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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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The Garvin Memorial Cemetery located on Northwest Highway between Midway and Lemmon, in Dallas, Texas is the burial ground of several prominent Dallas pioneer residents. The original benefactor, James G. Garvin, donated the land to the public in April, 1897 for a "respectful burying ground". In 1868, the cemetery was founded by a Methodist minister, the Rev. W.H. Hughes.   Here is a short video that has some really good information about this hidden secret.    http://vimeo.com/1956525

One of our team members, John, told me about this creepy little cemetery.  This cemetery is not visible from the street.  It is really located in a really crazy place.  You have to park in the apartment complex that sits on one of side of it and on the other is very upscale homes.  A really strange place for a cemetery. 

Anyway, John and I decided to go check it out!  It was a little creepy.  We did not have a lot of activity...some with the Ghost Meter Pro and several pictures of orbs but nothing to exciting.  This place is definitely worth going and checking out.  You know....this is the life of a ghost hunter.  Sometimes you gets LOTS of activity and sometimes you don't.  I will definitely be back to try and talk with the "residents" that time seems to have forgotten.




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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  IT'S FINALLY OCTOBER!!!!!  My favorite time of year!!!!!!  I love it!!!!

Ok.  Back to business....White Rock Lake, Dallas, Tx.   This beautiful lake is located just north-east of Dallas.  Now, I have heard about White Rock Lake for years and the story of the "lady in white" that supposedly haunts it shores.  And it could just be me.....but almost every HAUNTED location has a "lady in white" apparition associated with it, so I have never put much stock into the haunting........until NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0409_whiterock10.jpg Reports of a ghost of a twenty year-old looking girl, described as wearing a soaked 1930s dress, who usually appears at night along the roadside of East Lawther Drive. Witnessess claim the phantom asks to be taken to her home on Gaston Avenue in Dallas before disappearing in the car during the ride. Legend claims the woman to be a drowning victim during a boating accident in the 1930s. Reports of the ghostly encounters were published in Dallas-area newspapers in the 1960s.
Another story is that on November 24, 1942, another distraught woman, 35-year-old Rose Stone of Mansfield, Texas, also committed suicide by drowning herself in the lake. Her body, dressed in sweater and skirt, was discovered in eight feet of water near the municipal boathouse by Johnnie Williams, who assisted the park superintendent and city fireman in the search. A note was pinned to her sweater asking that relatives in Fort Worth be notified of her death. Mrs. Stone's coat and hat were found on the shore.

A friend and fellow team member who lives close to the lake offered to take me out to the lake and so off we went!  Now, I can say this....at night...I DON'T get a warm and cozy feeling about this lake.  I don't know why...just don't.

Now, I have been investigating the paranormal for more than 30 years.....and I can honestly say....my experience at this lake was like none other I have EVER had!!!  In other words.......scared the crap out of me!!!!!!  My friend John and I were riding around the lake stopping every now and then to take pictures.  It was already creepy....but what happened next I will NEVER FORGET!!!  We took a small road John said he had never been down before.  As we pulled into a small turn around area, we saw this very long, tall structure, with windows broken out and tall narrow metal doors.  It was crazy looking.  John was like "what is this place?  I have never seen this before".  For lack of a better description....it reminded me of like war bunkers....all in a row.  It had to have at least 20 doors and windows all in a row, and at night it was WAY WAY CREEPY!!!

I said, "what do you think?  Should we get out and see what this is?"  John says, sure.  John had been  driving so he got out on the drivers side and stepped away from the car to take pictures of some sort of building that was on his side.  Now, from the minute I opened the door, I had a "cold chill".  What WAS this place????  I just couldn't make sense of what it would be down here at this beautiful lake???  It just didn't fit in.  As I started to walk away from the car and into the moonlight that was providing me enough light to make my way over to this strange place....just as I lifted my camera to start taking pictures, I heard a noise.  At first it wasn't loud and I wasn't for sure what it was.  So, I put down my camera so I could listen better and see if there was......maybe a person or animal walking up to the car....but it DID NOT sound like footsteps!!!!  It was something else!  I turned and looked over my shoulder to see if John was hearing anything and he obviously wasn't because he was just starting to take pictures and didn't seem distracted by any noise.  Is this my imagination??? Maybe I'm just edgy because we had been to some pretty scary cemeteries before we came out to the lake.

