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Behind Every Cloud is a Kindred Spirit (BECKS)I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. How could I still communicate with him? I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I have been researching the paranormal for over 30 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one unexplainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



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Now, there are lots of different reasons you could have bad things start to happen to you in your home or to people around you. Let's try and rule out what really may be cause for a greater concern.

Generally, before repression, oppression, and/or possession occurs, a demonic entity will infest a location.  There are specific signs of a demonic infestation or haunting, and many of them mimic an intelligent haunting of a spirit that was once in human form.  This is why it's sometimes so difficult, even for seasoned paranormal investigators, to distinguish between a ghost or spirit and a demon. 

First, there are CHANGES IN YOUR HOME.  This is one of the signs of a traditional or intelligent haunting that could also be a demonic haunting.  A person might have electrical or battery-operated appliances or gadget that begin to operate on their own.  For example, the lights may turn on and off, the TV blares it when was turned off, blender or maybe even the water comes on by itself.

All of the sudden, you may see a plate or a dish fly across the room with no explanation.  This can be extremely frightening!  You may also notice things aren't in the same place you left them.  Doors open and close on their own. 

You may experience all of these things.  If you are trying to figure out what is going on.....it is VERY important to start writing them down.  Journal all the activity.  It will help if you have to call in help.

Next, NOISES.  Strange sounds, like dragging, banging, raps or things falling and breaking but when you go to check their is nothing out of place.

You may even hear your name being called out, but BE CAREFUL here!!!  Demons will often mimic a deceased loved one in order to gain your trust and be more accepting of its presence.  But it is also, important to look at all the paranormal activity in the location as well as how the behavior of the living people in the home may have changed since the activity started.

SMELLS.  That's right! Smells.  Smells play a huge part in hauntings  and demonic infestation.  Although you may smells that you recognize like cigar or cigarette smoke, perfume, in a demonic presence, you will smell things you haven't smelt before and they are usually NOT pleasant.  A smell like sulfur or "something rotting" may be noticed.

CHANGES IN THE AIR.  You know....the air seems "heavy" or "oppressive".  It just seems harder to breath...like something heavy is on your chest.  If you start to feel this way, usually leaving the location should help.

EMOTIONAL CHANGES.  People who have come into direct contact with a demon called the experience changes in their moods and emotions.  Demons feed off negative energy, so the changes in someones moods that is normally a "happy" person could be something more than "just having a bad day".  But let me say....that when someone is in a "bad mood" I think it would be BEST NOT TO SAY....your just possessed by a demon!!!!!  LOL  Now, you could REALLY stir things up.

PHYSICAL COMPLICATIONS.  A person who resides in a home where a demonic entity is present could experience a wide variety of physical symptoms or illnesses that cannot be linked to a specific ailment.  But please always, consult your dr. if you are not feeling well.

Sometimes, people may experience bruises, headaches, vomiting and other types of physiological conditions for which the medical profession is not able to find  a logical explanation.  Sleep issues, such as nightmares maybe a way for the demon to wear a person down physically and emotionally to make their victim more vulnerable to their influence and make their prey easier to control.

PHYSICAL HARM.  Demonic entities can be very violent in nature and won't hesitate to attack.  Besides the scratching and bruising that can take place, victims of a demon have reported having their hair pulled, or having been pushed or pulled to the point that they have fallen and become injured, sometimes seriously, specially if a flight of stairs is involved.

CHANGES IN ANIMAL BEHAVIOR.  One of the main signs of a demonic entity is when your pets, especially a cat or a dog, start to display behavior that is erratic or uncharacteristic.  Now, don't confuse this with a "visit from a loved one" that your pets may see that you don't.  They may wage their tails or bark at an empty space, but with a demons presence it is more like growling, backing up, not wagging their tag, and even refusing to enter a particular room.

BECOMING WITHDRAWN.  Generally a demon will target one person in the home as their victim.  This person may start to withdraw and lose interest in activities.  They will become withdrawn from social events and even school or work.

Withdrawing from family and friends is exactly what the demon wants them to do.  That way, the demon can isolate their victim to gain control over them. 

If you suspect you or one of your family members are experiencing a demonic infestation, you should seek help from a paranormal professional or a member of clergy who has experience dealing with demonic entities.

I want to suggest a REALLY GREAT book that goes into more detail about encountering negative spirits, it's called Something Wicked-A Ghost Hunters Explores  Negative Spirits. By Debi Chestnut.
It is really easy to read and understand.



