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About me.....I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. I just needed to know that I could still communicate with him. I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I am now a Certified Paranormal Investigator and have my own Paranormal Group. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Ok.  If you remember last week I told you I would write about HOW I met some people out at the Green Elm Cemetery....I know...I know...I am a day late but I wanted to get the video done for you before I posted.

Last weekend, just out of the blue...Deak and I decided to go check out a very old cemetery that I had read about and a friend of mine suggested I go check it out..... the Green Elm Cemetery.  The grave yard is located just on the Jack and Wise County lines. The earliest grave in the cemetery is entered in 1870 and the last in 1909. The cemetery is occasionally mowed but mostly un-kept. According to Jack County records, 55 or so graves have been entered into the cemetery with 20 to 30 sadly unmarked.   There have been all kinds of reports of paranormal activity here so I thought....fun.....lets go check it out!!!

So, Saturday afternoon we decide to take off to try and find the cemetery.  Now, let me just say, this is not a POPULAR cemetery where you would EXPECT to see anyone, and it is not a popular place for ghost hunters to go.  It would still fall under the heading of...unknown.

As we made our way through small, dark country roads, it was starting to get dark, which was ok with us as we had planned to stay the night at the cemetery and investigate.  So, like any good ghost hunter would do.....we came prepared with all our equipment, phones, chairs, food....and when I go on an all night hunt...I bring LOTS of food!!! LOL  So, we had thought of everything and had it nice and neatly packed in the trunk of my car.

Anyway, the one thing I noticed, was HOW FAR out this cemetery was!  It was down a small dirt road in my terms..."no mans land" lol and as you drive up to the cemetery you pass some really old, creepy looking houses.  Man!  Where was this place?  And how did anyone ever find it????

The FIRST THING we noticed once we found the place was...there were PEOPLE there!!!  We both just couldn't believe that ANYONE else would be out this far at this creepy cemetery but us.......but sure enough there was.  Ok...so we get out of the car and I go around to pop the trunk to start unloading.  Well, I laid  the car keys IN THE TRUNK....yeah you know what I'm about to say...and you guessed it ........shut the trunk and locked my keys inside!!!  Not a problem right....just open the car door and pop the trunk button and all is well........WRONG...I was being so good and locked the car doors when I got out.....after all.... there were some strange people here!!!! LOL  So, we can't get in our car.......we can't get out the food or drinks......my phone is in my bag.....in the trunk.....it's getting really dark and Deak can not get any service on his phone.......OMG.....what are we going to do??????

 Well, the ONLY thing we could hope for is.....the other people in the cemetery would be friendly and not MASS MURDERS or something.....and they might could help us in some way.  So as they came out of the cemetery I'm pretty sure it was obvious as we walked around and around the car... peering in the windows, Deak had his head ducked down out of frustration and I am looking pitiful and hopeless......they asked "locked your keys in your car"????? Man....they noticed!!!! LOL

They were VERY NICE and tried their best to help us get in the car...but no luck.  Our only solution was to break out a window....and my heart wasn't in that...but we had no choice.
Just as we are looking around for a big rock to break out the window one of the ladies walks around the back of my car and mashes a button up under the trunk and "POP" the trunk opens!!!!  Are you kidding me?????  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!!!

Now, what are the ODDS that this is the FIRST TIME I have ever locked my keys in the car.....and we are out  in " no mans land" where no one ever goes......in the dark, with nothing but one cell phone that didn't work and this group of people would be there on the same day at the same time we were???  Pretty amazing if you ask me!

So....moving on...... they ask WHY WE were out there and we told them we were paranormal investigators and they got really excited and ask if they could stay.  WELL OF COURSE you can stay.....you all saved the day!!!!  Funny thing is.....they weren't from the area and they all  had just gotten together and decided to take a ride out to the old cemetery that they had heard of.  They were NOT investigators nor were they looking for anything paranormal......just riding around and ended up here. hhhhuuummm 

So, we got out and sat up the equipment and started our investigation.  We were communicating with several spirits and one was a young boy that we were asking him to move a ball for us(the video) that I had sat up on a ledge around a grave.  Well.....all of the sudden....the ball is "pushed" of a ledge and rolls right onto the ground!  We all couldn't believe it because there was no wind !!!  It just rolled off ALL by itself.... or with a little help I should say.  I ran over to my recorder to review the footage and WHAT???? My recorder was turned off!!!!  How did that happen? No one was near it!   Anyway, I just couldn't believe I DID NOT capture that on my video recorder.  So, I put the ball BACK on the ledge and this time I put it in a little groove so it would take a LOT to make this ball roll.  