As I slowly turned back around, I realized it WASN'T my imagination!!!!!!!!!!!  There was something there and it was getting closer and closer to me!!!  My heart was beating so fast, and I was trying so hard to be calm and come up with a responsible explanation as to what I was hearing.   I kept looking around and could see NOTHING.....but SOMETHING was getting closer and closer to me....and it WASN'T walking......it WASN'T like footsteps.......it was SWISHING!!!!!!!!!! Which just confused me more????  What the heck!!!  The SWISHING just kept getting closer and closer and with every second it was getting louder and louder..........it was coming right up to me and getting right in my face!!!!!!!!!!!!  You know you have that space around your body that is your comfort zone and when people get to close...you tend to step back because they are to close to you.............well THIS was TO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!  I wasn't imagining it.....but yet I could not SEE anything....but MOST DEFINITELY a presence was there.  All of the sudden, I had this terrible pain in my stomach....it was a physical pain.....and I knew WHATEVER this was.....I had to get away....and quickly!!!!!!!!!!   I started screaming at my friend to GET IN THE CAR NOW.....WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!  He was so confused and was like "what's wrong.....what happened?"  I said JUST GET IN THE CAR....SOMETHING IS HERE AND WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!! 

We jumped in the car and all I could say was "SWISHING.......SWISHING....IT WAS RIGHT UP NEXT TO ME!!!!"  He said.....did you hear footsteps?????  I kept saying NO....it wasn't footsteps...it was SWISHING AND IT WAS RIGHT IN MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!  As John drove off...I looked back over my shoulder to see if I could see anything..........and there was nothing there....nothing but the shadows of this strange building.

I was shaking and trying to catch my breath!!!  Was something trying to enter my body?  Was something going to hurt me?  I just didn't know!  After we drove off I started to apologize to John and tell him how sorry I was that I reacted that way.  I just don't scare that easy....and I can't remember one time that I wanted to run.....but this time I DID!!!!  I was sooooo mad at myself for reacting that way!!!  I have NEVER had that kind of experience were something UNSEEN was right in my face!!!!  It was like any minute I was going to feel the breath of SOMEONE or SOMETHING on my face!!!  Now, you guys don't tell anyone about that part......I am STILL the great, not scared ghost hunter!!! LOL

The next morning John called someone that worked for the property and found out what we saw was an old abandon boathouse that was built way back in 1930. I still don't understand the design of the building it just doesn't look like a boathouse at all!!!  It's creepy.  And yes, reports of hauntings have been reported from there.  After John told about the abandon boathouse....I found the story above about Rose Stone committing suicide at the boathouse.  NOW IT MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The SWISHING.............the SWISHING of WET CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!  THAT IS WHAT I HEARD!!!!!!!!! Was Rose wanting me to contact her loved ones for her?  Did she want me to make sure people knew where to find her body??  I don't know.....but SHE or SOMEONE else that has drown in that lake......walked right up to me in wet clothes and I will NEVER FORGET IT!!!




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Answer all the questions below correct and your name/email address will be entered into a drawing for a fun filled prize which includes your very own customized set of Dowsing Rods!!!  Also, included in your prize is a "talking refrigerator ghost" from Hallmark, a Pet Ghost (my very favorite thing) when you press the button a ghost "appears" in a haunted living room with creepy music and a light up ghost necklace.

The drawing will be held 10-31-14.  You will be notified that you correctly answered ALL of the questions correctly and you are entered into the drawing.  After the drawing, I will contact you for a mailing address and I will ship your prize out immediately.  Good luck.


