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Behind Every Cloud is a Kindred Spirit (BECKS)I lost my grandfather when I was 17. I had a VERY difficult time getting over it. How could I still communicate with him? I loved him so much I didn't think I could live without him. I read everything I could get my hands on to do with the "afterlife" and that started it all...the love of Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal. I have been researching the paranormal for over 37 years!! It is my way of staying in touch with my grandfather. Being a Ghost Hunter is not always as exciting as it seems on TV. Many nights I have sat in the dark and not a thing happened. BUT it is those times you DO get that one voice, that one explainable picture or have an experience that sends chills down your back that makes it sooo worth it all!!! My purpose of this blog is not to make people believe in ghosts but maybe to open their minds just a little bit... I LOVE this crazy thing called Ghost Hunting. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am just a girl that refuses to accept we can't still contact our loved ones after they die. My grandfather won't let me.



I am doing a re-post on the very haunted Miss Molly's in Forth Worth, Texas.  Some of my followers on Facebook are going and wanted to know about my experience at this awesome little place....so here ya go.....

Miss Molly's Fort Worth, Tx
December 13, 2013(Friday the 13th)

So, after living so close to this haunted Bed and Breakfast, I finally got to go investigate it! I have wanted to do this forever! Miss Molly's has been featured on many paranormal shows and has reported lots of activity there.  And I can say, I wasn't disappointed!!! 
The place itself is awesome and no doubt you step back into time here.... it is very dark and dim inside with only one set of narrow stairs to get in and out of the hotel.  You must have a key to even get in the hotel at all.  There are only 8 rooms to rent(really 9 but Tina lives in #9).  The beds are the original rod iron beds from the 1800's (ok.....ok......don't freak out.....just the bed frames... not the mattresses LOL).  It has one "common sitting room" with one TV and one kitchen, and three separate bathrooms(not updated I might add. LOL) that all guest must share.  I'm not going to lie....this was a first for me....and I wasn't to sure I liked it at all, but  hey....you definitely got to know the other people staying at the hotel. The rooms are furnished with either a full size or two double beds and one very small closet.  So, if you bring a lot of equipment...you are going to be cramped for room.  
And just so you know, the beds are very small.  The cowboys must not have been very tall back then.  Just ask Deak, his feet hung over the bed about the middle of his calves.  Very funny to see.  One more thing I want to point out....even though this place is GREAT and the "FEELING" of the place definitely gives you the impression you are going to get a lot of activity......the noise on the weekends is awful!!!  The walls are paper thin as I guess installation wasn't a priority back in the 1800's so all the bars and outside noise can be very distracting and really makes it very difficult when reviewing your evidence for EVP's.( Not "dogging" the place...just being honest)  But Tina,  the innkeeper and has lived there in the hotel for over a year and she was GREAT!!!!  She sat down with us and gave us the background of all the paranormal activity and who they believe are still here.  This is an old brothel where "lady's of the night" would entertain cowboys and other visitor's to Fort Worth.  Most of the customers were cowboys that brought in the longhorn cattle to be sold but of course there were the railroad guys and gunslingers to. 
This time, I didn't take the whole team just Deak (boyfriend) and I went to check it out.  Right off the bat...Deak was talking with the innkeeper, Tina as I was walking around in the back taking pics and they heard something walk across the roof of the building, but Tina said there is nothing on top and no way anyone would be walking around up there. Now, keep in mind, this was just after a major ICE STORM here in Texas, so maybe it was ice shifting.  But when I suggested this as an explanation, Deak and Tina both said "no" they would know what that sounded like and this was "footsteps".
First, there are all kinds of reports of paranormal activity here from, lights going on and off by themselves, strange sounds, footsteps, a little girl's voice, believed to be named Emma which was the daughter of an unmarried "working girl".   Also, the Madame, Miss Josey seems to be very interested WHO visits her establishment.  And..... TOUCHING..... lots of TOUCHING have been reported especially by men. 
Ok....back to my experiences.  You know me.....I get off track sometimes......just sometimes....LOL  One of MY experiences that I had personally was about 2:00am in the morning and I was sitting in the dark by myself with nothing but the glow of a small Christmas tree light beside the couch, the TV wasn't on and everyone was already in bed.  I had the K-2 meter going and also my M2 app on my phone when all the sudden I could hear VERY LOUDLY AND PLAINLY boots coming up the stairs.  I thought, well a guest must be coming back from the rodeo(as that was why all the other guest were there) so I just sat up straighter on the couch(you know....when know one is looking you kick your feet up and slouch)well............I just kept waiting..............and waiting...............and waiting........... to see someone come up the stairs because I knew the ONLY way you could get in the hotel was with a key......but know one ever came up.  But STEP......... BY.......... STEP I could hear them coming.....  so, I began thinking to myself "really.....how long does it take to walk up those stairs???"   So, I started taking pictures(1-4) and walked over to the top of the stairs and looked down and there wasn't anyone there!!!!!!  But here is the creepy part......the footsteps I heard just kept coming......STEP.........by STEP..............by STEP!!!!  I was in such disbelief....I was hearing the steps of heavy boots walking right up toward me but yet there was know one there!!!!!!!!!! I wished I could say my heart wasn't about to jump right out of my skin but it was, I thought SOMETHING or SOMEONE was going to walk right through me!!! After a few minutes they stopped.  JUST STOPPED!!!  After a huge sigh of relief(don't tell anyone about that part  hahaha  WE ghost hunters aren't suppose to get scared you know)....I went back and sat down trying to make since of what just happened!!!  And just for fun....I took one more picture. 
As you can see......the first picture is from when I first started hearing the footsteps, the second and third is when I was looking down the stairs trying to figure out what was happening....and the fourth............see for yourself..................WAS I CRAZY or did an old cowboy come up for company??????
Heard very loud footsteps coming up stairs
#1(Got up off the couch to go see WHO
was coming up the stairs.
Couldn't BELIEVE I could HEAR the
footsteps so clearly, but no SEE anyone!!!#2
Walked over to where I heard footsteps...
Started snapping pictures because no one
was coming up the stairs but the footsteps
kept coming!!!#3
Or.......Was there SOMEONE coming
up after all???  These photos(1-4 were
taken back to back)#4
Orb over the "Madam's "room.  Miss Josey.
Room #3-Emma and her mother very
active here along with Miss Josey.
Another experience was in our room, room #8.  After we were done investigating, I was laying in the bed, just reflecting on the evening when a VERY BRIGHT....VERY BIG orb came down right in front of the closet and made a big swoop down to the floor and then disappeared.  It was one of the BEST orbs in motion I have ever seen!
Room #8.  This is NOT the orb I saw.  The one I actually saw was much bigger and Brighter.
But I think it helps validate my experience.