After I sat the ball back up I went over to where we were all sitting in a circle trying to communicate with the spirits and never went back over to the ball but would ask the spirits to "move the ball" or "roll it again".  We would glance over every now and then and TO US it appeared the ball never moved again.   BUT when I was reviewing the video I found something I COULD NOT BELIEVE!!!!!  I put "dots" on my balls so that it will show movement better on film when we are communicating with spirits.  Well............. the ball didn't roll off again..............BUT it DID DO something BETTER.............IT physically TWISTED!!!!!! Like someone puts their hand on the top of it and TWISTED it to the left!!!!!  There is NO WAY this could happen!!!  Not by the wind...not by a bug..... NOT BY ANYTHING!!!  This is definitely paranormal at its best!  And besides all that....the wind wasn't even blowing!!!!!  I was thrilled when I saw this!!! 

I wished I had gotten time to go through all the EVP's before this post but I didn't.  Sorry.  Can't wait to hear what we caught on those!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.......I want to say THANKS again to my new BEST FRIENDS for saving the night for us and I was so glad they stayed and got to have some personal experiences with the paranormal.

The video is very short and the TWIST is slight...but it doesn't matter.........IT TWISTED!!!!!!

Till next week....




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A little chocolate milk always makes things better...

LOL.  I hear it all the time..."Why in the world would you want to hunt ghosts"?  And you know my answer is always the same...."because I LOVE IT!!!".  I know that is hard for some people to understand, and yes I do realize it is NOT your NORMAL kind of hobby but FOR ME....it is my life passion!

I had a conversation with a lady this week and she just couldn't understand how I could LOVE something that is scary and sometimes dangerous.  Well, don't we ALL love something or maybe someone that is sometimes scary and dangerous?  Communicating with the dead is not at all scary to me.....the way I look at it is.....every time we go out to investigate.... of course there is going to be some element of danger involved,  but to me no more than...lets say playing sports...football, hockey...or even something more calm like hiking....or running....there is ALWAYS a chance that something could go wrong and someone get hurt.  Right?  But we still play football, hockey, go running or hiking... it doesn't stop us because we LOVE it!

Every paranormal investigator has his or her own reason that they sit in the dark all alone, or go into a haunted cemetery at night and spend hours...but I also have another reason that I do what I do.
And any of you that know me or have been following me for these past years know why. :)  That's right...because of my grandfather.

The reason I want to write about this today is because I recently met someone that I felt was lost.  And we have all been there at one time or another after a loved one has died we sometimes just don't know what to do.  How to get over the pain...how to move on.  Is it hard to lose someone you love....YOU BET....is it easy to move on....NEVER.  This is where I think we sometimes make the mistake of thinking....if we LET THEM GO or move on.....then we have lost them FOREVER.  That is just NOT the case.  When I lost my grandfather I was devastated and just wasn't sure how I was going to make it in this big, bad world without him. And to be honest, after weeks of sheer pain....and grief...I decided I WOULDN'T go on in this big, bad world without him.....there had to be a way to keep him here with me!!!! 