Below are three sets of photos.  In each group there are 6 differences.  List them for each group.
(may need to blow up the photo)

Ghost Girl
Ghostly Hitch-hiker

Mystery Guest

Answer the five questions below:
1.  What is a ghost?
      a. Spirit
      b. Portal
      c. Friend
2.  Which haunted place below is one that a daughter of a gun maker believed if she ever stopped building on her house, spirits would get her?
       a.  Hill House Manor
       b.  Winchester House
       c.   Lizzie Borden House
3.  What type of haunting DOES NOT interact with the living?
      a.  Intelligent
      b.  Residual
      c.  Supernatural
4.  A Ouija Board is:
      a.  Something you put between you and a ghost
      b.  A board with nothing but numbers
      c.  A form of communication with spirits
5.  What is the name that I called my Grandfather when I was growing up?
      a.    Henry
      b.    PawPaw
      c.    Nan
Email your answers to Becksghosthunters.com before 10-31-14.  GOOD LUCK!!!!
If you can't find this in the post at a later date, it will remain over to the left of the blog under Halloween Contest 2014.



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Old Ellerbe Road School, Shreveport, LA.

What an eerie place?  And the hauntings associated with the Old Ellerbe Road School are just as scary!!!

Reportedly, an evil janitor from the school, molested a collection of children then gathered them up, locked them in the gym, and set fire to the building, leaving them to burn alive.  It is said that the mournful cries of children can still be heard throughout the crumpled remains.  

One night a group of teen's decided to find out if the tales were true or not, so without permission, they stepped over the fence, disregarding the "do not disturb" sign and went in.  By the fading beam of their flashlight, they walked past the graffiti-covered walls and took in the sight of the devastation.  There before them, in place of lockers loomed a life-size mural of the grim reaper.  Not deterred, they continued on.  Slowly, they walked through overgrown weeds and dirt-filled halls until they reached their final destination, the gym.  They could tell by the black, charred bleachers that they had found what they were looking for. 

As they stood there in silence, as all of the sudden the stories seem to be true that were rushing through their heads.  All of the sudden, the door slams shut!  The sound of a school bell ringing echoed in the charred walls, and muffled cries of children calling out for help and many calling out for "mommy"!!!!

Terrified, the group ran out of the building.  Whether or not the experience will fade from their memory, we will have to wait and see.

How tragic is this story???  If you have ever been to the Old Ellerbe Road School, I would love to hear what you think about it. 



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So, we all remember when we were growing up having friends over and trying to think of something to do. Usually, you were just sitting around and without fail.......someone would say...."I know....lets have a Séance!!!" And that's it!!! Everyone jumps up and says "YES....get the Ouija Board!!!"

You run to the table, and everyone grabs a chair and picks their spot, and you put the Ouija Board in the middle. "Everyone ready?" "YES... YES.....turn the lights off". You have the candles lite and everyone puts their fingertips on the little pointer....."Ok.....who do we want to contact?" Everyone is talking at the same time and names of different people are thrown out ........ names of loved ones, friends, actors, actresses, famous people you name it....everyone is talking at once trying to come up with someone COOL to talk to. So, finally you decide.................. the spirit you are going to connect is............is......... ELVIS!!!!!! LOL..... Don't laugh...you know you did it at one time or another......Yeah that's who it's going to be!!!! So everyone gets really, really quite.......and with their fingertips lightly placed on the pointer...you start asking questions.....ELVIS....are you here??? And slowly the pointer starts moving... first....to the letter Y....then to the letter E...and last...to the letter S! By now, everyone is accusing everyone else of purposely moving the pointer. Even on the first question.....everyone is adamantly denying they are NOT moving the pointer!!!  Now, the really smart kids....."THERE OUT"!!! DONE!!!  But not the rest.....they just start asking more and more questions as the pointer moves around to the different letters to spell out the answer to their question.

With Halloween coming up, I hear..."Ouija Board" coming up more and more often. 