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Well, it's getting to be that time of year where people really start to miss their loved ones.  And especially those who have passed.  What is it about Christmas that makes us feel "extra" lonely or "extra" sad?  It is the thought of families coming together for food and fun and we feel like our families aren't complete because of the death of a loved one?

It's at times like these that we REALLY NEED a sign from our loved ones that "some how.....some way" they can still see us or connect with us.  So lets talk about that.

First, you need to know that your loved ones are always with you.  Let me say that again....YOUR LOVED ONES ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU!!!!  You are never alone and can talk to them anytime!
But yet, for some of us......we LONG for a sign...any little thing that would validate to us that they are still near.  Our family and friends actually communicate with us all the time, it's just we have to SEE it.  We may find something "out of place", hear a song, hear a voice or maybe even "feel" them touch us, but we chalk it up to coincidence.  Look, love is the energy that connects our physical world with the spirit world.  Signs are all around you.....just look.

There are many ways we can contact and communicate with spirits.  First of all, you have to ASK for a sign.  Ask your loved one to do something that you will know beyond a doubt that it is them sending you a message.  Look try this.  Sounds silly, but it is an easy way for our loved ones to send you a message.  Pick a song, a song that maybe was your favorite and ask that you hear it on a particular day...like....Please, I want to hear Love Me Tender by Elvis and I want to hear it tomorrow. And see what happens.  My money is on.....you'll hear the song!!!!

It can be something simple like a favorite picture on the wall and ask that your loved one tilt it for you.  Give it a couple days, and see what happens.  Also, ask to find a penny, dime, a quarter...some kind of coin.  Be sure to pay attention where you find it though, because more than likely it has a meaning.

So, a quick story about someone who found a "penny" and beyond a shadow of a doubt now knows it was from her departed husband.  So, out of the blue....I felt a very strong feeling to call a lady that I had done an investigation for and we had gotten evidence that her deceased husband was there.  I had not spoken with her in a few months but texted her and just said "hey, just had you on my mind".  She was super excited to hear from me, which made me feel good. Now, let me just be clear...I don't claim to be psychic but I think after talking to the dead all the time, I have developed a bit of psychic ability....which we all have by the way.  Anyway, she asked me "Becky do you feel anything today?  Anything to do with my husband?"  First, I was a little confused because I didn't, I really did not FEEL anything other than....I just knew I wanted to get in touch with her.  I am going to change the real names and use Beth as the lady and John as her husband just to make it easier.

I said, "Beth not really, why?"  My mouth dropped when she told me "today is mine and John's anniversary".  Man!!!  I did not know that!!!  That really made me feel CONNECTED to Beth like there was something ELSE (besides calling her) that I needed to do.  She ask me "Are you picking up on anything".  So I told her Beth I'm not psychic but I will try.  So, I got very quite and tried to concentrate  and ask her to send me a picture of John so I could see him and she did.  I know it sounds crazy but I just started hearing him.  He told me to tell her "the picture was for her".  I didn't know WHAT picture he was talking about BUT she did.  She said her granddaughter was doing a project and came across a picture of John that Beth had not seen before.  But he was very happy in the picture which made her feel good and smile.

Ok...here's where it gets good!!! I kept hearing "TELL HER ABOUT THE PENNY!!!!  YOU HAVE TO MENTION THE PENNY!!!!!   And in my head I am thinking...penny????  What kind of message is that???  Don't you want to tell her you love and miss her????  LOUD AND CLEAR.....I heard...almost in a bossy way......THE PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok.....Ok....Ok... I finally thought.  So in my most sympathetic voice....because Beth obviously was very sad on this her anniversary date.  I said "Beth, I am sorry.....but I keep hearing Ask her about the penny????"  "I don't know what that means but maybe you will."  It was COMPLETE SILENCE on the other end of the line.  Now, I'm thinking....what happened.....why is Beth not talking.  Finally, I heard her sobbing!!!!  I said "Beth are you ok?"  And she said in an ever so softly voice....I know EXACTLY what that means.....and it makes me SO HAPPY and it is exactly what I needed to know that John was with me".

Then she went on to say that she had moved from her and John's home into another house.  She had packed up the kitchen stuff herself and boxed them up.  A couple of weeks ago, when she was unpacking....she opened a box that had some large bowls in it.  And in the center of one of the bowls was a penny.  She said she had NO IDEA where it came from or how it got in the box.  She had packed it herself and there was no penny in it.