So, I started reading everything I could get my hands on about the AFTERLIFE and the PARANORMAL....different ways to communicate with a loved one that had pasted.  Long story...short.....that's how I got to where I am today.  Over 30 years later of researching the paranormal....it has become just as much a part of me as breathing.  If I had not gotten into the paranormal field, I'm not sure where or what I would be doing today.  FOR ME, researching the paranormal and trying to find out ways to stay in touch with my grandfather(Nan...that's what I called him) without me even knowing it..... kept me from falling into a deep depression and many times in my life has caused me to FOCUS on something other than whatever bad things might be going on in my life....because I HAVE found ways to communicate with my grandfather and understand more today than ever....he has never left me!!!  This is MY way of staying in touch with him and I feel like we are doing this together. :)

See the truth is... as much as we would like to.....and as much as we would like to HOLD ON to our loved ones.....we have to let them go........BUT we don't have to say GOOD-BYE!  Our loved ones are watching over us always.....and they only want us to be happy NOT sad.  So....if you can change the way you think..........to lets say.......they are NOT really gone......and I WILL see them again someday......but until then........you kinda' have to have a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. LOL.  I know that's probably not the best way to say it....but sorry....it's the best way I know how.  Just like in a long distance relationship you may not always get to see them.....but you can talk to them anytime you like and believe it or not, sometimes...just talking with them is enough.

So, I guess what I want you to know....is DON'T fall into that depression......don't let the death of someone you love consume your life HERE in the real world.......that doesn't help you, your family or friends.........CHANGE DIRECTIONS.........you still can talk with your loved ones.....just long distance. :)



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So, I couldn't let this week go by without giving a Big SHOUT OUT to my new BEST FRIENDS that came to my rescue this weekend!!!  Chuck and Cheryl Loving, Bob and Sandra Thompson and Mark and Sharon Gilmore you guys are the BEST!!!

I apologize that I just couldn't get all the evidence reviewed in time to post it this week, but be sure to stay turned as I hope to post it soon!  I don't want to give away this story on HOW we met...but you guys WON'T BELIEVE IT!!!  Heck....I STILL DON'T believe it!!! LOL  It is an amazing story of how people JUST suddenly show up in our lives.  We were ALL brought together for some reason.... in a particular place...... at a particular time...I NEEDED them and I think they needed me to!!! :)  Find out where we were and how our night ended up..... 

Anyway, I will write all about it next week along with pictures and hopefully some great EVP'S.

Again, thanks guys.....I really enjoyed meeting you all and looking forward to doing it again soon!!!

What happened to cause this kind of reaction???
Find out next week!



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Mc Broom Cemetery-what do you think?

So, I need your help.  I went to visit my brother in Arkansas this past weekend and we did a little ghost hunting around where he lives in Kingston, Arkansas.  We came across the Mc Broom Cemetery that sits up on a hill all by itself.

In all the years of investigating cemeteries, I have not ever ran across one like this.  It had several grave markers that were shaped like coffins.  Some little, some big, facing all different directions. The earliest settlers had their feet pointing toward the east and the head of the coffin toward the west, ready to rise up and face the "new day" (the sun) when "the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised" or when Christ would appear and they would be reborn.  So, I really don't understand the way these people were laid to rest. hhuummm  I really feel the coffin markers are the actual size of the casket and the body inside...that was laid to rest beneath them because the baby's were very small and the adults larger.

I am very curious about these "coffin" shaped tombstones.  The best I can find out is that back in the 1700's the stone coffin marker was set on top of the actual casket. I wish I could read the dates on the tombstones, but they had all eroded over time.  I just think it is odd that I have been in some really old cemeteries and NONE of them had these kind of tombstones. 
If you know anything about these coffin shaped tombstones I would LOVE to know about them.  I posted several pics of this really "cool" cemetery.

So, what do you think?  Aren't these really "creepy"?  You should see them at night! lol



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'Behind every man now alive stands 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.'  ARTHUR C. CLARKE, 2001: A Space Odyssey

The dead are all around us.  We are surrounded by ghosts, but most of us are unaware of their presence because we are preoccupied with our daily routine and our physical needs...... feed the kids breakfast, take them to school, make sure your spouse has money for the toll, pick up groceries, mow the yard, cook dinner, work out(lol)...well I think you get the point when I say "preoccupied".

So, just yesterday, I was asked "why do they stay around?"  Does it mean they HAVEN'T gone to heaven or can't until they complete some task?  hhhuuummm Let's think about that....