 A Ouija Board, by definition is a piece of wood bearing the letters of the alphabet that is used as a tool to make contact with the spirit world. Sitters place their fingers lightly on the pointer for by which the spirits can spell out messages on the board. This is the most controversial methods of spirit communication because in untrained hands it is believed to attract evil spirits. Critics say that not only is the Ouija Board dangerous because it can attract evil entities but also because users have know control over repressed material that might be released during a session.

The Ouija Board which is now marketed as "a game" by Parker Brothers, has been so successful as "a game" that it has sold more than the common staple game.....Monopoly.

Ok... so here's the question.....Is the Ouija Board a harmless toy or a way to communicate with the dead? Well, that is for you to decide, but sinse this is my blog you know I'm going to give you my opinion. LOL

Let me see how to say this so that you understand where I stand on this.............DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!
I am NOT a fan of the Ouija Board and I'll tell you why.....to me.......when start calling in spirits through a Ouija Board you are just asking for trouble.  You really have no control over WHO decides to communicate.   It's kinda like.....well let me say it like this.....if you fill up a big black bag full of different colored marbles.....and you close your eyes and reach in the bag hoping to pull out JUST the green marble........well what are your chances you WILL get the green marble? Not very good. Even though your intent is to pull out the green one, that may not be the one you get.   Anyway, for me....this is just something I am NOT willing to chance!!! You have no control over WHO or WHAT kind of spirit you may call up. I believe that sometimes.....not always.....that more dominate spirits come through or the evil spirits take over.  Even in the afterlife, there are spirits that are just more intimidating and dominating than others and the gentler spirits back away from them. Sometimes, I think they may even be SCARED of them. How many times have you been in a haunted location and you have communication with a spirit that tells you about another spirit that is EVIL or BAD? Pretty commend I would think.....

I feel you have to REALLY KNOW your stuff before you attempt to use a Ouija Board....I am just NOT comfortable using it. In my OWN little ghost hunters mind.......you could possibly call up an evil spirit that COULD..... not saying it WOULD.....just saying it COULD attach itself to you because your touching the actual "opening to the portal" with your fingertips and who knows.....they may come right through and right through your fingertips and enter your body or attach itself. I know...I know....not everyone thinks like me....but this is my opinion. And I know it sounds a little crazy...but......you know........I AM a GHOST HUNTER.......so CRAZY I'm used to!!!! LOL So, if you DO decide you are going to use a Ouija Board.....please just make me feel better and say a little protection prayer.  Just stay safe this Halloween....OK.

If you HAVE used a Ouija Board I would LOVE to hear about your experience....if NOT....what is your opinion on this...Should you or Shouldn't you???????



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Ok.. Sorry here is my shameless plug for my custom dowsing rods that I sale on Amazon.com.  I know I normally don't promote my personal products but wanted you guys to have a change to get a set before Halloween!  Here is the link if you would like to check them out.  I have tons of designs and several in Halloween colors that would make a great gift for YOUR favorite ghost hunter.  And the best part.....they are inexpensive!  So see, you DON'T need fancy expensive equipment to have a great paranormal experience.


The art of dowsing has been around for centuries, perhaps even thousands of years. It is the oldest form of divination known to man and has been used for a variety of different reasons, including searches for underground water, discovering the location of unmarked graves, determining the sex of unborn children and even locating ghosts.
How dowsing actually works remains a mystery, but it has proven to be uncannily accurate over the years. Even the American Society of Dowsers admits that “the reasons the procedures work are entirely unknown.”
The standard practice of dowsing is to search for underground water sources.  No one knows how this works, it simply does.  I work for a water dept. and with all the MODERN DAY equipment to locate water lines, the one my company still RELIES on the most....is you guessed it...dowsing rods.  I am just amazed sometimes when I watch the guys walk over a water source and the rods just cross!!!!

Here is a  video of my daughter using a set of dowsing rods for the very first time.  What impresses me about this clip, is that the wind was blowing pretty hard that day, so the rods SHOULD not have been able to move AGAINST the strong wind BUT THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can see the surprise look on my daughters face.  This video was taken at South Padre Island, Tx at a haunted light house.  I just had to stop by on the way home.  One more thing you will notice, it is NOT at night!!!  It was early morning and we were having great communication as you will see.  So, see ghosts don't care if it's nighttime....they just want to say HI.