Anyway, it was a great day for the both of us.....I was able to help Beth and she was so grateful with her sign.

Ok....anyway, back to other signs.  Ask that you find a feather, ask that you see a rainbow, ask your loved one to visit you in your dreams.....just something that you could connect with.  Here's the deal.  First you have to ASK...then you have to HAVE FAITH, BE PATIENT, NOTICE THE SIGNS and most of all.....be sure to THANK them for the sign or communication.

Look....I know sometimes we can't help but be sad and lonely over the loss of a loved one....and that's what is suppose to happen during the grieving process and sometimes long after.  But if your struggling with RECEIVING a sign....why not GIVE a sign.  That's right...it is the season for GIVING AND RECEIVING right?  So, put up a special ornament in your love ones name, make them their favorite dish, plant a tree or maybe.......maybe.........just SMILE and say I love You out loud.  I think you will be surprised how good it will make you feel to remember someone and GIVE THEM a sign.

And by the way, many of us may also deeply, grieve for our pets.  Guess what???  They know how to give signs to.  Ask them to lay on the bed or couch with you, move their favorite toy or maybe run in front of you (of course, don't trip on them. LOL) of course, you may see them in shadow form.

And listen, you are NEVER alone...give me shout.....I'll be glad to give you a SIGN that someone is right there with you. :)



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10Royal Hope Hospital
Florida, USA
Located in St. Augustine, Florida, Royal Hope Hospital was a Spanish military hospital from 1784 to 1821, before eventually being demolished. A replica of the original hospital was later built to house the wounded during the Seminole War. Eventually, St. Augustine city workers were attempting to repair some water lines and dug in the area of the old hospital, only to discover that it had been built on what appeared to be an old Native American burial ground.
Yes, we are talking about a real-life example of the infamous horror movie trope (Poltergeist was scary, okay?). As you might expect, due to its rather gruesome history, and the fact that it was constructed on those sacred grounds, many reports have suggested it is, in fact, one of the most haunted places in all of Florida.
In the surgeon’s office, there have been reports of the equipment shaking on its own; while in the ward, visitors have said that the beds have actually jumped and knocked at their legs as they passed by. All of this despite the fact that it is not the original building. However, those who believe say the spirits of those who died at the hospital have remained on the grounds through all of these years.

9Tranquille Sanatorium

Located on Kamloops Lake in British Columbia, Canada, Tranquille Sanatorium began its life as a ranch before the owners began caring for tuberculosis patients. It was converted to a full hospital in 1907, specifically meant to treat victims of TB. After treating more than 4,000 patients over the years, it closed in the 1950’s and wild rumors began to surface that, at the time of its closing, there was no sign of patients or staff, though that has been more or less proven to be false.
It would eventually reopen, primarily serving as a hospital and training facility, but then shut its doors for good in 1985. You may actually recognize it from several movies, including the recent version of The A-Team, as well as several television shows. Over the years, there have been reports of mysterious floating orbs throughout the facility, inexplicable feelings of sadness, unease and sudden drops in temperature. There have also been reports of mysterious voices and spectral figures, including that of a nurse who was allegedly murdered by a patient.
8-Sai Ying Pun Psychiatry Hospital
Hong Kong

Located in Hong Kong, Sai Ying Pun was a mental hospital built in 1892. It has come to be known as the High Street Ghost House due to the many tales of the supernatural that have emerged. It was initially used as living quarters for the nursing staff until World War II. At that time, it was rumored to have been seized by Japanese soldiers and used as an execution hall. Serving as a mental hospital from 1947 to 1961 (then the lone mental hospital in all of Hong Kong), it became a psychiatric out-patient facility until 1971.
Nowadays, you would never know of its ghostly rumors by looking at it, as it is a community center housing several charity organizations. When it was abandoned in the 1970’s, rumors started to circulate of the sounds of a woman crying, or a loud, thunderous sound emanating from the building. Mysterious footsteps, visions of a devilish man appearing on the second floor before bursting into flames and decapitated spirits wandering the halls at night have all been reported.