Invisible visitors might not be ghosts at all, but guides or guardian angels, but I don't think the name we give disembodied spirits is of importance.  The important thing is....THEYARE HERE!  Sensing their presence is sufficient to signify that there is another reality beyond our physical world, a belief that appears to be confirmed by the countless number of near-death experiences reported by people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds and from all around the world from ancient times to the current day.

So, now what? We KNOW they ARE here...we can sense them all around us.....their smell.....their touch.....we here their voices......we see their faces......we hear them and see things they have moved around to make their presence known.  Right? Right.

Ok....we have all heard that ghosts are here because they have "unfinished business", they don't know that they have died....or something more tragic....and they CAN NOT move on.  I believe, and again this is MY OPINION, that ALL the statements above are TRUE.  I do believe that some spirits stay behind because they died so quickly that they are a bit confused and don't really know what has happened to them...so that is where we come in....and encourage them to "go to the light" or "go ahead and cross over from this world".

Now, lets talk about "unfinished business".  Just because a spirit has "unfinished business" here in this world....DOESN'T mean that they have NOT gone on to heaven.  Sometimes, when someone leaves this world they have "unfinished business" that they need to fulfill to either help themselves or someone else.  Example:  Loving husband dies suddenly and his devastated wife is left to manage the household without him.  This is sooooo overwhelming to her and all she thinks about is their plans to retire, buy an RV and travel....now those plans can never happen.  She falls deep into depression.  God is a loving God and allows the husband to come back and help her with their "unfinished business".  Doesn't mean that he will not be allowed back in heaven...it just means God has allowed him to help his beloved wife.  So, out of the blue....the wife starts getting mail advertising RV's for sale and she suddenly feels her husband saying..."get up and go! You can do this!"  Then one day she receives a letter from a life insurance company explaining that she has just received her husbands benefit money that he had bought years and years ago that she knew nothing about.  And along with the letter is a picture of an RV.     What do you think???......... Did he FINISH his UNFINISHED BUSINESS????  :)

Now, yes they can come down from heaven and visit us....help us and be there when we need them...... BUT sometimes.......I do believe that ISN'T always the case.  Sometimes malevolent spirits that were not NICE(so to speak) here on earth don't get to change....and suddenly become nice and just float away into heaven.....so these spirits are very unpleasant and resent sharing their possessions or personal space with the living.  Because of the life they lived here on earth.......well.....lets jut say they have a really hard time getting to where they need to be....either heaven or....???  And to some spirits....being "trapped" is Hell.

But until I die and can come back and give you guys more answers to your questions(lol)....we ALL have to reach our own conclusions.  And you know........maybe that is the way it is meant to be..... this way.....some of us are in search of evidence of the paranormal and some of us will NEVER believe in it............ different things for different people.......just saying.  :)



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Helloooooooo everyone!!!  Man, it seems like I haven't gotten to talk with you guys in forever! LOL
I had a wonderful vacation with my family in Florida seeing Universal and Disney World.  Man, I'm pooped though. :)

But what would vacation be without a little ghost hunting??? Right?  Well, I didn't get to do a lot but what I DID DO I think is pretty awesome! 

 First- We went to Disney World where I had read that the Haunted Mansion there REALLY was haunted because it was built on the site of an actual plane crash many years ago and supposedly, the pilot of the small plane still roams the area.  I had read that some of the employees had actually seen an apparition of a older man in uniform walking around.  Some of the other claims from previous and current employees were that for know apparent reason the music inside the Haunted Mansion would just stop and that the ride itself would just stop and suddenly start back on its own.

Well............wouldn't you know it.....I finally talked the kids into riding this ride(and when I say KIDS...I mean teenagers), which I might add did NOT REALLY want to.... but being good sports finally agreed.  All I told them about the ride was that it was "supposedly really haunted".  So...we get into our little carts and we begin to go through the Mansion.  As we made the first turn....all of the sudden.....the ride STOPS!!! Ok...no big deal, right?  Rides stall for short periods of time all the time.  Well, that was fine, except we were stopped for about 15 or 20 mins!!!  Not normal.  And to make it even more strange... the eerie music that played over and over as the ride goes through the house.....suddenly  STOPPED to!!!!  Are you kidding me???  Coincidence????  Seemed a little funny to me. HHHUUUMMM  All the things that the employees said was happening.... I got to experience first hand.  Well, after sitting sooooo long I decided to tell the kids about what I read.....BAD MISTAKE!!!! LOL All heck broke out!  Now for them....this was serious!!! LOL  They weren't scared at all till then.  Oh well......