OK......I know.  It looks like Dowsing Rods could easily be manipulated by the person holding the rods, but until you use them, you won't understand that WE are NOT manipulating them at all!!!!!  They are a favorite tool of mine to use when ghost hunting....so give them a try!



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Ok.  Before I get the emails saying this weeks topic isn't what I posted under "weekly topics"....I know!  LOL.  But here's the good thing......I do state that I might change my mind.....and guess what....I did. LOL

With Halloween coming up, it seems everyone is talking about creepy and scary places, so I decided to write about one of the MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN THE WORLD...Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, in Bremen Township, Cook County, Illinois.(You know me, I didn't want to be left out!)  Bachelors Grove Cemetery is just northwest of Midlothian and Oak Forest, near the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve on the Midlothian Turnpike (near its intersection with Central Avenue), in the southwest Chicago suburbs.

No doubt this is a long forgotten cemetery EXCEPT for those of us looking to have our hearts racing and blood pumping spending the night in a very dark, very haunted cemetery!   There is no question that vandals have not been kind to this place.  One of the most disturbing things to see in this cemetery is that of holes that have been dug above some of the graves.  Vandals digging for treasures belonging to the long lost souls that rest here.

For those searching for Bachelor's Grove, it can be found by leaving the roadway and walking up an overgrown gravel track that is surrounded on both sides by the forest. The old road is blocked with chains and concrete dividers and a dented "No Trespassing" sign that hangs ominously near the mouth to the trail. The burial ground lies about a half-mile or so beyond it in the woods.

Who is this seemly lost soul?
This cemetery is one of the SCARIEST CEMETERIES you can imagine!!!(And believe me, I can IMAGINE some good ones!)  It has reports of a white lady (or "white madonna") that walks the grounds during a full moon while carrying an infant, Phantom farmhouse; a ghostly farmhouse which is purported to shimmer, float, and then vanish, mostly reported during the 1950s. There are also reports by witnesses of the house shrinking as they approach it, then disappearing altogether, a two-headed ghost; near the same slough and many more sighting.  But one of the most notable......is that of a woman sitting on a grave which ran in the Chicago Sun newspaper some years ago.

Lady in White? 

I went to Chicago last year and went on an investigation with the White-Dog Paranormal Group. (Who I LOVE!) They had visited the cemetery before and they said it was really, really scary.  They had gotten some good EVP's from there along with lots of unexplainable sounds and feelings.  They wanted to take me there before our scheduled Asylum investigation that we had planned for that night, but THANK YOU Chicago traffic......it was way to late to stop by before the investigation. Just my luck!!!!  I am headed back to the Illinois area in December and hopefully THIS TIME I can see this place for myself.  And like always, I will be writing and sharing with you guys my experience.

If you would like to read more on this INCREDIBLY HAUNTED PLACE go to : http://www.bachelorsgrove.com/ 

Better yet....PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if you have visited this amazing place.




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It's getting so close to Halloween that is just makes doing the Ghost Tour that much more exciting!!!  Join me this weekend for FRIEGHTFUL FUN NIGHT!!!!  For more information and to reserve your spot, over to the left of the page is more information on the Old Alton Bridge Ghost Tour.  Join me...



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Ok.  It's getting to that time of year where everything is scary!!!  I will be sharing some of my FAVORITE TRUE HAUNTINGS with you over the next month until Halloween.  Some of the hauntings are just sooooo CREEPY it is hard to believe.

Now, have you ever seen a doll that just CREEPS you out!!!  They don't have black eyes or blood running down their mouth but for whatever reason......you think "OHHHHHH THAT DOLL IS CREEPY"!!!  If so, then below is a story I think you can relate to.