7Nocton Hall Hospital


Unlike most other hospitals, Nocton Hall began life as a stately manor home until World War I, when it was taken over and used by American forces as a place for injured soldiers to rest and recuperate. It was used again during World War II as a military hospital and has been used in a similar manner ever since, including as an American military hospital during the Gulf War. The intimidating building was abandoned in 1995, and multiple cases of arson rendered it unusable again.
Stories abound of one ghost in particular haunting the grounds–a sobbing spirit of a young girl whose presence has been reported by various people who have stayed at the building. She is said to haunt one specific bedroom more than others, with numerous people claiming to have been awoken at exactly 4:30 in the morning to see the spectral girl standing at the foot of the bed, crying. The story continues that she is apparently the ghost of a servant girl who was raped and murdered by the son of the man who owned Nocton Hall before it became a military hospital.

6Old Changi Hospital

Built in 1935, Old Changi Hospital has become known as one of the most haunted sites in all of Singapore through the years. At the time it was built, it served as the Royal Air Force Hospital and was later used by the Japanese as a prison camp. It was right around this time that Old Changi Hospital became a torture chamber.
It should not come as a surprise then that there are regularly reported sightings of ghosts believed to be the victims of the Japanese. These days the now-abandoned building, which ceased operation in 1997, has been the site of many supernaturally themed shows, as camera crews attempt to catch evidence of an otherworldly presence in the decrepit, spooky rooms and corridors. Visitors to Old Changi also often come away with frightening stories of strange noises and encounters and, occasionally, feelings of nausea or tales of sensing a spirit following them even after they’ve left.

5Ararat Lunatic Asylum

Today it is known as Aradale, but when it opened in 1867 it was called Ararat Lunatic Asylum, and it was the largest in all of Australia, featuring some bizarre and horrifying methods of treatment. Throughout its time as a functioning mental health “care” facility, Ararat housed tens of thousands of patients. It was also reportedly home to some of the most dangerous and violent psychotics in the world.
It remained open for 130 years, during which time a staggering 13,000 patients died there–probably why it is known as one of the most haunted places in all of Australia. The facility closed in 1998, but it was shockingly reopened three years later by the Northern Melbourne Institute of Technical and Further Education as a campus for the Australian College of Wine. Ghost sightings are still frequent, and haunted tours are given through various parts of the facility including the morgue. We’re sure that probably isn’t the slightest bit terrifying.

4Severalls Hospital

There’s something especially terrifying about psychiatric hospitals, which is probably why so many are rolling in rumors and speculation about hauntings. Severalls Hospital in Colchester, England is no different, and it probably doesn’t hurt its haunted reputation that it was once known for conducting psychiatric experiments like full frontal lobotomies and substantial electroshock therapy.
In a rather terrifying twist, it has been suggested that these treatments, which were deemed cures, were used on people who exhibited moodiness or teenage defiance. Also as frightening is the fact that several of the female patients were committed by their families after birthing bastard children, often the result of being raped.
The hospital opened in 1913, with actual psychiatric treatments shutting down in the early 1990’s. It closed altogether in 1997, and it has since been subject to rampant vandalism but has remained otherwise largely untouched. Of course, it likely will not remain untouched for long, as current development plans could result in the hospital being torn down in order to repurpose the land. Still, ghost hunters frequent the facility and are particularly drawn to the mortuary (because why wouldn’t they be drawn to the mortuary?).

3Athens Mental Hospital
Ohio, USA

The Athens Mental Hospital, located in Athens, Ohio, opened its doors in 1874 and over the years adopted a few different monikers, including the Athens Hospital for the Insane, and it stayed in operation until 1993. By the 1950’s, the hospital was treating more than 1,800 patients at once, and became famed for the infamous lobotomy procedure and housing violent criminals. Over time, the hospital became known as The Ridges, though its history has been somewhat shrouded in mystery.
The mystery is largely due to the fact that any information about patients is kept under tight wraps, with special permission needed from the state of Ohio to gain access. There are also more than 1,900 people buried on the grounds, with their headstones marked by number only, no names attached. Eventually, a large portion of the grounds was given to Ohio University.
One thing that gives this hospital an extra creep factor is the 1978 disappearance of a female patient. Her body was found a year later in an abandoned ward, and you can still see a stain on the floor where her corpse was found, more than three decades later.