Just for the record, real quick....this ride is not at all scary!  It was not what I expected.  It is like a 3-D ride.  But with that said, I still enjoyed seeing all the ghostly 3-D fun.

Ok...now to the really cool stuff!  On our last day, Deak (boyfriend) and I got up and went to check out the Greenwood Cemetery.  First....AWESOME!!!!  What a beautiful place with the moss hanging from the trees.  It is kept up really nice and it is huge!!!   You know sometimes you get a STRANGE....feeling in cemeteries...well that is the way I felt here.  Even though it was gorgeous, I just had "this feeling" can't really explain it....just that sometimes I get a really comforting feeling in cemeteries but I didn't really get that here.  Not that I felt like something BAD was here...just.....UNEASY.

I have posted a video of the first place we stopped and got out and were taking pics.  Check out the video.  Toward the end, you will see me pan across a street then in the middle of a big clump of trees you will see a flash.  I don't know how to describe it better.  Anyway, when I was reviewing the video...I noticed it.  My first thought was it must have been a car, but there were no other cars there.  A cleaning truck came in later but we were the only ones there at this time.  Anyway, I slowed the video down and can see some kind of "ORB".... I'm not really sure???  But it is interesting.  It isn't a bug or bird because it is only in that one frame.  If it were a bug, or bird or anything thing else, it would be  in more than one frame as it left. HHHUUUUMMM  Also, I captured an EVP right off the bat in the very location I shot the video.  Now, the EVP is a little hard to hear....but it is a woman's/girls voice almost talking over mine....and to me it sounds like it says...."monsters".  Now, I know that is a strange thing to hear, but that is what it sounds like to me.  I hope to have that posted soon.

I would have loved to visited this place at night as I have read it is really active with spirits but, I also know that it is closely monitored.  If you get the change to go....don't pass it up....and don't forget your recorder and camera.

And I can't leave today without a big THANK YOU for making this month the most viewed month of all time for me....over 9,000 views!!!  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!  I HAVE THE GREATEST FOLLOWERS EVER!!!! :)

JUST A FUNNY NOTE***  If any of you Geocach(a fun little game, look it up if you don't play  http://www.geocaching.com/) we found a Geocach in the Greenwood Cemetery and wouldn't you know....look what we found inside!!! Must have been a sign...I was suppose to be there. LOL



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So first.....I know my post is late but I'm on vacation with my family and trying to keep up is a little crazy!!!  But I didn't want you guys to think I forgot you. :)

Now, lets talk angels.  To most people when you say the word ANGEL they think of a beautiful lady in white with wings floating above us in the clouds.  Well, they may be, but in my opinion, angels take many different forms.  Have you ever heard people refer to perfect STRANGERS as their "Guardian angels"?  Let's say, you where held at gunpoint....and from out of know where a stranger shows up and wrestles the robber to the ground and then you never see or hear from that person again?  Are they REALLY your guardian angel?  You better know they very well could be! 

Many believe that GOD chooses his angels to come down from Heaven to protect and guide us.  What do I believe?  I DO believe GOD allows certain love ones to watch over us and protect us. I think they "show" themselves many times...in many different ways.  I can't say that I have ever SEEN an angel in the FORM that most people think....but I CAN TELL you that I FEEL them all the time...I see the SIGNS that I think I am suppose to see.  Angels are all around us all the time all WE have to do is pray and OPEN our minds that the LITTLE THINGS aren't just a coincidence.

Below is a picture I took at the Alamo several years back.  I believe this is an angel.   Is it just me???




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Mary Carol is the lady in red...
Is this her husband Don still watching over her?