The True Story Of Annabelle, The Haunted Doll From THE CONJURING
The actual details of the demonic doll case as seen in the hit film!
The True Story Of Annabelle, The Haunted Doll From THE CONJURING
Annabelle is real.
One of the creepiest parts of the truly scary The Conjuring is the evil possessed doll Annabelle, who makes up the cornerstone of Ed and Lorraine Warren's spooky museum of trophies. Director James Wan redesigned Annabelle for the movie, giving her a much more disturbing appearance, but in real life Annabelle was just your run of the mill Raggedy Ann doll.
Donna got Annabelle from her mother in 1970; mom bought the used doll at a hobby store. Donna was a college student at the time, and living with a roommate named Angie, and at first neither thought the doll was anything special. But over time they noticed Annabelle seemed to move on her own; at first it was really subtle, just changes in position, the kinds of things that could be written off as the doll being jostled. But the movement increased, and within a few weeks it seemed to become fully mobile. The girls would leave the apartment with Annabelle on Donna's bed and return home to find it on the couch.
Their friend Lou hated the doll. He thought there was something deeply wrong with it, something evil, but the girls were modern women and didn't believe that sort of thing. There must be an explanation, they reasoned. But soon Annabelle's actions got even weirder - Donna began to find pieces of parchment paper in the house with messages written on it. "Help us," they would say, or "Help Lou." Just to make the whole thing that much creepier nobody in the house had parchment paper. Where the hell was it coming from?
The escalation continued. One night Donna returned home to find Annabelle in her bed, with blood on her hands. The blood - or some sort of red liquid - seemed to be coming from the doll itself. That was enough; Donna finally agreed to bring in a medium. The sensitive sat with the doll and told the girls that long before their apartment complex had been built there had been a field on that property. A seven year old girl named Annabelle Higgins had been found dead in that field. Her spirit remained, and when the doll came into the house the girl latched on to it. She found Donna and Angie to be trustworthy. She just wanted to stay with them. She wanted to be safe with them.
Being sweet, nurturing types - they were both nursing students - Donna and Angie agreed to let Annabelle stay with them. And that's when all hell broke loose.
Lou started having bad dreams, dreams where Annabelle was in his bed, climbing up his leg as he lay frozen, sliding up his chest to his neck and closing her stuffed hands around his throat, choking him out. He would wake up terrified, head pounding like all blood had been cut off to his brain. He was freaking out. He was worried about the girls.
A few days later he and Angie were hanging out, planning a road trip, when they heard someone moving around in Donna's room. They froze - was it a break in? Was there an intruder in the apartment? Lou crept over to the door, listening to rustling within. He threw open the door and everything was as it should be - except Annabelle was off the bed and sitting in a corner. As he approached the doll Lou was consumed with that feeling, a burning on the back of the neck that indicates someone was staring at you and he spun around. Nobody was there. The room was empty. And then sudden pain on his chest. He looked in his shirt and saw a series of raking claw marks, rough ditches in his flesh that burned. He knew Annabelle had done it.
The weird claw marks began healing almost immediately. They were totally gone in two days. They were like no wounds any of them had ever seen before. They knew they needed more help, and they turned to an Episcopalian priest, who in turned called in Ed and Lorraine Warren.

It didn't take the Warrens long to come to their conclusion: there was no ghost in this case. There was an inhuman spirit - a demon - attached to the doll. But they warned that the doll wasn't possessed; demons don't possess things, only people. It was clinging to the doll, manipulating it, in order to give the impression of a haunting. The target was really Donna's soul.
A priest performed an exorcism on the apartment and the Warrens took possession of the doll. They put it in a bag and began the long drive home; Ed agreed to stay off the highways because there was a concern that the demon might fuck with the car, and at 65 miles an hour that would be disastrous. And sure enough, as they drove on the back roads, the engine kept cutting out, the power steering kept failing and even the brakes gave them trouble. Ed opened the bag, sprinkled the doll with holy water and the disturbances stopped... for the moment.
Ed left the doll next to his desk; it began levitating. That happened a couple of times and then it seemed to just quit, finally laying quiet. But in a couple of weeks Annabelle was back to her old tricks; she started appearing in different rooms in the Warren home. Sensing that the doll was ramping back up the Warrens called in a Catholic priest to exorcise Annabelle. The priest didn't take it seriously, telling Annabelle "You're just a doll. You can't hurt anyone!" Big mistake: on his way home the priest's brakes failed, and his car was totaled in a horrible accident. He survived.
Eventually the Warrens built a locked case for Annabelle, and she resides there to this day. The locked case seems to have kept the doll from moving around, but it seems like that whatever terrible entity is attached to it is still there, waiting. Biding its time. Ready for the day when it can again be free.



