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Behind Every Cloud is a Kindred Spirit (BECKS)I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. How could I still communicate with him? I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I have been researching the paranormal for over 37 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one explainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Dedicated in memory of
Sean Lucero
July 25, 1988-February 15, 2016

Can our loved ones really send us messages from above?  Man, wouldn't that be great if they could?  Guess what?  They can and DO!  When we lose a loved one, our hearts break and sometimes we feel we can't go on without one LAST word, touch, kiss or hug.  We just need one more minute with them! 

I want to share a VERY PERSONAL story with you.  I work with this very nice gentleman that lost his son about 4 years ago.  He is still struggling with the loss and we talk about it every now and then.  He came in my office the other day and ask if we could talk.  I said of course.  He came in and sat down in one of the chairs that sit in front of my desk and almost in a hesitant way asked could he ask me a question.  

This gentleman's name is Ron Lucero.  I have known Ron for years and he knows that I am very into signs, paranormal, spirits and that stuff so for him to act a "little shy" about asking me anything was a little weird. Ron says, "do you think Sean could send me signs that he is still around?"  I looked at him and said, "of course he can!"  He said, "oh do you think God would let him?"  This question hit me like a ton of bricks.  My heart physically hurt.  Did this man think that because his son was in heaven that he could never see or hear from again?  My heart was breaking and I was thinking...how many other people must think this way?  That their loved ones can't give us a message or sign because they are in heaven?  

Ron continued to tell me that over the Christmas holiday's he was at home with his wife and was feeling very depressed about Sean and was struggling to shake this bad feeling.  He said it was just one of THOSE BAD DAYS that we have all experienced when we lose someone close to us.  He said his wife was asking if he was ok. He said yes just a little sad but the longer he sat there the sadder he was getting.  Then all of the sudden a music box sitting on the mantel close to Sean's picture just goes off by itself!!!  It just starts playing music.  He said he looked at his wife and was like what the heck and she looked just as surprised as he was!  Neither of them had touched it all day....it just started to play all by itself!!!  Was this Sean?  Simple answer.  In my opinion, yes.  Without a doubt.

Two things about this story, says to me Sean was trying to send his Dad a message from above.  First, the minute his Dad heard the music going off his first thought was how did that happen and was it Sean? So what does this do?  It makes Ron STOP thinking about the loss and the sad thoughts and focuses on it might be Sean trying to give him a message.  What's the message?  The music symbolizes...something happy.  Something SPECIAL.  It is a distraction from the sadness.  Is that a coincidence?  Nope.  I don't think so.  Second thing, it makes Ron think about Sean in a different way.  That he is near, that he is still with him in spirit and trying to let him know that.  Now, Ron's heart is a little less heavy thinking about Sean in a positive way.

So, back to the question Ron asked.  "Does God let our loved ones give us signs?"  Ok.  I want people to understand what I'm about to say.  God is a loving God.  When you die and go to heaven PLEASE don't think that...…. that's it.  Your loved one's are gone.  If you are struggling or maybe you just need some guidance... of course, God will let your loved ones come for a "visitation".  He actually allows them to be with us always.  He would never want you to surfer and neither would your loved ones.

Here's the thing about signs.  I could write for days about ALL the signs we get from above but for this, I'll keep it short.  Sometimes we get signs from above when we don't even realize we need one but when you ask for a sign.....and get it...……..don't blow it off!  Don't dismiss it as a coincidence.  They are HERE for us and doing everything they can to let us know that.  Signs are given to validate they are still with us.  Whether it's a penny on the ground, a feather in an unusual place, something misplaced that shows up somewhere it shouldn't be....whatever the case may be...accept it.....be grateful and say "Thank you."

One more thing, ASK for signs!!!  If you remember nothing of this story.....remember to ASK for signs.  Make it something that you normally wouldn't see.  For example......Ask to see a purple pig.  You know that isn't something you see everyday SO when you DO see it....you'll know that it is TRULY a sign from above. :)

I want to thank Ron Lucero and his family for letting me share this very personal story and hopefully it helps someone else. :)  RIP Sean.  



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Do you believe in Fairies????  No.  Not the tooth fairy.  REAL FAIRIES.  Like the ones that live in the forest and flutter around?  Huumm  That is a tough one for me.  I believe in ghosts so why couldn't there be fairies? Right? 

The definition of a Fairy is (also fata, fay, fey, fae, fair folk; from faery, faerie, "realm of the fays") is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore (and particularly Celtic, Slavic, German, English, and French folklore), a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural.   See if the definition of a Fairy it does seem to have a lot to do metaphysical things and you know me, I'm into that! lol

I saw a video on TV the other day and it really peaked my interest in fairies.  I openly admit I do not no much about fairies and have not encountered a one.  But I like the idea of them.  Check out the video below and see what you think?

According to realfairies.net these are the kind of fairies you may encounter.  If you have encountered a fairy, please email me, I would love to hear about your experience. :)

The Well-Known Pixies

No taller than 6 inches,  the winged pixies can shape-shift the size of their humanoid form as needed. Although they can be very curious, fun-loving creatures, they do have another side. They feel a great responsibility toward other, similar-sized fairies (brownies and gherrings) and often become involved as peacekeepers.
Pixies love flowers and gardens and, like hummingbirds, they love to sip nectar from flowers like honeysuckle. They have a very high metabolism, so they frequently enjoy high energy foods like sweets, milk, and cream.
These hard-working, industrious people live in large colonies designed to ensure their safety. They build their cities high up in trees and magically cloak them, so they are unlikely to be discovered. When encountering danger, they like to face their enemy as a massive cloud of angry pixies, similar to a swarm of bees.
Despite their fierce defensive posture, they are very friendly, kind and helpful to many different types of beings, including humans. Pixies can live to be 100 years old and are ruled by a king or queen.