2Taunton State Hospital
Massachusetts, USA

Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, Taunton State Hospital was built in 1854 as a psychiatric hospital, and it boasts a rather horrifying history. One of the hospital’s most famous patients was Jane Toppan, a serial killer who confessed to having murdered at least 31 people while working as a nurse. And yet, according to some of the stories, the people who ran Taunton State Hospital may have actually been even more terrifying than many of the criminally insane patients it housed.
Rumors persist that some of the doctors and nurses would take the (obviously unwilling) patients into the basement and use them to conduct satanic rituals, and in its later years both patients and doctors reported feeling a tremendous sense of unease when even approaching the door to the basement. Reports abound of a “shadow man” who would crawl on the walls and watch the patients. At least you wouldn’t feel lonely, right?

1Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

Originally known as Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, Beechworth was a sister hospital to Ararat in Victoria, Australia, and was open for 128 years before shutting its doors for good in 1995. Both Beechworth and Ararat were opened in the same year after Victoria’s lone mental institution suffered became overcrowded. At its height, Beechworth housed roughly 1,200 patients, and it was remarkably easy to have someone committed, requiring only two signatures to do so.
There were reports of mysterious deaths and disappearances at Beechworth, and in the facility’s first laboratory for experimentation, operations and autopsies, jars filled with body parts adorned the shelves throughout the room. These jars have since vanished, as a fire took part of Beechworth in the 1950’s and the jars disappeared sometime around the restoration of the facility. Of course, when you consider that Beechworth’s first superintendent believed the moon caused insanity and therefore would never go out at night without an umbrella, some of these practices begin to make a big more sense. Overall, nearly 9,000 patients died at Beechworth, including a young girl who was mysteriously thrown from a window, her death going unsolved. Don’t worry–ghost and murder tours are still offered at the facility.



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Did you miss me??? I took a couple weeks off to rest from the CRAZY month of October and then last week went on a Mother/Daughter cruise for my daughters 24th birthday!  So please be patient if you emailed me, I am still playing "catch-up". LOL  Now, for this weeks blog...

During the War of 1812, the inn was known as the Harmonious Coach House.  Canada was in the firm hands of the British; however, in May 1813 American forces captured Fort George and Newark, as Niagara-on-the-Lake was called then.  The British retreated, except for one office by the name of Captain Swayze.  He went to the coach house to bid farewell to the innkeeper's daughter, with whom he had fallen madly in love with.  As the Americans approached, he hid in the cellar.  Troops searching the house found Captain Swayze in the basement and bayoneted him to death torching the coach house.

The inn was rebuilt in 1815 and renamed the Sign of the Angel Inn.  By 1820, the accounts of ghostly sightings reached the local newspaper.  The paper described a variety of ghostly activities including:  footsteps heard in empty rooms, clinking of glasses, laughter, disembodied voices echoing throughout the inn, and the unnerving appearance of specters. 

Today the inn is known as the Olde Angel Inn, and after nearly 200 years, the haunting continues.  In addition to hearing the explainable noises, many patrons have seen dark shadows.  The sighting of spectral red coats in the mirror of the women's bathroom has been reported frequently.  But fear not.  The innkeepers tell us that as long as the British flag flies over the door, they'll do you know harm.  Then again, it seems Captain Swayze still holds a grudge.  The American beer tap at the bar often malfunctions, while the British and Canadian taps work fine.

Want to find out more about this haunted place.... here is the link that you can book your stay!!!




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San Antonio, Tx is surrounded by many stories of ghosts!!!  The ghost of the Menger Hotel, the Alamo, the Riverwalk itself, but none more famous than that of a tragic accident that killed a bus full of children! Many say these children...to this day....still try and protect others from the same fate that they endured. 

The Legend of the Haunted Railroad Tracks
One telling of the legend takes place during the 1930s or 1940s (depending on the account), and according to this variation, a bus carrying students home from school was heading toward the intersection (Villamain and Shane). When it came to the railroad tracks, the bus stalled out. The bus driver then noticed a train barreling down on them, and the driver rushed to get the children off the bus. But there wasn't enough time, and the train crashed into the bus killing 10 of the students and the bus driver as well.
The more detailed version, which explains the legend more suitably (in my opinion), begins much in the same way. Decades ago (late 30s/early 40s), on an especially dark evening, a nun was driving a school bus filled with children home after a field trip. They were heading down Shane road, but when approaching the railroad crossing, the bus abruptly stalled out on the tracks. Most of the students were sleeping, so she was quietly attempting to start the engine back up. It was then that a train emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, as its headlamp was burnt out, it offered no warning of its impending arrival. It was too late to evacuate the children, as the train was moving too fast. The nun, desperately and frantically, turned the key, making one last attempt to restart the bus just as the train smashed through the bus cutting it in half. The nun was thrown through the windshield but miraculously survived. The young children were not as fortunate—they were all killed instantly.

