the final stop for many people before entering the afterlife, something some of them seem to have taken to heart.  Several different apparitions have been reported here, from the cellars to the uppermost parts of the buildings.  Disembodied screams are often heard, and heavy doors are seen to open and slam shut of their own accord.

26. Aradale Mental Hospital, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

30 Most Terrifying Places - 26
In operation for over 130 years, this mental institution housed some of the British Empire’s worst mental cases and was known in its early years for inhumane psychiatric treatments and experiments.  Thousands died here, and many of them have stayed behind in spirit form.  Various apparitions have been reported, some of which watch people as they roam the extensive complex.  The feeling of being touched as well as sudden sensations of pain are also reported.

27. Bhangarh Fort, Bhangarh, India

30 Most Terrifying Places - 27
Built in the early 1600s by King Sawai Madho Singh, this fort protected a small city of roughly 10,000 people and included a royal palace.  According to legend, a sorcerer fell in love with the King’s daughter and in the process of trying to seduce her, he died, cursing the town to be destroyed.  Shortly thereafter, an invading army destroyed the fort and killed virtually everyone who lived there.  Locals refuse to live anywhere near the ruins, and have ensured that it’s closed after dark due to the presence of various ghosts that have been reported roaming through the complex.  There have been cases where people have been at the fort at night, only to turn up dead in the morning.
28. Chateau de Chateaubriant, France – The Most Beautiful of the Haunted Places Around the World
30 Most Terrifying Places - 28
Dating back to the 11th century, this castle has experienced a rather turbulent past, filled with war and murder.  In the early 16th century, the wife of the castle’s owner died here, and many from that period all the way to today say that she was murdered by her husband due to her affair with the King of France.  It is said that every October 16th – the anniversary of her death – a bloodstain appears in her room, and her ghost is often seen wandering the castle.

29. Paris Catacombs, Paris, France

30 Most Terrifying Places - 29
Containing the bones of thousands of people, these catacombs were never really meant to house human remains.  Due to overcrowded cemetery conditions in the 18th century, many remains were relocated to the spider-webbing tunnels beneath the city.  While the bones are laid out in artful arrangements, stories of discontented spirits abound.  Many people have reported seeing apparitions as well as being touched or shoved, and that some people have disappeared within the catacombs altogether.

30. Moosham Castle, Salzburg, Austria

30 Most Terrifying Places - 30
This 12th century castle was the site of countless executions of women condemned of witchcraft throughout the Middle Ages.  As a result, many of these women have come to haunt the castle in spirit form, with apparitions ranging from sad to angry ones, and even a few headless individuals.  Many people report hearing voices and screams, as well as a particular spirit that tends to hound visitors in an attempt to make them leave.