Trooping Fairies 

Trooping fairies are generally similar in appearance to brownies (see below) and do not have wings. In fact, a brownie we spoke to told us trooping fairies are actually brownies that troop together in long lines. This formation often happens when they are going to war.
Trooping fairies tend to be a bit different from the average brownie. They are more serious, organized and sophisticated in lifestyle compared to the more rustic, and friendly brownie.
To stay out of sight, trooping fairies prefer to travel through the woods where there is a lot of underbrush.  Some people also believe they inhabit trees which are often referred to as “fairy trees.”


Brownies are brave, adventurous people that can reach a height of 6 inches tall.  In their world, they are also known as “nims” but are more commonly known as brownies from wearing brown clothing and living close to the earth. They do not have wings but are quite capable of getting to high places when needed, with the help of a bird or one another.  In the wild, brownies live in the woods or high grass where they often build hidden or underground homes.  They do this to protect themselves from beings who are larger and more powerful than they are.
Brownies are very social and prefer to live together in towns or large family groups. They scavenge to survive and spend their days hunting for food, household goods, and other items they can use for trade. When it comes to humans, they are usually friendly with those who are like-minded.


With horns on his head,  a human torso and the body of a goat below the waist, the faun is a unique creature. Found in woodland forests, fauns tend to be alluring, seductive and quite compelling. To get what they desire, they often prey upon their unsuspecting victims by using mind control and magic they’ve conjured from their pipes or flute.
According to the elves, if you see a faun, you should avert your eyes because as soon as they have your attention, you are under their control.  They are neutral but can be very dangerous.


Commonly known as mermaids and mermen, those we have spoken with prefer to be known as mer, or merfolk.  Unlike humans, merfolk do not live in structures or houses. They swim together as a family unit but are also part of a larger community united under one ruler. Merfolk spend much of their day together hunting for fish, and other sea creatures to eat. They intentionally have large families because living in the sea is very dangerous and many of their young do not make it to adulthood.
Lately, the mer have been more visible in our world because they are concerned with the overwhelming number of oil spills and pollution that has seeped into their world from our world. They are generally unhappy about this pollution and destruction of their waters and they tend to hold humans wholly responsible. Right now, the point they are trying to communicate to us is that the health of the oceans affects us all.


Leprechauns are typically between 2-3 feet tall and are master craftsmen, often specializing in shoemaking. Legends sometimes depict them as loners, but that is not true. Found mainly in Ireland, they live together in villages well-protected by their magic. They have a great love for gold and ale and spend a good deal of time thinking about collecting and enjoying both!
Leprechauns are known to be information brokers, selling information they’ve acquired for a fair price. They have a reputation for being tricksters, but they are generally honest, good-hearted people that have a strong regard for honesty.


Shy and cautious by nature, gnomes seek only the company of their own kind.  At 9 inches tall, they believe their small size makes them vulnerable to bullies and always try to go unnoticed.  Known for their iconic red, pointy caps, they actually wear a variety of different clothing besides that single color and style.
You will find gnomes in most natural areas around the world in small isolated communities. They eat fruit, mushrooms, nuts, root vegetables, eggs, and meat only occasionally. Being deeply connected to nature, they are master healers and are known for healing sick and injured animals.


Frequently found in the homes of larger elves, grundels and elves have a symbiotic relationship. Grundels gladly work in service for the elves in exchange for a safe and happy home.  They are dedicated to their host family of elves and generally stay with the same family for generations, moving with them as necessity dictates.  For their part, elves have great respect and love for grundels and consider them family. Grundels are about 3 feet tall and often wear striped clothing. (Sorry, no picture yet available)


The hobgoblin is a solitary,  dark brown creature who inhabits the forest and lives in trees.  In general, this neutral fairy is a peaceful fellow who enjoys keeping to himself (or herself). He is not usually aggressive unless provoked but he can get especially nasty when his tree is at risk. Since his temper can flare easily, it is wise to try and stay on his good side.


Elves are a very long-lived race found in many places throughout their world.  Gifted with sharper senses, grace, agility, and perceptions than humans, they excel in the arts and crafts. This also includes the art of magic which they define as the gathering, focusing and directing of natural energy.  In general, elves avoid technology and live close to nature in an idyllic setting, respecting and working with all aspects of nature.
Physically, elves are approximately the same height as humans but slighter in build. Their faces are similar to humans but noticeably different. They have high cheekbones, more angular features, mesmerizing eyes, and the pointed ears so often depicted in books and movies.
Elves belong to two main groups: the Seelie or light elves and the Unseelie or dark elves. In general, the Seelie elves want to work with humans to heal the planet we both share while the Unseelie would prefer to solve their problems by eliminating all of humanity.
The Elves of Fyn, the source of the information on this site, belong to the first group (Seelie) and you can find a bit more information about them here. To be safe, humans should try to avoid contact with the Unseelie altogether.

So, do fairies exist?  I believe they can.  Just like UFO's, ghosts, and Bigfoot there are things we may never be able to prove 100%.   Just like having "hope".  We can't PROVE that "having hope" helps us through life events, but we do it anyway.  So if we can have "hope" why can't we "believe"?



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Are we still BEST FRIENDS when we cross to the other side?  This was a question I was asked this past weekend and I thought I would blog about it because I can only assume many people wonder about this after losing a best friend.  What will they do without them?  Right?  This is probably the number one concern of people that feel they have a  "soul connection" to another human being.  The one person or multi people that you feel know you the best and love you unconditionally.  The person that has been there for you through the good and the bad.  The person that made you laugh when all you wanted to do was cry.  The person that screamed the loudest when you succeeded and was your biggest fan.  Guess what?  Those feelings never change!

The Golden Girls 
One of my FAVORITE shows about Best Friends(Does that tell my age? LOL)
When a person dies this doesn't mean you never get to see or speak to them again.  Of course you still can!  And want to know something else.....they are ALWAYS there for you and even though you may not directly hear the voices you can feel their presence when you need it the most and sometimes when you least expect it.

Here's the deal.  Many people think that once you cross over and go to Heaven....that's it.  No more communicating with the living because they are in Heaven. Right? Wrong!  I am going to say this in a "Beckyism".  When people go to Heaven..... God doesn't say, "You are in Heaven now, you can not go back and help your friends and family in their time of need or sadness".  God is a loving God.  So he absolutely allows you to "visit" your friends and family to give them comfort or guide them in some way and then return "HOME".