A cut of an article copy from the San Antonio Express, year 1938, about a tragic freight-train accident that killed nearly 30 children.
Source: San Antonio Express

A few weeks later, the nun, guilt-ridden and heartbroken, returned to the site of the accident. She was unable to continue on and thus decided to end her life. She parked her car on the tracks and sat there waiting for the next train to come along. Later, when a train came into sight, speeding down toward her, in the same way as that tragic night, the nun began to hear small familiar voices. Then, her car began to move forward, as if it was being pushed from behind. The nun's car was rolled to safety, just as the train roared by. In disbelief the nun got out of her car, and began looking around expecting to find a good Samaritan. She saw not a single soul. She looked back at her car and noticed children-sized handprints on the back of her trunk. It was then she realized that the ghosts of her students had saved her life. The nun was then blessed with a newfound purpose in life, and she opened a school for orphans. She taught there till the day she died.
It is said that to this day, if anyone parks their car on or near the railroad tracks at Shane Road, ghostly children will push the vehicle to safety, as they are determined to make sure that no one meets the same gruesome fated that they suffered.
This legend has grown so much over the years that tourists travel from all over the country so that they may bare witness to this phenomenon at the rail road crossing on Shane Road. Some will sprinkle baby powder on the back end of their car, so that they can more easily spot the hand prints after their vehicle is pushed off the tracks, just as the nun's car was so many years earlier.

The Baby Powder Experiences at the Railroad Tracks

While there are many skeptics of this occurrence, one person who tested the legend was Brenda Pacheco: "I put my car in neutral, took my foot off the pedals and the car moved! It moved quickly toward the tracks, up over the bump and down the other side, well out of harm's way!"
Pacheco also did the baby powder test: "I was so excited, I got out to check the back of my car and there were the tiny hand prints! Plain and clear, and so, so tiny! The prints were so perfect, you could see the lines of the palms, and the swirls of the fingerprints!"
Another person's encounter at the railroad tracks: "I know many dispute the legend of the railroad track ghosts. However, I was witness to one very indisputable event there in my late teens, early 20s." She goes on to recall her experience at the railroad tracks, "I once went over in my convertible with a new parakeet in the car. The bird had been chirping happily, until we staged the vehicle for the tracks, when suddenly his chirping was completely silenced. It wasn't until we left the area that he began to chirp again." Curious by her bird's reaction, she decided to try the baby powder legend out for herself: "I used the baby powder on my car, I had multiple small hand prints. But, these hand prints did not belong to me, and I had no children anywhere around my car previously and was extremely meticulous about the appearance of my car." She then points out, "When one washes their car with dish soap, oils from hands are removed, so no prints will remain."

Other Ghost Stories at the Railroad Tracks

A photo taken of a supposed ghost wandering by a set of railroad tracks in San Antonio.
Photos of this "apparition" circulate everywhere on the internet ...

Many locals have made claims they say that you can hear the rumbling sounds of a train nearing, the steam whistle howling, and the screeching of wheels as if the train is grinding to a halt, but nothing ever appears, nothing is there at all, except for the haunting chill of the night.
A popular story locals will tell you occurred not long after the horrific crash. It involves a woman who was driving down Shane Road late one night. As she approached the railroad crossing, she saw a little girl standing all alone on the side of the road. She immediately stopped, pulled over and offered the girl a ride home. Once they arrived at the girl’s house, the child was hesitant to leave the vehicle and head inside. The woman assumed that the girl must have ran away from home after a fight with her parents. So she told the girl that she would speak to her mother. When the woman got out of the car, she looked back to give the girl a reassuring smiling, but she had vanished. The woman quickly reopened her car door, but no one was there—however the seatbelt was still fastened.
Another eerie account, which happened more recently, took place one weekend when a girl and a couple of friends made the trip to San Antonio to see the haunted railroad tracks. The girl took numerous pictures and emailed them to her mother. The mother was shock to discover that in one of the photos there appeared to be a ghost, a ghost of a little girl holding on to her teddy bear.