Ok.  I wanted to share with you today the EVP Session from our tour a couple of weeks ago where the lady had came from Louisiana and received a message from her deceased husband.  It is a really quick video but I wanted to share it with you.  In case you missed it, here is the story I wrote about our experience on 5-30-14.  Hope you enjoy....

First, on Friday's night tour I had two lady's that attended that I have never meant before.  All that I knew about them was that both had lost their husband's.  One I believe 4 years ago and one 2 years ago.  They were the NICEST ladies and I'm so glad they came on the tour.  Anyway, we were sitting on the bridge doing a spirit box session and I was telling the group about the spirits that I NORMALLY are able to communicate with out at the bridge(Old Alton).  As we all sat quietly on the bridge, I began asking which spirits were with us. You know the normal..."who's here and do you want to communicate with us tonight stuff"..... anyway I asked for the spirit to give me the name of WHO we were communicating with and VERY,VERY clearly and loudly the name we heard was DON !!!  Now, I am sitting there........... VERY confused!!! DON???  That is NOT a name I have EVER gotten on the spirit box down at the bridge before.  And Ron is not the "typical" name for the period of spirits that are associated with the hauntings of the bridge.   So, I say out loud, "hhhuuummm I have NEVER gotten DON before and I don't know WHO that is????".  Just then, one of the ladies sitting right beside me, that had drove all the way in from Louisiana ducked her head and put her hand over her forehead and said "I DO........ it's my husband!!!"   Everyone was stunned!!! I couldn't believe it!  So I asked......... "DON is your husband's name?  She said "yes".  As she started to shake, and seemed to be in disbelief, I asked her was she ok and if she wanted to continue?  At first, she said "I don't know" but after a few minutes she said yes and I asked her would she like to communicate with him and although she seemed nervous...... she agreed.  She got up and stood in front of the spirit box and asked "Don, can you hear me???" and a voice came back and said "I'M HERE"!  I was sooooooo excited for her even though she was trembling uncontrollably. She continued to ask questions, although we never really got anymore direct and clear answers after that.  But she did an AWESOME job and so did DON!!!!!!!!

I think after this experience, in some way she left feeling some relief  to know that HE is STILL with her WHEREVER she goes!!!  I am so grateful to have been a witness to this experience with her and her sister.  It was very powerful for all that witnessed it. :)




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Couldn't let the day go by without wishing everyone a happy Father's Day!!  Thank you Dads for being our strength, protectors and providers.  And to the father's that have pasted....thank you for have all the memories and laying the foundation of our successful futures.  YOU GUYS ROCK.

And thanks to the BEST DAD EVER!!!!!  Thanks for always being there for me.....I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!!

 To my Nan.... I miss you EVERY DAY and love you for never leaving me!  Till we met again.... I'm bringing angel food cake with me.... I heard it was allowed in Heaven! Lol



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I am headed to Florida in a couple weeks, so I have been researching haunted places to go check out.  One of the places I found interesting that is supposedly haunted is The Haunted Mansion in Disney World.  Now, when I first saw this I thought "ok.....Disney is just trying to get publicity for the attraction" but the more I read...seems people have had some paranormal experiences.  Here is one of the stories about The Mansion....
Seems that The Mansion is HAUNTED by more than just props and visual effects.  As reported in the McDowell News, The Mansion was built beside a lake that in the 1940's was the sight of a fatal plane crash.  And it's believed that the man piloting the small-engine plane is the ghostly apparition that now inhabits the building.
One employee, who reported the sighting, said that he'd been working in the empty load area of one of the rides when all sudden he looked up to see an elderly man sitting in one of the "doom buggies."  The young man approached the well-dressed gentleman and tried to get his attention, but the man refused to respond.  Concerned, he spoke to other members of the staff and asked them to keep their eyes out for the phantom rider.  But the man never appeared again.
Background music is often heard in the séance area, even when the attraction is turned off.  And the mysterious sound of music playing from behind the walls is often heard. 
Ok...so guess what?  I am going to Disney....and guess what......that's right...I'm going to check it out! LOL  If anyone else has heard of other experiences or has had one themselves at The Haunted Mansion, I would love to hear about it.