So, the next time, you feel sad about losing your Best Friend, know that your Best Friend is not gone.  Think of it this way.... he/she is only in another room next to you.  You can't see them but you can hear them and feel that they are near.  So....talk away!!!!  Say what you need to just as your friend was right next to you (because they probably are) and take comfort in knowing they are not "gone" they have just stepped in the room "next door".

They still know when you do something silly and are laughing right along with you.  They know when you are doing something you love and they are right there supporting you.  And when you are sad and lonely, they have their arms wrapped around you gently as they always did.  The "soul connection" is NEVER lost are gone it's just how you see them now.  And one more thing.....every time you smile...…….so do they!!!!!!!!!  So don't forget to smile. :)

Losing someone close to you can be so overwhelming that it is hard to move forward.....so I want to share a little secret of mine that I hope will make you smile at least for a moment.  When you see a beautiful sunset or sunrise in all the beautiful pinks, purples, blues and yellows....that is JUST FOR YOU!!!!  No one else.....but YOU!!!!  It is a way that your loved ones can show you how they are feeling and how much love they are sending directly to YOU!!!!!!
Just for ME at one of my favorite
places from someone I miss dearly.
I couldn't help but smile.  Thank you.


 Because I am such a huge fan of The Golden Girls I wanted to share this video of Rue McClanahan (Blanche) talking about a sign that she received from her Best Friend Rill.  Don't forget to ask for a sign from your loved one they just may be waiting for you to ask.  :)

Sorry, A&E blocked me from sharing the video, but you can look it up on Youtube. :)

Image result for sunset
For those of you who need a sign!




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Your heart is breaking.....and the tears come pouring down your face like a raging water fall.  You can't believe how much it hurts.  How real the pain is!  If you have ever lost a believed pet like I did this past weekend, you understand completely what I'm talking about.

If you are a pet owner, no matter what the pet....a dog, cat, bird or even snakes (sorry, snakes scare the crap out of me) you develop a love for them that is unconditional.  When you had a bad day.... you've wrecked the car, and have no idea what to do now....you were still greeted with a long, wet kiss on the face when you walked through the door and suddenly what you thought was the worst day ever...doesn't seem so bad after all.  Or your are sobbing at that sad, sad last episode of Friends,  and your "best friend" jumps in your lap and looks up at you with those big brown eyes and gives you THAT SWEET look of "it's going to ok" and you can't help but smile.  Yep.  That's the power they have on us.

So, what happens when we lose them?  We grieve and grieve.  You think about them everyday and can hardly look at a picture of them without breaking down.  Suddenly, strange things start to happen.  You think you see something run through the hall.  You see something jump on your bed that isn't there.  But here's the deal.  Sometimes when we see apparitions or ghosts of a living person, they are here for several reasons.  Maybe because of a tragic event, unfinished business and sometimes the person doesn't even know they are dead.  But pets are different.....
There is only one reason their spirit stays behind.  And that's YOU!  Our pets entire lives are built around us and being our companion.  Nothing makes a pet happier than pleasing their owner.  So, guess what?  When they die....that doesn't change. And let me tell, thanks goodness it doesn't!  
Me and Holly-My sweet girl that died in 2015
My boy Tanner.  RIP 

This post is dedicated to my beloved Tanner.  My best friend for 15 years.  RIP my sweet boy.  You take a piece of my heart with you. (Feb. 2004-Feb.2019)
So, if you think you have lost your "best friend" you haven't.  The shadow in hall or the dog toy that suddenly shows up out of know where....is just he/she paying you a visit.  They will give you signs in many different ways to let you know they are still right by your side.  

I want to tell you about my personal experience of a message Tanner gave me the day he died.  My poor boy, Tanner was 15 years old and even though his body was still going strong in spite of wobbly legs and being blind as a bat.  I always thought I would be able to make "that HARD decision" when the time came that he couldn't walk or move anymore BUT NEVER did I think I would have to make that decision because of his MENTAL state of mine.  He started pacing about a week ago.  He would scratch on the doors like he wanted out, but the doors where open.  He would stare into the corners of the room and seem to be so lost.  I wasn't sure what was happening so I took him to the vet who diagnosed him with Dog Dementia.  Who knew that was even a thing!!!!!  She said he just doesn't recognize where he is and it could be scary for him.

She gave me some medicine to try....but it didn't help at all.  After about a week of this, I couldn't take it anymore.  The thought that he was scared and didn't know where he was and being blind on top of that...was more than my heart could take.  I called the vet Friday morning and said, "today is the day".  I feed him his favorite food and gave him his favorite treats and in my mind tried to make it just like any other normal day.  Talking and playing with him first thing in the morning.  But then it was time.  I drove to vet and let my boy go to Heaven without me.  I had never had to make this kind of decision before.  And for anyone who has, even though you know it is the right thing to do, making this kind of decision is the worst feeling ever!!!!  

I walked to the car and began to sob uncontrollably with my hands over my face.  Had I done the right thing?  Did he have more time?  Should I have waited?  I needed help.  I needed a sign.  I let my hands drop and looked to the heavens and said, "Tanner, PLEASE I need a sign that I did the right thing.  I can't move on unless I know."  I slowly started the car and just by habit I turned on the radio.  And there was only ONE sentence that came on.  It was Carrie Underwood singing Amazing Grace...but I didn't hear the whole song only the last sentence...……………..I was blind, but now I see.  And not another thing was said.  Not  a commercial...…..not a DJ for a few seconds.  There was definitely a pause before the DJ began to talk.  And with that, I raised my head and said "Thank you" and drove home with a smile on my face.