The Truth about the Haunted Railroad Tracks

The truth has been debated in San Antonio, with both residents and law enforcement officials weary of the legend. There have been countless reports of cars appearing to move on their own, with mysterious childlike prints showing up on vehicles afterward. Some have also allegedly heard the voices and laughter of children while at the railroad tracks.
However, despite these stories, there are no records of any accidents ever occurring on the railroad tracks in San Antonio.
Some believe the legend was inspired by another fatal accident that happened on December 1st, of the year 1938, far away in Salt Lake City, Utah. The city was dealing with blizzard conditions, and a school bus carrying over twenty students (aging from 12-18), was attempting to bring the kids home safe when the bus stalled out on the railroad tracks just as a fifty-car freight train came hurling their way. The aftermath was grizzly, with every soul on the bus left dead.
Is it possible that the news coverage of the Salt Lake City's crash became blurred overtime with San Antonio folklore, with later generations adopting the story as their own? If that is the case, why aren't there other similar stories throughout America? And, why are there so many first hand accounts at the railroad tracks in San Antonio?
Maybe, you should make the trip out to San Antonio. Travel down Shane Road toward the Railroad crossing and experience the phenomenon for yourself. If you do, keep in mind that many visitors bring gifts for the ghostly children, such as, crucifixes, rosary beads, flowers and toys. Some even write messages on the railroad tracks, wishing the children peace. Hopefully, one day the ghost children of the track will find peace and cross over.



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Poisoning of Timothy O'Bryan

Poisoning of Timothy O'Bryan is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Most Horrible Crimes Committed on Halloween
Photo: via Wikimedia
While the vast majority of Halloween scare stories about razor blades in apples or poisoned candy are either urban legends or moral panics, one story is, unfortunately, completely true. And it had nothing to do with a demented stranger randomly killing children. Eight-year-old Timothy O'Bryan had a packet of Pixie Stix given to him by his father Ronald to cap off his trick-or-treating. He almost immediately went into convulsions, and died an hour later.

The death sent the O'Bryan's small Texas town into a panic, and the police determined that the Pixie Stix that Timothy ate were laced with cyanide. When Ronald's story kept changing, police began investigating him. They found him to be deeply in debt, and that he'd taken out massive life insurance policies on his children. Police found that other O'Bryan children had also been given the candy by their dad, but hadn't eaten them.

Ronald O'Bryan was found guilty of murder, sentenced to death, and executed in 1984.

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Late on Halloween night 2004, roommates Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna, and Lauren Meanza went to bed after handing out candy. Meanza was woken up at 1AM by the sounds of a scuffle. Not knowing what was happening, she ran in terror from the house and hid in the backyard, watching an assailant climb out of a window. When the coast was clear, she ran back upstairs, and found both of her roommates butchered. 

In the course of the investigation, FBI agents found cigarette butts near the scene of the crime that matched blood evidence inside the house, but found no known matches in any DNA databases. Officers and FBI agents spoke to nearly 1,500 persons of interest during the investigation of the double murder including one of Insogna’s friends, Lily Prudhome. Her husband, Eric Copple, became a person of extreme interest during the investigation when he refused to give a DNA sample to exclude him from the suspect pool. Nearly a year after the commission of the crime, Copple turned himself in and confessed to the deaths of his wife's friends while giving no motive for the execution of his crime.

If the nature of the murders wasn't heinous enough, consider the fact that Copple was, at the time of the murders, only engaged to the friend of one of his victims and carried on with the wedding thinking his crimes would not be tied to him. This quote from Adriane Insogna's mother, Arlene Allen, gives a chilling insight into a murderer who thought he got away with it.

“You are the man who is so cruel as to invite me, the mother of the woman you murdered, to stand up for you at your wedding, to read scripture to you of love and death and to bless your union. Throughout that weekend you brought me into the heart of your family, knowing all the while it was you who destroyed mine."

Liske Family Murders

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On Halloween 2010, Ohio teenager Devon Griffin returned home from Sunday church services to find the corpses of his brother Derek, mother Susan, and Susan's new husband William Liske. The killer had bludgeoned Derek with a claw hammer, shot William five times with a .22-caliber pistol, and raped Susan before shooting her three times. Devon was so traumatized he could only say it was like “something out of a haunted house.”

The killer was found to be William Liske’s son from a previous marriage, William Liske Jr., who had a history of schizophrenia and violence. Liske was picked up at a halfway house, and pleaded guilty to all three murders. He committed suicide in prison in 2015. 