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Silver Queen front lobby

The Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, Nevada was built in 1876 and has been noted for many different accounts of paranormal activity. So much in fact that the guests of the hotel, often complain about strange sounds during the night. The Queen has served many different purposes. The wedding chapel was once used as a make-shift morgue, when the ground was too frozen to bury the dead.

There have been MANY reports of paranormal activity from this old but I wanted to share a story James Oberding wrote about.  I have not been to the Silver Queen, but it to is on my list!!!

James wrote that the night he spent in the Silver Queen Hotel was "not at all" restful.  He talked about the couple next to his room having an argument.  The walls are paper thin in this hotel so there is little room for "private conversations" much less to have an argument with your spouse!  He said he rolled over and looked at the clock and it was 2:30am in the morning.

He said the fight was on!  He said something cruel, she snapped back.  He replied, and she started to cry.

"Come on you two," he yelled to the people next door.  "No one wants to hear your fights."
WHAM!  It sounded like he had shoved her against the wall.  She was crying and begging his forgiveness.  That was it!  He was shoving her around and she was begging for forgiveness.  He needed to go to jail and she needed help..........but more help than he could give her.  He jumped up, ready to call the front desk when he thought..."what a minute, this is a small town and those who manned the desk were probably home somewhere sleeping like babies."  "Fine, I'll call the sheriff."  No.  That won't work because there was no phone in his room.  And this was before everyone carried cell phones, so James couldn't call anyone. 

Then the name-calling began; he reeled off every vile name you could think of.   She just kept crying.

"Why don't you just leave him?  James thought to himself.  Anything has to be better than what you're enduring.  He pushed her against the wall again.  She whimpered and promised never to do it again.  What could she have done that warranted this kind of abuse???  Nothing.  He was a cruel monster, and James was going to report him first thing in the morning.

Then there was silence.  Had they kissed and made up?  James glances at the clock again.  By now it was a little past 3;00am, and if the couple next door stayed quiet, he could still get a few hours of sleep.

The next morning, James got up a 7:30am because he wanted to get down stairs and report what went on in the room next to his before the couple checked out.  He found the manager and dutifully shared what he had heard.  She looked at him very confused.  "Your kidding me right?" she asked.

Kidding her!!!!  Why would I kid about a thing like that?  People begin abused is something he would not kid about!!!

The manager said, "there was no one in that room last night".  James finding this very frustrating that the manager wasn't taking him seriously, said "so, what they just sneaked in?"

The manager smiled and said, "well, not exactly".  "What you heard were our ghosts.  A man murdered his girlfriend in that room a long time ago, and....".  She stopped at James expression of disbelief.  "No one could have possibly stayed in that room last night.  Come on, I'll show you".

James followed her up the stairs and she opened the door.  Except for a ladder, a drop cloth, and other painting supplies, the room was empty!  James could NOT BELIEVE what he was seeing!!!! 

The manager just smiled and said, "Come back and stay with us anytime".

Isn't that a cool story!!!  I have had a similar experience like that before and it IS really weird when you hear all the noises in another room and come to find out there is no one in there.  Love to hear about your experiences or even better........if you have stayed in the Silver Queen Hotel!!!!

And just wanted to let ya'll know, my favorite time of year....HALLOWEEN is coming up and I have a BIG SURPRISE for you in October.....so stay tuned.!!!!!!!