Now, I wanted to include an article written by Stanley Coren Ph D., that I just read that has nothing to do with ghosts, or ghost spirits, but it does have to do with death and how when we have more than one pet that the other pet grieves as well.  That's right.  Your other pet.  The one that will stare into the kitchen looking at the dog bowl as if they are seeing something.  Maybe they are!  But lets not forget them in this process.  They grieve as well.  And you know, as much as your pet loved you...they loved your other pet to.  So, it is no surprise that they would come back to say "hi" to them as well.  The article below talks about your pets grief.  I thought it was really good and just wanted to include it with this blog.

Do Dogs Grieve Over the Loss of an Animal Companion?

A poignant study confirms what many owners suspected about pets and grieving.

Posted Nov 10, 2016

I recently visited the home of some friends who have always had Boston Terriers as their companion dogs, usually in pairs, and always in the traditional black and white coloration. Quite often, they also had a cat as a pet, which was usually black-and-white to match the dogs. I always felt that it was Violet's work as an interior decorator that compelled her to have color-coordinated pets. On this visit, I found only one dog in the house. Lou explained that in the course of a few months they had lost one of their Boston Terriers (Lily) and shortly thereafter their cat (Rosie). Lou went on to say, "Now we only have Daisy. She took the loss of Lily and Rosie pretty hard, so we are looking to get a puppy companion for her as soon as possible."
I sat down on the sofa where Violet was sitting with Daisy. She said:
"Daisy was really upset when Lily passed. She kept checking the places where Lily usually took her naps, and when she didn't find her she would whine or whimper. She also got really clingy and demanded a lot of affection from me. Things got better after a month or so but then Rosie, our cat, died. I was surprised to find that Daisy showed the same kinds of behaviors when she couldn't find Rosie. Daisy kept looking for her in her usual spots, began whimpering again, and seemed to want to be close to me. She even stopped eating as enthusiastically as she usually did, as though she had lost part of her appetite."
Although Daisy's behavior at the loss of her canine companion was familiar to me, I was a bit surprised to learn she showed signs of grief at the loss of the cat as well. However, a recent study published in the journal Animals attempts to catalog the behaviors of dogs and cats when they suffer the loss of an animal housemate, and what the study found suggests that Daisy's behavior is not atypical. The study was conducted by a team of researchers headed by Jessica Walker of the New Zealand Companion Animal Counsel who collected data pertaining to 159 dogs and 152 cats. The data consisted of questionnaire responses from pet owners in New Zealand and Australia who owned multiple pets at the same time and had lost one within the past five years. The pet owners were asked to recall how the surviving pet responded to the disappearance of their companion.

One of the most common behaviors observed in dogs was to continually check the places where their lost housemate normally napped or rested. This behavior was found in 60 percent of the dogs (regardless of whether the lost companion was a dog or a cat) and 63 percent of the cats. Virtually the same proportion of surviving pets demanded more affection or became clingy and needy (61 percent of dogs and 62 percent of cats). Increases in whining and whimpering was less frequent, occurring 27 percent of the time in dogs. However, increased vocalizing was much more common in cats (43 percent). Roughly one in three dogs and cats reduced the amount of food they ate and the speed in which they ate it (35 percent in dogs and 31 percent in cats). Dogs were more likely to increase the amount of time that they spent sleeping (34 percent), which was less likely in cats (20 percent). The interesting thing is that these are all behaviors one might observe in a young human child experiencing grief and stress because of the loss of a human family member.

Two aspects of this data surprised me. The first is that the cats seem to show grief-like behaviors to the same extent as the dogs. The second is that the dogs seem to show an equal amount of grief-related behavioral changes when the animal companion they lost was a cat rather than another dog.
One particularly interesting finding is that some animal behaviorists believe that the grief response in dogs can be reduced if the animal has a chance to view their deceased companion's body. The idea is that this provides closure: The dog will understand that their companion is no longer alive and is not coming back. In the study, 58 percent of the dogs and 42 percent of the cats got to view the body of their companion. The majority (73 percent) took the time to sniff and investigate their deceased housemate. However, no one reported behavioral differences between the animals that saw, and those that did not see, a dead companion's body. This seems to confirm that dogs act very much like human children younger than four, in that they do not have a concept of death as a final and irrevocable separation. Instead, they simply feel the loss of the presence, friendship, and companionship of their loved one; that loss causes their stress and grief-like behaviors.
Anna Baburkina/Shutterstock
Source: Anna Baburkina/Shutterstock
The conclusion to draw from this study is that dogs and cats suffer from stress when a companion animal from their household dies. Because of this, they show behaviors which can be interpreted as grief. Further, a dog is just as likely to grieve over the loss of the household cat as it is for the loss of a companion dog.

From me Becky:
Give them extra attention, toys and treats.  Remove or put away all the toys played with prior to the death of their companion.  Anything to do with the scent on it from the companion that died should be put aside and new things brought into the home to bring in new scents and memories.  

And may I offer this suggestion if you lost your only pet.  The love that you had for them, doesn't go away...but the love can also be used to give to another.  The thing you notice...is the loneliness.  The dog not at your feet, no barking, no toys to pick up, no one to greet you when you come home..... it all makes the silence deafening!  Consider getting another pet that needs a good, loving home. 



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The vacation season is fast approaching and if you're like me, you are looking for haunted placed to go.  Because in MY WORLD it isn't vacation until you go somewhere spooky with tales of ghost and all kinds of paranormal activity!
Most people when they think of Hawaii....they think of the beautiful blue ocean with swaying palm trees outlining a white sandy beach with tons of people.  Right?  Well, there is no doubt that Hawaii is a place of beauty but what if it were haunted as well????  Wouldn't that be the perfect place for a vacation????
Check out these 10 locations that may just have you packing your bags for a beautiful beach resort and equipment!

1. USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor - Oahu, HI

Photo by Andrew Currie, via Flickr
Pearl Harbor is probably one of the most significant World War II sites in the world and is located on the island of Oahu. It is the headquarters of the United States Pacific Fleet and features the USS Arizona Memorial. The USS Arizona suffered the most casualties after the ammunition inside detonated causing it to explode. Those that visit the memorial have taken photos with misty human-like figures in them.