While we were investigating in Room #3, we communicated a lot with EMMA the little girl who lived there and died when she was around 7 in Room #3 where her mother "worked".  Miss Josey was also very welling to communicate with us.  I will be posting soon our video of that communication and have hopefully some EVP's from that night.  Miss Josey said that she had been in love with a cowboy that brought in longhorn cattle to sell but was shot in a gunfight and died.  I got the feeling she was a friendly spirit even though I heard she would lock up the "working girls" in a small, small closet in her room for being bad.
Now, EMMA is just a delight!!!  We brought her a toy horse to play with and she loved it!!!  Every time we would ask her to go play with the horsey....the K-2 would go crazy!  
Emma loved this horse.
Lots of activity in and around Room #3
of a small girl spirit named Emma.
Is that Emma over Room 2??
Lots of activity.
Just another picture of an orb over
by Room #3.
 And last but not least......Tina told us that spirits like to show themselves in the mirror in Room #3-Miss Amelia's room(Emma's mother).  We DEFINITELY had the most activity in this room.  Below are a couple of pictures I took of the mirror.  Granted....there is a lot of FLASH reflection so....I'll just let you decide.   Could the first picture be the silhouette of Miss Amelia?  The figure of a woman in a long dress with her arm bent upward?  An the second pic.....is this the face of a young girl growing up in a place young girls SHOULDN'T be???  The third and fourth pictures are the original photos BEFORE I enlarged them for you. 

I blew this up and THIS is what I saw???
What do YOU see???

Is the figure of a female spirit in
an 1800 period dress with umbrella?? 
NOW do we SEE the face to go with
the above figure in the mirror???
Original Photo. The pic on top is of the
original photo of the "body" unedited
and the second one is of the unedited pic
of the face.  You tell me........just a REFLECTION???

I can't wait to go back to Miss Molly's and bring the whole team where we can set up everywhere and hopefully do it on a week night this time to avoid some of the outside noise.  Still LOVED THIS PLACE!!

Here is a video we made of a flashlight session.  I know it is a little weird and the questions Deak ask seem a little "edgy" but we didn't know what to ask "ladies of the night". It is a little embarrassing.  I told him to ask questions like he was a "customer". LOL so sorry.

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