Murder of Tony Bagley

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Seven-year-old Las Vegas boy Tony Bagley went trick-or-treating on Halloween night in 1994 with his sister, aunt, and mother. They were walking down the street when a man in a hoodie ran towards them with a gun and opened fire, killing Tony. He then jumped into a waiting car and drove away. The killer has never been caught, and police speculated that the shooting was revenge against Tony's father for a drug deal gone wrong.

Murder of Karl Jackson

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Bronx resident Karl Jackson was a 21-year-old data entry clerk at Morgan Stanley. On Halloween night 1998, Jackson went with his girlfriend to pick up her young son from a party. While there, some teenagers threw eggs at their car But the classic Halloween prank soon turned really ugly.

Jackson got out of his car, exchanged words with the throwers, and got back in the car. Then one of the teens pulled a gun and shot Jackson through the head, killing him instantly. Police arrested 17-year-old Curtis Sterling for the murder, and New York cracked down on egg-throwing pranks. 

The Woodbridge Abductions

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In 2009, three teenage girls were abducted by a man with a gun on their way home from trick-or-treating in Woodbridge, Virginia. All three were taken at gunpoint to a wooded area, and two were sexually assaulted. The third girl was able to call her mother, causing the rapist to flee. Two years later, police arrested Aaron Thomas, who was already suspected in dozens of sexual assaults from 1997 until then. Thomas pleaded guilty in 2012 to the three kidnappings. 

Death of Yoshihiro Hattori

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Yoshihiro Hattori was a Japanese exchange student living in Baton Rouge as part of the American Field Service program. On Halloween night 1992, Hattori and the young son of his host family went to a Halloween party for AFS students. Unfamiliar with the neighborhood were the party was, the boys rang the doorbell of the wrong house.

When they got no answer, they started walking back to their car. The owner of the home, Rodney Peairs, then opened the door armed with a 44 Magnum revolver. Hattori turned around and said "we're here for the party." Claiming he feared for his life and that the exchange student was "scary," Peairs shot Hattori at point blank range, hitting him in the chest and killing him.

Peairs and his wife then went back into their house and waited 40 minutes for the police, who questioned him and let him go. Only when both the governor of Louisiana and the Japanese consulate got involved was Peairs actually arrested, after which he was acquitted of manslaughter. 

Murders of Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman

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Sometime in the early hours of Halloween 1981, Manhattan couple Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman were murdered in their Chelsea apartment. The couple was severely beaten before being shot in the head, execution-style, with the apartment completely ransacked. New York police initially believed drug money to be the motive, but then the case took a turn for the bizarre. A prison informant claimed that one of his fellow inmates had predicted the crime weeks before it actually happened. That inmate turned out to be the “Son of Sam” killer, David Berkowitz.
Berkowitz had long been rumored to be involved with a satanic cult that helped him with some of the murders. According to the informant, Berkowitz had told him that his cult was planning to enter a residence near Greenwich Village (Chelsea would qualify for that) on Halloween to carry out a ritual murder. When questioned, Berkowitz claimed that Sisman had footage of one of the “Son of Sam” shootings and was planning to hand it over to the authorities in exchange for dropping some drug charges.

While no evidence was found to support Berkowitz’s claims, he was basically right about the description of Sisman’s apartment. The killings are still unsolved.

Pasadena Gang Shootings

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On Halloween night 1993, a group of five Pasadena Bloods gang members opened fire on trick-or-treating teenagers returning from a party, killing three and wounding three others. The gang members were soon arrested, and police determined they had fired at the wrong people, randomly shooting a group of kids, rather than their intended targets. Three Bloods were found guilty of the shootings.

The Murder of Martha Moxley

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The night before Halloween 1975, Connecticut teenager Martha Moxley left her house to attend a neighborhood party. Her body was found the next morning beneath a tree in her backyard, brutally beaten by a golf club.

Twenty-five years went by until Michael Skakel, who was also 15 at the time, was arrested, charged, and convicted of her murder. The case drew worldwide attention since Skakel was a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy's widow. Because of his family's wealth, he had lived life in and out of rehab for alcohol, trying out for the Winter Olympics, and flunking out of multiple schools.

Skakel’s alibi seemed bizarre - that he had been masturbating under that tree earlier the same night (accounting for DNA found on the body), but that he had no connection to the crime. He had a letter written on his behalf by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and after numerous appeals, was given a new trial in 2012 due to prosecutor misconduct and a poor defense. He's currently out on bail, waiting for the new trial to start.