2. Volcano House Hotel - Volcano, HI

Photo by J. Stephen Conn, via Flickr
The iconic Volcano House Hotel overlooks Halema'uma'u Crater at the summit of Kilauea and is set inside a building that dates back to 1846. A former private residence, the location is said to be haunted by an elderly woman's apparition who has been seen in the halls and guest rooms. A ghostly white dog is also known to be spotted on the entrance road to the lodge.

3. Hawaii's Plantation Village - Waipahu, HI

Photo by Beautifulcataya, via Flickr
This tourist attraction in Waipahu gives visitors a tour of a re-created 1900s sugar plantation and features 25 buildings and homes. Witnesses have reported apparitions at the village, curtains that move on their own in the Portuguese home, pots and pans banging in the Japanese home, doors that unlock on their own in the Filipino Camp and the apparition of a woman in 1930s-style clothing.

4. Honolulu Airport - Oahu, HI

Photo by Nekonomist, via Flickr
Local legend says the Honolulu Airport, also known as Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, is haunted by "the Lady in Waiting" who stands at the gate at night, peering out at the runway. She is a blonde woman in a white dress, and sometimes appears in secure areas where most people don't have clearance to go. Stories say she fell in love with a man who promised he would marry her, only to take off on an international flight and never return. She was heartbroken and committed suicide, and still waits for him to return. Other haunting reports at the airport include toilet paper rolls that unravel on their own, toilet seats that slam down, toilets that flush by themselves, a choking ghost who sits on people's chests to make them feel as though they are choking and on the Wiki-Wiki shuttle, a ghostly passenger appears in the back during the middle of the night.

5. Manoa Falls Trail - Manoa, HI

Photo by Daniel Ramirez, via Flickr

Parts of the Manoa Falls Trails were featured in Jurassic Park and TV's LOST, where it is believed to be haunted by spirits who inhabit the banyan trees. Also said to haunt the area are night marchers, ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. Witnesses say they've heard their drumming at night.

6. Iao Theatre - Wailuku, HI

Photo by Jimmy Emerson, DVM, via Flickr
This Spanish Mission style theater opened its doors in 1928 and was originally both a movie and vaudeville house, until it fell into disrepair in the 1980s. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995 and has had a number of haunting reports. A misty apparition has been reported sitting in the seats around the theatre, as well as on the stage during closing hours. Many believe it is a female apparition, who has a friendly presence. The other ghosts at the theater include that of Hawaiian soldiers and on the lower level of the theatre is where people have claimed to feel cold spots and see shadow figures.

7. Wahiawa Botanical Garden - Oahu, HI

Photo by Sodai Gomi, via Flickr
Located between the Wai'anae and Ko'olau mountain ranges, the Wahiawa Botanical Garden features 27 acres on a high plateau. The area is said to be haunted by The Green Lady, who is also seen at Wahiawa Gulch. Stories say she was visiting with her children years ago, and when one got lost in the forest, she set out to look for her missing child. Although some versions of the story differ from others, she was said to have disappeared with her other children after wandering into the forest. She has been described as being green in appearance with fish-like scales and jagged teeth, hair covered in seaweed. The Green Lady is also said to come with a very bad smell, like rotting plant matter.

8. Nu'uano Pali Highway - Honolulu, HI

Photo by Kansas Sebastian, via Flickr
There are several ghost stories and legend surrounding this highway, including the story that says Pele and the demigod Kampaua'a - a half man, half pig, and a bad breakup and agreed to never see each other again. Legend says that you cannot take pork over the Pali Highway, because it means that you are symbolically taking Kamapua'a from one side to the other. For those who try to bring pork across, supposedly your car will stop at some point along the way, and an old woman with a dog will appear. In order to continue on your journey, you must feed the pork to the dog.

9. Oahu Community Correctional Facility - Honolulu, HI

Photo by Glenn F., via Yelp
Located on Kamehameha Highway in Honolulu, the Oahu Community Correctional Facility is the largest jail in the State of Hawaii. Situated on 16 acres, the prison is on the site of the former Oahu Prison. The gallows, where 47 men were hanged, was converted into an office and guards say they have difficulty sleeping in the squad rooms, which is located right next to the execution chamber. Prisoners have also reported hearing cell doors rattle on their own.

10. Hulihee Place - Kailuna-Kona, HI

Photo by Calbear22, via WikiCommons

Located in historic Kailuna-Kona, the Hulihee Place was a former vacation home of Hawaiian royalty, and was transformed into a museum that showcases artifacts and furniture. It dates back to 1838 and is said to be haunted by Hawaiian monarchs and the ghost of a young boy. 
Just a little video of a news cast from last October about a few of the haunted locations you can visit.
I don't know about you, but lookout Hawaii.....here I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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The Luxor in Las Vegas
Sin City...Las Vegas is full of night life and of course "sins" lol but did you know Las Vegas has a dark side?  No...darker than losing all your money and ending up in a strange room not remembering what you did!!! LOL

I recently took my Mom and daughter to Vegas for a much needed "girls trip".  My Mom had not been there in years and I wanted to take her somewhere fun.  So I booked us a room at the Luxor.  Now, you know me....I'm going to check it out to see if there is anything haunted associated with the hotel and guess what...... there was!!!  But here's the deal.  I couldn't tell my Mom and daughter because I didn't want them to freak out! LOL

First, let me tell you about some of the reported deaths and hauntings connected to the Luxor.  And let me tell you.....there is quite the list!!!!

At 30 stories high there is no other hotel in Las Vegas that stands out quite like the Luxor.  Shaped like a pyramid with the strongest beam of light in the world peering out of the top.  This Egyptian style themed hotel is stunning from the inside as you can see straight up to the top of the pyramid just about from every location due to the shape.

During the construction of the Luxor it was reported that two construction workers died.  And many local suggest as many as seven workers perished during the building of the Luxor.  The treacherous construction process is the most dangerous of all the hotels in Vegas.  Many visitors have reported seeing the fallen workers roaming the Luxor.

In September 1996, just a few years after the Luxor’s opening, a woman jumped from the 26th story of the hotel, falling to her death. Immediately, the woman died from severe head injuries. Per Clark County’s Sgt. Bill Keeton: “it was over very quickly.” Her injuries were so severe that she could not be readily identified, and she carried no identification on her. The woman landed by the old buffet’s entrance, which shortly after her death was completely, thoroughly cleared out and converted into a food court.

There was also another incident where a man fell to his death from the 10th floor.

In May 2007, in the Luxor parking garage, a coffee cup was left atop the car of a 24-year-old Luxor food court employee. When the employee went to remove the cup, the cup exploded. A homemade explosive device was inside the cup. The employee died from shrapnel inside the bomb.

In 2012, an airman from Nellis Air Force Base got into a fight with a colleague in the first-floor lobby of the Luxor’s west tower. The colleague pushed the airman against an elevator door, which then inexplicably opened—despite no elevator compartment being present. The airman fell 25 feet down the empty shaft to the basement level. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Later it was reported that he died of his injuries.

Many feel the Luxor is cursed.  Where the Luxor now sits was once the site of a popular burial ground for mobsters’ victims, as it was, at the time, off the beaten path. As is common knowledge, a property built atop a graveyard never has good fortunes.

Ok...…… now here is our experience at the Luxor.  First we were on the 28th floor(Room 28017 I think?) which there is only the penthouses above us.  It's a little creepy in the elevators because it takes so long and they are very wobbly because of the angle they are going up.  I'm not going to lie, the elevators were scary!!! You just thought the cable would snap at any minute!!!  By the way, we were NOT the only guests that felt this way.

Anyway, on our last day, we were walking around the Luxor and I casually said, "Well I guess I can tell ya'll now....we are staying at a haunted hotel".  My daughter Lindsey just STOPS DEAD IN HER TRACKS and yells "I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!"  I just started laughing and said, "See you would have never known if I hadn't told you.  Nothing happened".  She said, OH NO something DID happen!!!!!!!!  The other night when we were asleep I heard someone walking around and going through our suitcases!!!!!  I said "Oh Lins….you DID not".  She got very serious and said, YES I DID and it was LOUD!!!!!!!!   So loud and plan I was so terrified I couldn't  move or open my eyes!!!  Because I knew we were sleeping together and Nana (my Mom) was in the other bed. MOM IT WAS BAD!!!!!!!! So, here's were it gets good.  My Mom can't hear anything!!!  You have to yell at her for her to be able to hear you and she jumped in and said "I HEARD IT TO"!!!!! 

So, let me lay out the room for you.  We had double beds and my daughter and I were sharing a bed so my Mom could have her own.  We all three had one big suitcase apiece.  So we just laid them on the floor side by side against the wall.  To give us more room.  Lindsey said she could hear someone moving the cloths around and walking to the next suitcase.  My Mom then says, "Yeah, I didn't even open my eyes because I thought one of you must have gotten up and was looking for something in the suitcases.  It was very loud."

OK.....Ya'll.  I thought it might be Lindsey's imagination but when MY MOM said she heard the same thing and SHE can't hear......well I found it pretty cool!!!! :)  My daughters swears SOMEONE was in our ROOM!!!!  She said she thought we were going to die because she was to scared to open her eyes and couldn't scream for help. LOL.  I am still recovering from a ruptured Achilles so I had taken something for pain that helped me sleep.  So maybe that is why I did not hear anything.

Was this someone who had committed suicide here?  Or was it one of the workers that was killed during construction?  I do know that one of the suicides took place on the 26th floor just below us.  Whatever IT was...…..it scared my daughter to death!!!!!!!

So, if you are headed to Vegas, and want a little ghostly action or a break from the slots, ask for room 28017 and go to bed early. Oh...and leave your suitcase open. :)

My Mom




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Going to a cemetery?  Count me IN!!!!  A bunch of dead people and caskets!  YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!
Man, I do love me some haunted cemeteries!!!  Many people will argue that a cemetery IS NOT a great place to go ghost hunting.  That the spirit of the body buried in the ground is more than likely at a location if there is to be a haunting.  I beg to differ.

Some of the best EVP's and photos I have ever gotten have been in a cemetery.  You've heard of attachments?  Spirits that attach themselves to an object like a favorite chair or toy, right?  Then why would they not want to attach to the one thing that truly represents them?  There outer shell....the physical body.

Many times when you investigate a location you one of the things you look for is places with "Great emotion". Well...….hello......what a better place than a cemetery to have a ton of true emotions!  Think about it.  Some people are sad, because their loved one is gone, some maybe happy because  their loved ones are in a "better place", some maybe confused because they don't fully understand the loss of their loved ones and some maybe angry, angry that they are left alone.  All that emotion in one place...You betcha ya I'm in!!!!

It's like a party for the dead!  I have actually gotten EVP's in a cemetery that sounded like two spirits interacting with each other.  And if you have captured that then you know it is soooo exciting an amazing to witness.  Another time, up in Alton, Illinois some friends of mine and I went to check out one of the local cemeteries.  We started seeing dark shadows dart from tombstone to another.  We were all seeing them!  We started walking through the cemetery and one of guys stepped on a grave (which we always try and walk around instead over just walking over the graves) and just a natural response said, "Oh, I'm so sorry about that" and we all heard at the same time a soft woman's voice say, "That's ok".  Even better, we caught it on our recorder as plain as day!  A class A EVP!!!

Many times if you just sit still and look around you will be able to see the dark shadows.  The shadows are darker than the dark.  And if you are lucky enough, you may even be able to capture one in one of your pictures.  If you do go to a cemetery, this is a great place for trigger objects.  Bring a toy to a child's grave or choose a coin with and older date that matches someones death year.

Here is one of my favorite videos that we captured a ball rolling of the edge of a wall that surrounded an old grave.  

                                                        The Skinner Cemetery

Also, here are a couple of my video's of EVP's and paranormal evidence we have received at cemeteries.

                                                  The Channing Park Cemetery

                                                            Lane Cemetery

I definitely think a cemetery is an awesome place for ghost hunting.   But please be respectful when you do investigate.



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Well after much anticipation, the Zak Bagans' Demon House finally aired last night on the Travel Channel.  So what did you think?  Did you find it to be fake or to be real?  There is one thing for sure, if Zak is involved, there is going to be yelling, a demon and more than likely......a possession.  And this documentary has Zak's name written all over it!!!!!  

I am going to break it down for you from the beginning to the end, so grab you a snack and "come on back".  Oh wait!  That's the Wendy Williams show.  LOL SPOILER ALERT:  If you have NOT seen the documentary yet, you may NOT want to read any further.

Zak Bagans has done it again!  Creating a buzz around one of his undying entertaining creations dealing with the paranormal.  Did I like this documentary about a Demon House that is so demonic that anyone who enters has life-long affects and sometimes even includes death?  You bet I did!!!  I think Zak has found his "niche".  This is by far, Zak Bagans best work yet.  We saw a different side of Zak last night.  A more claim, truly interested in the past events Zak.  Now, with that being said, do I think everything we saw last night was real...….well...……..this was a made for television documentary produced by Zak Bagans so the entertainment factor is a must!


Zak is walking all alone talking about being one of the worlds leading researchers of ghosts and demonology and how he was going to "crush this story"  but it was the one case that "Really Fu**ed him up".  He said he lost crew members during the filming, people became ill and even Zak himself stayed in his room for 8 days not feeling well.  Zak bought a house that had been reported as having one of the most compelling cases of demonic possession and exorcism in recent history and he bought it sight unseen.  WOW!!! Now that's a way to get a show started.  Right?????

The Ammons family that reported all the activity had moved out of the house and didn't want to be interviewed by Zak because supposedly they maybe in a contract for the movie rights.  This to me, was a crucial part of the documentary that wasn't told.  Some of the activity the Ammons family reported, were the children were partially being very affected, becoming angry and growling.  There is even a report that a little boy crawled up the wall in front of several witnesses.  

OK.  Let's stop right there.  A news reel from I believe Zak said 2012 shows the grandmother and a Family Protective Case Worker recounting the story of the young boy getting very violent and walking backwards up the walls!!!!!!  WALKING BACKWARDS UP THE WALLS!!!  HOLY SHI*!!!!

First, why is there even a Family Protective Service worker involved?  What had happened in the past that the family would have a case worker assigned?  The case workers name was Valerie Washington.  Later Zak does interview her via the computer as she has moved out of town.  This is what I found interesting about Valerie.  During the interview with the police after the incident, she was very animated when talking about seeing the boy walk backwards up the wall in the hospital.  She says that the boy had a violent episode and was taken to the hospital where she and several family members as well as a Dr. witnessed the boy talking in a deep, strange voice and growling wanting to kill people then walked up the wall backwards!  She also stated that she ran out of the room when she saw the boy crawling up the wall.  BUT HERE'S THE DEAL!!!  If you watch the police video where she is describing what happened she says, "the boy walked backwards up the wall and all the way around, and then came back and STOOD in front of them.  WAIT???? If you RAN OUT OF THE ROOM how would you know "he came back around and stood in front of everyone"???  And let's talk about the hospital.  Wouldn't there be a security camera monitoring the halls that would show Valerie and the Dr. running out of the room when the boy did what he did?  That would have been a very compelling piece of evidence to me that something happened to make them run out of the room.  But yet we didn't see that.  And why didn't we hear from the Dr. that was a witness.  Where these people that were persuaded to exaggerate the truth?  I'm not saying by Zak and them, I'm just saying in general.  Seems this house was causing quite the stir in Gary, Indiana.

Another thing that struck me as odd was when Zak talked with Valerie via the computer, she seemed very calm and in my opinion almost to calm.  Like she was trying to remember what she had said before.  Buts that's just my opinion. :)

Zak goes on to read parts of a police report that I guess, had been made at the time, and he reads a part that says, "the child lowers his head and headbutts the grandmother in the stomach".  BUT where is the part about the boy walking up the wall backwards in the police report?  I would think, that if something like that really happened, that would have been in the report. Just sayin....


Now, one thing about this documentary, I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happened next!  Whether I was finding the witnesses creditable or not, Zak did a great job at presenting different perspective's  from people who had supposedly witnessed all this demonic activity.  Did I have questions?  You bet I do!!!!  But was that the intent from Zak?  To leave a little unanswered???? hhuuummmm  Good entertainment right?

This is the part I found a little bit out-there.  A family suddenly appears to drive by that used to live in the house and they just happen to have 3 children in the car with them just like the family that had moved out.  Zak warns he think the house has a demon in it but invites the family in anyway.  The family without hesitation goes into the home.  The lady never really offers any insight to the hauntings or activity other than she doesn't like the basement.  Ok people.  Really?  How many people really LIKE their basement?????

Zak asked if they know what has been going on here and the kids say "Yes, we have seen it on Facebook".  They acted liked they had definitely known about the house and what had been going on. They said their mother had told them about it as well.  But when Zak ask the Mom if she knew the other family that used to live here had 3 children also, she says, "No.  For real?"  As if this is a big shock to her.  But yet, her kids seem to know all about it.  

But let me tell, Ghost Adventures tries to keep it quiet when they are coming to town and that's understandable, but it never works out that way.  This could explain how and why the random sudden drive by occurs.  Could it have been they were aware Ghost Adventures were in town???

Ok... after the family leaves and two days later, in the middle of the night, Zak gets a call at his hotel from the mother saying her daughter that was in the house started acting out, screaming and yelling and tried to commit suicide by stabbing her wrist.  They were waiting on the police to come.  Zak says can you call me back and let me know what happens?  Really?  I don't care who you are, if your kid just tried to commit suicide, calling a producer of a ghost hunting show is NOT on my mind, especially even before the police arrive.  Again, just sayin'......


Among the many exorcisms preformed on the previous tenants, and the young girl that tried to commit suicide, the reports of accidents, health problems and even death keep coming as the people Zak comes in contact with in the house falls victim the demons that pledge this documentary.  

One night after filming, the camera guy seems to go into an angry, violent rage back at the hotel.  Hitting walls and screaming, acting completely out of control but what does Zak and the guys do, grab a camera and start filming.  Wouldn't you want to be trying to calm someone down?  Another thing that struck me as odd about this "demon possession" was they were back at the hotel and the camera guy was running up and down the hall yelling and screaming and banging on the elevators and not ONE GUEST from another room came out to see what was going on.  Not to mention, not one security guard came up to see what was going on.  I know there are camera's everywhere in hotels, so there is no way the hotel didn't know what was taking place on this floor in the hotel.  Not buying it.  

Zak states that the camera guy continues to act violently, so he had to let him go. 

One thing I did like and found to be believable, was the police that Zak interviewed.  There would be no reason for them to lie or make stuff up.  I really liked hearing what they had to say.


So, Zak does call in some experts and scientist to test things in and around the house.  These people also, seemed to be creditable witnesses.  The only thing I wasn't buying here was when the EMF meter was going off around Zak down in the basement.  Come on guys, one question.  Did Zak have a mic under his jacket?????  huummmm

Zak decides that he has to experience this house for himself.  He is concerned with all the bad things happening to people working on the documentary.  Is the house having an effect on them?  Could the demon that lives here really attack people somewhere else and be causing them harm?

Zak has the house boarded up with just himself inside.  No camera guys, no one but him.  The guys board up the windows and doors.  This is probably the bravest thing I have ever seen Zak do.  Usually he sends Aaron in, right?  And by the way, let's address the elephant in the room, where is Aaron?????  Zak says it took him 3 years to make this film.  In 3 years, no Aaron???????  For this entire documentary we don't see or hear about Aaron.  I think Zak should have addressed this in the very beginning.  Let the audience know what happened to Aaron and why he was not a part of this documentary so we don't continue to wonder the entire show!  Did he really think we wouldn't notice?

Zak spends the night alone in the house and suddenly begins to have problem with his eyes.  This would have a permanent affect on Zak.  He now has double vision and to correct the problem he would have to have surgery and there is a chance he could lose his sight permanently.  He has chosen to wear glasses to help correct this seemly life-long condition.

Zak decides that the only thing to do is to demo the house.  He can't risk anyone else being affected by these demons.  

So, in come the bull dozers, and down goes the house.  But you know, Zak has a museum full of really creepy stuff so he did keep some of the dirt and the stairs from the house.  I have been to the museum and seen the dirt and stairs, and if I am being honest, it was not creepy to me at all.

I do want to say that the lost footage they showed after the airing of Demon House, I found to contain great EVP sessions and some of the answers they received were pretty impressive.


Obviously, there is much more to the Demon House than I have talked about here.  I skipped a lot so you can watch it yourself and still be surprised.  I really thought this was put together very well, without all the theatrical drama we are used to seeing from Ghost Adventures.  I think Zak really tried to get to the bottom of what was going on with this so called Demon House and if the accounts of paranormal activity were real.  Good job Zak! 

Two things.  What I did not tell you was that two weeks before Zak purchased the Demon House he dreamed that he could see a goatman figure coming down stairs and blew a black mist that Zak breathed in.  The next day, Zak's lungs were hurting so to him this meant the dream was a warning and very real.

Now, for those of you who don't know me, and maybe this is your first time to visit my site, I filmed with Zak and the guys of Ghost Adventures for a Halloween special called Route 666. One of the evil spirits we encounter at a location we call Goatman's Bridge is a Goatman that is believed to have been summed here by a satanic ritual.  That's right, I said Goatman!  Zak and the guys said this is one of the most terrifying investigations they have ever done!  Does Zak's encounter with the Goatman at the bridge have anything to do with the demon and the dream he had?  Well, Zak and the crew did do a ritual out at the bridge and it has been said that in the basement of the Demon House a ritual could have been preformed to curse the family that lived there.  I am sorry.  But what I know about the bridge and the evil spirits there, I have to say, yes.  There is some sort of connection here!

Second thing, I don't remember if they showed this part very much on the Halloween Special but during the filming, one of their long time photographers had a very bad experience.  She was suddenly taken over by rage and anger which is very common for the females that visit the bridge.  We have a very bad spirit that attacks females often.  I felt so bad for her!!!  Her name was Ashely and immediately after filming at Goatman's Bridge she quite and today I understand still deals with the aftermath of that filming.

One of the things that caught me off guard was when the young girl that had visited the house and a couple days later tried to commit suicide was at the church having an exorcism done, when the camera paned down to her hands and she was sitting in a chair and what I call "ringing" her hands.  Which basely means she was cupping her hands together rubbing them over and over.  Immediately, I recognized this being a sign of demonic possession as I had seen it with Ashley (the photographer for Ghost Adventures) as she did this for almost 2 solid hours during filming when she was experiencing a demonic spirit we call Steve.  So for me, this was familiar as to the way you would react to a possession.  

Ashley's hands as she "rings" them.
Young lady that tried to commit suicide.

So this is purely a coincidence, but I have to take the time to have a shameless plug here because it just seems like such a coincidence that this documentary came out two weeks after my first book called The Secrets of Goatmans' Bridge where I talk, in detail, about the filming with Ghost Adventures and the experiences that affected them permanently.  Sorry, I know it's bad timing because I don't want it to take away from my review but I think it definitely pertains to parts of the show last night.  They even talk about it at one point.  You can find out more about the book on Amazon: 
                                                     Read The Secrets of Goatman's Bridge

And guess what, here is the link to the Demon House documentary if you haven't seen it yet.  You don't have to go look for it, I'll post it right here.  Be sure to notice my cameo when they are talking about the demons in the house disguising themselves as someone else.  They show a clip from the bridge where we are talking about "STEVE".

Unknown-4.jpeg                 Watch Demon House Now

Bottom line:  I found the documentary to be entertaining and it most defiantly kept me interested.  I enjoyed seeing Zak not being such a badass and more of a real investigator.  I will probably watch this more than once just to see if I missed anything. LOL